NFL Draft Profile: TJ Hockenson | PFF

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • PFF senior analysts Mike Renner and Steve Palazzolo discuss TJ Hockenson's college career and how they think he'll fare as a professional.
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  • Sommervillain Villain
    Sommervillain Villain 2 months ago

    Some lions fan was complaining about their 1st Rd pick so I posted this video. They said "These guys are geeks... they don't know what they're talking about". I was APPALLED!! Anyone who can't absorb PFF isn't worth my time!! The bitch got canceled!!

  • The Rise
    The Rise 4 months ago

    It’s too soon to say he’s not as athletic as Kelce. Game speed and 40 time are not the same thing. And Hockinsons game speed is much quicker

  • Southwest Low
    Southwest Low 4 months ago +1

    Welcome to Detroit 🙌🙌🙌

  • Divine_Wrath
    Divine_Wrath 4 months ago +2

    Welcome to Detroit big man

  • Bee Lor
    Bee Lor 4 months ago +2

    All i gotta say are the lions doing..

    • Fat Manimal
      Fat Manimal 2 months ago

      A_BruhMan saying that he needs a career equivalent to one of the top 2 to ever play the position is simply insane.

    • A_BruhMan
      A_BruhMan 4 months ago +1

      Im expecting Gonzalez type career since he’s a top 8 pick and all. Anything less hes a bust. 😩 I hate the lions soooo much bruh.

  • Arturo Lopez
    Arturo Lopez 4 months ago +1

    He got Stafford to deliver it to him.

    • Arturo Lopez
      Arturo Lopez 4 months ago

      Ryan 2985 I’m just saying Jesse James and now Tj are much bigger targets, and I heard someone say that Tj could be great in the red zone.

    • Ryan 2985
      Ryan 2985 4 months ago

      Is that a good thing? Stafford doesn’t throw to TEs

  • blindbrad11
    blindbrad11 4 months ago

    hes the next greg kittle

  • deat3456w
    deat3456w 4 months ago +13

    Detroit vs Everybody

  • The Way
    The Way 5 months ago +2

    I’d be cool if my bills drafted him

  • Teal Town
    Teal Town 5 months ago +5

    Future Jaguar 😉 #gojags

  • Dakota Winnie
    Dakota Winnie 5 months ago +4

    I want him in Buffalo

    • The Way
      The Way 5 months ago

      Dakota Winnie same bro. Build around Allen.. the modern nfl is big for TEs.. this guy could potentially be a gronk type..

  • Paul Beduhn
    Paul Beduhn 5 months ago

    You should mention that he cleans his plate in run blocking. He really plays to the whistle.

  • Erez Maman
    Erez Maman 5 months ago +9

    "4.7 40 he ran at the combine...not elite, not at a george kittle level...he's not that explosive of an athlete thats what tyler eifert ran when he was at his prime so i feel like thats where his recieving skills sort of are." Comparing Hockenson as a reciever to tyler eifert simply because they ran the same 40 time is pretty stupid in my opinion. You know who else ran a 4.7 40? Gronkowski. Except hockenson had a 37.5 inch vertical compared to gronks 33 in inch vertical. I don't care if hockenson isn't a burner, he's quick for his size, he's a tremendous blocker and great route runner. Reminds me much more of gronk than eifert and i think the jaguars should take him

    • Fud Hater
      Fud Hater 4 months ago

      @D SMy comment had absolutely nothing to do with Gronk, so...

    • D S
      D S 4 months ago

      @Fud Hater Dude I'm just being reasonable. Gronk was the greatest TE of all time when he was on the field. He was much bigger and much stronger. His combine numbers were notably affected by his surgery and just watching him run through people in the NFL is evidence.

      Plus comparing with someone's own class is dumb. Would some DE's 10 yard split being best in class mean they're Khalil Mack, even if it was .1 seconds slower?

    • Fud Hater
      Fud Hater 4 months ago +1

      Yeah I'm getting tired of people equating 40 speed to athleticism. Watch a highlight reel and tell me he's not an elite athlete.

    • Mo S
      Mo S 5 months ago +1

      @D S to me it just looked like hockenson has a slower start, but his top speed is elite which is why u see him outrunning db's. And he tested top 2 for tight ends in every drill and jump hes very athletic. You see him jumping over ppl running past them theres no reason to question his elite athleticism.

    • D S
      D S 5 months ago +1

      Gronk is way, way bigger. His arms are 2 inches longer, with more than an inch bigger hands, and 1 and a half inches taller and more bench reps at the time.

      Also Gronk's numbers were considered a bit lower than they would have been while he was healthy in the NFL, as he was still recovering from a serious back injury + surgery when he did the drills.

  • SnowFlow 90
    SnowFlow 90 5 months ago


    • There is no such thing as skill
      There is no such thing as skill 5 months ago

      Remember this is iowa offense is almost nonexistant.

    • SnowFlow 90
      SnowFlow 90 5 months ago

      Paul Beduhn Hock put up average numbers in an offense that’s supposedly TE friendly, with a future first round QB throwing to him. He’s a good prospect, but not top of round one good.
      What’s even more hilarious is how so many analysts have their heads shoved up Fant’s even more overrated rear.

    • Paul Beduhn
      Paul Beduhn 5 months ago

      SnowFlow 90
      Okay snowflake

  • MTB4L
    MTB4L 5 months ago +1


  • Joseph Harris
    Joseph Harris 5 months ago +3

    Iowa will hopefully be recognized more and more nationally as TE U to help ensure that the elite TE recruits consider Iowa over the powerhouse teams like Bama, Clemson, OSU, ND, and others

  • Diesel Johnson
    Diesel Johnson 5 months ago +1

    I have a felling he is going to Denver

    • Diesel Johnson
      Diesel Johnson 5 months ago

      Mike Vasquez yea he loves throwing to the TE, but then who doesn’t? Some people talking about Jax at 7 tho, Big Hock is a very hot commodity right now, lets face it everyone wants the next Gronk

    • Mike Vasquez
      Mike Vasquez 5 months ago

      Diesel Johnson
      Think so too ... Elway will be smart to give Flacco an elite TE weapon!

  • Gary Criswell
    Gary Criswell 5 months ago +7

    Newest Jaguar!!

  • Dominic64 TBLightning
    Dominic64 TBLightning 5 months ago +2

    I wouldn’t hate if the pats traded up and got their gronk replacement

  • Dylan Dean
    Dylan Dean 5 months ago +1

    Only 2 drops? Nice! I like it

  • Joseph Marc
    Joseph Marc 5 months ago +2

    Giants should get Hockenson and transform from a stale predictable offense to a versatile smash mouth attack. Yes trade away Engram(drops, can't block, can't stay healthy)

    • Leroy Brown
      Leroy Brown 5 months ago +1

      If Gettleman goes for best player available. Bosa, Allen, Williams and White are gone. Hockenson might be the best available player at 6. He can catch like a WR and block like an OL in the run game. You wouldn't need a FB. The Giants offense would be ridiculous. You could use Engram as your big WR. You have the best RB in Barkley who also caught 90 passes. Plus Shepard and Tate. Or you could move Engram and it would still be explosive as hell. 30 plus PPG. That would allow the defense to just have to be good, not great. Ask any team if they had a do over, if they would take Gronk at 6 in 2010. Even look at what Kittle TE from Iowa did in SF last year. Hockenson is a much better receiver. He's in several mocks at 7, 8, or 9. So not a stretch.

    • Joseph Marc
      Joseph Marc 5 months ago

      Engram is all promise, no payoff. He drops too many passes, can’t block and can’t stay on the field. He should’ve been traded yesterday.

    • DarKshine DaKid
      DarKshine DaKid 5 months ago +1

      hes a glorified FB

    • Joe Wardlow
      Joe Wardlow 5 months ago +2

      Joseph Marc ^ already engram and for who you’d be passing on with the 6 pick is just dumb

    • Drew 23Lindsey
      Drew 23Lindsey 5 months ago +2

      Y'all have Engram

    John SLAUGHTER 5 months ago +4

    Packers are drafting him... hopefully

    • Divine_Wrath
      Divine_Wrath 4 months ago

      My Lions took him, but hey at least you got Gary

    • John SLAUGHTER
      John SLAUGHTER 5 months ago +1

      @Nickolas Aaron iv been DYING for the draft for months now!

    • Nickolas Aaron
      Nickolas Aaron 5 months ago +2

      @John SLAUGHTER we shall see, i dont think so, but could be... Happy draft week!

    • kokokokokoko quinto
      kokokokokoko quinto 5 months ago

      As much as I would like him. I doubt he's there at 12.

    • John SLAUGHTER
      John SLAUGHTER 5 months ago

      @Nickolas Aaron changes this year unless rodgers goes down

  • Bigmac FootballHD
    Bigmac FootballHD 5 months ago +2

    Nice vid keep it up