My House Burned Down

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  • William Osman
    William Osman  7 days ago +11964

    I freaking

    • Brett D
      Brett D 7 days ago +2

      sorry about your loss, but stoked to see you've surpassed $10K by a lot. I hope you give back to the community of Ventura with the excess donations to other who lost everything they own as well.

    • The Milestone LP
      The Milestone LP 7 days ago

      FinnDog91 i know but he lost basicly everything too

    • SuperLordHawHaw
      SuperLordHawHaw 7 days ago

      Your neighbors could use the help too

    • FinnDog91
      FinnDog91 7 days ago

      Austins was a burn from the lower floor not a wild fire

    • The Milestone LP
      The Milestone LP 7 days ago

      William Osman didnt the house from austin evans burn down some time in the past too?

  • Peder Bjørndal
    Peder Bjørndal 41 minute ago

    I have sent what I can spare, hope things sort out for ya man.

  • the99centgamer
    the99centgamer 50 minutes ago

    On his spoon video he said we should just burn the house down and start over his wish came true I guess sorry
    mate I hate to see someone so great in a lot of pain

  • Sam C
    Sam C Hour ago

    Such a shame also Casey neistat wants you to meet him

  • WoodWorks500
    WoodWorks500 Hour ago

    you make me cry too

  • WoodWorks500
    WoodWorks500 Hour ago

    do you have a good insureance

  • fafinaf
    fafinaf Hour ago +1

    Don’t know who you are, just saw one of your vids on trending. I’m sorry this happened to you, truly.

  • Sean Lacey
    Sean Lacey Hour ago

    honestly, its aweful, but i couldnt stop laughing at his intro

  • Phreid
    Phreid Hour ago

    That hug at the end really made me feel like I was hugging you. I hope you'll recover, stay strong man.

  • Caelan Jones
    Caelan Jones Hour ago

    I really wish I could help out, but i'm a 16 year old with zero money, so all I can do is hope that you get back up and running and wish you good luck. you are one of the least deserving people that I know of for this to happen to.

  • Omegapede Prime
    Omegapede Prime 2 hours ago

    Neither house on either side burned down? Youtuber? Check. Recent renters insurance? Check. Gofundme? Check.
    I-N-S-U-R-A-N-C-E S-C-A-M + C-R-O-W-D-F-U-N-D-I-N-G B-E-G-G-I-N-G. This guy has insurance plus plenty of dosh. Not buying it. He saw the opportunity and torched his house to reap donations from his followers, get publicity and insurance. I hope this gets investigated fully.

  • NIK AMRI 肉アムリ
    NIK AMRI 肉アムリ 2 hours ago

    I will watch all of your videos twice. I hope it helps

  • Kieran O'Brien
    Kieran O'Brien 2 hours ago

    Well that blows chunks

  • Blues Reviews
    Blues Reviews 2 hours ago

    No shit there was a firehouse subs ad on this video for me

  • Danny Ackers
    Danny Ackers 3 hours ago

    So sorry man. I hope you get straight soon, and so glad you're all ok!

  • Karl Robin
    Karl Robin 3 hours ago

    My dog died yesterday :(

  • Lord Kalvin
    Lord Kalvin 3 hours ago

    Nice Waldo hat bruh. This is hard. Hope u recover quickly.

  • Farhan Maulana Putra
    Farhan Maulana Putra 4 hours ago

    Im so sorry your president is donald trump

  • Sam Dewitt
    Sam Dewitt 5 hours ago +1

    When someone hands you the Aux

  • Aidan The Hipster
    Aidan The Hipster 5 hours ago

    Dude I would be bawling my eyes out during the whole video. Stay strong, william.

  • Yozeh
    Yozeh 5 hours ago

    Can't believe even in a situation like this someone out there can still be an asshole. Stay strong William, you'll get through this. Best wishes from Thailand!

  • Ferran Diaz
    Ferran Diaz 6 hours ago

    THE RETINA SMELTER SHALL RISE AGAIN, LIKE A PHOENIX but cooler because it shoots lasers

  • charlie c
    charlie c 7 hours ago

    Poor guy.

  • Codie Plays
    Codie Plays 7 hours ago

    Ive been watching for a while and i just saw this vid.... i really want to donate but i cant... i am so sorry this happened but i know you can get through this 💙👌😭

  • Don Parkison
    Don Parkison 8 hours ago

    You should have followed Mike's lead and wore something over your face. A lot of toxic stuff gets released when a house burns down. Sorry about your loss.

  • Jeroen van Kooten
    Jeroen van Kooten 8 hours ago

    Go to NY, go to Casey, hang out with em, he asked you to come down to explain your gifts to him.. Hang in there man!

  • Leiselotte Fenrir
    Leiselotte Fenrir 8 hours ago

    How ironic, the barbecue survived...

  • Ella Wakeman
    Ella Wakeman 8 hours ago

    So sorry that this happened... All the best xx

  • McGuinty2
    McGuinty2 9 hours ago

    Of all the possible ways that your house could have burned down, this is by far the least likely and also the fucking worst. But you guys are okay and thanks in part to the generosity of your viewers, you can rebuild your life. We'll be here whenever you feel ready to share with us again.

  • Tom Bower
    Tom Bower 9 hours ago

    I wish I could give something, I'm completely destitute and dont live close enough to help, You have my sincerest sympathies

  • gijs volker
    gijs volker 9 hours ago

    Man i life whit u

  • Marshall Ellis
    Marshall Ellis 10 hours ago

    In so sorry to the this I hope you can rebuild your life in a new home. And a new sick ass lazier

  • Brianna Blank
    Brianna Blank 11 hours ago

    Man, My friend sent me this video, and I can't donate but I feel so bad for you, that I'm sending an internet hug. I hope things look up for you.

  • Hilary Mann
    Hilary Mann 11 hours ago

    This is the first video I’ve seen of yours. God bless

    BLAKE WRIGHT 11 hours ago

    I’m sorry buddy 😩😫😢😢😭

  • Dayna Morris
    Dayna Morris 11 hours ago

    So sorry for you

  • Haryy Pyles
    Haryy Pyles 11 hours ago

    The 1k people who disliked this are just sad. Stay strong William

  • Vapeless
    Vapeless 11 hours ago

    I just have one question, WAS HAM VIN DIESEL OK?

  • Missy Brashears
    Missy Brashears 12 hours ago

    That is just awful. I'm so sorry. My heart goes out to you.

  • theAGV Experience
    theAGV Experience 12 hours ago

    Ha ha ha thats fucking hilarious

  • Cheeky
    Cheeky 12 hours ago

    I was really close to the fire I woke up in the middle of the night and I had to evacuate and I just saw the hills on fire and I was very lucky our house didn’t burn down but Ik how you feel man

  • Ruben Payne
    Ruben Payne 12 hours ago

    man that sucks im glad u have insurance though i hop you get a new place quick

  • James
    James 12 hours ago

    Have you tried some duct tape? Usually works for me.

  • DRock Coc
    DRock Coc 12 hours ago

    160k !!!

  • Lester Asuncion
    Lester Asuncion 12 hours ago

    no more laser time😭

  • SavageZakAttack
    SavageZakAttack 13 hours ago

    Yo William show the fork in a upcoming video. It's an official meme

  • Shadow Assassin
    Shadow Assassin 13 hours ago

    Should of covered your entire house in Flex Tape and Flex Seal. All jokes aside; I really fell bad for you. Just remember that when you hit rock bottom there is only one way; UP!

  • Eliseo Duran
    Eliseo Duran 13 hours ago


  • Eliseo Duran
    Eliseo Duran 13 hours ago

    If you watch LP umm his mailers house also burnt down

  • Eliseo Duran
    Eliseo Duran 13 hours ago

    O shit you live in cali

  • Eliseo Duran
    Eliseo Duran 13 hours ago


  • Nation App
    Nation App 13 hours ago

    Stay strong and keep making good content ❤️

  • Colin Labrie Gagné
    Colin Labrie Gagné 13 hours ago

    wow this is heartbreaking. i can imagine what it would be like if my house burned down with every single one of my 100 paintings, drawings, every photo, every book, everything that has been there since i was a little kid, every souvenir of my past, my favorite hat (i know it sounds kind of stupid but i fricking love that hat). guess i would be in as much pain and suffering as you. sorry for your loss(es)

  • Camden McCombs
    Camden McCombs 13 hours ago

    I wish I had a job so I could make money to donate.

  • Star casters
    Star casters 13 hours ago

    will im so sorry for this happening to you, you make so many people happy you dont derserve this

  • Ez707
    Ez707 13 hours ago


  • kirsten vankirk
    kirsten vankirk 13 hours ago

    I feel so bad but your intro has me dyeing 😂❤️

  • Insert good channel name Here

    This is my favorite builder channel and to see it gone is crazy to rap my head around
    I hope you can get through this stronger than ever in the end.
    sending virtual hug

  • Sue Y
    Sue Y 13 hours ago

    I’m so sorry will :( I hope things get better

  • Walmart Onesie
    Walmart Onesie 13 hours ago

    Well. Now it won't stink of burnt turkey.

  • Desiree Walker
    Desiree Walker 13 hours ago

    Please be careful in those ashes -- a lot of burned materials can be very harmful for your health. Get masks, don't breathe in that dust, and cover your shoes and clothing so they don't get contaminated.
    I also lost my house back in October in the fires up north. I know exactly what you're going through. Even two months after the fact, it still sucks. So many memories are just completely gone. I'm right there with you dude.

  • erik l
    erik l 14 hours ago

    Amazing 165,000$ out of 10000 awesome fans

  • Creaky C.
    Creaky C. 14 hours ago

    h o t l y a n t i c i p a t e d
    h o u s e t o u r

  • Kaitlyn luke
    Kaitlyn luke 14 hours ago

    My heart just broke for you guys. I’m so sorry this happened and I wish saying sorry actually made things better but unfortunately it does not. 😞

  • XxDcWolfxX
    XxDcWolfxX 15 hours ago

    Yo just fix it with some hot glue

  • Wheel Bueser
    Wheel Bueser 15 hours ago

    Ironic in the antisoggy cereal video he says "I need to burn this house down and restart" welp nature did it for him

  • Rival
    Rival 15 hours ago

    Did you try Peeing on it?

  • Andras Kovacs
    Andras Kovacs 15 hours ago

    holy shit that was so sad to watch...god bless you I wish you all the best

  • Pdxp
    Pdxp 15 hours ago

    Well hey I know how you feel it’s ok everything will be ok❤️🖤

  • Yes No
    Yes No 15 hours ago

    Hey my aunts house burned down there to😅😭

  • Haxor
    Haxor 15 hours ago

    165000 dollars raised as of right now. Willie may just cry again.

  • tpamel
    tpamel 15 hours ago

    *Rob Bliss is trending ... Put your donation use in that direction.*

  • Annie ukulele
    Annie ukulele 15 hours ago

    At least you guys stayed safe ❤

  • Outdoor Adventures With Will

    Who in the world dislikes this

  • Snax
    Snax 16 hours ago

    William i dont know how you do it you still have a smile on your face while standing in the middle of your burnt down house crying love you man hope you get a new house soon.

  • deth meow
    deth meow 16 hours ago

    Gods speed William, gods speed. 👊

  • Alan Mcswagger
    Alan Mcswagger 16 hours ago

    Oh my...sorry man for the loss of your everything you owned and loved was on there...the fans will show a lot of support to make you feel better.

  • Leader Jules 907
    Leader Jules 907 16 hours ago

    im so sorry. good luck to you for the future.

  • Quantay Peoples
    Quantay Peoples 16 hours ago

    Best of luck to you

  • Joriz Hans
    Joriz Hans 16 hours ago +1

    We can help you men...

  • Mr. Sanchez
    Mr. Sanchez 16 hours ago

    Actually. Who has the kind of heart to dislike this smh

  • Jason Paz
    Jason Paz 16 hours ago

    didn't he say he wants to burn the whole house down last video

  • Juan Felipe Medina
    Juan Felipe Medina 16 hours ago

    I wish you the best of luck man! We're all with you in this. Stay positive!

  • Cody Schmidt
    Cody Schmidt 17 hours ago

    At least it's warm outside

  • Bonnie 44
    Bonnie 44 17 hours ago

    I would definitely donate if I could but I don't have any money on me I'm just a kid

  • Bonnie 44
    Bonnie 44 17 hours ago

    Listen I know the situation is bad but you'll find a way out you always will

  • Bonnie 44
    Bonnie 44 17 hours ago

    Please don't cry you'll find a way it is

  • thedoctor0226
    thedoctor0226 17 hours ago

    1 to 10 hummmm I pick FUCKED YUP! sorry :(

  • BlastoiseVeteran
    BlastoiseVeteran 17 hours ago

    I can't believe it... it actually happened. Dude, I cried with you because this was so depressing for me to see. I want to fucking hug you so much right now, Will. We all love you, and we'll always be here to support you! Take care.

  • SmaRkieS
    SmaRkieS 17 hours ago

    344K Subs, if each us can donate $1 each, you're good.

  • Andrew Todd
    Andrew Todd 17 hours ago

    No mOrE LaSeR TiMe1111

  • GameHype17
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  • Fei Xiang
    Fei Xiang 17 hours ago


  • alpaca
    alpaca 17 hours ago

    Stay safe

  • Landdolphin Gaming
    Landdolphin Gaming 17 hours ago


  • stellvia hoenheim
    stellvia hoenheim 17 hours ago

    This dude is going to be richer because of this trust

  • Yo soy un jeef!
    Yo soy un jeef! 17 hours ago

    How to make over $100k in a week!

  • Collin McCallum
    Collin McCallum 17 hours ago

    Oh shit 165k outta 10k

  • N Olesen
    N Olesen 17 hours ago

    We have the technology we can rebuild it better faster and stronger. In a side note your YouTube videos the items you lost in the fire will help with the inusrance claim. God bless mate.

  • chaushb
    chaushb 17 hours ago

    Will you donate the 155k that are left?