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  • Published on Apr 11, 2017
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    With this video compilation you'll be able to master English conversation in 3 hours!
    You've decided to start learning English, so let's improve your conversation skills! In this video, you'll learn 3 hours of casual conversation topics, with great examples and tips. This video will give you amazing insights into how to sound more natural and understand all kinds of references you WON'T learn from a text book. Our hosts express themselves in simple English, with English subtitles. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your English study.
    Let us help you through this 3 hour English topics compilation! This is the fastest, easiest way to pick up conversational English!
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    • Julien Green
      Julien Green Month ago

      I'm like Micheal He's so hot and handsomer

    • Juan Vicente García
      Juan Vicente García 3 months ago +1

      Hi Alisha, I´,m from Spain. I´m triying to improve my english conversation. There are a lot of courses in internet but your video class are something incredible. You really can learn english and enjoy yourself at the same time...You are making a great job. This channel is one valuable opportunity to progress. It´s awesome...Please, you must continue with your proyect EnglisClass101. don´t give up it.

    • Ronald Ricchetti
      Ronald Ricchetti 4 months ago

      Hello, if i understood everything you said guys in english what you think that is my english listening level..... please

    • Quoc Tran
      Quoc Tran 5 months ago

      Where is caption?

    • Carlos Daniel Marceleño Rodriguez
      Carlos Daniel Marceleño Rodriguez 6 months ago

      Do Just Try duud again! Set

  • mahomed Haneef
    mahomed Haneef Day ago


  • Fabio Hudrys
    Fabio Hudrys 3 days ago

    Is Michael single? 💅

  • مريم مرين
    مريم مرين 4 days ago +1

    who finished all the video? put like if u do that 👍😍😍

  • Santy XD
    Santy XD 5 days ago


  • Bursa Perú
    Bursa Perú 6 days ago

    I love u Alisha :v

  • Thomas Clarkson
    Thomas Clarkson 9 days ago

    I can listen to her all day.

  • Thomas Clarkson
    Thomas Clarkson 9 days ago +2

    My top 3 words:


  • Racho Solís
    Racho Solís 10 days ago

    "America is huuuge" dice la tía, no te jode, pues claro, es un continente ingente, gilipollas.

  • Racho Solís
    Racho Solís 10 days ago

    Oh mine, I thought that you could be more cultured, I don't know, but having heard you saying "America" instead of the United States, well, makes me realize that you aren't neither cultured enough nor respectful to the other American countries. I disliked that.

  • Carolina fefis
    Carolina fefis 10 days ago

    SUBTITLES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Strupiolo
    Strupiolo 10 days ago

    51:05 stop in this moment.

  • Cesar Saucedo
    Cesar Saucedo 11 days ago

    silent but deadly... nice

  • Tiago Scandelai
    Tiago Scandelai 12 days ago

    Bjorn, are you?

  • tim boussardon
    tim boussardon 14 days ago

    Jesus can change yr life bro

  • Cana Da
    Cana Da 14 days ago +1

    I’m korean and now i lived in Canada for study, i started to lived in canada one half years, however my english is still bad. I want to speak english as canadian or american. But actually when i started to listen this video it was hard to understand to me. And then now i decided to watch this video 5min per day. Thank u for made this video. I’m going to study english by this video.

  • TheMisterlordy
    TheMisterlordy 15 days ago

    I hope you guys are married in-between...you are so flirty to each other and you really would suit to each other very good

  • TheMisterlordy
    TheMisterlordy 15 days ago

    that's awkward

  • Yonas Wondimu
    Yonas Wondimu 16 days ago

    dude! Secretary Hilary client-on will be president of America at 2020 election.

  • Amel Fakhir
    Amel Fakhir 17 days ago

    I like your classes , really useful

  • NyoNyo Fly
    NyoNyo Fly 18 days ago


  • Luan Brito
    Luan Brito 18 days ago

    I say all the time ' You know ' so annoying

  • Wesley 'Kenpachi'
    Wesley 'Kenpachi' 19 days ago +1

    she said ok...
    Dude, you are so in there!

  • pabitra lamichhane
    pabitra lamichhane 21 day ago

    Plz speak slowly ,,,

  • Scotus Laurentius
    Scotus Laurentius 21 day ago

    1:17:54 - 'you do gotta' that's a shocker. If one of my elementary school students wrote 'you do gotta' I'd not be pleased.

  • Rikesh K M
    Rikesh K M 22 days ago

    i wish to thanks for your honorable patience

  • English Rose
    English Rose 23 days ago

    So useful!

  • Ivan Mayorga
    Ivan Mayorga 24 days ago

    great english lessons... but i finally get why Trump is your president...

  • JONAH Body Gaetan
    JONAH Body Gaetan 25 days ago

    my God I could practise myself with all videos you shared

  • m1nus
    m1nus 25 days ago

    It was the most interesting podcast the I have heard=

  • Youssef Raslan
    Youssef Raslan 25 days ago

    ننام بقي

  • rogerio augusto
    rogerio augusto 26 days ago

    Podia ter a legenda em português seria mais compreensivo

  • ahmed elkady
    ahmed elkady 27 days ago

    in the game section of this video i would say the games which kids used to play look the same all around the world and i find that really weird because when we were young there was no internet or sth to transform this kind of street games

    COLA SENSEI 27 days ago

    Truth and Dare : That's how my girlfriends get pregnant

  • プレーヤーワクシー

    Here I go, in that journey of learn English, again :v

    COLA SENSEI 28 days ago

    I just cut the cheese loudly

    COLA SENSEI 29 days ago

    Guys i can speak english .. i mean am not that good but i have a good ability to speak cause i practice daily , my only problem is i can't fix my accent my Arabic accent is so obvious when i speak Eng .

    COLA SENSEI 29 days ago

    Smooth english like a baby butt

  • M. Manifi
    M. Manifi 29 days ago




  • Игорь Коломиец

    Thank you so much for your lessons. They are useful

  • Hieu Trieu
    Hieu Trieu 29 days ago

    The word I like most : Cà khịa :v

  • Sari Sofi
    Sari Sofi Month ago

    Wow great Video tysm❤️

  • Jefferson Fernandes

    Duuuuuuuude is my favorite one!!

  • Lautremont Rimbaud
    Lautremont Rimbaud Month ago

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    Hello girl take away that white background that dazzle the posters don't see greetings

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    Fernando Tovar Month ago

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    Alone Month ago

    Ставь лайк, если ты из России! ;)

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    Arableciderboy Month ago

    Yeah, we don’t have ovens in UK. Stupid Americans.

  • Javier Becerro
    Javier Becerro Month ago


  • N H
    N H Month ago

    Nice couple :)

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    Insert Coin Month ago

    I don't think you are listening Justin bieber nor lady gaga

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    This one time, at band camp...

  • Md Serazul Islam
    Md Serazul Islam Month ago +3

    someone help me to learn english and practice with me. My skype>> shiblu8447

  • Mello3018
    Mello3018 Month ago +1

    thank you for every thing i'm from Egypt and i love you so much

  • الأمن المعلوماتي

    This is a very nice program . I liked it a lot .

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  • オだだんだん
    オだだんだん Month ago

    i am a Japanese and going to college in US. now studying English for college. This video is very helpful for me because i could get new words that i hadn't studied in Japanese school. i can learn active English.

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