6 Beyonce Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
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    Rahul - instagram.com/raheats
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    Sebastian - tvclip.biz/channel/UC3O34bCJB1hkwTrLaD0J7Pw
    Michael - instagram.com/michaeldonte_

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Comments • 14 642

  • Maty Boi
    Maty Boi Day ago

    Oh god this is so cringy

  • The Worst Gamer
    The Worst Gamer Day ago +1

    I knew it was him from the start

  • Shanti Umrao
    Shanti Umrao Day ago

    Can you do 6 bts fans and 1 hater please lol

  • Mikaylah
    Mikaylah Day ago

    10:45 i have a feeling this will turn into a meme

  • 라칼
    라칼 Day ago

    so how bout we get armys or kpop stans next?😂

  • Sweetenerbaby
    Sweetenerbaby Day ago

    Do this with Ariana fans and one Ariana hater

  • Ariana Delgado
    Ariana Delgado Day ago

    Now why in the world is Brandon on here

  • Lyric Porter
    Lyric Porter Day ago +1

    I get the haters point but Beyoncé has like no control over that!

  • LivingDangerouslyArminArlert

    I like Beyonce shes great but im more of a lady gaga fan tbh

  • your neighborly chicken nugget

    im so sorry, i thought the jubilee logo in the thumbnail said jollibee 😳

  • Valcaneantu Florin

    NEXT TIME : 6 religious people vs 1 atheist
    Just a thought.

  • Pria Mafiaa
    Pria Mafiaa Day ago

    Y’all don’t get it . A Stan is a stalker fan . Smh . 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Jayla Campbell
    Jayla Campbell Day ago

    I know it was him

  • Soupper! /and starlits art dumb also/

    I instantly could tel or had a hunch it was him 😂

  • wtownes2
    wtownes2 Day ago

    Plot twist omg

  • I am Potato
    I am Potato Day ago


  • LaTesha Bradley
    LaTesha Bradley Day ago

    "Let's all say when did we fall in love with Beyonce.."
    *the womb.*

  • Hannah Candle
    Hannah Candle Day ago +1

    Omg I have to stan him

  • M. A. B.
    M. A. B. Day ago

    Knew it in the first seconds! lol

  • Lily Sup
    Lily Sup Day ago

    *destiny child my ass!*

  • Grace Brown
    Grace Brown Day ago

    tamara need to calm down

  • Hugs we are the potatoes

    If it was with 6 BTS fans vs. 1 BTS hater. The hater will be in the ambulance because the fandom is really serious

  • huf whore
    huf whore Day ago


    sebastian: i love destiny child’s...

  • xotwod bryanna
    xotwod bryanna Day ago +1

    I liked Michael he was always trying to keep the peace

  • huf whore
    huf whore Day ago

    i honestly don’t understand who would hate beyoncé, like you don’t have to like her but HATE?!!

  • Jaden Cerlig
    Jaden Cerlig Day ago

    I hate Sebastian

  • Pusheen The cat
    Pusheen The cat Day ago

    Destiny child my ASS

  • Miyavi
    Miyavi Day ago

    Like he's actually spitting facts though about the Beehive ngl

  • Melancey St.
    Melancey St. Day ago

    10:28 😂

  • kilee marie
    kilee marie Day ago

    This was so fun to watch 😂

  • Rae
    Rae Day ago

    Plz do 6 Eminem fans vs. 1 hater!!!

  • Nina
    Nina Day ago

    I feel like they just got all the masculine characters out

  • Aima Tajriyan
    Aima Tajriyan Day ago +1

    you should do a one direction stan or hater

  • Gucci TAE
    Gucci TAE Day ago

    I ain't no beyonce fan. But I ain't no hater. I like some songs

  • Josie Wolbers
    Josie Wolbers Day ago

    Do more of these plz

  • Reece Gentry
    Reece Gentry Day ago

    I guessed it was Sebastian honestly. His PERFECT story for how he became a fan and... idk there was just something off

  • Artistic SD
    Artistic SD Day ago +1

    Do this for BTS and see what happens 😂

  • Reece Gentry
    Reece Gentry Day ago

    Do this with Justin Bieber pleaseeeeee

  • Jungkookie
    Jungkookie Day ago

    What is the use of this lol, you all could be really doing something with the money you put into this video.

  • Hailyn Sebert
    Hailyn Sebert Day ago

    Being part of the Beyhive for about a year now, I must say.. That even though I'm absolutely OBSESSED with her (if you see that reference you're beyhive too 💜🐝) he is right. They are EXTREMELY aggressive. Too much in my opinion. But that is not a reason to hate the artist. You hate the hive, that's it, but that does not mean that she is bad. Beyoncé herself tried to calm them down but not even she has the power to do that 😂

  • Julianna Mikell
    Julianna Mikell Day ago

    i can say with 100% conviction that I would be able to flawlessly blend in to a group of swifities in this kind of scenario

  • Cup of tae With kookies

    And I oop-

  • Layla’s Vids
    Layla’s Vids Day ago +1


  • Diana El Alamy
    Diana El Alamy Day ago

    Makeee moreeee

  • Purple Love
    Purple Love Day ago +1

    Ew that homophobic sexist guy Brandon is here I’m out

  • Natumon Creator
    Natumon Creator Day ago

    Yooooo Its Brandon from ENT

  • Lima lima
    Lima lima Day ago

    Bts Fans 1 hater

  • It's Shaun
    It's Shaun Day ago

    Do Ariana grande

  • Aminah Samba
    Aminah Samba Day ago

    He looks like Odell Beckham jr. From a far💀

  • Andrew Palme
    Andrew Palme Day ago +1

    Omg it’s Rahul from the video where 1 girl rated 11 guys.

  • Queen_0f Slayyy
    Queen_0f Slayyy Day ago

    How can you not like Beyoncé because of her fans lol that’s like not liking a movie because people hate it

  • Chungha stop Stealing my UWU's

    I don't like Beyonce. No hate to her but her music does not appeal to me. Some of her fans are indeed psycho but what fandom does not have psycho fans

  • GlitzyGrace
    GlitzyGrace Day ago

    Oh my gosh they are so aggressive 😳

  • James Tobias
    James Tobias Day ago +1

    I thought that the name of the channel is the name of a famous fast food place in the
    Philippines called Jollibee .

  • Trina Marie Ortiz

    Sebastian has a point. Beyoncé fans are rude and aggressive for no reason. You can’t even say you prefer someone over her or you’ll get attacked. Tamara was proof that her fans are rude 🤷🏽‍♀️ I don’t like Beyoncé, I prefer other people over her; BUT she is great at what she does. She’s just not my cup of tea.

  • ItzLogan
    ItzLogan Day ago

    I tried to be cool and study their faces at the beginning and I am predicting that Spencer is the hater

  • Spam Drama
    Spam Drama Day ago +1

    Watch the behive locate where he lives, and find his social media’s

  • GamingUnknown
    GamingUnknown Day ago

    What’s with gay people and Beyoncé

  • Deobi lovesdorks

    Tamara is annoying

  • ily jeongguk
    ily jeongguk Day ago

    every time someone said “OR are u just saying that because it’s you” they thought they did something

  • Raymond Morales
    Raymond Morales Day ago

    Ayy I did not know he was in here

  • Raymond Morales
    Raymond Morales Day ago

    Brandon rashad

  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift Day ago +1


  • denz
    denz Day ago

    I'm shaken. I was sure it was Spencer.

  • Waleed Belal
    Waleed Belal Day ago

    Tamara literally represents the negative side of " Beyonce stans " she's rude, judgmental and just aggressive the whole time.
    and am i the only one who noticed that her face didn't move ?? like she didn't do a single impression her eyebrows, eyes forehead literally never moved LOL XD

  • Sullivan Wengrowski

    Make another episode please, I love this so much!

  • Blessed ToBe
    Blessed ToBe Day ago

    I like cody and I definitely knew he wasn’t the mole

  • Twozie Grace
    Twozie Grace Day ago

    I'm shocketh

  • bet i won’t get 10,000 subscribers before 2019

    frick i thought it was tamaraaa

  • meme lovet 0942
    meme lovet 0942 Day ago +1

    *And I opp-*

  • Juju Woodland
    Juju Woodland Day ago

    I knew it was him

  • Eli Keziah
    Eli Keziah Day ago

    we don’t stan tamara 😒

  • Emma McLaughlin
    Emma McLaughlin Day ago

    Can you do one of these with Ariana grande fans?

  • Charity Anya
    Charity Anya Day ago

    I knew it was him from the getgo

  • Dead Rxses
    Dead Rxses Day ago


  • Juliette
    Juliette Day ago

    I am.

  • Juliette
    Juliette Day ago

    Is this The Sims?

  • Jessica Sanna
    Jessica Sanna Day ago +1


  • sincerely lucas
    sincerely lucas Day ago

    do billie eilish fans they are crazy no tea no shade just facts

  • Sylvia Bellie
    Sylvia Bellie Day ago

    *plot twist: they’re all haters*

  • Life of Iya
    Life of Iya Day ago


  • purple bear
    purple bear Day ago


  • purple bear
    purple bear Day ago

    Do more of this please

  • внαвιε
    внαвιε Day ago

    me, i am that one

  • Christian Williams

    😂😂😂 loved this.

  • Jude Rayburn
    Jude Rayburn Day ago

    6 lebron fans vs one lebron hater

  • star hopee
    star hopee Day ago

    Tamera wasn’t even that bad

  • clvssic edit
    clvssic edit Day ago


  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Day ago

    I’m mad he won😭😭😭😭😭💩💩💩

  • PianoObsessed
    PianoObsessed Day ago

    This sorta reminds me of mafia.

  • niallerfan123
    niallerfan123 Day ago

    This but with one direction fans , and me as one of them LMAO

  • Amiel Williams
    Amiel Williams Day ago

    I knew this was based on mafia

  • Basma Boo
    Basma Boo Day ago

    I knew it from the start.

  • Bunji Chronologic

    Yeah that's what their asses get 😂😂😂

  • Mic Blobfish
    Mic Blobfish Day ago

    I knew it from the first round he barely spoke and they just believed he liked Beyoncé cuz he’s gay

  • Lord Xenu
    Lord Xenu Day ago

    Sebastian speaking damages my soul

  • Zoizo
    Zoizo Day ago

    This is the best series

  • t. cazz
    t. cazz Day ago

    Yup gay people who would‘ve thought lol

  • Nash
    Nash Day ago


  • a literal glass of chocolate milk

    unpopular opinion beyonce stans are the worst type of fans