Katalina DJ's Girl2

  • Published on Jul 11, 2009
  • The Legendary Katalina, performing DJ's Girl.
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  • raiynen
    raiynen 2 years ago

    See, you don't get songs like this these days because cellphones exist.

  • Victor Reyna
    Victor Reyna 4 years ago

    Heard this song about 5 minutes ago with a let me take a selfie remix on radio station 107...nice to mash up with other recent edm songs..2015

  • Jack Wolf
    Jack Wolf 4 years ago

    shitty sound quality

    • Jack Wolf
      Jack Wolf 2 years ago

      Yeah, but this video sounds like it was made at low bit rate, but great video

    • raiynen
      raiynen 2 years ago

      You'd probably cave your own head in if you listened to a tape.

  • Michael B
    Michael B 5 years ago

    Yes! Been years since I heard this, Thank you!

  • PIlotrcm
    PIlotrcm 6 years ago

    Sounds like a porn...yup for sure

  • marevin rabardi
    marevin rabardi 6 years ago

    Finally find it!

  • Aaron Villegas
    Aaron Villegas 6 years ago

    5th-6th grade. Wild 107. Memories for sure

  • polyskilz
    polyskilz 6 years ago

    this is my aunt 20 years ago :)

  • FangMichaelisS2
    FangMichaelisS2 6 years ago

    This brings back memories

  • Hunter Quinn
    Hunter Quinn 7 years ago

    my friends dance team is diong this song for combo

  • lakotasue Nonya
    lakotasue Nonya 7 years ago

    reminds me of my former dispatcher... I clled him da DJ. But, i really wasn't his DJ girl! HAHAH!

  • ToxicSinMuffin
    ToxicSinMuffin 7 years ago

    Okay so i heard a hardstyle remix of this and i can't find it can someone help?

  • Memenator
    Memenator 7 years ago

    lol i love this song XD my mom has the cd... but she is bk in Chicago.. and i live in Texas now.. for almost 4 years..

  • feioncastor
    feioncastor  7 years ago

    @sonnydsad Would you please upload the dirty version? I'd really like to hear it.

  • kk ra
    kk ra 8 years ago

    @okiud hahaha plzz do lmao

  • okiud
    okiud 8 years ago

    @pinkyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i love this song..the next time we meet im singing it to you..even when were in town :L

  • kk ra
    kk ra 8 years ago

    hahahaha OMG i havent heard dis in ages lol

  • maxstirner242
    maxstirner242 8 years ago

    hope u see dis comment marla ,dis song is for you

  • Eric Springer
    Eric Springer 9 years ago


  • Eric Springer
    Eric Springer 9 years ago

    i love this song!! have not heard this in a good while

  • D.F. Williams
    D.F. Williams 9 years ago

    First heard this song when I was around 12 or 13. I can't believe it's been 11 years (1999) since I first heard this song...a few months ago I embarrassed myself by singing the "Excuse me, Mr. Bouncer!" line while I was writing something. Now the song is stuck in my head.
    I can imagine one of my storybook characters walking to a club in Los Angeles and she hears this song blasting as soon as she walks through the door. Keep up the good work.

  • sammy esparsa
    sammy esparsa 9 years ago

    damn 90s!

  • feioncastor
    feioncastor  9 years ago

    I have heard that there is a music video, but I've never seen it, nor have I seen solid evidence of such a video, LOL. But I hope there is a video and that someone uploads it really soon.

  • Joseph Paul
    Joseph Paul 9 years ago

    I used to date a girl that sounded like this!

  • boo8ball
    boo8ball 9 years ago

    AWESOME.. i have been trying to find this song for ever.. cause i kept forgetting the name of the song.. love it!

    CANDY MAN:. 9 years ago

    OH, And KATALINA Was THEE ORIGINAL Platinum Blonde! Before Gwen! Her CD SONIC GROOVE IS THE BOMB! My Friend LETY wrote & sang On the CD!!!

    CANDY MAN:. 9 years ago

    Im Restoring My RICKI LAKE SHow Video Where KATALINA Performs "DJ GIRL" with Drag Queens & All! I'll Have It Up SOON!!!

  • reyn75
    reyn75 9 years ago

    I have been searching for the Video for this song forever..if anyone has it PLEASE post it...It is a CRIME it is NOT on TVclip.

  • feioncastor
    feioncastor  9 years ago

    You're welcome! This song was an important part of my childhood. I heard it on the radio a LOT, and I was always disappointed when I'd listen to the radio for hours without hearing it. Great song, eh?

  • feioncastor
    feioncastor  9 years ago

    Yeah, I was about 10 when I last heard it on the radio. And it was on a lot back then. I wonder what happened to this song? It's a cool song.