Trapping The DollMaker Dolls - Taking Back The House!

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    The DollMaker is super sneaky and has taken over our house so we have to go undercover to take back the house! The Doll Maker dolls seem to be hiding all over the house so taking back the house will be difficult so we decide to get dressed in our Halloween costumes not to go trick-or-treat door to door but to sneak around the house in order to trick The DollMaker dolls. Jordan dresses up as a Ninja, undercover as a Ninja requires stealth and sneaky skills. Jake and Ty dress up as Grimm Reapers which hides their identity. Mom dresses up in her Halloween 2019 costume as the Queen of Hearts. These Halloween costumes will allow us to go undercover and finally take back the house. As we sneak around the house its dark and mysterious, clues are hard to see and The DollMaker has eyes around every corner. Logan the adventure dog helps us as we go room to room searching for the best clue or clues. Join us in this super fun skit where we have fun in our mysterious and spooky house. Watch for the clues because as we get closer to The Doll Maker dolls it becomes suspenseful and mysterious. How do The DollMaker dolls move, do they use magic? Is Halloween 2019 the year when The DollMaker will finally win and turn all the kids into The Doll Makers new dolls? Thank you all for watching and remember to Make Today An Adventure! #ty3fdollmaker
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