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  • Tera
    Tera 2 days ago +1

    You are absolutely Amazing. This video actually made my eyes water. 😍😍😍😍

  • Unicorn Bowties
    Unicorn Bowties 2 days ago

    Congratulations Mykie!! I am just finishing up film school and have done makeup for a few productions. This video was soooo helpful < 3

  • Glam_by_ Janelle
    Glam_by_ Janelle 3 days ago

    Hey Mykie I've been binge watching a lot of your videos ( mainly because of Halloween coming up) but you are so inspirational on keeping positive in this industry! I'm a cosmetologist but I have the same amount of love for makeup as much as I do hair! Thank you for the inspiration !

  • sierra sky
    sierra sky 4 days ago

    I'm going to college at Douglas Tom Savinis sfx makeup program

  • T Harper
    T Harper 6 days ago


  • SpamBAT
    SpamBAT 8 days ago

    The Instagram in your description is not yours, it's a fan page.

  • September Petal
    September Petal 10 days ago

    I don’t want to be a makeup/SFX artist myself BUT you are such an inspiration regardless! ♡

  • Crome Snow
    Crome Snow 10 days ago

    Inspiring. You give hope to me. 😭

  • R Williams
    R Williams 11 days ago

    I am a new subscriber and this popped up. You are so well spoken. Thank you for sharing this. I look forward to your continued success and I can't wait for more Halloween videos!

  • amanda Derp
    amanda Derp 12 days ago

    Boy I've lied on every app ever lol that's how you get somewhere in life fudging names and numbers

  • twisted_art
    twisted_art 14 days ago +1

    Im making a career in art but im rlly intrested in sfx

  • melanie's paint brush
    melanie's paint brush 14 days ago

    Is sfx and fx the same thing?

  • Kelly McDermott
    Kelly McDermott 15 days ago

    Love your story, channel, and leather jacket!

  • LillyCake42
    LillyCake42 15 days ago

    U made me wanna go to school for makeup actually so yeah hehe thanks mykie

  • Carrie
    Carrie 16 days ago


  • Fandom's Nerdy girl
    Fandom's Nerdy girl 16 days ago


  • VictoriaReis
    VictoriaReis 17 days ago

    One of my favorite creators and artists!! 💕 congrats mykie

  • Brittany Zermeno
    Brittany Zermeno 18 days ago

    Your story is amazing. Thank you for sharing Mykie!!

  • MewMewWinx Emo
    MewMewWinx Emo 18 days ago

    Watching this 8 months late when she’s doing the haunted Halloween tutorials for 2018. Starting to wonder if the prison is one of her locations for the month.

  • Evelyn Malone
    Evelyn Malone 18 days ago

    is that prison going to make an appearance in your halloween series this year??? hmmmmmmm.....

  • Brittany Zermeno
    Brittany Zermeno 18 days ago

    Omg OG’s Kandee and Michelle!!!

  • demontrent10653
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  • Natalie Litvinenko
    Natalie Litvinenko 22 days ago

    The dexter costume!!

  • Tiara actress
    Tiara actress 23 days ago

    This is great!

  • Melissa Lucci
    Melissa Lucci 24 days ago

    You lived 15 mins away from me!

  • Dawn Stauber
    Dawn Stauber 27 days ago

    Hello Mykie,
    I wanted to let you know that you are fabulous inside and out! I'm 48 and because of you I started playing with my own makeup for Halloween. That was a few years ago and now this year my friends asked me to do their makeup for Halloween. ABSOLUTELY no were near what you do. My point is you work hard and bust you A**! You deserve it. I'm so proud (for lack of a better word). You chased your dream and that NO ONE can take away. I'm sure all your " Zombas" are cheering and clapping for your proud moment. I do nails all day and I am not the best out there. I do however have the best clients in the world! You have the best followers! Stay beautiful and fabulous ♡

  • kasper alling
    kasper alling 28 days ago

    the only question i have. .. IS THAT YOUR NATURAL HAIR COLOUR IN COLLEGE OMG

  • CraftynotShifty
    CraftynotShifty Month ago +2

    I stumbled into your channel about a month ago and I love it! I’m hopeless with make up never mind SFX but I love seeing what you do and listening to you. This story was inspirational and I’m glad you shared it. Here’s to the next 8 years! 🥂

  • Foxy Okin
    Foxy Okin Month ago

    In this video she look’s like one of Sombra’s skin

  • Wolfhugger33
    Wolfhugger33 Month ago

    We are...

  • Xavier Frosth
    Xavier Frosth Month ago

    That's pretty cool, Congrats on getting recognized for your hard work in a tough and saturated industry! That's really awesome and informative stuff you had to apply yourself to make it where you're going to go next with it. Its good you're utilizing all of these types platforms out there and helping you get recognition.

  • Bee
    Bee Month ago

    Wish i was as mikey tbh '-'

  • Ashurī billings
    Ashurī billings Month ago

    You and Madeyalook INSPIRED ME on this beautiful industry! Thank you!!!

  • Sandrasyppli
    Sandrasyppli Month ago +1

    Watching this video in September 2018 and I'm proud of you! You have come sooo far and I took every single advice you gave with me... I'm a makeup artist aswell In little Denmark so the jobs is very rare here but I'll give it, it all!

  • MissMeganSilverSmith
    MissMeganSilverSmith Month ago +1

    I absolutely love this video❤ I have a LVL 2 and 3 diploma in hair and media makeup, theatrical and special effects. School is important for (as you said) sanitation techniques, but also anatomy. There's a lot of science involved in makeup, and how the skin works. But once again, you don't NEED schooling to teach yourself that

  • Lucy Topping
    Lucy Topping Month ago

    Hearty hello from south africa! Mykie, you are an inspiration to me. You have pushed me to the point of doing fx make up course here in South Africa and I am dying to follow some more of your stuff! Thank you for the inspiration

  • Soxy
    Soxy Month ago

    You're inspirational af, no matter what the haters say

  • Emmy Marie
    Emmy Marie Month ago

    Gosh, you're amazing. Thank you so much for this Mykie

  • Kandice Teague
    Kandice Teague Month ago

    My kid you are amazing girl! I’m so happy that I get to partake in ur beautiful talents! You go girl!

  • ChageeyaSarang
    ChageeyaSarang Month ago

    You remind me of my friend. She didn't know a list of phrases/terms in the job she was applying for. And on the interview, she just happily says "I know. I know. Because *I googled them.* " but then she's just naturally a hard worker, so just like you, I honestly think she deserved whatever she got.
    Anyway, love the channel. I hope you continue doing what makes you feel good ^^

  • Sandra Chato
    Sandra Chato Month ago

    Whao thats really good to know 😍

  • Elizabeth Arrowood
    Elizabeth Arrowood Month ago

    You linked an instagram fan account above instead of your own, lol

    • Karson Cameron
      Karson Cameron Month ago

      that's her old username. she only recently got the underscore taken out so when this video was made that was her actual account lol

  • clumsim
    clumsim Month ago +1

    I got recommended this video and at the bottom of the "recommended for you," it said "New." Since I haven't watched this video yet, I thought it was a new video, but it's actually from January which is 7 MONTHS AGO. WTH TVclip.

  • Jocelyn Mendoza
    Jocelyn Mendoza Month ago

    What the fudge i never seen this video before and im a subscriber even in your channel this video doesn't come up only on recomended

  • Laura Barr
    Laura Barr Month ago

    "Alexa, shut your face. " HA HA !!!!!

  • Meechee Pennell
    Meechee Pennell Month ago

    I wish I had pasta in my fridge 😞I hungry

  • Maggie Power
    Maggie Power Month ago

    Do you (or any other people who have experience with special effects makeup in the comments) have any advice on a beginner effects kit? Looking for paints, products, applicators and such.

    • Hannah Marie
      Hannah Marie Month ago

      Maggie Power “the ultimate guide to an fx starter kit” is a video she posted

    • Hannah Marie
      Hannah Marie Month ago

      Maggie Power I wanna say she’s done a video on that a couple years ago with the basics for an FX kit

  • carbmonsters
    carbmonsters Month ago

    Inspirational!!! Thanks for sharing 💓

  • Parandzem Paryan
    Parandzem Paryan Month ago

    6:38 What u are trying to say is- Fake it till u make it :D

  • Brittany Phillips
    Brittany Phillips Month ago

    Fun fact: in my school they showed us your videos so we could learn SFX lol you’re the teacher of the year mikie!!!

  • Lewis Dawson
    Lewis Dawson Month ago

    Mykie I love you soooo much. I'm in a real stressful situation atm where I have just been offered a job as a trainee teacher even though I have VERY little experience working in schools (like a few weeks), but the headteacher said she sees a lot of potential in me. I've considered not taking the job but I think I'm gonna stick with it. Seeing how you have gone from being a beginner, getting jobs and succeeding, it's really given me the confidence to just do it and see how it goes. So ya, thank you b, carry on slaying and I will try my best to do the same x

  • LaNoir
    LaNoir Month ago

    That outer lip line drives me crazy. Always reminds me on an octopus.

  • Michelle Rose
    Michelle Rose Month ago

    Your first job was at the WillowGrove Mall at MAC which is literally 5 minutes from me! Cool to know :)

  • Selena Graham
    Selena Graham Month ago +1

    You were the first makeup artist I ever subscribed to 😍💕

  • aiswarya bhattacharya

    Is it just me or does she look tired n not like her usual happy self?

  • Elsa-Lee Treasure
    Elsa-Lee Treasure Month ago

    I freaking LOVE hhellooo zombaes! I’m letting u know in advance, that I will be takn it! Rather borrowing it😘

  • Rebecca Mortellaro
    Rebecca Mortellaro Month ago +1

    Congratulations Mykie that is a big accomplishment!! I love your videos and your work, keep doing your thing girl!!

  • Lauren Ruffner
    Lauren Ruffner Month ago

    What are those lashes??

  • Leah Damron
    Leah Damron 2 months ago

    Congrats Mykie! I love your channel!

  • Jazzy Cat Fernandez
    Jazzy Cat Fernandez 2 months ago

    0:53 yes, I will

  • Molly Hayes
    Molly Hayes 2 months ago

    Take a shit everytime mykie says "took/take a chance"

  • Satan
    Satan 2 months ago

    ok this video made me cry. I've been doubting myself more than ever and I feel like you were right there with me encouraging me like an older sister.

  • Maddy Foreman
    Maddy Foreman 2 months ago

    Ok whose going to make the ABBA joke?

  • Riga Ruu
    Riga Ruu 2 months ago

    That style of prison led to a lot of mental illness and suicides due to prisoners being almost 100% isolated during the entirety of their incarceration.

  • Aliyah
    Aliyah 2 months ago

    anyone else have a crush on her?

  • Caroline Karsner
    Caroline Karsner 2 months ago

    thats awesome!!! I'm so grateful i found your channel because i have always loved makeup and things like warp and cosplay, and as a high schooler who has to be thinking about career stuff, you've inspired me to think about makeup as a potential career, and you were even the reason that recently, i finally ordered a handful of fx makeup stuff. so thank you for all you do

  • Carrie Kup
    Carrie Kup 2 months ago +1

    I did not know that you were from my neck of the woods!

  • BrittanySRobinson
    BrittanySRobinson 2 months ago

    Congrats love!! I was wondering about licensing. Your in LA now and they don’t require any type of license to work? Thanks!

  • BrittanySRobinson
    BrittanySRobinson 2 months ago

    Hey love I just came across your page your so cute!!! I just got a job at Sephora In Willow Grove

  • Kristy Vang
    Kristy Vang 2 months ago

    Congrats Mykie! It just shows that hard work pays off. I'm not super interested in being a makeup artist or anything, but I believe in everything you said iij n this video. It's all about people taking chances on you, showing what you've got. And working hard. Thanks for being awesome, girl!!

  • Miss Lady
    Miss Lady 2 months ago

    Just subscribed!! I haven't watched a video of yours that I didn't love!
    I'm trying to get out of my "90s habits"!! lol

  • Ained Martinez
    Ained Martinez 2 months ago

    Super proud love you❤️

  • ChaseliketheBank 420
    ChaseliketheBank 420 2 months ago

    Love you, Mykie!!❤️🧡💛💚💜💙

  • ChaseliketheBank 420
    ChaseliketheBank 420 2 months ago

    Hjello Zumbae!

  • Destani XO
    Destani XO 2 months ago

    Mykie you are such a genuine person! I love you so much!!!

  • Sway Queen
    Sway Queen 2 months ago

    Go Mykie!!! You have inspired me to push myself in make up. You are my favorite make up guru and I love watching your videos and have been for years now. You have worked hard and you deserve all the credit!!!

  • Ethan •_•
    Ethan •_• 2 months ago


  • rebecca kempen
    rebecca kempen 2 months ago

    omg I love the penitentiary its so cool I went there in the summer of 2014
    Love you Mykie you're​ so talented and this all just proves it

  • Rachael Bennie
    Rachael Bennie 2 months ago +1

    A jobby is a poop in Scotland XD

    • Aria Smith
      Aria Smith 2 months ago

      Rachael Bennie I know right if you were to say that referring to a job here in Scotland you would look like a complete weirdo

  • Hippie Housewife
    Hippie Housewife 2 months ago

    Very epic story! Thanks for sharing, inspiring and uplifting 😊🙏💚💚💚

  • allison king
    allison king 2 months ago

    This is so amazing and inspirational. I don't have a desire to do makeup beyond what I need for daily life (I'm a performer so a bit more needed than normal), but your hard work and dedication is so wonderful and refreshing. I hear so many people (women) say "oh I just fell into this" or "I owe this to so and so" when its revealed they actually put in tons of hard work. I feel like there's this stigma to play down the role we play in our own fate. But you it sounds like you freaking killed it at MAC and did what you needed to do to get where you are. Yes, people gave you opportunities, but as women, we should take credit for the amazing efforts we put in to make that 'ish happen. I know people who wouldn't have lasted a month doing what you did. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stories!

  • Vannessa Raska
    Vannessa Raska 2 months ago

    I LOVED Kandee Johnson!!😍😍😂

  • mia barrett
    mia barrett 2 months ago

    Seriously tho why are u soo tanned and olive skinned

  • McKenzie P
    McKenzie P 2 months ago

    Mykie you are just so pretty, intelligent, and talented.

  • Elly H
    Elly H 3 months ago

    What age did you start the makeups and what age were you when you were doing makeups in the prison thing and the MAC store?

  • Jackie Dale
    Jackie Dale 3 months ago +3

    Just learned from this vid that Mykie grew up right around me and it also sounds like she went to the same college as I do? Not positive though. Either way SO COOL! ily

  • Erin Nicole
    Erin Nicole 3 months ago

    This was really helpful because makeup is the only thing that I think I’m okay at it’s the only thing I have motivation for and I’m moving to California next year to get my license to do makeup. I hope my journey goes like yours did thank you for making this video you’re so amazing Mykie ❤️

  • SUPletsdanceee
    SUPletsdanceee 3 months ago

    No waaaay! Didn’t know you started at MAC Macy’s WG!! That’s where I was first hired as a MAC girl in 2013! Now I’m at the Bloomies. So cool!

  • Satalia
    Satalia 3 months ago

    Eastern State is often classified as the most haunted place in the United States, though sometimes it's neck and neck with Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville KY.

  • Nara Duarte
    Nara Duarte 3 months ago +1

    I just "unliked" it, just so i could like it again XD i'm sorry XD you're wonderful, Mykie. I can say, and be completly honest, that you were the reason I (now) like to wear make up, and i'm constantly looking for more ways to improve my skills. My therapist even says I should look for it as a career, given it makes me so calm and happy when I work on it. So thank you. Truely

  • Lisa Oppa
    Lisa Oppa 3 months ago

    I love you mikey your so amazing. Also noticed me please

  • Nevi Meyers
    Nevi Meyers 3 months ago

    god you are so great

  • HikaruLuv76
    HikaruLuv76 3 months ago

    Holla at the Willow Grove mall. First job was North Wales, I feel that.

  • windycitydreaming
    windycitydreaming 3 months ago

    I wish I could like this a few times. I'm a fairly new zombae, but I feel like I stumbled on this channel at exactly the right time. Sometimes, it's really important to be reminded that taking risks and continuing to push through obstacles really can get you where you want to be.

  • Knot Telling
    Knot Telling 3 months ago

    I've been a fan for years! But I never knew you used to live by me! 😍

  • Brooke Murray
    Brooke Murray 3 months ago

    Omg Eastern State too!! This is to cool being from the area.

  • Brooke Murray
    Brooke Murray 3 months ago

    Omg we live about 20 min across the bridge in NJ. If you ever come back this way would love to meet you.

  • casey june
    casey june 3 months ago

    LOL I got my prom makeup done at the exact same mac counter! Small world

  • Anna Krüger
    Anna Krüger 3 months ago

    become a makeup artist seattle

  • Vickythinks
    Vickythinks 3 months ago

    Wow amazing Congrats!!!!!!!! True Idol!!!