America's Got Talent 2018 Week 5 All Auditions Including Rob Lake, Joseph O'Brien! Got Talent Global


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  • nima ostaniha
    nima ostaniha 10 days ago

    a french guy came for a LITTLE American dream.Thats why you prepare yourself hard for a little dream. why most french people think they fart gold

  • Niranjan Konwer
    Niranjan Konwer 10 days ago

    Finally a new act 20:0

  • Niranjan Konwer
    Niranjan Konwer 10 days ago +2

    0:05 Is it common to have wife at 20 in America?

  • Don Prego
    Don Prego 11 days ago


  • Meinung 3000
    Meinung 3000 13 days ago

    The last Actors was very creepy ☺ wunderful creepy !

  • RoSs A.
    RoSs A. 13 days ago +1

    @ 4:32 Simon be arching that back for the selfie, tryna pop that booty....I see what you did there Simon👀😂

  • Andrew Smeragulio
    Andrew Smeragulio 14 days ago

    Magic man had to have a double

  • عبدالرحمن السبيعي

    The last guy is good I like it

  • Miss Sparkles
    Miss Sparkles 17 days ago

    Heidi Klum is such a rude ignorant B

  • tram or
    tram or 18 days ago

    лысый в ахуе

  • EndofUSA
    EndofUSA 19 days ago +2

    Glenice Grace must be given a big break!!! SHE REALLY HAS A VOICE!!!

  • Bonidee Lee
    Bonidee Lee 19 days ago

    Transgender living a life meant to deceive mostly herself. Sad.

    • Vulcaneer900
      Vulcaneer900 18 days ago

      That looked like a Dude to me. I didn't see no Adams Apple but the Jaw Bone was huge. The shoulders way wide. Sholders wider than the hips. It is harder to Trans a male to female than vice-versa.
      You can pad shoulders.. etc. It's hard to get rid of the Adams Apple, and a wide Jaw.

  • fabio francisco
    fabio francisco 20 days ago

    Poderia ter legendado em portugues todu

  • American aboriginal SUN

    that part @24:01

  • Moni Rules
    Moni Rules 21 day ago

    Wish there were more like buttons..

  • Andrew Smeragulio
    Andrew Smeragulio 22 days ago +1

    AGT should not allow anyone to use judge or audience for any dangerous acts like the motorcycle. What if this guy made a mistake Howie would have been hurt or worse.

  • R. L.
    R. L. 24 days ago

    Of course he just HAD to mention he was transgender, how will that help him win because he mentioned it for some reason? So sad!

    • Vulcaneer900
      Vulcaneer900 18 days ago

      I think it was a Dude just saying he is Trans. The whole thing looked staged. Look at it again. The Media is pushing this as hard as they pushed Gay Marriage.
      They are PROMOTING Transgender and Drag Kids for God's Sake.!! 11yrs old in Drag.!! WTF.?!!!

  • Jay
    Jay 27 days ago +1

    Tyra is so beautiful, it's almost inhuman. There is no god.

  • Aleksandar Jocic
    Aleksandar Jocic 29 days ago

    America please help Serbia

  • si mohand said seddiki

    Great ##

  • Fazlul Wahab
    Fazlul Wahab Month ago +1

    Very good

  • helder capela
    helder capela Month ago

    that's why AGT is top , the other one that comes close for singing is Holland got talent

  • arief fly
    arief fly Month ago

    Waw.. like this

  • Moe Sharif
    Moe Sharif Month ago

    Goddamn demons couldn't be compelled by Jesus, so now they think they got talent too!

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor Month ago

    The Dude on the Violin, is the Jimmy Hendrix of the Violin, the Dude is really good.

  • Anton Forsberg
    Anton Forsberg Month ago

    They just had to add engine sound tp that elektric trial... they just had to..... 20;30

  • william smith
    william smith Month ago +1

    Not trying to be a pervert but that girl @1:35 with the long hair and showing cleavage is extremely cute! I wish the zipper went lower! This a complement, "if you got it, flaunt it"!

  • Teresa Badolato
    Teresa Badolato Month ago

    brian brian brian

  • Teresa Badolato
    Teresa Badolato Month ago

    the 2nd guy is UNBELIEVABLE WTH

    BSVEVO1 Month ago

    Tyra: “3 x’s mama” 😂

  • al amin
    al amin Month ago

    The last guy looks like the man who has the power of freezing(i forgot the name) in The Incredibles 1 and 2

  • Panch Dev Bhatta
    Panch Dev Bhatta Month ago

    How that happens? Magic!? The guy who took selfie with Simon?

  • Jorge Antonio Romero Espinola

    This program, is not "América got talent"..
    Is "U.S.A. got talent"...
    Brasil, Paraguay, Argentina, México, etc; son parte de "AMÉRICA"... Pero no veo a ningún participante de estos países...

  • 10,000 subs without a video? _

    How to win: say you had cancer or someone died

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin Month ago +1

    Why is it always the bald guy

  • Adolphe L.
    Adolphe L. 2 months ago

    Ofcourse Mel's headass didn't get the old man :\

  • Soud Aziz
    Soud Aziz 2 months ago
    please I need like to this site 👆and like to this name 👇 in his comment to win for free journey
    Soud Al-abdulaziz

  • Newton Firefly
    Newton Firefly 2 months ago

    @Got Talent Global; All performances are enjoyable, entertaining and delightful.
    Better if compilation included full introductions, comments and voting. All and each should have the entire process from introduction through end reviews and voting.

  • Shamila Ziyard
    Shamila Ziyard 2 months ago

    I m a sri lankan teacher I like everything about you but if possible i would like to talk to you

  • Shamila Ziyard
    Shamila Ziyard 2 months ago

    Mr Simon I'm so sorry to see your biography as u know who is the richest and most satisfying person who gets his 3 meals a day

  • Frank Mccrory
    Frank Mccrory 2 months ago

    The last guy is my absolute fav, the 2019, African-American, Fabulously-Fierce, Exorcist! Movie would be super scary!

  • Dayann Rodriguez
    Dayann Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Whats name for one?

  • Phum Khmer School
    Phum Khmer School 2 months ago

    very fantastic

  • Gabriel Mera
    Gabriel Mera 2 months ago

    Apenas canta alto la gente aplaude ya aburre la misma mierda

  • Denny s
    Denny s 2 months ago

    I'm sorry to say I'm unsubscribing. Tired of the intrusive ads

  • mirta De Pelares
    mirta De Pelares 2 months ago

    last one impossible

  • carrie berman
    carrie berman 2 months ago

    I liked the guy that can walk on all fours back wards, my granddaughter can do that she is 8, that cracked me up,!

  • Misty Conley
    Misty Conley 2 months ago

    Last guy was creepy cool the best !!

  • Steve Mazz
    Steve Mazz 2 months ago

    This Spice Girl is dumb as a rock.

  • ToRi Valentine
    ToRi Valentine 2 months ago

    Is there anyone knows the second song that Joseph sang after Hello?

  • Hercu Les
    Hercu Les 2 months ago

    02:37: a herd of beauties!

  • Marilouise McNemar-Dean

    Wow, please listen to Joseph O'Brien with your eyes closed. Unbelievable.

  • Tracy NAMUBIRU
    Tracy NAMUBIRU 2 months ago

    This last guy

  • Tracy NAMUBIRU
    Tracy NAMUBIRU 2 months ago

    These judges are swt

  • SengirShowsU
    SengirShowsU 2 months ago

    That was the Prestige Level of the teleported man.

  • poisiion
    poisiion 2 months ago +1

    For god sake show judges feedback reaction after the acts end, so stupid of you guys to skip that part!

  • Beth B
    Beth B 2 months ago

    I would LOVE to see a concert ffeaturing this guy, and Apollo (keyboard, previous winner). They would be incredible together.

  • Metos Panganiban
    Metos Panganiban 2 months ago

    Watching it in the middle of the night

  • William F. Henry
    William F. Henry 2 months ago

    Do not move? I think Howie probably had a very cleansing movement!

  • sol666
    sol666 2 months ago

    Is that priest from the exorcist still alive?

  • Uncle Bizket
    Uncle Bizket 2 months ago

    Who said going to the human resources office is not that bad get a load of what you might encounter it will make you want to come back

  • Angel Eve
    Angel Eve 2 months ago

    That last one was a demon. No way it was human

    INHUMANENATION 3 months ago

    Gay ppl sure are talented

  • Eye One
    Eye One 3 months ago

    That last nigga is a demon

  • Benson Otega
    Benson Otega 3 months ago

    Hawai lost his heart in the bike demo

  • Siamisang Abesai
    Siamisang Abesai 3 months ago

    indeed america has got talent

  • Canro Hutabarat
    Canro Hutabarat 3 months ago

    Its no funny again..i really hate what they do for me

  • Alyssa Thomas
    Alyssa Thomas 3 months ago

    They need to ban people from calling judges and audience members up. What if you're not that good at your dangerous routine? You could get somebody hurt or killed. If you have a magic act or stunt that requires extra people you should bring someone with you.

  • Gyanu Kumar
    Gyanu Kumar 3 months ago


  • Diana Reye
    Diana Reye 3 months ago

    OMG Simon poniendo la cruz 😮amazing!I love it 😘😘

  • DoZ
    DoZ 3 months ago

    the violinist has the face of "I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's cool!" xD

  • Honeydew360
    Honeydew360 3 months ago

    I thought i was the only virgin but the first guy is just like me. Still no gf, still no kiss, still no date. Nothing and im 19 years old

  • Special Tips
    Special Tips 3 months ago

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  • Siyabonga Sibiya
    Siyabonga Sibiya 3 months ago

    Last guy.. what's happening in the human resources department???

  • Chris Bennett
    Chris Bennett 3 months ago


  • Matthew Thacker
    Matthew Thacker 3 months ago

    Troy is the black slenderman

  • Nazrul Islam
    Nazrul Islam 3 months ago


  • Karen Roach
    Karen Roach 3 months ago

    "Broadie Ray" sings a song about being who you are, um slight problem she was born a woman now she's trying to be a man do like your songs says, "except yourself be a woman"

  • bon apet
    bon apet 3 months ago +4

    last guy amazing

  • Jonas Sami
    Jonas Sami 3 months ago

    The host, with a pretty face full of makeup and plastic surgery, should take a second look at her goals.

  • Nikolette Muriko
    Nikolette Muriko 3 months ago

    Glenece.....You flooded my body wirh goose bumps.....IPerfection your it!You had to wait for 39yrs to shime like this!!Your voice is so rich and beautiful, must surely win....Its like Whitney Houston...all over again...but more

  • Karen Carney
    Karen Carney 3 months ago +1

    Brody:"I'm transgender, i was born a female.."
    Mel B: "(pause) Good for you"...
    What the hell? That's the BEST u could come up w? *smh*

    • SengirShowsU
      SengirShowsU 2 months ago

      What else is she supposed to say?

  • Karen Carney
    Karen Carney 3 months ago +1

    I cant believe the first act..he never had a gf or kissed thats total bs! Hes gonna get mad p*ssy after this....

  • sabrina ponnet
    sabrina ponnet 3 months ago

    wow very good song ♥...1...that of that mother was super bad....that violinist is super good I love that music.....With that motto you are dangerous but he does it pretty cool.... she’s the next Whitney Houston....♥

  • Wa Lee
    Wa Lee 3 months ago


  • T A
    T A 3 months ago

    So weird seeing Glennis here since she's already famous and stuff

  • Srey Oun
    Srey Oun 3 months ago

    Where David I like him

  • Massage Therapist
    Massage Therapist 3 months ago

    I gotta ask is that guy yes the last one human

  • Mwamini Kimnana you are amazing oppa

    how is watching right now with me

  • عاشقة الرومانسية


  • Vina Chapagain
    Vina Chapagain 3 months ago

    21:05 🤣 now he's afraid to be judge! Lolll

  • Anh Thư Phùng Thị
    Anh Thư Phùng Thị 3 months ago

    Who can tell me that song at 08:52?

  • Mr Jhin
    Mr Jhin 3 months ago

    is it too late to make a STRETCHY joke ?

  • Марат Тасбулатов

    Лучше Димаш некто не споет"Hello"

  • Citadella eM
    Citadella eM 3 months ago

    jsou takovy picviny ,ze si nemuzes ani zapalit u toho ne ze by stara rva,ale si prepity tak piv ze pici jsou hodiny a min v nici na co jineho se divat nez na tskovy picoviny kam yt te zatahne s + promilema

  • Hellen Nyaberi
    Hellen Nyaberi 3 months ago

    nyc song thumbs up Guy.. wachting From kenya

  • Roses1401
    Roses1401 3 months ago

    15:31 that was awesome!!!

  • Cindy  Ashton
    Cindy Ashton 4 months ago

    mel b be acting dunb as hell

  • Van HasVoice
    Van HasVoice 4 months ago

    "Howie allowing this" ? xD Gurrl xD he was frozen from fear

  • Faith Obeid
    Faith Obeid 4 months ago +1

    I wanna kiss that guy