Dolphins vs. Patriots Week 17 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • The Miami Dolphins take on the New England Patriots during Week 17 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comments • 80

  • Dacal
    Dacal 7 hours ago

    Uncle Vante working on Gilmore. Im telling you, this game is the turning point of this 2 franchises. Brian Flores time!!!

  • Virginia Ybarbo
    Virginia Ybarbo 17 hours ago +1

    Stephon Gilmore = Overrated

  • Virginia Ybarbo
    Virginia Ybarbo 17 hours ago +1

    I think the Patriots forgot the Dolphins were still a professional team and underestimated them

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 21 hour ago

    Flores walks In and slays the Patriots at home..flores like it's a brand new era and it has begun in south florida

  • human deflector
    human deflector 22 hours ago

    Does the NFL try to make their videos 10 minutes long

  • Gelato101
    Gelato101 Day ago

    How much brain damage does one need to have to call the desperation move many teams do copying “Miami Miracle”

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah Johnson Day ago +1

    The dynasty is over

  • Powers3rg
    Powers3rg Day ago +1

    This is when Brady knew he had to go to another team.

  • Andrew Jon b Layne

    The end of a legend

  • RS9
    RS9 2 days ago +3

    The Fins went 5-4 in their last 9 games. You gotta respect that

  • Jazzy Loyola
    Jazzy Loyola 2 days ago +1

    No Miracle in Massachusetts!!!

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts 2 days ago

    Shame on the pats that should’ve been a easy W lmao they got clapped

    CONVICT REACTIONZ 3 days ago

    Want to win a bet? Bet that these teams will split a season series.

  • Pierre Louis
    Pierre Louis 3 days ago


  • TheStangerVideos -Gaming

    funny how history repeats itself

  • N` chan
    N` chan 3 days ago

    That last play was an embarrasment for ne😂

  • dj frankie
    dj frankie 4 days ago

    This was bradys last game in patriots uniform ... i never tought brady would leave them...

  • Torin O'Connor
    Torin O'Connor 4 days ago +1

    Who’s here after Tom Brady left for the buccaneers

  • Konstantlylost
    Konstantlylost 4 days ago

    Noticing there’s not as many patriots fans now🤣

  • Gio_WX-Maryland Weather

    That last play was the wonkiest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Felix Morales
    Felix Morales 5 days ago

    The beginning of the end

  • Diego Membreno
    Diego Membreno 7 days ago

    "this stadium got quiet real quick" very powerful words lol 😂

  • PlayerIdentity
    PlayerIdentity 7 days ago

    The pats tried the same play that beat last year

  • Matthew R
    Matthew R 8 days ago +1

    1:40 this is what you’re looking for. You can thank me later

  • Jesus Lomas
    Jesus Lomas 8 days ago

    The reason why the chiefs won the championship...

  • AndresPlayz
    AndresPlayz 8 days ago +5

    Patriots : its just the Dolphins we're fine.

    Dolphins: *your going to yee your last haw*

  • Charles Shores
    Charles Shores 8 days ago

    As a chiefs fan I say think you so much Miami for getting us to number 2 seed

  • Mr Mann
    Mr Mann 8 days ago +3

    were my Dolphins fans

  • Z Y
    Z Y 9 days ago +2

    Tom Brady's last TD as a Patriot

  • Kevin Clements
    Kevin Clements 10 days ago +3

    one of my favorite games of all time.....knowing that the Finz beat Brady in his last home regular season game for the Cheatriots

  • Jsv Nabsb
    Jsv Nabsb 10 days ago +3

    Remember when they were known as the “worst team in the nfl”

  • Worst Nightmare
    Worst Nightmare 10 days ago +2

    Forgot to watch today.

  • Anthony Arellano
    Anthony Arellano 11 days ago +1

    Miami doing the lord's work

  • GoneWithTheWin.Com
    GoneWithTheWin.Com 11 days ago +2

    Dolphins handed New England a loss.. Brady's last regular season game was a loss.. also lost the bye week, which directly led to a loss at the hands of Ryan Tannehill, Ex-Dolphin. The Dolphins destroyed the Dynasty.

    • Dolphignition
      Dolphignition 6 days ago

      We were the coronavirus of their dynasty!

  • MaLongFan
    MaLongFan 11 days ago

    Go Dolphins

  • choccows
    choccows 11 days ago

    Dang if only Fitzpatrick could be more consistent.

  • Arman Dadras
    Arman Dadras 13 days ago +1

    I am TERRIFIED of Brian Flores with actual talent...

  • Cashstrophe
    Cashstrophe 13 days ago

    9:32 hot potato hot potato hot potato

  • Gerald Murphy
    Gerald Murphy 13 days ago +1

    Congratulations, Miami Dolphins. I think it was a game to be remembered for a long time.

  • jayden roblox
    jayden roblox 13 days ago

    They lost

  • Christopher Do44
    Christopher Do44 14 days ago

    Go Fins !

  • Grant Hepburn
    Grant Hepburn 14 days ago

    Wtf is number 50 doing

  • e c
    e c 14 days ago

    The thorn in the patriots side is always that second game to Miami. This year it cost them big time. The dolphins are back

  • Scottie Lutz
    Scottie Lutz 15 days ago

    Although my raiders didn’t even make the playoffs I’m just happy New England didn’t win the super bowl

  • Rip.
    Rip. 15 days ago +1

    Comes To Show You Put Your Heart And HardWork Into Anything And You Can Do Anything(Even Beat The Pats)

  • Manuel Cruz
    Manuel Cruz 15 days ago

    Love that interception that Brady threw he should get him out


    *i can watch and play all day*
    1:51 💗🎥🎬
    👇 👇🖤

  • Cayden Draws
    Cayden Draws 16 days ago

    My fav player : Isaiah ford/my fav college player

  • RS9
    RS9 16 days ago +1


  • GFB13 Prod.
    GFB13 Prod. 16 days ago +1

    Patriots: Ah yes the Dolphins, this is gonna be the easiest win this season! Hahaha!
    Dolphins: *Ummm excuse me you would be wrong there*

  • Robin Abernathy
    Robin Abernathy 17 days ago

    The woman being lifted up in the indeed commercial for this video has to feel awkward knowing everyone is looking up her dress.

  • kodymus prime
    kodymus prime 18 days ago

    New England: we want to go to the super bowl again
    Dolphins: I'm letting some one else go this time
    Chiefs: thanks dolphins
    Titans: thanks dolphins
    Dolphins: your welcome.

  • Dominic Coolidge
    Dominic Coolidge 19 days ago

    Tannehill is Brady's weakness, and so are teams that formerly that Tannehill

    • Dolphignition
      Dolphignition 6 days ago

      Or Teams with First Names (not surnames) Quarterbacks named RYAN

  • Jay
    Jay 19 days ago

    It's crazy Fitz can play so good at times, then look like crapp the next game. So satisfying to watch the Pat's lose.

  • Lo-Key Legend
    Lo-Key Legend 19 days ago +1

    I think that the Super Bowl trophy should be cut in half and split between the dolphins and chiefs

  • Intangedous
    Intangedous 20 days ago +1

    Amazing. Start the year losing by seven touchdowns and end the year knocking off the defending champs. The more you know about the Dolphins, the less you understand.

  • Joe O'Malley
    Joe O'Malley 22 days ago


  • Brandon Sauer
    Brandon Sauer 23 days ago

    Still funny

  • Kevin Palmer
    Kevin Palmer 25 days ago +1

    This was the beginning of the Chiefs Super Bowl run. This was the first step.

  • The Red Cheetah67
    The Red Cheetah67 25 days ago +1

    1:50 I feel bad for Brady

  • TSM Moiz
    TSM Moiz 26 days ago +1

    I love how this is in my recommended even tho I didn’t watch football
    I’m happy it is because I love the patriots losing

  • Vanji Cagahastian
    Vanji Cagahastian 27 days ago

    Great game for Devante Parker for winning one on one vs Stephon Gillmore!😎😎😎 but its a great game and team win!! For Miami!!

  • Triple b Berfield
    Triple b Berfield 27 days ago

    Watching the Jets game in a bar and the place exploded when Brady tossed the pick 6. A beautiful moment

  • Damien Daniels
    Damien Daniels 28 days ago

    The Dolphins defense NEEDS alot of work; you can't tackle going for ball carrier's feet. You tackle waist high and up.

    • Dolphignition
      Dolphignition 6 days ago

      My Dolphins will get it right next season!

  • Brian Boller
    Brian Boller 29 days ago +1

    i love the dolphins00

  • Owen Lasbury-Casey
    Owen Lasbury-Casey Month ago

    Those 1.1K dislikes are from those nasty Patriots fans.

  • FOX News is 100% fake news

    Did Belichick and Brady actually think this was a meaningless game? LMFAO

    • Whiplash95
      Whiplash95 24 days ago

      Harry Johnson now Patriots were just awful this year

  • FOX News is 100% fake news

    This game is the whole reason why the KC Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

  • Andress
    Andress Month ago

    8:04 how is that not a flag for unnecessary roughness

  • Alexander Palmer
    Alexander Palmer Month ago

    4:30 I was expecting a nice "Oh, he broke his ankles!!!"

  • XxHaha Diexx
    XxHaha Diexx Month ago


  • 0 0
    0 0 Month ago

    When the Pats know they are losing..they start acting like a baby at the end. Toss and caught if you can!

  • K Taylor
    K Taylor Month ago

    🤣at everyone. The dolphins ended Brady and or The Patriots? The still got that far and have owned football for 20 years and none of your teams could ever compete! Why do you think they are done? They actually missed ONE year going to the super bowl?

  • Alex Osterholm
    Alex Osterholm Month ago

    Thank you dolphins you are my now second favorite team

  • Breakglass Dawkins
    Breakglass Dawkins Month ago +2

    I know where my bread is buttered.
    We owe part of Championship to the Dolphins. Thank you
    - Chiefs fan -

  • Angel Carrasco
    Angel Carrasco Month ago

    Next season the Bill's are gonna beat the Patriots

    • Whiplash95
      Whiplash95 24 days ago

      Angel Carrasco I mean I think they will but the Patriots were awful this year and the Bills still found a way to lose to them somehow so

  • Flamingo Union
    Flamingo Union Month ago


  • Uncomfortable
    Uncomfortable Month ago +2

    Can’t believe the dolphins went from getting blown out every game to beating the patriots

  • Logan issa Ravens fan from Ohio

    The dolphins winning this ruined my life

  • Grant Hepburn
    Grant Hepburn Month ago +4

    You’re welcome chief fans