Ben Askren on Jorge Masvidal: 'They need to keep the idiot away from me' | UFC 239 | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
  • Ben Askren sits down with Brett Okamoto to analyze his UFC 239 fight vs. Jorge Masvidal. Askren says he's concerned that Masvidal will do something dumb to derail the bout. "Funky" also talks about his relationship with Dana White and why he thinks he can jump Colby Covington in line to face Kamaru Usman for the welterweight title.
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Comments • 6 262

  • el cucuy.
    el cucuy. 3 days ago

    They KNEED to keep this idiot away from he, haha. Well... his knee sure did a good job.

    LUIS SANDI 7 days ago

    "We can do 50 minutes " ....wait a minute ....did you mean 5 seconds ???

  • Ken Xiong
    Ken Xiong 7 days ago

    He’s back to the bottom of the list lol

  • Adam Khan
    Adam Khan 21 day ago

    RIP Ben Askren

  • Habib Habib
    Habib Habib 21 day ago

    i have a man crush on this Greek God

  • Ben 2 seconds Askren
    Ben 2 seconds Askren 23 days ago +1

    The knee bones connected to the..... head bone

  • patricio arriaza
    patricio arriaza 25 days ago

    This interview was super kneecesary

  • Kyle
    Kyle 27 days ago +1


  • Umar Chowdhury
    Umar Chowdhury 28 days ago

    Why does everyone think he's so arrogant. Doesn't seem that arrogsnt

    • Umar Chowdhury
      Umar Chowdhury 28 days ago

      I mean compare him to McGregor. Why is McGregor so adored. Is it because it's entertaining when McGregor acts arrogant.

  • Umer Zaffar
    Umer Zaffar 29 days ago

    I love Ben.. Awesome guy.

  • James Bailey
    James Bailey 29 days ago

    I am not a ben askren fan... but that was a lucky knee... jmo

  • Amine Ouali
    Amine Ouali Month ago

    Ben you not a reguler Guy you igor from the notredam

  • jason t
    jason t Month ago

    RIP Ben!!

  • Angel Alvarez
    Angel Alvarez Month ago

    Arrogance to its finest but I’m glad jorge humbled him

  • Tanner Holmes
    Tanner Holmes Month ago

    "I dont know who won. But he cant beat me."
    What's his game plan.
    "Jab, throw a big knee."
    This man is contradicting himself and telling the future

  • Tanner Holmes
    Tanner Holmes Month ago

    Cmon guys. He had BEN ASKREN FOR IT. 😂😂😂😂

  • Gavin Shay
    Gavin Shay Month ago

    I don’t hate Askren, he took the Loss with humility & in stride. If you suffered the fastest Knockout loss in UFC History would you go on a podcast the day after and talk about it? Probably not. Atleast he took it in stride, can’t wait too see if he bounces back against DM. As for Jorge, he’s deserving of a title shot, but the fight with Nate will be better forsure than a fight with Usman.

  • Yousef
    Yousef Month ago

    after watching this, those 2 punches were absolutely super-necessary

  • TheFallsCapone
    TheFallsCapone Month ago

    I don't know why people pick on lil Benny, he's never hurt anyone...

  • TheFallsCapone
    TheFallsCapone Month ago

    I'm guessing Ben's brain looks like his ears after the Masvidal

  • jmckinney149
    jmckinney149 Month ago

    Head buster

  • John
    John Month ago

    Asken ... Rest in peace

  • Pual Cruz
    Pual Cruz Month ago

    Let's give the credit Ben deserves...
    2 sec credit.

  • Ap0c
    Ap0c Month ago

    And boy did masvidal back up his words.

  • Malecho
    Malecho Month ago

    Ben askren has a face that nobody wants to be friends with

  • Jay Howe
    Jay Howe Month ago

    I'm so glad he go K.O

  • Tay Aye
    Tay Aye Month ago

    I thank God This Guy got knocked the fuck out. I hate this racist son of a bitch

  • Tay Aye
    Tay Aye Month ago

    Most punchable face ever!

  • Smiguel25
    Smiguel25 Month ago

    This fight was brought to you by...out.

  • rifa502
    rifa502 Month ago

    He says that jorge masdival talks funny, i am sure Ben never heard him self talking. annoying as hell. He had that attitude holyier than you, he has been schooled by a real warrior.

  • G Maan
    G Maan Month ago

    Pompous in dictionary and you'll see this guy's face. lol

    • G Maan
      G Maan Month ago

      And.... he kind of did end your bloodline (9:25), lol

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Month ago

    U got knocked the f out..

  • Quan Jiang
    Quan Jiang Month ago

    Where has Ben gone!! He was mouthing off until. His soul lefted his body in 4 secs. Now he disappeared. MASVIDAL IS A REAL G. Fucked up a loud mouth. 👍💪. U seen the video with his dude douchebag Askren!!

  • MrSmegster
    MrSmegster Month ago

    Bum he’s already leaned you up keep him away from me ,sure he’s terrified Ben

  • Charles Bronson
    Charles Bronson Month ago

    Is this not the guy who is haunting the UFC with his soul that left his body ??

  • Captain Hip Thrust
    Captain Hip Thrust Month ago

    Anyone else think that Ben Askren's face looks like Michael Myers face?

  • Naheem Essop
    Naheem Essop Month ago

    His game plan: 7:00

  • Jeff Reed
    Jeff Reed Month ago

    I cant stand Askren he deserve to get knocked out by Masvidal come on Askren runs his mouth all the time got what he deserve

  • Filip aka. Rin's kuzeng

    This interview was super necessary

  • Wayne Kelly
    Wayne Kelly Month ago

    He doesn't know what's in Jorge head but he sure as hell knew where he put that knee .

  • King Carnage
    King Carnage Month ago

    Brett is an idiot! Masvidal fought Gil for the 155 strap

  • Ashley Quintanar
    Ashley Quintanar Month ago

    Whatever you have to tell yourself Ben

  • Eoin Curry
    Eoin Curry Month ago +2

    Ben Askren after the fight “Where you at Jorge?”

  • Jose Sandoval
    Jose Sandoval 2 months ago

    Ben koed Jorge with his head

  • David Pedruco
    David Pedruco 2 months ago

    Clearly Masvidal tapped at the end

  • David Pedruco
    David Pedruco 2 months ago

    Ben Askren "'I can take a big shot, its not really a big deal''

  • Danny Huungman
    Danny Huungman 2 months ago

    Ben Askren= MMA version of Henry Stanton from Oz, look him up

  • kerry b
    kerry b 2 months ago

    Lol bet he regrets shit talking

  • Vince Ng
    Vince Ng 2 months ago

    I came here expecting a loud mouth but dude is not even a trash talker. How tf did he get so much hate??

  • Panthera Onca
    Panthera Onca 2 months ago

    I see why he got the shit kicked out of him. Watched it live. It was more like 1.5sec KO.... thought he was dead.

  • shnarfy
    shnarfy 2 months ago

    Two losers one interview.

  • Abel Adames
    Abel Adames 3 months ago


  • alfy k9
    alfy k9 3 months ago

    Jorge: hey ben wana play
    Ben: sure yeh
    Jorge: when i run loaf my knee

  • rhoye yumol
    rhoye yumol 3 months ago +1

    Congrats Ben “5secs” Askren🤣🤙🏽

  • D Smith
    D Smith 3 months ago

    Ben need to do a youtube search keyword Narcissist , lil mcconnor got the UFC worlds sense of decency seriously warped, good luck after MMA ben, hope you saved a shit load of money , now that you got your super smart brain smashed you might want to set a few bucks aside to pay people to tie your shoes when you hit 50 super man.

  • One Love
    One Love 3 months ago +1

    This dude looks inbred AF! Is he Greek?

  • Gabriel Torres
    Gabriel Torres 3 months ago

    This guy likes to put his face in men’s crouches” lol obviously the crouch hugging failed. Ben askren is wrong.

  • Mate Čulo
    Mate Čulo 3 months ago

    Thank you jorge sincerely thank you

  • Harry ABB
    Harry ABB 3 months ago

    Masvidal done well to out wit Askren with a neat trick shot at the start but he is getting way to much credit

  • Christian Delos Santos
    Christian Delos Santos 3 months ago

    Ben askren was so good in one fc. Proves that ufc is a whole new level.