Apple September 2019 Event Preview - iPhone 11, Watch 5, More

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    The music plays. The Apple logo dances something clever across the big screen. Then, the lights go down. Tim Cook takes the stage. Good morning. Good morning. And the September 2019 event is on.
    But… what’s on, exactly?
    Apple Watch 5:
    Apple TV Stick:
    HomePod 2019:
    AirPods 3:
    16-inch MacBook Pro:
    iPhone 11:
    iPhone 11 Cameras:
    iPhone 11 Pro:
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  • Marc Guima
    Marc Guima 3 months ago

    OMG 😳 It is going to be so good, the best ever. And it is going to blow your mind. Blah blah blah. 😝 (and you haven’t learned how to say Hermés yet) 😂....

  • António Júlio Sousa
    António Júlio Sousa 6 months ago

    No iPad Pros, no MacBook Pros,...

  • Damien CALLAGHAN
    Damien CALLAGHAN 6 months ago

    Steve Jobs and Jony Ive has the same VISION
    That is why they were so successful together. Then Tim Cook came along
    Jony is a PROPHET Now Apple is all about PROFIT
    And that is why Jony left

  • Josh Alherco
    Josh Alherco 6 months ago

    Yes yes yes but apple 🍎 hasn’t don’t anything new, always the same!!! The only new thing ya the so expensive price!
    Others like Samsung and huawei have done better! Min starting disliking apple 🍏

  • Be Original
    Be Original 6 months ago

    can anyone tell me the date???thats what i wanna know...

  • meowmeow
    meowmeow 6 months ago +4

    “Good Morning”
    Well,...since all the shit I was going to talk about has leaked or been seen,...I would like to use this time to apologize for “what’s a computer”

  • Mathew Bishop
    Mathew Bishop 6 months ago +1

    I just want a usb port

  • Mihnea Lazăr
    Mihnea Lazăr 6 months ago

    Let’s not forget the awesome Mission Impossible intro of last year’s event. Best intro in the world.

  • jeet-usa(ਪੰਜਾਬੀ)

    After Steve jobs APPLE has done nothing. They are reaping whatever Jobs sowed. Jobs was the only one who would say ONE MORE THING.. these lunatics haven't invented anything after him. Most iPhone users moved toward Samsung..

  • skyllerkyller
    skyllerkyller 7 months ago

    You think AirPods w will make it to this September event? I have been holding out to buy them because of these new ones. That’s what I mostly care about and if the new watch has some good health upgrades I’ll upgrade my series 3

  • Miso Mama
    Miso Mama 7 months ago

    lame speculative discussion is click bait..morons

  • George Rady
    George Rady 7 months ago +1

    How can the iPad be billed as a Video Editing alternative to doing this a Mac? Without a Thunderbolt 3 connector, you can’t edit 4K?

  • Eno Beano
    Eno Beano 7 months ago

    You want Apple to make sense? You are dreaming. You will be getting the same junk they been selling you year after year for a premium price. Oh if the battery goes bad good luck. Still can’t stand that unibrow.

  • kancocorp
    kancocorp 7 months ago +1

    you should make it more clear when your promo is about to begin

  • HugFest
    HugFest 7 months ago

    Bro exactly 100k views. How cool

  • Al Mol
    Al Mol 7 months ago +1

    Do u dont need any of that Icrap.

  • Walf
    Walf 7 months ago

    Is everything except the imac getting updated xd the one thing i want.

  • Lance Gallup
    Lance Gallup 7 months ago

    Slick segue into the Eero pitch...


    HUAWEI IS AROUND THE CORNER (then you wanna sunction it hahhahhaa)

  • Shibabrata Chakraborty
    Shibabrata Chakraborty 7 months ago

    This is the best tech channel, hands down.

  • Isaac Howard
    Isaac Howard 7 months ago +1

    I would love a Apple debit card not credit even a prepaid card would be good. For Apple Pay etc.

  • gtb2009b
    gtb2009b 7 months ago

    Just allow more switches and outlets to work with Siri

  • magrudergrinder23
    magrudergrinder23 7 months ago

    I'm still dreaming about a battery-operated HomePod mini. I'll also take an Apple TV stick. Even if it's just an AirPlay equivalent of Chromecast.
    Oh yeah, and USB-C on iPhone. Whether its this year or next.

  • James Wilkinson
    James Wilkinson 7 months ago

    In the early 90’s Steve Jobs said "Apple is all about innovation, it’s what makes us stand out". What happened to Apple? They used to innovate, they used to excite but with endless regurgitations of the same products again and again coupled with the fact that, these days, Apple FOLLOWS the likes of Samsung! And as such, these days, Apple is just one BIG yawn fest and this comes from someone who has used Apple products for nearly 30 years now. Apple has lost its way AND lost the plot! Zzzzzzzzzzzz NEXT!

  • Fango
    Fango 7 months ago +1

    Should I buy an iPhone X now or wait for the iPhone 11 to get announced and then buy it?
    (I really want to buy the X)

  • kevin smith
    kevin smith 7 months ago

    and Mr Rob Bot sAid dont buy the next iphone LMAO

  • J.C.
    J.C. 7 months ago +1

    I just moved from X's Max to Note 10. I'm in love !

  • Kevin Dagostino
    Kevin Dagostino 7 months ago +4

    That’s not a bad idea. Apple stick without the box. I like that idea!

  • KMS5280
    KMS5280 7 months ago

    Not one of your best vids

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White 7 months ago

    HomePod theater 🤤

  • Cameron Tait
    Cameron Tait 7 months ago

    We know what OP means Rene.

  • Fabian flores
    Fabian flores 7 months ago

    Pro pods sound dirty* no thank you

  • megan :
    megan : 7 months ago +2

    I lowkey want to get the Apple Watch but the newer updated one is coming out soon...
    I’ll make my decision when I see a video of your opinion on the newer updated Apple Watch

  • Mike R
    Mike R 7 months ago

    Omfg....., just get to the fucking phone already....

  • Lama Steve
    Lama Steve 7 months ago

    More sizzle, no 5g.

  • Marsorry Ickua
    Marsorry Ickua 7 months ago

    Cool Intro 👏. Looking forward to that “Good Morning” in September.

    • Marsorry Ickua
      Marsorry Ickua 7 months ago

      @Juicccyyツ YT 😅 - Yup, Sounds about right!

    • Juicccyyツ YT
      Juicccyyツ YT 7 months ago +1

      Marsorry Ickua goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning

  • Ruben Flores
    Ruben Flores 7 months ago

    appreciate the great content keep up the good work, I quickly went through your videos and didnt find one for replaykit 2, any chance you could put one out with apps that supported? if not, links to something that covers it would be much appreciated.

  • Patrick Manning
    Patrick Manning 7 months ago

    Good to see a fellow coffee addict in the apple universe.

  • Victor Ryan
    Victor Ryan 7 months ago

    I’m literally holding off on buying AirPods because I’m hoping airpods 3 does come out

  • PurushaDesa
    PurushaDesa 7 months ago

    Rene, a while back I remarked that your speaking style was a little oddly paced like a continuous unpunctuated sentence.
    FWIW, I think you've gotten even better, delivering your script more naturally and enthusiastically than ever before and are really very enjoyable to listen to - like very colourful, inventive paragraphs now.
    Execellent stuff, man! 👍

  • oliver
    oliver 7 months ago

    I’m kinda excited to upgrade from an iPhone 8 Plus

  • Saravanan K
    Saravanan K 7 months ago +1


  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh 7 months ago

    Boring but apple employe wooo wooo woo in my mind shut the fuck up

  • Lachezar Dimitrov
    Lachezar Dimitrov 7 months ago +3

    New smart keyboard cover with touchpad for IPad pros would be nice

    • Kobe Bryant
      Kobe Bryant 7 months ago +1

      Lachezar Dimitrov it’s a possibility. iPad Pro know supports mouse support.

  • Lachezar Dimitrov
    Lachezar Dimitrov 7 months ago

    Nice work, René. Why so serious, though?

  • Ruperto Angeles
    Ruperto Angeles 7 months ago +1

    Apple is only top 4 (Samsung top 1, Huawei top 2, Xiaomi top 3 and Apple top 4)

    • Rene Ritchie
      Rene Ritchie  7 months ago +2

      In terms of marketshare. In terms of profit share I think they’re still number one and most other vendors aside from Samsung make almost no money. But none of those things really mean anything to customers. If you enjoy a certain phone, and you get a better version of that phone, you’re happy. If you spend your time upset that other people on the Internet enjoy different things, then that’s less happy.

  • Dennis Berceles
    Dennis Berceles 7 months ago

    Move over man, let Apple spoke person do the talking..

  • carlos53
    carlos53 7 months ago

    How about a Round Apple Watch!!!

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan 7 months ago

    Her Mez?

  • jacob stienecker
    jacob stienecker 7 months ago

    I want a new airport

  • Danny Askins
    Danny Askins 7 months ago +2

    "Her-mes"... no

  • David Blanchard
    David Blanchard 7 months ago +15

    Tim Cook : “One more thing ... the prices”
    Public : LOL

  • Five Vicora
    Five Vicora 7 months ago

    Over the ear? Pro Pods? You do know Apple owns Beats?

    • TSWD
      TSWD 7 months ago

      Five Vicora Thats exactly what Apple wants no matter if the consumer buys from Apple or Beats it will get $

  • MAVIC 514
    MAVIC 514 7 months ago

    No Airpods will come this event at September.
    Its confirmed

  • lookerla69
    lookerla69 7 months ago +1

    Nobody cares about the HomePod

  • Mel Gross
    Mel Gross 7 months ago

    Stop with the always on display already. Really, until we get a LOT better battery life, an always on display is just a battery drain, and a big one, no matter how it’s done.
    And I have to sigh at this, but the EERO isn’t as good as the now discontinued Apple routers. Performance doesn’t even come close. It’s sad, but Apple left the market at just the wrong time.

    • liteoner
      liteoner 7 months ago

      If it's coming it will be an optional thing anyway

  • Richard Goetz
    Richard Goetz 7 months ago

    For Apple Arcade I would love to see a full power Apple TV with the newest A*X (A13X maybe) chip and the entire game library guaranteed to work on the TV. A sweet “one more thing” would be to add a compatibility mode that allows all ios games to work on tvOS without dev work.

  • Austin S.
    Austin S. 7 months ago +3

    Sold my iPhone Max for a Note 10 Plus. Apple died in 2017 selling budget phones at flagship prices. Compared to android phones, apple hardware has been a joke since iPhone 7. I’m tired of being ripped off by Tim Crook at crApple.

  • Alps64
    Alps64 7 months ago

    My issue with the Watch is... the screen is so small, so I don't care for anything else than a watch/timer/stopwatch.. secondly, battery is crap and the point of a watch IMO is that it's still alive when my phone has died..

    • Alps64
      Alps64 7 months ago

      @liteoner I'll wait for the next gen watches with microLED etc. then we hopefully can get some. As well it's a display that can use a low-power mode.

    • liteoner
      liteoner 7 months ago

      @Alps64 one week battery life, anything with a backlit screen - choose one

    • Alps64
      Alps64 7 months ago

      @liteoner yep, pretty crap, not even a week.

    • liteoner
      liteoner 7 months ago

      I easily get 2 days out of my Series 4 if not 3...

    • Alps64
      Alps64 7 months ago

      @Adel Alotaibi at least not in it's current state... maybe in the future.

  • Rknee Gordon
    Rknee Gordon 7 months ago +2

    A return to their router? Airport Home? 16” MacBook Pro?

  • MSS47Ag
    MSS47Ag 7 months ago

    Apple over ear cans, maybe even with noise cancellation, would be awesome AF

  • Music Art
    Music Art 7 months ago

    I am using iphone now and curious why it is so expensive than android like

    • wayne 1991
      wayne 1991 7 months ago

      Goodwill, you pay for quality that last for years to come, for example my SE launched at 2016, and here we are on second half of 2019, it still better than most midrange android, great user experience, and software support for at least until September 2020.

  • Racksity Entertainment
    Racksity Entertainment 7 months ago

    Have you ever seen an iPhone 9 ? Could apple release an iPhone 9?

  • Carsten Schmidt
    Carsten Schmidt 7 months ago

    I can confirm for a fact that production for the over-ear headphones started in February already. They will be shown during the event and are produced in the same facility along the Beats line up at a contract manufacturer.

  • Shane Whatley
    Shane Whatley 7 months ago

    I’d love to see a HomePod mini. I think it would be a great move as they are introducing more capabilities for HomeKit and shortcuts in iOS13. This would give the smart home fans even more and allow anyone to (affordably) put Siri voice assistants in every room.

  • Daniel Noel
    Daniel Noel 7 months ago

    did they announce the date for this years event?

  • Agustin Gamez
    Agustin Gamez 7 months ago

    I'm not sure about the "pro", but they did add the "max." Perhaps it might stay consistent with the R, regular 11 and max. Unless they bring back the "plus," I don't think that they will change the naming scheme from one year to the next after they just made a name distinction between the phones. Who knows? Maybe they really want to bring the pro to the phone, but it seems a bit of an unnecessary name when they made the distinctions of the phone class in their lineup last year: R has a lower res LED panel, the flagship, being an S year, normal naming with OLED panel, and the max having a much bigger OLED panel.

  • Kwaku Emma
    Kwaku Emma 7 months ago

    iPhone 18 introducing: indisdplay fingerprint
    I just hope Apple doesnt they invented.
    Like they did with Face ID and the regular fingerprint

  • Ed Hudley
    Ed Hudley 7 months ago

    I’m taking advantage of the under used processor in the XS Max to wait until 2020 or maybe even 21 to get an iPhone that I hope will include WiFi 6, USB-C and 5G. But I’m the meantime, I’m still baffled by the omission of a blinking message indicator on OLED display iPhones. I would think that would be and OS addition, but I could be wrong.

  • Glen Gray
    Glen Gray 7 months ago

    I’m hoping for an updated AppleTV this year to go along with AppleTV+ and Apple Arcade.

  • Gofor It
    Gofor It 7 months ago

    As always, great stuff

  • NiVi OoF :D
    NiVi OoF :D 7 months ago +1

    Apple galaxy S5 is coming right?

  • Dennis Wagner
    Dennis Wagner 7 months ago +2

    An Apple services bundle with 2TB of cloud storage would be dope.

  • Imam Bux
    Imam Bux 7 months ago

    I am interested on a price drop of watch series 4, 16" macbooks and next year iPhone with small size factor. the rest is just junk for me. :D

  • Ali Ganum
    Ali Ganum 7 months ago

    watchOS 16?

  • Ayomide Adebayo
    Ayomide Adebayo 7 months ago

    I’m SO with you on that Apple Prime option for One More Thing! Do it, Apple!

  • Graham Palmer
    Graham Palmer 7 months ago

    Why do you want Apple to dumb down the HomePod into an inferior tinny sounding miniaturized smart speaker ? The Culture of low expectation. A tiny speaker that bares an Apple logo with an inferior sound. I don’t want Apple to cave in to pressure to lower it’s high standards and make a crappy product.

  • Graham Palmer
    Graham Palmer 7 months ago +1

    Same old same old. They’ve allowed android to bypass them with eyes wide open. Apple should own the smartphone space but instead have slipped into 4th position behind Samsung ,google, huawei LG. Siri remains dumb.

  • michael florendo
    michael florendo 7 months ago +1

    no innovation. only iflated prices

  • Gambit 13
    Gambit 13 7 months ago +3

    I’ll go one further, an Apple Prime bundle only available with the Apple Card.

    • Bogdan Duzel
      Bogdan Duzel 7 months ago

      Mario Alfaro this one makes sense. They will probably offer a higher cash back on the bundle when purchased with an Apple Card.