• Published on Nov 19, 2017
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  • XxAutumn-Senpaix X
    XxAutumn-Senpaix X 6 months ago

    Cassandra Frank is my bff from school!

  • Indigo Moon
    Indigo Moon 6 months ago

    I’m pagan ( omnistic) and my fiancé is Christian so we celebrate Christmas and I add my pagan / witchy elements and I call it a Yule tree until after Yule or the winter solstice!

  • bea marie
    bea marie 7 months ago

    It’s like November 6th but like here I am watching all the Christmas videos she put up. Also “baby it’s cold outside” is my favorite....

  • R. Whitaker
    R. Whitaker 7 months ago

    The rebel Jesus;the Chieftains do a great job but the Jackson Browne version is also lovely.

  • E Phillips
    E Phillips 8 months ago +1

    I want a cat as fluffy as all four of yours combined

  • Ahitza Zepeda
    Ahitza Zepeda 9 months ago

    Where is your tree from?🙌

  • Minnie Moo
    Minnie Moo 10 months ago

    .. I feel like decorating my christmas tree now. And it´s frickin´ August XD

  • DJ Galaxy Wolf
    DJ Galaxy Wolf Year ago

    I just started watching you but I wish I have watched you since like forever ago! I love your content! ❤️

  • Nicole McCleave
    Nicole McCleave Year ago

    Ray Charles spirit of christmas

  • Trista House
    Trista House Year ago

    Christmas was a pagan holiday, and the Christians stoles it. I think Jesus was born more towards the summer.

  • Kt Risley
    Kt Risley Year ago

    Hi I’m rewatching this because your videos help me through my anxiety and depression. I know what you mean when you say that you shouldn’t tell people your tattoo ideas before you get the tattoo because their opinion might make you not want it anymore. I wanted to get a tattoo of one of my cats and I told a coworker and he literally told me tO mY fAce that it was a stupid idea and now I don’t want it anymore lol

  • GalladofBales
    GalladofBales Year ago

    I also get hella seasonal depression so I feel you. I'm in Philadephia so it doesn't get dark here quite as early in the winter, but around the solstice it does get dark around 4 and it sucks. I used to really love Christmas to take me out of the depression a bit but I didn't feel quite as festive this year unfortunately. I think working at Starbucks made me just super cynical about the whole thing and having to work on every holiday was such a bummer. I also lost my mom over this past year and I think it doesn't really feel the same without her. I'm just holding out for summer bc I'm a summer baby and it's my time. I also graduate in the spring so I'm looking forward to being free and going to the beach all the dang time.

  • Kellie Tatt
    Kellie Tatt Year ago

    I love that you call scissors skissors cos i do too ! xD
    My favourite Xmas song is White Christmas but the one with the Ba da ba bum in it !

  • Yolandi Mare
    Yolandi Mare Year ago

    Your video's makes me happy

  • Tim And Mindy Bickerdike

    Hello Jillian the magical pixie girl!
    I have three favourite Christmas songs.
    1. The classic All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey
    2. Kylie Minogue version of Santa Baby
    3. Lonely This Christmas by Mud (Google or TVclip search them 😉)
    My partner Tim's (who you can see in the tiny photo with me) favourite is Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses.
    Hope you've had a cool Yule and a happy new year
    Mindygrace x

  • Gabrielle Gay
    Gabrielle Gay Year ago

    FHGKJSDHFGJHODG Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Carol of the Bells, aaaaaaand mmmmm Baby It's Cold Outside!! Orrrr God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. ...orrrrrrr The Christmas Song....I love Christmas music :D

  • Trippie Lexx
    Trippie Lexx Year ago

    I totally feel you ! I’m not religious whatsoever but Christmas is the best time of year for me and my family. Especially the music and gift giving !! I totally get it !❤️❤️❤️🌈🌸 You’re videos genuinely bring me so much happiness ! I binge watch you haha ! 💋💋

  • Sugar*Bunny
    Sugar*Bunny Year ago

    Christmas shoes

  • Space Gay
    Space Gay Year ago

    objectively the best Christmas song is don't shoot me santa by the killers

  • Max Holyoak
    Max Holyoak Year ago

    It's December 17th.. my friend just bought be a Christmas mug because I was still using my Halloween mug...

    it's still Halloween for me

    I am halloween, fite me

  • Angela Luvs
    Angela Luvs Year ago +1

    My favorite Christmas song is All I want for Christmas is you but the cover by My Chemical Romance🎄🎄🎄🖤🖤🖤

  • Hannah Halcomb
    Hannah Halcomb Year ago

    HAPPY YULE!!!!!!!

  • Alexis Nicole
    Alexis Nicole Year ago

    You should do a girlfriend tag

  • Harley Jo
    Harley Jo Year ago

    I'm recovering from a really rough surgery but ur videos are making me feel better love the positive vibes

  • Emma Wilton
    Emma Wilton Year ago

    My favourtie song is grandma got run over by a reindeer

    Fun for all the family

    • Emma Wilton
      Emma Wilton Year ago

      It is a actully chistmas song though, I'm not lying

  • Madeline Moonbeam

    LOL! I LOVE YOU! When I'm at stores I put things back where they belong TOO! (most of the time) ^-^
    Also, fun fact~ Did you know many of the Christmas traditions are rooted in Paganism? This guy explains it very well:

  • watashiwamosura
    watashiwamosura Year ago

    Please do the drawer decorating vid! :D

  • Rochelle Williams

    I love your furry babies.

  • Aki Akabane
    Aki Akabane Year ago

    can we have the drawer video? :D

  • Sarah Chatham
    Sarah Chatham Year ago

    I know you've probably got 10 billion of these (and I know you are the most super responsible cat mom) but do be carful of your cats around Christmas decorations! My doggy recently swallowed a decoration of ours and has passed away because of it. I would hate for anything to happen to your kids like it happened to mine. Rest in peace River, you will be missed dearly. (BTW, I've been watching your videos and they have helped a ton during this super hard time for me. Thank you)

  • Christina Hathaway

    wowie your white balance was not happy when you were working on the tree

  • destiny wilkes
    destiny wilkes Year ago

    Walking in a winter wonderland the beatles

    MMSGEE Year ago

    I would really appreciate thanksgiving before Halloween, would give sooo much more time for Christmas!!!

  • Sweetly.Lia
    Sweetly.Lia Year ago

    last christmas by wham is my s h i t B)

  • Karly Webb
    Karly Webb Year ago

    You should come down here to Texas. You'd never know it was December.

  • Samantha Brown
    Samantha Brown Year ago

    Frosty the snowman is my favourite song, I hate every holiday except Christmas and everyone thinks it's because I want presents (that's like only 30% why) I love the super overly joyful movies, the carols, UGHHHH THE DECORATIONS and this is gonna sound stupid but I love the idea of santa, I know he doesn't exists but seeing the kids so happy when they see him at the mall and Christmas would be a lot less joyful without santa. Ugh so mad even tho I live in Sarnia it hasn't snowed at all! (P.S I would honestly love to see the video of how you turned the dresser into a 'kawii heart rainbow explosion')

  • Mimmz1989
    Mimmz1989 Year ago

    Also my mommy really loves you, and I think I'm going to introduce my niece to your channel. She is a 12 year old magical girl pagan rainbow child who just got her first girlfriend. She has major anxiety also and I really thing she would enjoy your content. :)

  • Mimmz1989
    Mimmz1989 Year ago

    I put up a mini Yule tree on my family altar and then we are going to do a bigger Christmas tree...oh an Adeste Fideles is my favorite Christmas song

  • Addy Starr
    Addy Starr Year ago


  • SunflowerCherries

    Did you crochet that blanket under the bed?

  • SunflowerCherries

    OMG the comments are 666! XD Anyways, I like to buy those UV bulbs for turtles and just sit near them for a few minutes whenever I feel down. Or I have a pot of dirt that I like to smell, always makes me think of spring. (read somewhere that properties in the soil are good for humans when you put your hands of bare feet in dirt) It used to have flowers but my room gets too cold.
    The other think I do is listen to nature sounds when I fall asleep and pretend it's a balmy summer night.

  • Krissy Louise
    Krissy Louise Year ago

    Ahhhh my birthday is December 14th is my birthday! Hope your tattoo turns out magical😜

  • Esther Desrosiers

    I just want to say that I am glad you are doing better. I went through an insanely difficult time last year, my son was diagnosed with Mylodisplastic syndrome and had to have chemo and a bone marrow transplant, he was only three years old at the time. It was the worst experience of my life, but whenever I got a few moments to relax I would watch your vids and your positivity really helped encourage me and helped me get through that hard time, so I wanted to say thank you for that and I am glad your are still around and doing well. :)

  • Jaedia
    Jaedia Year ago

    I didn't know you were paaaagan. SAME. ^^

  • Shutup Meg
    Shutup Meg Year ago

    Christmas derived from Yule so you can still do this it just wouldn't be Christmas, it would be a yule tree to follow pagan tradition

  • Nina Amore
    Nina Amore Year ago

    Marshmallow world by bing Crosby

  • Lisa Nordmark
    Lisa Nordmark Year ago

    Pagan Pixie! 😍❤️💛💚💙💜💗

  • Witch's Brew Sims

    Your kitten comfortable enough with you to make muffins aka the kneading thing they do. It means it's their habit they did as a baby to get the milk from their mother. It's like their asmr zone. Kind of like a pacifier for cats 💗💗💗💗

  • Audrey Ray
    Audrey Ray Year ago

    I have the same happy stars!!! My tree is white though!!

  • Carleen Plate
    Carleen Plate Year ago

    My favorite Christmas song is joyful colorful Christmas or something like it from princess pretty cure
    Cure scarlet is my fav

    • Carleen Plate
      Carleen Plate Year ago

      I can relate because I'm Christian and December is the time of Jesus and October is the fun costume so what u said its true

  • sheedah
    sheedah Year ago

    okay but jillian with her bangs all quiff-y in a white tshirt with her tattoo showing? i'm Gay™

  • A
    A Year ago

    Christmas was actually originally a pagan celebration~~

  • SJ Atlanta
    SJ Atlanta Year ago +1

    What about the star on the tree??

  • Rabbit
    Rabbit Year ago

    The Christmas tree actually originates from a northern European pagan tradition, so you're good. Santa Claus is partially pagan tradition around Odin, partially Catholic tradition about St. Nicholas. So pagans can use the same decor ;-) Your ornaments are so funny. Right before you put the second strawberry on, I was like she should put that one there, and that's exactly the spot you put it and I got all excited. I think my favorite Christmas song is maybe 12 days of Christmas? I'm not sure.

    • Rabbit
      Rabbit Year ago

      Okay, I just heard Sia's Everyday is Christmas and now I'm changing my answer to Candy Cane Lane.

  • Drigbee
    Drigbee Year ago

    yeah upload the video

  • noor Haider
    noor Haider Year ago

    your hear is so cute just like you pixie and I love you so much and cats

  • Charlie Harper
    Charlie Harper Year ago +2

    "This vlog might be short" *is 20 minutes long*

  • Sophie Ricearoni
    Sophie Ricearoni Year ago

    Carol of the the bells

  • Anna Lotus
    Anna Lotus Year ago

    i love how big her smile gets when she talks about/brings up mystery girl nvfksbgjkrefsk

  • Adi Berry
    Adi Berry Year ago

    the mcr cover of "all i want for christmas"... i'm not emo

  • Lucifer Loves Her

    Your tree is so nice 😍😍😍😍

  • Isabelle McGill
    Isabelle McGill Year ago

    Technically Jesus died so we can live and enjoy life, is the way I see it, or this time of year you can either work your ass off, or you work and play. if your not celebrating life the way you want it in my opinion your not appreciating it, I understand you might be restricted in some way but just do it and as long as your not poisoning or harming any other life whilst your self indulging, why not? Your appreciating life, by doing the things you love and you could include others to that might be alone in December or are make a new friend with someone else so appreciates this time of year just as much as you do. So what if someone celebrates Christmas early, does it really bother you, or are you jealous that you can’t do it to, if that’s the case, stuff other people’s opinion and do what’s makes you happy. I’m sorry if I sound mean, I’m not trying to be. XD I just want more people to do what makes them happy.I also see Halloween as the religious time of year and a Christmas as the fun day of the year, or the preparation week to celebrate the new year. Where as Halloween is religious in a way as your celebrating the dead and your loved ones and those who have passed. Sorry this is a really long ass comment, but Pixie i love you so much, you make me happy. Sorry if I offend anyone. X

  • Reetta Barbie
    Reetta Barbie Year ago

    That iridescent bunny on your shelf is everything I want!!!

  • Mary Tomlin
    Mary Tomlin Year ago

    Room tour👏

  • ThatKristaGirl
    ThatKristaGirl Year ago

    I love the Punk Goes Christmas album. All I can give you by Jason Lancaster is my favorite on the Album.

  • Thalia Cardenas
    Thalia Cardenas Year ago

    1 YES DO VIDS WHERE U UPCYCLE SHIT 2 ilysm and i rlyy hope mystery makes u happy

  • Jess in king
    Jess in king Year ago


  • Miya Skellington
    Miya Skellington Year ago

    Christmas is THE BEST!!!!

  • Olivia Hensley
    Olivia Hensley Year ago

    You should have a meet up in Halifax!

  • esperresso
    esperresso Year ago

    im only going to refer to Christmas as "Fun Jesus Time" from now on lol

  • GreenMeggsAndHan
    GreenMeggsAndHan Year ago

    “Because I’m not a sinner” hahahahha I’m dead

  • yeeyee
    yeeyee Year ago +1

    Can you do an updated room tour?? Pls??

  • Júlia
    Júlia Year ago

    My favorite Christmas song are Lonesome Christimas - The Barbarettes, The Carol - Loona and Dear Santa - TTS ... I think you'll love these songs

  • Lou Valcourt
    Lou Valcourt Year ago

    I’m pagan too and I love Christmas/Yule. It’s my favourite. I get going on the Xmas stuff early as well. As soon as Remembrance Day is over, it’s on.

  • Tofu Ghostt
    Tofu Ghostt Year ago +1

    Hey pixie! I know you probably won't see this but I just recently downloaded the new animal crossing pocket camp game and I would love if you made a video on your camp! 🍰✨💗💗

  • Kai Sandey-Tessier

    wasn't "Christmas" originally Pagan lol the Christians stole it

  • LunaPie Cosplay
    LunaPie Cosplay Year ago

    im not very excited for christmas. but this is adorable

  • Mery G
    Mery G Year ago

    lol funny we got the same mug, got it kinda in the same day

  • Glore
    Glore Year ago

    My favorite Christmas songs is Baby it's cold outside, I'll be home for Christmas, all i want is you, and we wish you a Christmas tree. Through i love all songs about Christmas.

  • Peachy Supreme
    Peachy Supreme Year ago

    Hey Jill Or anyone here c: , Do you happen to know a great website that I can buy a good quality pastel-ish pink hooded sweatshirt for cheap? I've been wanting one a lot recently. Thank you whoever can answer! ♡

  • Lake Cake
    Lake Cake Year ago

    please show up how you did the cute lil dresser!!

  • I'm Sillybillybee

    You are happiness personified. If rainbows could talk, they'd sound just like you.

  • Gina Donaldson
    Gina Donaldson Year ago

    "Have you ever seen such beautiful knobs" -you know that means something entirely different in England 😂

  • Keegan M
    Keegan M Year ago

    fight thru that seasonal depression gurl u got this. i feel like a forty year old man but i love Same Auld Lang Syne it makes me cry lmao

  • katie O'connor
    katie O'connor Year ago

    Rocking around the Christmas tree 🎄👌🏻

  • PiX13 JustAnErD
    PiX13 JustAnErD Year ago

    I would love to see you recycling your dresser. I have been redoing some of my furniture.

  • ZoLexa
    ZoLexa Year ago

    My favorite Christmas song is Wonderful Christmas time by Paul McCartney

  • Inez Magnusson
    Inez Magnusson Year ago


  • Inkeria Albert
    Inkeria Albert Year ago

    The lil gremlin face Pixie makes when she’s trying to decided something cracks me up every time 😭

  • LilSproutSam
    LilSproutSam Year ago

    Please do that video ❤

  • YokoFujioka
    YokoFujioka Year ago

    upcycling video hells yes!

  • Yolanda Robson
    Yolanda Robson Year ago

    cn; anxiousness
    hello i watch u whenever im feeling anxious or blue and ur life and voice and friendship puts me at ease thank u alot

  • As Told By Joanna

    "I'm not Christian but I love Christmas"
    SAME! 😂❤

  • Kitty
    Kitty Year ago

    the neo yokio reference made my day

  • hazel brooke
    hazel brooke Year ago

    gonna send you a letter

  • Marissa DeMore
    Marissa DeMore Year ago

    How did you get such a cool family?!

  • Haley Scalf
    Haley Scalf Year ago

    Lovely tree. 🎄

  • Beauuhhh
    Beauuhhh Year ago

    When touch up your hair, can you make a video on it? I'm very interested to know what you use to make that beautiful lavender color. 💜

  • AirPodsUser
    AirPodsUser Year ago

    I normally hate channels like this but this channel is special!!! Your videos are so good it’s impossible to click away to another channel
    Sub +1