Doctors, What Were You Not Prepared For? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • ► Doctors, What Were You Not Prepared For? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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Comments • 62

  • Storytime With Reddit
    Storytime With Reddit  Month ago +14

    Thanks for watching everyone - appreciated a lot ❤️❤️

  • ok
    ok 29 days ago

    What does it mean by exposing staff to fluids. 1. What are the fluids
    2. How can u expose it

  • Darth Obscurity
    Darth Obscurity Month ago

    6:01 Ummm....... Fucking what? I hope you got your fucking shoes sued off of you, you fucking piece of shit! This sounds like man slaughter at the very least WTF?!?!?!

    • Darth Obscurity
      Darth Obscurity Month ago

      "WIFE" There is no doctor-patient confidentiality when it's spouses. I think this story is utter BS.

  • AkaiAzul
    AkaiAzul Month ago

    Home health nurse here: they don’t teach you about walking into a patient’s home and finding bed bugs everywhere, including actively crawling over the patient.

  • lisa
    lisa Month ago

    a great upload for those experienced in the field of healthcare, imo.

  • VZ_ 342
    VZ_ 342 Month ago +1

    17:07 You mean a gang member actually VIOLATED hospital policy and brought a gun in?! I thought everyone (even criminals) obeyed all policies and laws!

  • Sean Wilkinson
    Sean Wilkinson Month ago

    The guy whose lab tests contradicted each other is like the most bizarre of Chubbyemu's "tales from the emergency room" ever. I'd love to see him actually feature it. "A man's bladder infection turned his urine into alcohol. This is how Budweiser went out of business."

  • Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse Month ago +6

    You can buy a pregnancy test from the 99 cent store

  • Megaredronin
    Megaredronin Month ago +5

    from this day forward i will pronounce it as AL - KOOO - HALL!! LMFAO!! :)

  • Gianni Van den Bosch
    Gianni Van den Bosch Month ago +7

    When i was bed-bound at 19 and the nurses had to brush my teeth, i had to spit the toothpaste in a bowl with an awkward angle. Needless to say, i spat it all on the nurses clothes and face. I and the nurses literally laugh-cried for 10 minutes.

  • La Doña Mariposa Vigilis

    I went to a TERRIBLE rehab center after having a hip surgery. I was depressed, dyhydrated, wouldn't eat and being sexually harassed by a couple elderly men. At one point I passed out, only to wake to the elderly dudes gently feeding me crushed up mandarin oranges.
    I wanted to cry in gratitude...... until I was strong enough to sit up, only to find my "boulders" were out of their boulder holder. They said when I passed out they decided it would be wise to remove any "constricting clothing".😒

    • La Doña Mariposa Vigilis
      La Doña Mariposa Vigilis Month ago

      @K1naku5ana3R1ka No worries, I should've been more clear. Peace. ✌️

    • K1naku5ana3R1ka
      K1naku5ana3R1ka Month ago +2

      La Doña Mariposa Vigilis Oh. I didn’t realize you were female on first read, and was thinking of testicles (since I’ve heard them called boulders before), then I saw your name and the references to creepy guys and got confused.

    • La Doña Mariposa Vigilis
      La Doña Mariposa Vigilis Month ago +1

      @lisa thank you, it's been awhile, and I've been following her on the internet. She's been shut down 3 times since I was there. But she's set up businesses in other adjoining counties, and in her father and husband's named. Yelp reviews and care center pages have warnings all over the place to avoid her, and my insurance company found her so lacking in care they pulled all their clients out and wouldn't give her a dime, so I felt a little bit vindicated, but it's not anyone, especially the feeble and the vulnerable should have to put up with.

    • lisa
      lisa Month ago +1

      oh god La Donya, i'm sorry to hear that. wow. i know this is real everywhere. many like those places go out-of-business, like bad childcare places do. i hope you're ok ✌💗

    • La Doña Mariposa Vigilis
      La Doña Mariposa Vigilis Month ago +1

      @K1naku5ana3R1ka sorry, it's a regional joke. Boulder is slang slang for breasts and a thus a bra is an over the shoulder boulder holder.
      Basically the creepy old dudes unhooked my bra.

  • FBI Man
    FBI Man Month ago


  • Whack you with this notebook

    Don't you just love it when you drink aalcoohole?

    • Megaredronin
      Megaredronin Month ago

      that is the correct more fun way to pronounce it!! :)

  • Kalamarkio
    Kalamarkio Month ago +2

    Aye wassup

  • Phenomenal 2112
    Phenomenal 2112 Month ago +2

    Worked rotations in the ICU back in 2008 while a senior in high school. Had an elderly lady have a massive stroke & die while walking around the ICU, chatting w/ the nurses. We performed CPR before ruling her death, & wasn't taught that when you perform CPR on a dead body, the air has nowhere to go, so the body literally starts inflating like a balloon. You have to then let the body sit for a bit while it decompresses before family can see her.

  • Adni Amara
    Adni Amara Month ago

    That HIV story is so messed up. Like how fucked up you have to be to purposely want to infect someone with something like that

  • lebell79
    lebell79 Month ago

    im calling complete bullshit on the doctor who had a woman who had died from aids as a patient and her husband was also her patient and she couldnt/didnt tell him.
    no doctor would remain silent and under law they are relieved of their oath to silence doctor/patient confidentiality whenever someone's life is at risk.
    same goes for lawyers etc.

  • FailerShino
    FailerShino Month ago +1

    I think doctors can't treat mah idiotorm disease

  • Elena R
    Elena R Month ago +50

    The man who peed beer story kinda sounds like a plot from an episode of House md.

    • ThePlatGamer
      ThePlatGamer Month ago

      I was thinking that! Only it isn’t really as dangerous as the plots of the episodes are

    • Paul Sernine
      Paul Sernine Month ago +1

      saw history similar to this in the news paper, the guy was drunk driving, gets arrested by police but he didn't drink, it was his cornflakes from breakfast fermenting in his stomac

  • Maria Avila
    Maria Avila Month ago +6

    Wow, that’s so gross. Having poop thrown on your face 🤢 Guess the medical field isn’t cut out for me.

  • Jane Doe X
    Jane Doe X Month ago +1

    I hope to be 84 lbs soon ! Came down from 107 !
    92.5 - 91.5 ATM.
    90.3 goal weight on Friday.
    And hope to be 78 on my birthday!
    Yay! Wish me luck !

    • Kenneth Hausmann
      Kenneth Hausmann Month ago +1

      WOAH. Look, unless you're super young, you're putting yourself in SERIOUS danger! Be good to yourself!

    • debjoy12
      debjoy12 Month ago

      are you SURE you don't mean kg??? because a healthy person at 78 lbs is a 4'8" 10 year old child.

    • La Doña Mariposa Vigilis
      La Doña Mariposa Vigilis Month ago

      @Jane Doe X Please, please, please reconsider.

    • Jane Doe X
      Jane Doe X Month ago

      91.5 with clothes.

    • La Doña Mariposa Vigilis
      La Doña Mariposa Vigilis Month ago +2

      Sister, PLEASE reconsider. An older college professor I had, an absolutely brilliant and kind woman who was fluent in 7 languages and a great person, literally died in her kitchen, in front of a refrigerator FULL of food while I was a sophomore.
      She, my mother and another older judge who was another of my professors went way back were super close. She was a translator in the Nuremberg war crimes trails.When my mom's friend couldn't get her to answer their phone calls or come to the door she called me to help pick the lock.
      I'm not a particularly great lock picker, unless it's handcuffs or a padlock and couldn't get the deadbolt open, so we ended up deciding to act on our own authority by breaking a window to get in.
      I have thick skin, and later got into crime scene photography so death isn't particularly bothersome to me, but sweet Jesus her corpse was so frail, and small and sad looking. I forget exactly how old she was, but nobody should die like that.
      It was like all those concentration camp pictures she likely saw at the war crimes tribunal. Cold, milk pale skin stretched taut over her bones, wearing only an open bathrobe.
      I still see her face in my nightmares sometimes, and it's been at least 20 years. She had the most beautiful, intelligent blue-green eyes, clouded and glazed over, and sunken so far into her eye sockets she resembled a skull.
      Mouth hanging open, clearly showing some partial plates and what few teeth she had left had gone to shit from malnutrition Cheeks looked painfully pinched and drawn, she had just a few. wispy strands of grey streaked jet black hair, and it was only then I realized she had been wearing a wig, probably the entire time I had known her.
      Still being very young, dumb and kinda in shock, I picked her up to see if I took her outside in the warm sun maybe there was some hope to revive her. I braced myself and lifted her.
      I fell hard on my ass because I was expecting her to weigh at least as much as bale of hay or a sack of dog food or even my toddler in his carseat. It was like she weighed nothing at all.
      I opened the door and layed her in the grass. At that point it was pretty damn obvious she wasn't coming back, ever. My mother and her friend didn't start wailing as I expected. They began shouting angrily at her. Especially the judge.
      She kept yelling "I brought you groceries yesterday! How could you do this to me, you selfish bitch?!" I saw so much pain and anger in her eyes.
      It came out later that the judge and her were a little more than friends. Eventually the anger died down to horrible sobs and shrieks of pain. I had never seen my mother lose her composure like she did that day, before or since. Before or sense.
      My point being, don't do that to your loved ones, especially if you're doing it for looks and not health reasons. She barely looked human in the end.
      At her autopsy it was noted she hadn't eaten in so long there was nothing in her entire digestive system except diet coke. That had to have been a slow, painful, lonely death. And it's right up there with child murders I've seen that still bother me to this day.
      I can only imagine she was like my mother in one respect, never ever happy about her weight. My mom's a badass, she just went through a mastectomy and radiation with a wire sticking out of her breast and has refused any and all pain killers. Not even aspirin.
      When I saw the wire hanging out of her breast *I* nearly fainted. But she's got one big issue that worries me. She's always trying to lose weight by crash dieting. And taking passive aggressive swipes at my weight when I refuse to crash with her. I. Don't. Give. A. Flying. Fuck. what anyone else thinks about my weight, not after that day.
      Right now my mom is pissed because I've lost a 1/3 of my bodyweight in one year "the lazy way" which is chemotherapy. So she implies heavily I only got a brain tumor to, you know, lose weight. 🙄 Her idiocy is contagious and dangerous.
      Anorexia, bulimia will kill you just like a bullet will. Only much slower, more painfully and 100% preventable. Don't do that to your loved ones, please. Go to your doctor and get help. I'm starting to gain a little more back, but my doctors are helping me to gain it back in muscle, the healthy way.
      Please talk to someone, your doctor, a counselor, a help line for eating disorders, a teacher. Hell, I'll give you my email and you can talk to me. This is a Illness, and there's no shame in seeking help. Would you try to treat cancer all by yourself? I don't think so. Don't try to do this alone, please. Nobody should find someone they love in the state I found Kathleen that day.

  • Jane Doe X
    Jane Doe X Month ago +27

    Not telling about ones HIV status and infecting someone willingly is actually a felony. I'm not sure about the name because I'm Austrian. I'm not sure if this even could lead to a .....uhm ....what's beneath 2 nd degree murder or assault with death result or .....I'm sorry, don't find the synonym atm.

    • lordravenblade
      lordravenblade Month ago

      It was decriminalized (or just reduced from felony to misdemeanor? Or maybe a civil infraction?) in California a year or two ago.

    • Darth Obscurity
      Darth Obscurity Month ago

      The medical personnel was guilty of manslaughter at the very least for allowing it to happen. The person infecting someone else knowingly is guilty of ATTEMPTED MURDER..... Not a joke, that's what they charge you with if you knowingly infect someone with an STD. (Edit: According to legality, since both people were his patients, he actually had a greater obligation to the husband who wasn't infected then to the patient's confidentiality.

    • Jane Doe X
      Jane Doe X Month ago

      @Ashley Burbank there are different strands of the virus. If the one infected has the same one as the one suspected to infect the one this can be used as proof. Not DNA but virus DNR .

    • CatKnipND
      CatKnipND Month ago +2

      There was a documented case of a dentist in Miami, FL that was HIV positive. He deliberately injected patients, including a 14-year-old patient. They became HIV positive, obviously. Yes, he was arrested and sent to prison.

    • Ashley Burbank
      Ashley Burbank Month ago +2

      Jane Doe X it can if you have a compromised immune system and the person who has the HIV positive status is aware of this and the implications of what their status on your current health could do. you would need a very good lawyer to prove this though

  • 2deth3
    2deth3 Month ago +1

    A teaspoon of sugar and the asshole goes back in.

  • 3TNT3
    3TNT3 Month ago +3


  • Kiera Rose
    Kiera Rose Month ago +5

    Yes im early

  • Ryker Eiler
    Ryker Eiler Month ago +8

    HELP! Mom found the poop sock and now I'm in huge trouble! Like and share if relatable!!!

    • Ryker Eiler
      Ryker Eiler Month ago

      @FailerShino I don't need to explain it again

    • FailerShino
      FailerShino Month ago

      Wha happened exactly?

  • The riff Repeater jr.
    The riff Repeater jr. Month ago +3