Russia Knows Why There Was A Hole In A Spacecraft But They Won't Tell NASA Why

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • Russian astronauts aboard the Soyuz were almost killed in a space mystery that Russia refuses to admit the truth to NASA. Was there foul play aboard the space craft? In today's video we are looking at a near space catastrophe that is still surrounded by mystery.
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Comments • 681

    CRIMSON HAWK 27 days ago +232

    Anyone know where Elon musk was on Tuesday afternoon?

    • Manj Sher
      Manj Sher 21 day ago

      On his way to Mars.

    • Qinby 1
      Qinby 1 23 days ago

      This is the reason SpaceX now build rockets with stainless steel… harder to drill...

    • Chris Contact
      Chris Contact 23 days ago +2

      Yeah, bet Elon loves those lithium ion rechargeable drills. Unfortunately he seems to be over compensating with drilling equipment for Hyperloop.

    • Qinby 1
      Qinby 1 26 days ago +3

      Well since SpaceX is much cheaper than Russia would not make sense 55 mill vs 81 mill
      Boeing on the other hand.... 90 million... so they will probably drill through the dragon capsule as well...

    • Tyler McDaniel
      Tyler McDaniel 26 days ago +2

      the joke is that after the incident elon musk's space agency was looked at as a replacement. what if elon caused it?

  • Mayank Rana
    Mayank Rana Day ago +1

    Takashi 69 : I know the guy who drilled the hole in the module !!

  • Amrit Pal Singh
    Amrit Pal Singh 3 days ago

    I also know who and what caused it, ain't going to tell.

  • nuke world
    nuke world 4 days ago

    its flex tape

  • nuke world
    nuke world 4 days ago

    the 2 fails in america were not a accadent somebody did something to the space ship hoping that rusia will do instead so they could make rusia look bad im 11 and think i just cracked the code

  • Okay
    Okay 5 days ago

    It was a gloryhole for aliens.

  • Kyle Wooldridge
    Kyle Wooldridge 6 days ago

    Prbs cause the Russian executed the guy and are covering it up

  • dakrontu
    dakrontu 9 days ago

    Perhaps the hole contained a microphone and/or camera.

  • Damiano Smith
    Damiano Smith 10 days ago

    *James Bond 007: The Hole Drilled in Space*

  • grent trel
    grent trel 14 days ago

    The title was cut off a little unfortunate: Russia knows why there was a hole in a s

  • Reverse Gamer
    Reverse Gamer 17 days ago

    I think it was there to cause panic about space debris and to make NASA take action

  • ernest roybal
    ernest roybal 18 days ago

    Payback for election interference.

  • ernest roybal
    ernest roybal 18 days ago

    No observation cameras?

  • Olivier Planchon
    Olivier Planchon 18 days ago

    The answer starts a 8:15

  • sniperdoug1969
    sniperdoug1969 18 days ago

    I remember when this happened. I always wondered if it was deliberately done to test their leak detection system.

  • jdc cc
    jdc cc 19 days ago

    Extraterrestrial glory holes

  • MainHiddenObject HiddenObject

    Я знаю но не скажу.

  • Dushyant Joshi
    Dushyant Joshi 19 days ago +2

    NASA: Why is there a hole in the Soyuz?
    Russia: You wouldn't get it

  • Eric McKeeth
    Eric McKeeth 20 days ago

    You mention several times that since the end of the US space shuttle program, Russia is the only country capable of putting humans into orbit. This is not true. China also has a manned space program. Although much less active than the Russian program, they have flown crewed missions since the end of the shuttle program and have additional crewed missions planned for the future. However, it is true that China is not one of the nations participating in the ISS, and their craft have never docked with that station, so they aren't really an alternative for getting astronauts to/from the station except in the most extraordinary of circumstances.

  • Dirk Scholten
    Dirk Scholten 20 days ago


  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts 20 days ago

    "Russia says they know who and why but won't tell"...or they're just totally lying like they always do. Better than saying "we have no idea". Everybody knows you can't trust a Russian!

  • FaZe Rainn
    FaZe Rainn 20 days ago

    Everyone saying Russia did it, why? A deliberate sabotage, naa... let's think... who would benefit the most from the the failure?
    Also, with them saying they know who did it but wont tell is probably just a scare tactic to flush the US or certain corporate saboteur out... (cough, cough, SpaceX)

  • MVP
    MVP 20 days ago

    It was just an experiment they wanna keep secret..

  • CDeliu
    CDeliu 20 days ago +4

    Nothing to see here, just friendly jousting between security agencies.

  • gabrel gomez
    gabrel gomez 20 days ago

    Thought my friend said it was from a peice of metal that went threw the side of the ship from detachment of the boosters that fell to earth and when it happend u cant really just turn around be like" o!! found a hole got to torn around and head back to the garage and fix it. Will try a again next week kids" and I belivie it so

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 21 day ago

    Holemodor caused it.

  • Дмитрий Аверьянов

    What do you expect from assembly workers getting only 300 USD per month And the head of ROSCOSMOS getting 1,5 times more than the head of NASA

  • Rustic Box
    Rustic Box 21 day ago

    Yea, I trust flying in the Soyuz more than a 737 MAX.

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 21 day ago

    Imagine watching full scale nuclear war from the International Space Station. Would the astronauts aboard the station die of starvation in space or would they use the emergency capsules to return to Earth and take their chances of surviving in a nuclear wasteland? There'd be very few survivors, most of those that had a fallout shelter wouldn't even have time to reach it before the all consuming fireball incinerated them.


    mr swift didnt say blex tape can protect in space


    the more the simple more the tough

  • russell379x
    russell379x 21 day ago

    someone have a gun up there?

  • The Bendu Order
    The Bendu Order 21 day ago +7

    Isn't that obvious? CORRUPTION. Since workers in the rocket assembly line in Russia are paid less than $800 per month and a simple secretary in the Roskosmos office - $6,000

    This incident is just the beginning!

  • Manj Sher
    Manj Sher 21 day ago

    In Russia it's the accidents you don't hear about that worry me.

  • Bada
    Bada 22 days ago

    If it was an American or someone working on their behalf then Russia might keep it quiet so as to not start a war

  • damian reintsma
    damian reintsma 22 days ago

    The first part where it says only the Russians could bring a astronaut to space and back. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fake

  • Danielle summer Pitmon’s Life

    I was not happy with the fact that they canceled the shuttle program all because of Congress wouldn’t find it anymore and I never liked the fact that our astronaut were going up on such a old designed spacecraft and not one that I could even trust as an American to have any astronauts go up the space station in now we have to quickly move and getting our own craft in the space to not have to rely on the Russians for getting us into the international space station considering how they helped the former or soon to be Donald Trump as president getting him in the office and now our country is paying for it all thanks to him and the Russians in the meantime we do not have a space program that is truly a space program all we have is an administrative body dad is watching over how things are being done but not being able to do anything to put a craft in the space I am very disappointed with our space program or actually so-called space program NASA has let me down too much

  • Jeremie Fisher
    Jeremie Fisher 22 days ago

    wait spaceX dragon unable to get astronaughts to orbit?

  • Dark Guardian
    Dark Guardian 22 days ago

    Former President Bush should have keep one or two shuttles on service until the next class spacecraft were ready instead of taking rash action and shutting it all down. A shuttle is still needed to fair large heavy gear to orbit.

  • Prince Whitely
    Prince Whitely 22 days ago

    The next video should be what happen to your body if you die in space

  • Vasilios Mouzas
    Vasilios Mouzas 22 days ago

    Your level is too low. I wish you plenty of money and nothing more.

  • Ricardo Perales
    Ricardo Perales 22 days ago

    Ohhhhh I know it's possible that they can't tell NASA why they almost died of the hole thing it's,because RUSSIA IS PART Of the Soviet Union,and NASA which is Located in the USA,and the US is part of the Allied Powers which I'm pretty sure includes England,France,Canada,and etc who else is ever part of the Allied Powers and Russia is part of the Soviet Union,or the Axis Powers which I'm pretty sure includes China,Japan,South Korea,if I remember correctly in my US History Classroom at School Mr.Cantu at Jimmy Carter Early College High School I think that's what he taught me I can't remember a lot when I was in 9th Grade lol.

  • LordGryllwotth
    LordGryllwotth 22 days ago

    Making graphics take a long time. And I would more like it that it was a podcast instead.

  • Don Hensley
    Don Hensley 22 days ago

    "Special Tape" = duct tape...

  • Rob Shapiro
    Rob Shapiro 22 days ago

    the russian space shuttle was their own. the russians did not use nasa tech at all

  • Gregory Hughes
    Gregory Hughes 22 days ago +3

    Soyuz has two fatal incidents, shuttle has two fatal incidents.... video: “soyuz has had fewer accidents than shuttle.” Makes sense

  • John K
    John K 22 days ago

    Lies all lies that hole was created by a shot gun round... it's well known that the Russians carry guns with them when they travel into space.

  • Leonard Stubbs
    Leonard Stubbs 22 days ago

    It's called the firmiment
    All space talk is hog wash and very expensive talk

  • Anthony Corey
    Anthony Corey 22 days ago

    Who benefited from the hole?

  • сергей макаров

    Next year, American astronauts will remain on the ground due to the untimely reservation of seats on Russian ships.

  • PhoenixFPV
    PhoenixFPV 22 days ago

    Russian incompetency by the same company that builds the worlds most reliable maned space system?

  • ray the person
    ray the person 22 days ago

    Hole in your spaceship?
    Try flex tape!

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson 22 days ago

    Why isn't the us flying to the space station?

  • King Reo
    King Reo 22 days ago

    Yup, America did it..

  • Fantastic Felix
    Fantastic Felix 22 days ago +1

    favourite channel。

  • Ryan Coleman
    Ryan Coleman 23 days ago +1

    Let’s keep paying space X

  • Xiellion
    Xiellion 23 days ago

    They didn't find the person or the reason, they just wanted the issue to disappear

  • didiandiano
    didiandiano 23 days ago

    Maybe they’re sick of giving Americans rides and want them to get their own :P

  • Sam Davis
    Sam Davis 23 days ago +2

    One time me and my friend and his dad went in one of these capsules and he touched the lever barely and the top hatch came down right on his head and he almost had to get stitches and there was a lot of blood so no I don’t trust them ( I guess it was decommissioned though)

  • Albert Moore
    Albert Moore 23 days ago

    Anunnaki sabotage?