Cinema - Skrillex

  • Published on Aug 9, 2011
  • Cinema by Skrillex, enjoy! This is also loud and good quality
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  • Bondengadura
    Bondengadura 7 hours ago

    Miss this Skrillex

  • Bondengadura
    Bondengadura 7 hours ago

    Today... My favorite song

  • Inspire Progress
    Inspire Progress 9 hours ago

    Beautiful lyrics

    DGA GTA 10 hours ago

    wtf I can't understand about, "bass", "drop", "skrillex", or "drop bass"???. someone help me? I'm fucked up!
    By the way, I gave to listen to my dog...
    He's still dog.

  • sonus xd
    sonus xd 14 hours ago +1

    Hasta la proxima

  • Aerox
    Aerox 22 hours ago

    Ur copying Skrillex songs so u get more views than Skrillex
    Skrillex only has 12M views in his official channel and u get a 45M views...
    Fuck u

  • RaNdOmS tHiNgS :l


  • -Em -
    -Em - Day ago

    my music choice has evolved over the past 5 years and you can tell

  • Гриша кук

    Original better

  • max ch4c0n
    max ch4c0n Day ago +1


  • Valesteam
    Valesteam Day ago

    long life skrillex

  • Farfel
    Farfel 2 days ago +1

    *I feel So Old.. :(*

  • Hartey Dog
    Hartey Dog 2 days ago

    Lol i remember jamming this while playing bo2

  • carlos villca
    carlos villca 2 days ago

    2019 🎧🎤👽 14 de octubre pto

  • Carlos Rosales
    Carlos Rosales 2 days ago +2


  • SeMTeX Plague
    SeMTeX Plague 2 days ago

    2:25 best part

  • IIAc3sII
    IIAc3sII 2 days ago

    skrillex = shit, no melody, just random annoying screeching sounds.

  • FaZeE_dom noob
    FaZeE_dom noob 2 days ago +2

    Remember this when it was on need for speed in 2010

  • Neon Excalibur
    Neon Excalibur 2 days ago +1

    Skrillex's song "Cinema" is a remix of an old Benny Benassi track, with vocals from Gary Go for anyone who doesn't know.

  • TTV_ŠádBõ1
    TTV_ŠádBõ1 2 days ago

    bro i miss the old days when i would be playing Bo2 while listening to Skrillex

  • Robogauge1
    Robogauge1 2 days ago

    Listen to 2:12 while reading comment
    Skrillex changed the sound of dubstep forever and will never change

  • Chocolate Addict
    Chocolate Addict 2 days ago

    holy shit I wasn't even in kindergarten when I listened to skrillex wtf

  • Mikus Araujo
    Mikus Araujo 2 days ago

    La mejor 😎

  • Mikus Araujo
    Mikus Araujo 2 days ago


  • saowanee utoompornchaikul


  • TheKingOfCheats
    TheKingOfCheats 3 days ago

    D- D- D- D- D- D- D- D- DROP THE BASS

  • Andy Martin
    Andy Martin 3 days ago

    1:19 angry robot sexx

  • Julito Mineiro
    Julito Mineiro 3 days ago

    Haaasta laa prooximaaaaaaa

  • Shipidge
    Shipidge 3 days ago

    God, I can't believe I used to listen to this shit.

  • Robin Lundqvist
    Robin Lundqvist 3 days ago +1

    i listened to this while playing black ops 2. feels good

    • Pets
      Pets 3 days ago +1

      forza horizon 1 was the shit. this playing on the radio and driving around in your car at night

  • pubg
    pubg 3 days ago

    Sh sh sh sh drop da bas
    Aw aw aw

  • pubg
    pubg 3 days ago

    2019 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • H.U.S.H
    H.U.S.H 3 days ago


  • João skank
    João skank 3 days ago +1

    Algum BR!?

  • asteroid 6
    asteroid 6 3 days ago +1

    Old days.

  • antsolja
    antsolja 3 days ago

    god im glad dubstep was short lived

  • dzeki snem
    dzeki snem 3 days ago +2

    i remeber playing GTA IV and listening to this song, legendary time

  • Preczewski Boys
    Preczewski Boys 3 days ago


  • Preczewski Boys
    Preczewski Boys 3 days ago

    October 13

  • Neck Thebet
    Neck Thebet 4 days ago

    100% trash

  • Elekkitty
    Elekkitty 4 days ago

    If someone ever talked to me about seeing a movie I would’ve never thought of this iconic song.
    Now that might be different.

  • Jupiter Platypus Subscribe

    Problematic* so "problems..."

  • Jupiter Platypus Subscribe

    They should no better x2 those dudes that this song if not for his criminally good music player for his own music thoughts even if it's fucking fuck it floppy dopp and whatever that spot with that move the twiddle or up and down. Or the tapping my fingers on the table maybe I want to make my fingers yapping on the table song and just that until you come in and drop it like a third with a cinema bass part remix anything works with it if you sell it what was there pitch? Do they play bayse?BALL. 😉 LIKE BEST NEXT THING FOT YOU I PLAYED 1 YEAR AND KICK OUT NOT NEVER ENDING ROUGH WITH LEASH AT GAMES SO I COULDNT DO WHAT YOU DESERVED FOR PRACTICE BEHAVOJR TO THE OTHER TEAM.IM THE ONLY TOUGH MAN AROUND BOYS COLBYS Dd hands me the ball like ✋ boys Connor wasn't there that day and you knew that new try outs he's tram Leader leading you OUT THE DOOR! YOU CAN COME BACK BUT VANT BE MAD IF CONNOR TRAINS NEVER BEFORE PLAYED BASKETBALL PLAYERS TO TRAIN CUZ THEYLL WORK HARD MATBE IF I GO BOSS AND ALWAYS GO THE HARDEST AND EXPECT YOU TRY YOUR BETY BEST TO IMITATE AT YOUR OWN ABILITY LKKE A DEILLM SARGEANT GETTING TO TAKE A BRAK JUST PALYING WITH "THE BOYS" I WOULDA SMASHED IF I GOT ON GIRLS TEAM ON THE COURT ME VS BUKLY LOSERS WANTING RREE SHOTS IF CATCH THERE WEAKNESS ON THE GITLS. TEAM AND SWAR THERE LATER THAT NKGBT TRY IN THE MOMENT XUz I see the ball as a fly there....In practice...for both...I no imagine abandondream situation where I get offered a try at what if I got to pick the partt plan for the party...cuz were the party we're a party of people going along the I'd die jarred would kill cuz he should be hitting himself in front ofnme at school hard like dummy should of left one untouched every day of my life. No to touch same day the girls never know...they know it...they don't want another girls sex pussy juice history in her vagina cuz everyone's playing the exact same quality of life card game patience and being careful no problem sex life.

  • Hai Nguyen-Pham
    Hai Nguyen-Pham 4 days ago

    This should be my god theme for something awesome. What about you guys with this song?

  • Juan manuel Mendoza altamar

    like si es 2019 y te sigue gustando 😎

    • Ian Alexander Gómez
      Ian Alexander Gómez 4 hours ago

      هاها نعم هاها الانجاز كما ترى 😎😍😱😗😖😗😱😱😱😨😨😫😫😫🤮😭😭😭😭

    • sonus xd
      sonus xd 14 hours ago

      Hasta la proxima?

  • Jeree BBX
    Jeree BBX 4 days ago +1

    Tomazacre 😂😂

  • Kestrel
    Kestrel 5 days ago

    You are my cinnabun i can watch you forever

    Real MEDAYFIRE 5 days ago +3

    I came here from forza horizon 1. Ahhh, such good memories.

  • Emilio Lencina
    Emilio Lencina 5 days ago

    Damn this song reminds me when I was 9 and I used to make lip sync with the beats... I'm still doing that

  • Brody Landgraf
    Brody Landgraf 5 days ago

    I used to Keaton to this song everyday back in middle school

  • Clumm
    Clumm 5 days ago

    is ok

  • Lego Cartoons
    Lego Cartoons 5 days ago

    Tomazacre remix better!)

  • Jeremiah Briney
    Jeremiah Briney 5 days ago +5

    Cough cough
    I know everyone had this on their ipod if they had one.

    • Jeremiah Briney
      Jeremiah Briney 3 days ago

      @NicK123 lolk

    • NicK123
      NicK123 3 days ago

      Bro I’m still running an iPod in the place of a phone

    • Pets
      Pets 5 days ago

      forza horizon 1 on xbox 360 is where its at. one of the best game memories. Playing this, just driving around with your car.

  • LeL
    LeL 6 days ago


  • IceCream
    IceCream 6 days ago


  • Big XFaDerX Vevo
    Big XFaDerX Vevo 6 days ago +1

    Dadadadadaaaddrop THE BASS

  • jake glumm
    jake glumm 6 days ago

    I miss these days.

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose 6 days ago

    Circa 2011, 21 YEARS OLD high asf on some x pills this song was literal sex in my ears. Life was GREAT.

  • Pamela Voorhees
    Pamela Voorhees 6 days ago +31

    I’m on a nostalgia trip right now
    Listening to good old skrillex and playing black ops 2

  • Kevin Sigue
    Kevin Sigue 6 days ago

    made me remember that dubstep cat lol