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  • Dianely Maldonado
    Dianely Maldonado 4 hours ago

    Congratulations Mykie!!!!! ❤❤❤ You are the best!!!! I love your videos😍🤗👏

  • Widder58
    Widder58 6 hours ago

    When will we see you on Face Off!? You would do great. @glam&gore

  • Amelia Brandon
    Amelia Brandon 7 hours ago

    Dude, Mykie your tutorials have helped me out so much. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS girl!!!

  • Shakyra Holmes
    Shakyra Holmes 7 hours ago

    MYKIE IM SO PROUD OF YOU. you have really came a long way. You are the first person who has ever inspired me to do makeup. I’m so glad I found your channel. I’ve been here since the beginning. Thank you for inspiring me to be better.

  • FoxWolf T
    FoxWolf T 11 hours ago

    Congratulations!! :3
    Could you do a product review of 3second lashes? They might be a good alternative if someone can't seem to get fake lash to stick on with glue. :)

  • kristina maynard
    kristina maynard 13 hours ago

    She’s awesome. I would love to see her do an American horror story inspired FX look somehow

  • Lucid Dream
    Lucid Dream 14 hours ago


  • Kaley Shirley
    Kaley Shirley 15 hours ago

    brb crying

  • Blue MoonStar
    Blue MoonStar 19 hours ago

    Hey!I have the same tree as you in the background!did u get it from hobby lobby?

  • Sophie
    Sophie 21 hour ago

    You’re such an inspiration to me. A strong, talented woman who made life what she wanted it to be with hard work and perseverance. You’re just incredible.

  • Karolina Karolina


  • Emi M
    Emi M Day ago

    One day....

  • Isobella Maher
    Isobella Maher Day ago

    Mykie, could u do a “ ladder in tights” but actually in ur skin. What u think?

  • Zoya Dasa
    Zoya Dasa Day ago

    With this video, I just realized how long I've been subscribed too you. I've been a zombae since your barbie Halloween tutorial :0. Time flies so quickly, and I'm so proud I've been around this long :D.

  • Fiona Thomas
    Fiona Thomas Day ago

    Ahhh! I loved terror behind the walls (i actually have an eastern sweatshirt with me still years later). That's awesome! I'm from that part of the country

  • ee_cookies
    ee_cookies Day ago

    Pls do a unicorn horn tutorial where the horn looks like it’s stabbed through the skin and there is loads of blood an stuff

  • Christy the Bear

    You can't spell

    I love your channel Mykie!!

  • Alyssa Wilson
    Alyssa Wilson Day ago

    Love love love!!! Question...are you and chase still dating? We haven’t seen him in a video lately. Asking for a friend 😅

  • Siobhan Blick
    Siobhan Blick Day ago

    I start college in September and I chose to do media makeup which goes into a lot of these things you spoke about so all of this really helped because now I feel more comfortable knowing that if I start off not to great I can always just practice and go outside my comfort zone to boost my confidence in trying new things to get better at it:))

  • Darci Grace
    Darci Grace 2 days ago

    When will you make your own makeup brand😍

  • Oriana Jayde
    Oriana Jayde 2 days ago

    Thanks so much to Mykie, who is the literal reason I play around with makeup at all! This video is so sweet and inspiring <3
    If any makeup artists (or cosplayers, or ANY artists!) want to support each other on Instagram, drop your Insta here! Let's follow each other! :) I am @golden.gore

  • Adrian Cab
    Adrian Cab 2 days ago

    Do you not do tutorials anymore?

  • Shelley Tamara
    Shelley Tamara 2 days ago

    Congrats Mykie ^_^

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle 2 days ago

    Congrats on being self-made. It's getting harder to do every year.

  • Shannon Mccolligan
    Shannon Mccolligan 2 days ago

    Congratulations!!! Your an amazing, talented, and inspiring beautiful person. So happy for you.

  • Sean McMenemy
    Sean McMenemy 2 days ago

    Do a suicide squad Enchantress Makeup tutorial !!

  • Ryan ButtMooklez
    Ryan ButtMooklez 2 days ago

    hi i named my dog after ripley as a joke and now it’s caught on. my friend recently got into sfx so i recommended you to her. she came to me after a couple hours and asked me “so did you name your dog after her’s or was that a coincidence?” no one else has caught on and i feel attacked.

  • Lily westgerdes
    Lily westgerdes 2 days ago

    You are now going to be my graphite art project.

  • Taylor
    Taylor 2 days ago

    hello, my name is Taylor AND I'm in the last year of high school .. soon, he's going to have carnival in my high school and I would like if you'd like you to make a video on a too cute disguise of the white rabbit Alice in Wonderland .... YOU are my last hope because, you are the only one who has makeup that suits me ... so please ... help me! 😉😘 thank you again and continue what you do because you are the best !!!! 💟💟💟💟💟💟

  • Hannah Alexander
    Hannah Alexander 2 days ago

    You should do a tutorial on sanitation for both beauty and fx

  • Jacqueline S.
    Jacqueline S. 2 days ago

    This video was made on my wedding day! Congratulations by the way, MYKIE!

  • Space.brigade
    Space.brigade 2 days ago

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  • Jena Kat
    Jena Kat 3 days ago

    Am I the only one that thought of Mammamia every time she said take a chance on me?

  • El Cat
    El Cat 3 days ago

    I am on my period and its been a bad day for me so the video really made me feel good but the ending blood was freaky lol

  • Alyssum Ivy
    Alyssum Ivy 3 days ago

    unrelated but I couldn't stop staring at your eyelashes the whole time... i need them

  • mindy lee
    mindy lee 3 days ago

    I love that lip color on you

  • Tori Borgna
    Tori Borgna 3 days ago

    i can not stop looking at your lashes!!!! what are they?!?!

  • HouseofBoo138
    HouseofBoo138 3 days ago

    That’s cool you worked at ESP. I just went there for the first time over Christmas holiday. My boyfriend went to terror behind the wall all the time growing up

  • Marissa Gossage
    Marissa Gossage 3 days ago

    My friend and I would like to know how to get sponsors!! Please help!! You’re my makeup goddess!

  • bayleigh berry blast

    I love you so much you're an amazing TVclipr and I'm so inspired by you I'm hoping to become a professional special effects artist one day and you help me be inspired by that so thank you so much for being such a great inspiration

  • Tyjo Urie
    Tyjo Urie 3 days ago


  • Tyjo Urie
    Tyjo Urie 3 days ago

    My kid I need tips I need to do a cool makeup look but it can’t be to gore cause it’s for a school contest any tips?

  • Rachael O'Grady
    Rachael O'Grady 3 days ago

    Wow! So very cool! Congratulations

  • Violet-Marie Guy
    Violet-Marie Guy 3 days ago

    you are an amazing person!!! mykie, you gave me a passion for makeup and love your videos!! thanks sooo much!!!

  • Kelsey Peters
    Kelsey Peters 3 days ago

    Totes want the Shape of Water cover

  • Kelsey Peters
    Kelsey Peters 3 days ago

    How do you not have the butt-hole lip problem? Where you see the edge of your lipstick on the inside of your lip

  • bbygirlleticia
    bbygirlleticia 3 days ago

    Mykie i absolutely adore you this makes my heart so happy to see you succeed have watched your channel grow since the beginning over the years you inspire so many people to pursue their love in makeup!

  • Savvy Yerkey
    Savvy Yerkey 3 days ago

    OMG. Mykie I was just thinking about a video idea you could do. You could do a video with a subscriber, where you just teach them how to do different kinds of makeup. It would be a really good video idea for you

  • Fox_beauty
    Fox_beauty 3 days ago

    I need to find that magazine! I think b&n carries it

  • Michelle
    Michelle 3 days ago

    My only question is.....what lashes are you wearing?? Holy Moly 😍

  • Jenn O'Donnell
    Jenn O'Donnell 3 days ago

    Willow Grove represent!!! 😘

  • Tenebrae Epsilon
    Tenebrae Epsilon 3 days ago

    GET 'EM GIRL!!! <3<3<3

  • Nicoleebee
    Nicoleebee 3 days ago

    Your smile is killer!

  • Kaitlin Thompson
    Kaitlin Thompson 3 days ago

    Is that her natural hair or is it a wig??

  • Tasoq
    Tasoq 4 days ago

    That's so cool you're in Makeup Artist!!! Congratulations!

  • Sierra Jayasinghe
    Sierra Jayasinghe 4 days ago

    It is so true that it is a tough road to travel! I'm currently in the student film part of this journey, working various student sets doing both 'traditional' and sfx makeup, and you are the reason! I never k ew I could do this as work, I just did Cosmo school and never believed I'd be good enough to do makeup on anyone else but me ( and I'm not even good at that!)
    Keep working hard and deep inspiring those who didn't believe but now are trying their hardest! ❤❤

  • hopelovestyler
    hopelovestyler 4 days ago +4

    lovin the fetus mykie photos

  • Michael C. Otto
    Michael C. Otto 4 days ago

    Just checking things out here in TVclip land and saw your video and watched. You are a awesome lady and I hope you go far doing what you do. Your upfront, honest, and give good insight. I'm just very impressed with you as a person and I wanted to let you know. Keep making up the world to be scary or beautiful and hopefully one day we'll see you at the Oscar's.

  • Athena Teschendorf
    Athena Teschendorf 4 days ago

    Congratulations on being featured in Make-Up Artist Magazine! That is such a huge accomplishment!!!

  • Abbey So
    Abbey So 4 days ago

    I come for the content but stay because I can't stop staring at your face because you're just so darn gorgeous.

  • Sasha Shallies
    Sasha Shallies 4 days ago

    I got offered a job at pennhurst and at Jason’s woods cuz of my sfx makeup lol

  • Dana Magee
    Dana Magee 4 days ago

    what lashes and lip color is that?

  • Grace Petterson
    Grace Petterson 4 days ago

    couldn't stop staring at your eyes the entire video, what lashes??

  • DearMary V
    DearMary V 4 days ago

    I'm so proud of you!!

  • Outerspace Weirdo
    Outerspace Weirdo 4 days ago

    You are my makeup idol I you are my favorite makeup artist on TVclip

  • Desirexxdarkxvon
    Desirexxdarkxvon 4 days ago


  • Ash Smith
    Ash Smith 4 days ago

    You be inspired me so much in makeup. It's my passion and I thank you for all of your dedication to us so that we know we can make it roo in this CRAZY world!!

  • Cass _
    Cass _ 4 days ago

    If you worked at the Mac in the Lehigh valley mall, you probably could of saw me there when I was little, I went there a lot

  • Qcknd
    Qcknd 4 days ago

    Yes! I am a thousand percent here for you following your dreams and being proud of it!👊

  • Alivia Ballenti
    Alivia Ballenti 4 days ago

    You look like the laughing arctic fox

  • Dara Smith
    Dara Smith 4 days ago

    This is so inspiring! I love all of your videos Mykie :) You're amazing! I'm really glad you made this video because I knew you didn't go to school for makeup and was curious how you became so fluffin awesome.

  • Julia Marie
    Julia Marie 4 days ago

    this video really gives me the confidence to go forward with my career path, which is a beauty makeup artist/ spfx makeup artist. I've been watching you for a long time and when i found your channel i was like "ah! shes doing exactly what i want to do!" so i have related to you very much. i have had the same career goal for about 7 years now, but i'm just a freshman in college. and not even in a makeup school yet. i have had a few opportunities to showcase my skills and some paid, but nothing BIG...yet. which ins't too surprising considering i live in Idaho, and not only are there NO makeup stores in the part i live, but also no opportunities for the career i'm going for. i'm really hoping i can make my break in the makeup industry. i know its hard to start this kind of thing, but I've wanted this for a long time now, so hopefully something good will come my way. I've always loved your channel and it really inspires me to keep on keeping on! so thank you for being you and giving me the confidence to do what i love. <3 love you!!

  • Tamara Ford
    Tamara Ford 4 days ago

    I adore you Mykie! I am considerably older than you, but still very young at heart. I love everyone of your videos and look forward to the release of each and every new one you release. I don’t know why you would say that no one would want to hang out with you because you are amazing and would be a blast to hang with. I would love to break into makeup videos for my age range because they are very limited.

  • kelly casey
    kelly casey 4 days ago

    i cried.
    then i went to their website and bought two of the magazines!!!
    i’m so fluffin’ proud of you, it hurts. 💖😭💖

  • Cassidy King
    Cassidy King 4 days ago

    This genuinely made me so so happy! I am so glad I found you because I absolutely love watching you! You are one of the best in my eyes and so many others! You deserve everything and all the recognition in the world because you are literally so talented! I love you so so much girl! Keep doing you zombae!

  • Upsidedown Stuff
    Upsidedown Stuff 4 days ago

    Do an eleven tutorial after she kills the demogorgon her face has faint blue cracks and her nose is bleeding and u really want to put black eye contacts

  • Jessica Longhorn
    Jessica Longhorn 4 days ago +1

    I have been watching glam and gore for three years now and you are the reason I am into Sfx makeup and next month I have an interview for university for a three year sfx course and it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for this channel ☺️ just want to say thank you!

  • marta Alves
    marta Alves 4 days ago

    I remember starting watching her on youtube and how she got me into make up and watching other mua bue all comes down to mikey and I love u for that to had helped me find my passion

  • LindaMalfoy
    LindaMalfoy 4 days ago


  • Lemony1456
    Lemony1456 4 days ago

    Yeah Terror Behind the Walls! I had friends that worked on that back in 2010 - maybe it was around the same time!

  • stefanie cuadra
    stefanie cuadra 4 days ago

    love the vids where you show insight on your career/story, i learn a lot. thank you!

  • pauline •
    pauline • 4 days ago

    Very insightful and inspiring. Not only for someone who wants to pursue a career in make up artistry, but in general.
    Also - background music is definitely on point.

  • kay
    kay 4 days ago

    omg the dexter costume tho

  • Molly Follmer
    Molly Follmer 4 days ago


  • Katie Hart
    Katie Hart 4 days ago

    I've only been freelancing for a few years, but I am so thankful to the people that hired me my first few jobs. I had very little photos of my work. I got into it because I was always in to doing my makeup, that turned into doing my friends makeup and then that turned into doing my friend's bridal makeup. I have a office job M-F but freelancing ends up taking up a lot of my weekends. It's so much fun and good to have a little extra money coming in. I've always been creative and I love that I have an outlet for it.

  • Yeymy Beltran
    Yeymy Beltran 4 days ago

    I freaking love you mykie ! I'm so glad things are going good for you after years all the hard working years ! Congrats beautiful 😍😊

  • starkissedjade
    starkissedjade 4 days ago

    My Alexa responded to Mykie yelling at her Alexa. But, sorry, she doesn't know how to 'shut her face'

  • Dawn Riot
    Dawn Riot 4 days ago

    You're amazing, Mykie. Thank you for making this video.

  • Maggie Pimm
    Maggie Pimm 4 days ago

    hello mykie

  • Puze
    Puze 4 days ago

    Please do a video where you wear your effects out in public for a day to get reactions!

  • sh.taylr
    sh.taylr 4 days ago

    as far as makeup school goes you’d have to check your state laws and see if it’s required in order to do makeup for clientele i know in louisiana it’s illegal by state board law to be paid for doing makeup on a client without a license.

  • Teresa Barela
    Teresa Barela 4 days ago

    I love you and your videos like you said watching your videos is inspiring me to experiment and practice with my own make up just in little under 1 year I've gotten so much better and I have you to thank! ❤❤❤

  • Steph B
    Steph B 4 days ago

    Man Mykie, I discovered your channel quite a few months ago and I have just been in love. I binged all your old videos and watch the new ones right away. You have so much passion and talent and you have such a shining personality. You always inspire me to be my true self and just be me. Congratulations on your feature, that is SOO exciting :) x

  • Ashley Doniego
    Ashley Doniego 4 days ago

    Is it true you don't have to have a license to be a make up artist? Like u do to cut hair? That's what my school told me...I go to the gene Juarez academy thinking I'd go into make up but they don't have a make up corse

  • Michaella Stewart
    Michaella Stewart 4 days ago


  • Kimber Morrison
    Kimber Morrison 4 days ago

    Thanks to you, I have been getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things that I never thought I would be able to achieve. I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done its amazing.

  • Cassandra Amore
    Cassandra Amore 4 days ago

    I wish the UK was talented over here you could be amazing makeup artist but can not make it over here in Britain

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child 4 days ago

    omg first of all i love u so much and u cant imagine how inspiring this vieo is thank you so much for being so nice and awesome artist and thank u for sharing ur story sending love from egypt !

  • rachel snyder l-/
    rachel snyder l-/ 4 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Ellen White
    Ellen White 4 days ago

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss <3 <3