Can You Tell Which Crime Headlines Are Fake? Feat. Yeardley Smith

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Yeardley Smith, the host of the true crime podcast Small Town Dicks, and Hannah Williams compete to find out which true crime headlines are real and which are lies.
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    Yeardley Smith

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  • Cayla Lynett.¿
    Cayla Lynett.¿ 5 days ago

    "Small town dicks".
    I will listen to that podcast.

  • D.J Harvey
    D.J Harvey 22 days ago +1

    The legend of billy Jean!

  • i'm okay :D
    i'm okay :D 25 days ago

    ms. blonde girl is so cute >U

  • Hannah
    Hannah 26 days ago +1

    anyone else convinced Shane wrote all of the fake ones? I can literally picture him sitting there laughing about them.

  • Now Wow
    Now Wow 28 days ago

    Finally a less scary buzzfeed unsolved video

  • CBM
    CBM 28 days ago

    Lisa I love you

  • Noobs Foot
    Noobs Foot 29 days ago


  • StoneOfMoon
    StoneOfMoon Month ago

    Aside from the regular Ryan and Shane, I’m down to watching these three be on 2 crimes and a lie. Hannah is só down to earth.

  • Detroit's Reaper
    Detroit's Reaper Month ago

    Who thought small time dicks was a good name for a podcast 😂😂

  • Georgie Porgie
    Georgie Porgie Month ago

    I can't unhear Lisa Simpson saying the word "ballsy"

  • FaZePigieon 24
    FaZePigieon 24 Month ago


  • bleedingred
    bleedingred Month ago

    4/5. Where's my spooky bois merch?

  • bless me achoo
    bless me achoo Month ago


  • PidgeIsTired
    PidgeIsTired Month ago

    Clown killer arrested 27 years after?

  • Claire Lefalala
    Claire Lefalala Month ago


  • Kodastic_YT
    Kodastic_YT Month ago

    A dog can get charge by being put down

  • Shay channel
    Shay channel Month ago

    Lol I have twin brothers that are state police! They’ve been on investigation discovery before

  • The Singing Tree
    The Singing Tree Month ago

    If you had the shirt personalised for the girl then it was rigged & she already knew the answers. Unless you had a shirt personalised for both of them & just didn't give the other her shirt. Also some of them were too obvious like the dog shooting someone question.

  • Shristi Awasthi
    Shristi Awasthi Month ago

    Seeing to much unsolved network made get 5 out of 5

  • GwendolynnBY
    GwendolynnBY Month ago

    love the missing brent bennett poster in the background

  • Youbring
    Youbring Month ago

    Does anyone see how Yeardley Smith looks like a grown up Cindy-Lou Who?

  • 花の精神
    花の精神 Month ago

    I know where Hannah Williams live, it weird how I come to see it everyday and it is just across the street!

  • Looth ali
    Looth ali Month ago

    town small ''WHAT''

  • SkyPro Gaming
    SkyPro Gaming Month ago


  • SkyPro Gaming
    SkyPro Gaming Month ago

    small dicks town

  • Megan Williams
    Megan Williams Month ago

    When you've already seen half of the strange cases from the internet

  • atreyu bagin
    atreyu bagin Month ago

    They should call these unsolved misc. Or something
    Just little things not directly conected to ryan and shanes seasons but still count in the unsolved category

    As long as its kept in good taste i don't mind it on buzzfeed unsolved as long as it don't get as toxic as buzzfeed does at times

  • Eliza The Egyptian
    Eliza The Egyptian Month ago

    Small town dicks😂

  • Kim Arnold
    Kim Arnold Month ago

    Enjoyed this very much 💓 Yeardley Smith is so cool!

  • hi i’m sophia
    hi i’m sophia Month ago +1

    Lisa Simpson has a true crime podcast?!?!

  • LoganArnoldKicks
    LoganArnoldKicks Month ago

    I saw Yeardley Smith and I clicked 😂😂

  • Lahna Church
    Lahna Church Month ago

    2:53 Florida in 2013 Gregory Dale Lanier was shot by a dog In the foot. Just saying

  • PrincessMaggot
    PrincessMaggot Month ago

    If you put “Florida Man” in it I’ll believe literally anything..

  • lace x
    lace x Month ago

    only got 3 right

  • minniwashere
    minniwashere Month ago

    Small town what?

  • Sofija Tomic
    Sofija Tomic Month ago

    I actually got everything right
    Expecting a t-shirt soon Buzzfeed

  • Sean Oc piano
    Sean Oc piano Month ago

    3:48 come on, it’s a Florida man

  • Don't Cry Craft
    Don't Cry Craft Month ago

    I got them all!

  • Ben Dova
    Ben Dova Month ago +2

    This host is soo boring wtfff

  • puspita
    puspita Month ago +1

    There should be two separate channels for Shane and Ryan and the extra stuff for this. Don’t tell people what they should and shouldn’t watch

  • jekanyika
    jekanyika Month ago +1

    I like this but you should also bring back Ruining History.

  • Exotic Cats
    Exotic Cats Month ago

    Why is Lisa Simpson here!?

  • 00 Coyote
    00 Coyote Month ago

    Yeardley Smith said she didn't know how anyone could charge a dog for shooting someone... when Santa's Lttle Helper was a suspect in who shot Mr. Burns on The Simpsons XD

  • J Cliatt
    J Cliatt Month ago

    Get Georgia and Karen from MFM!!!!!!!!

  • T W A
    T W A Month ago

    I got 1, 2, and 5 correct. Missed 3, and 4. So, I got 3 out the not bad.

  • Alyssa Persaud
    Alyssa Persaud Month ago


  • NJ Gerhardt
    NJ Gerhardt Month ago

    ... isn't 2:15 a plot point in a Phoenix Wright game?

  • Kwee Ayu Hapsari Kurniawan

    Never really watch The Simpsons, but listening to Yeardley's voice through earbuds can get quite overwhelming?! Anyone else? Too much treble, is that a thing?

  • FX EF
    FX EF Month ago

    I got the last one wrong! I got a 4! I really want that shirt tho!!

  • Dakota Ramsey
    Dakota Ramsey Month ago

    BuzzFeed just keeps scalping ideas from GMM haha

  • deerish
    deerish Month ago

    1 on animals is true for real I saw the video on it

  • Mane On
    Mane On Month ago

    You should do strange death of Edgar Allen Poe

  • AmberW28
    AmberW28 Month ago

    Hannah needs her own show!!!

  • RJ Robertson-DeGraaff

    If Hannah needs help moving I'll offer my services.

  • Literosexual
    Literosexual Month ago

    There better be more episodes of this it's amazing

  • Софья Акишева

    Ohh that is why I felt I have heard her voice somewhere, it is Lisa Simpson!

  • GracieTraubXOX
    GracieTraubXOX Month ago +3

    Now I have a cat to worry about cuz I live in Virginia...

  • Therese loves
    Therese loves Month ago +1

    I remembered the scene in Friends when Phoebe got a police badge then she went on flashing it to people for fun and then suddenly she ended up flashing the badge to its actual owner. I remembered that scene when I read "dress the part" number one. 🤣

  • Vidyadhari Ranjan
    Vidyadhari Ranjan Month ago +1

    Please do next video in Bhangarh Fort, India. It's a haunted fort.
    Edit: like if you want them to.

  • the game time
    the game time Month ago +1


  • Sam Kisuu
    Sam Kisuu Month ago

    Luv this do more

  • faduma jama
    faduma jama Month ago +1

    Hello, Hows life I came from Buzz feed!

  • Ken Hoang
    Ken Hoang Month ago

    Wait she's the voice of Lisa Simpson? Also small town dicks sounds like a porno lol.

  • Scott Madej
    Scott Madej Month ago

    I really enjoy this one - keep it up, BUN!

  • Squiddy
    Squiddy Month ago +11

    Everybody “Gangsta” until the cat shaver is on the loose.

  • skank hunt6699
    skank hunt6699 Month ago +1

    Shane, Ryan and the unsolved series is the only thing worth watching to come from buzzfeed

  • May Flower
    May Flower Month ago

    It’s bad how quick I knew the answers in animal tales

  • Juju Edge
    Juju Edge Month ago

    Yay I got them all!!!!

  • Hey, It’s Chelsea

    I wanted to play the saxophone because of Lisa Simpson so please don’t go!!!!!

  • Emily & Toby
    Emily & Toby Month ago


  • Calypso Kinder
    Calypso Kinder Month ago

    He says “feel free to play at home” like what’s he gonna do? Stop me?

  • Be humble and Smile

    Hannah’s hair!!!! It’s still blue

  • Zepto Martin
    Zepto Martin Month ago

    Lisa! Lol

  • Lily Blackwell
    Lily Blackwell Month ago

    She actually does voice Lisa Simpson.

  • Idru Lili
    Idru Lili Month ago

    I got 4 right

  • Badwhalenikki
    Badwhalenikki Month ago

    I got 4 points

  • Renee Hernandez
    Renee Hernandez Month ago

    I understand how the game is played but frankly, they all sounded like lies.

  • Sydney Clement
    Sydney Clement Month ago +1

    Kevin reminds me of an uglier version of Joe Gatto

  • Sen pai
    Sen pai Month ago

    the dog's name is Mr Pickle

  • Kate Weissenberger
    Kate Weissenberger Month ago


  • drawing wiff cupcake

    1i got 1...

  • Addie T
    Addie T Month ago +1

    That was a really fun little show. I quite enjoyed it.

  • asser mcfuck
    asser mcfuck Month ago

    wow, im definitely going to check out that podcast! real life investigators? sign me tf up.

  • Mamatha Srinivas
    Mamatha Srinivas Month ago

    We all know Hannah watches crime shows after putting her kinds to bed with a tub of ice-cream she's obviously a pro at this

  • Lucas Jack
    Lucas Jack Month ago +2

    Is that you Lisa?
    If not eat my shorts

  • spooky spooky
    spooky spooky Month ago

    yeardley smith is rad!

  • Cane Chavez
    Cane Chavez Month ago


  • aisha daisuki
    aisha daisuki Month ago +2

    hey now this is pretty good! thank you bun

  • CommanderDEV
    CommanderDEV Month ago

    Everything is out of the window when "a florida man" comes in roflmao

  • Jeff
    Jeff Month ago

    Hannah looks a lot like Miranda cosgrove

  • MattGaming
    MattGaming Month ago

    The Diplomat Hotel in the Philippines documentary on Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural pls. This hotel is the most feared place in the Philippines. Practice speaking Filipino/Tagalog because there might be Filipino ghosts or practice speaking Spanish again because there are also Spanish ghosts.

  • Emily Sweeney
    Emily Sweeney Month ago

    do an unsolved episode about king tut’s curse !

  • Flanneryschickens
    Flanneryschickens Month ago +3


    I'll never tell who it is! Hahahahaha

  • lily jausel
    lily jausel Month ago

    They need to go to the Villisca Axe Murder house!!

  • suneye1999
    suneye1999 Month ago +2

    This was such a fun video! I hope you guys do more of these

  • Karragh
    Karragh Month ago +1

    Its a fun show but if every other "new show" on the unsolved network is anything to go by, this will be the only episode.

  • Huskee
    Huskee Month ago +1

    Damn wine mom is now also a crime expert

    • lorewren07
      lorewren07 Month ago

      Huskee she’s been promoted to crime mom

  • Alexa Noriega
    Alexa Noriega Month ago +1

    Yeardley seems like a blast to hang out with

  • if you leave i'll be broken inside

    2:08 is the most innocent thing ever.

  • Humming
    Humming Month ago

    Bro I got them all right!