The Most Popular Russian Names: Male & Female


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  • fabian lopez
    fabian lopez 13 days ago

    Please do Rare names!!!!!!

  • Trevor Carnivie
    Trevor Carnivie 20 days ago

    Im going to name my child BOYKA

  • Sasha & Ksenia Freeborn

    I’m a girl, my mom is Russian and my middle name is Aleksandra but everyone calls me Sasha

  • frm jerry
    frm jerry Month ago +1

    Male : Dimitri Sergei 80% Female: Nastya xxxxva 100%

  • peter sfak
    peter sfak Month ago

    they look like greek names

      RU-LAND CLUB  Month ago

      Because most of them were taken from Greek. At the beginning of the video, I said that I will tell the names that are popular now. I didn't say that they are etymologically Russian. I was going to film the next video about nave Russian names but just didn't find the time for this.

  • Mehmet S
    Mehmet S Month ago +1

    Why these pronunciations are so cute that you do:) you are really cute. I love this video. Keep going!

  • laura Slobodiak
    laura Slobodiak Month ago

    What's the meaning n how can I spell it in English my husband is Russian but not me.

      RU-LAND CLUB  Month ago

      Hi Laura, what actually is the name that you want me to spell in English and tell you the meaning?

  • Zulkifli Jamil
    Zulkifli Jamil 2 months ago

    Анастасия - красивое имя и самая популярная . Да, правильно?

    • Zulkifli Jamil
      Zulkifli Jamil 2 months ago

      Благодарю Вас.

      RU-LAND CLUB  2 months ago +1

      да, все слова с окончанием МЯ среднего рода: имя, время, семя, вымя, бремя...
      поэтому я использую форму среднего рода для числительного ОДИН:
      одно из самых популярных = one of the most popular))

    • Zulkifli Jamil
      Zulkifli Jamil 2 months ago

      Имя - оно или одно?
      Имя - слово средного рода?

      RU-LAND CLUB  2 months ago

      Одно из самых популярных)

  • ganja1018
    ganja1018 2 months ago +1

    i keep trying to learn russian but these hot russian chicks keep giving me boners.

  • danielrvo
    danielrvo 3 months ago

    Cool video!! I also vote for a new video with more names 😊 and also, could you make a video explaining why Russian people use ) instead of emojis? I have a Russian friend who’s a girl and she uses it a lot, but I’m not sure to understand the context because she uses it in most of her phrases, I’m not sure if she’s happy or upset or any other mood. Let me give you an example: I haven’t seen her in a while because I was busy working but I’ve been seeing another friend in common and, out of the blue, she texted me asking why we don’t see each other anymore and she literally added “I thought you are kind of not busy , Masha said she saw you lately )))”
    Is she happy? Curious? Jealous?
    Thank you!

    • danielrvo
      danielrvo 3 months ago

      RU-LAND CLUB That would be lovely, Nika. I just subscribed to your channel. I still don’t know what my friend meant by her ) haha but for sure I will after you post a video about its use in Russian language chats 😊

      RU-LAND CLUB  3 months ago

      Haha, yes, it is a good idea for the video, thank you! You are not the first person who doesn't understand it, but in Russian language chats we use it often, I will make such a video))) (and here it means I widely smile to you) :)

  • anuj patel
    anuj patel 3 months ago

    I like your video

  • Ananya Ravikumar
    Ananya Ravikumar 4 months ago

    I'm reading Anna Karenina (my first novel from Russia) - now so many of the (changing) names make sense! XD

  • 0 5
    0 5 4 months ago +7

    Please do the more rare names!!

  • Irina Hoo
    Irina Hoo 5 months ago

    My name is Irina and i'm Finn :D

  • Violet O'Leary
    Violet O'Leary 5 months ago +1

    Im half Russian half Irish and live in America. My American name is Violet and my Russian name is Violetta

  • Bruh_Tamila_Stories
    Bruh_Tamila_Stories 5 months ago +2

    You should do more rare names for a video idea for example Tamila тамила

  • Katia K
    Katia K 6 months ago

    katia, katjusha😋

  • Yoshi Todo
    Yoshi Todo 9 months ago

    Элизабета, Дарина, Мила и Ника.... 😊🇷🇺🇺🇦🇧🇾

  • Kashif Ali Khan
    Kashif Ali Khan 10 months ago

    klassni video

  • Amirul Wan
    Amirul Wan 10 months ago

    Пожалуйста, второе видео! Можете включить Елизавету на нём))

  • Holy Sloan
    Holy Sloan 10 months ago

    Спасибо за отличное видео! Меня зовут Вероника, и мои дети - Дарья и Винсент. Я не знаю этого слова по-русский: «middle name» (не очество), но их «middle names» - Агнесса и Константин. Я очень хотела бы узнать более ласкательные имени Винсента, иногда я называю его «Винсенчик».

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago +1

      Спасибо огромное! Очень приятно! И я рада познакомиться с вами 😊

    • Holy Sloan
      Holy Sloan 10 months ago

      RU-LAND CLUB Спасибо за Ваш ответ! )) Да, точно, мы благословлены самым красивым именем;)) Я тоже предпочитаю называться «Ника», но «Вера» тоже прекрасно. И спасибо за ласкательное имя Винсента- «Винсуня» классно! И тоже хочу сказать, что Вы делаете отличное шоу, я люблю следить за эпизодами )) Вы такая умелая! Хорошего Вам дня!

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago

      Здравсствуйте, Вероника! Мы с вами тёзки, моё полное имя тоже Вероника :)
      middle name = второе имя
      Сокращённая форма от Винсент - Винс, а ласкательное, если применить стандартные ласкательные суффиксы, то получается Винсенчик, Винсентик, Винсуня. Надеюсь пригодится))
      Спасибо за комментарий!

  • Tuomas P
    Tuomas P 10 months ago +1

    Дорогая Ника!
    Я учусь русского языка в университете первом году и я думал, почему надо сказать «мы МОГЛИ» после чтобы? И почему не «чтобы мы можем»? Я бы хотел знать почему так. Вы можете делать такое видео, где Вы расскажите об этом и так далее?
    Всего доброго!

  • Ahmed Al-Omari
    Ahmed Al-Omari 10 months ago

    by the way, I always had this question in mind but never actually asked it and it's about the name Владимир. does it mean "ruler of the world" or "owner of the world"? The reason I'm asking is becuase I think it consists of 2 parts: "влад" and is it derived from the verb "владеть" which means to own or to rule, and the other word is "мир" which means world. Is it so, or am I delusional and don't know it? :)))

    • Павел Паршев
      Павел Паршев 8 months ago +1

      Yes, it is, literally "ruler of the world" or "owner of the world. Vladimir is very old slavic name. For example, the Russian prince Vladimir the Great, who baptized Ancient Rus' in 988.

  • BSN -
    BSN - 10 months ago

    useful video, please do part 2 :)

  • Ahmed Al-Omari
    Ahmed Al-Omari 10 months ago

    Thanks a lot for the great video. Of course I'd love very much to see the second part where you tell us about the rare names. I'd like you please, if it's not too much trouble, to make a video about the Russian names that are of Russian or Slavic origin. Thanks a lot once more 🌹

    • Ahmed Al-Omari
      Ahmed Al-Omari 10 months ago

      thanks a lot, Nika. you rock! :)

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago +1

      Great idea!Thank you, I think I will do 2 more parts then)

  • A, sd
    A, sd 10 months ago

    hi, of course i would like a second part

  • Francis Srečko Fabian
    Francis Srečko Fabian 10 months ago

    Part 2 please

  • Lutch Bizin
    Lutch Bizin 10 months ago

    I love the variations of Russian names (имена). I have heard so many diminutive variations, some of them even have negative connotations. Do you know any books or articles where names and their variations are explained in fuller detail? Thank you kindly!

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago +1

      Hm, I don't think I know such articles... You can try to Google, I think somebody has done it before)) Thank you a lot for watching and the comment! :)

  • Brian Cobbold
    Brian Cobbold 10 months ago +2

    Interesting video as usual, Nika. I have heard of many of these male and female names. The shortened variants are interesting. Some of my favourite female names here - Aнастасия, Наталия and Наташа (I did not know this was a variant of Наталия). Also some of my favourite Russian Gymnastics names Светлана, Елена, Екатери́на :-)

  • 241hnd
    241hnd 10 months ago +1

    I am only beginning to learn Russian, but I am wondering why the short form and other form of male names often sound like female name.

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago +2

      241hnd good question! Well, first of all some masculine words in Russian CAN have endings A or Я, that are typical for feminine words (дядя, мужчина), but it is a rare situation. Now about names. When we shorten them, we really want to say them quicker and easier, and tge words with open syllables (that are ended with vowels) are much easier to say than the closed ones (with constants at the end), so when you speak really fast and often say the name, these forms are more concenient :)
      Thank you for watching and a great question 😉 👍

  • Muhammad Yasir
    Muhammad Yasir 10 months ago +1

    Du bist sehr hùsch frau ❤

  • The catcher in the rye
    The catcher in the rye 10 months ago +6

    Nice video! My favorite russian name is надежда, because it means "hope" (and because it sounds very beautiful).

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago +1

      Да, красивое имя, хотя сейчас довольно редкое, я не могу вспомнить ни одну девушку с этим именем, хм...

  • Adel Bugahous
    Adel Bugahous 10 months ago

    Can "Tanya" be called "Tanka"?

    • Tanya Romanovich
      Tanya Romanovich 10 months ago

      My name is Tanya. And i allowed only one person in my life to call me Tan'ka.... not the best ....

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago +1

      Yes, but it is familiarly, so be careful)

  • Prashant Singh Kathayat
    Prashant Singh Kathayat 10 months ago

    Hii....Lv u....How are you

  • elias eliasi
    elias eliasi 10 months ago

    nice one!!
    just amazing!!

  • elias eliasi
    elias eliasi 10 months ago

    спасибо большое, это как раз было мой вопрос , и думаю вопрос у многих изучающих русского языка, особенно краткие формы, знаете в чем у нас проблема, вы знаете кроткая форма некоторых имен бывает как в другом роде, например "Александр" будет звочить как имя женского рода "Саша" , именно здесь у нас вопрос, как кроткие формы имени будут меняться в разных падежах?
    например : я видел Сашу
    или видел Саша?
    объясните пожалуйста это в отдельном видео.
    спасибо вам огромное.

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago

      Спасибо большое за такие тёплые слова!! :)

    • elias eliasi
      elias eliasi 10 months ago

      RU-LAND CLUB спасибо вам огромное, вы действительно молодец и ваши видео невероятно полезные.
      всегда с большим нетерпением ждём ваших новых видео :)

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago

      Good idea! Thank you! I also will give a short answer here: we would say: Я видел Сашу, я позвонил Саше, я говорил с Сашей. All the words that are finished with А-Я should be changed by cases according to the rules of feminine words. It doesn't mean that these words are feminine, they are masculine, but according to grammar rules they are like exceptions, so they should be changed according to normal rules. Same as such words as дядя, мужчина. Also, the forms of such name as Саша will be absolutely same both for man Sasha and for women Sasha. So only from the context, you can understand is that Sasha that you speak about a man or a woman :)

  • argentiniangoddess
    argentiniangoddess 10 months ago

    Did you know that the male version of Anastasia (as far as i know you don't use it in Russia or Ukraine) is "Anastasios"? :) Nice job, keep up the good work and thank you for the beautiful and helpful videos!

      RU-LAND CLUB  10 months ago +1

      Yes, as I said in the end, many names are borrowed from other languages and cultures (including Greek - a lot from Greek actually, even my name!), but we use it sooo common, that it already sounds like natural Russian name :)
      Thank you for watching, comments and support! :)