• Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • New NBA Basketball Challenge!
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  • Moochie
    Moochie 3 months ago +854

    Tag ur grandmas I’m tryna get adopted

    • FourAsh 4323
      FourAsh 4323 28 days ago


    • Ethan Frazier
      Ethan Frazier Month ago

      My nameEthan😂❤️💞🥰

    • Ethan Frazier
      Ethan Frazier Month ago

      Moochie do you mean evolution🏀 chorizo bling bling bling jewelry show movies go baby bling do bees go boom bang bang Bebe Bebe Bebe triple bees go Blaine Blaine Blaine big golf LaMelo Ball little ball blah blah ball Lonzo ball wife know you know all the house sister🏀🏀♨️😯🏠🏡🏠

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago


  • Reginald Buchanan
    Reginald Buchanan 22 days ago

    My boy Jesser got range

  • Damian strahl
    Damian strahl 22 days ago

    Why Jesser he is only 19!!!

  • עדי חדד
    עדי חדד 29 days ago

    1:35 what is that weird ass run

  • 2kKing Cam
    2kKing Cam Month ago

    Dose any one know the name of the song for moochies shot

  • v Mystic
    v Mystic Month ago

    Jess go fishing/basketball challenge

  • DREW Spams
    DREW Spams Month ago

    Hasten Jesser know not to rub your I if you touch a hot pepper 9:07

  • Ethan Frazier
    Ethan Frazier Month ago

    I made that Jesse later how did Mile Jessie how do you manage later😯🏠🏡🏀

  • H7z_ Liam
    H7z_ Liam Month ago +1

    Jessew u should get a tattoo

  • Silly Junior
    Silly Junior Month ago

    Can you not but beat drops before you hit a shot and spoils it

  • Gabriel Rivera
    Gabriel Rivera Month ago

    U said mopi

    DRIZZY JAY 2 months ago

    Jesser why u run like that hands all gay haha look dumb asf

  • JAHk Franfroy
    JAHk Franfroy 2 months ago

    Come out to Seattle bro

  • Luis Molina
    Luis Molina 2 months ago

    What song is this on 3:55

  • Keem Ibrahim
    Keem Ibrahim 2 months ago

    Jesser honestly makes my day better after school when I get pissed off.. fr

  • Nick Wall
    Nick Wall 2 months ago

    What's the song when moochie hits the granny shot?

    BISCUITtheDOG 2 months ago +1

    1,000 comment!!!

  • Aaron Fowlds
    Aaron Fowlds 2 months ago


  • Sergio Campos
    Sergio Campos 2 months ago

    The most eciding part and a add pops up

  • Dubstep Prince
    Dubstep Prince 2 months ago

    There's 7 continents

  • CarWater_Akbar
    CarWater_Akbar 2 months ago +2

    Who else saw the hella curve balls Mitchell was throwing

  • Mohamed Abdurahman
    Mohamed Abdurahman 2 months ago

    What is the beat at 4:10

  • Noah james Carver
    Noah james Carver 2 months ago

    When miTcheL hit the granny shot I got a Macca’s ad😂

  • Drizzy 2k20
    Drizzy 2k20 2 months ago +1

    Whats the noise at 7:09

  • Jacob Hwang
    Jacob Hwang 2 months ago

    song @ 4:17?

  • Богдан Корчаков

    Привет русским))

  • WaavyStamped
    WaavyStamped 2 months ago

    i finlly gotchu just dm see

  • WaavyStamped
    WaavyStamped 2 months ago

    i finlly gotchu just dm see

  • Jakov Kadić
    Jakov Kadić 2 months ago

    Few minutes later:Jesser gets habanero pepper.
    Karma is a bitch

  • ImMrGuy _YT
    ImMrGuy _YT 2 months ago

    Hi hi hi

  • George Safar
    George Safar 2 months ago

    jesse you down to 1v1 sometime?

  • Jimmy Hall
    Jimmy Hall 2 months ago

    This vid is edited perfectly.

  • SiiK Rococo
    SiiK Rococo 2 months ago

    When jessie got rocked i fukin died omg

  • ClashWithCow
    ClashWithCow 2 months ago

    Goddamn Mitchell really should've stayed in school

  • FaV Modz
    FaV Modz 2 months ago

    I’m not excited for NBA 2K20 I don’t have money to buy it :(

  • Tristan Angelo Payumo
    Tristan Angelo Payumo 2 months ago

    And also jesser your my favorite youtuber

  • Tristan Angelo Payumo
    Tristan Angelo Payumo 2 months ago

    What are the names of your song in the video?

  • Jayden Low
    Jayden Low 2 months ago

    I thought he was the midget

  • Ericwithan A
    Ericwithan A 2 months ago

    He made that first shot cause of the jersey 🔴⚫️⚪️

  • tyhir Phillips
    tyhir Phillips 2 months ago


  • Braylon Wilson
    Braylon Wilson 2 months ago

    Jesser what is that song call when moochie made the second shot cold by bar wire

  • RF SW3T
    RF SW3T 2 months ago

    A. Aa

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 2 months ago

    Moochie needs to go back to 6th grade

  • Jan Carrasquillo
    Jan Carrasquillo 2 months ago

    Don’t drink fairlife kids

  • Cade Desmarais
    Cade Desmarais 2 months ago

    I know he plays like every video, but what is the name of the song at 4:20?

  • Casper ‘
    Casper ‘ 2 months ago

    i knew this video was going to go until the pepper was eaten

  • nashwan algumaei
    nashwan algumaei 2 months ago

    whats up

  • Hoodlum 503
    Hoodlum 503 2 months ago

    Sweet jersey!!

  • XD Rawr
    XD Rawr 2 months ago

    Jessie’s run tho😂

  • Karmari A.
    Karmari A. 2 months ago

    “you probably never heard of this but shout out to seek geek”

  • Lil Overdose vevo YT
    Lil Overdose vevo YT 2 months ago

    is that the shock making the noise or is that editing

  • Tucker Mingus
    Tucker Mingus 2 months ago

    These videos make me laugh and smile😂

  • Brian Arebalo
    Brian Arebalo 2 months ago

    South America and he said Asia smh

    REDMAN AWESOME 2 months ago

    What is the soundtrack called in 4:05

  • kole snyder
    kole snyder 2 months ago

    I used code JSR on my 76ers at Pelicans tickets thanks Jesse

  • Flexican Luv
    Flexican Luv 2 months ago +1

    Moochie getting buff on the low

  • Jigga Boo
    Jigga Boo 2 months ago

    He called him mopi

  • Prodigy 2K
    Prodigy 2K 2 months ago

    Mitchell used the backboard cheese and the shaq basket in that deep shot ;)

  • NBA2K & Clash Tutorials

    Who else got a ad when Mitchell was shooting the Granny shot 3/4 court?

  • Nolan Firley
    Nolan Firley 2 months ago

    Jesser: Runs like a fucking velociraptor