Stephen A. is ‘very disgusted’ by the Tim Tebow backlash | First Take

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • Stephen A. Smith comes to the defense of Tim Tebow after the former Heisman Trophy winner took a strong stance against California’s “Fair Pay to Play Act.”
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Comments • 2 503

  • Nate Diaz Couldn't Beat a Rattata

    So now my tax dollars can go to giving someone free college and they can make more money than me off my tax dollars while benefiting from said tax dollars.

  • Brian Burgess
    Brian Burgess Day ago

    Lov u Tebow. And I'm a UGA fanatic!!! Go Dawgs..

  • Stephen Binder
    Stephen Binder Day ago

    Athletes are getting paid with a free college education, free room and board, cool experience, and an opportunity to showcase yourself for a professional league. Players get all that value and do not have to pay taxes on it. Nobody would do something for free unless they love it and find value in it. If the players did not value the opportunity they would not be there.

  • DickNiaz26
    DickNiaz26 3 days ago

    How the F--- is Stephen A disgusted by Tim Tebow backlash?
    His disgust just makes me hate Tebow's argument more. Tim Tebow isn't privileged? The fact that he didn't grow up on the inner streets and never had to worry about going to bed hungry as a kid is more than what some other kids have to go through.

  • 2 Claps and a Rick Flair

    Tim needs to shut his mouth

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez 3 days ago

    Tebow time!

  • Theoriginal thinker
    Theoriginal thinker 4 days ago

    Stephen A, you know that there are those, all on the left, that feel as if you don't agree with them, you open yourself to name calling. And regardless to what the disagreement was, the name calling will 90% of the time, revolve around "race".

  • Movimiento de F.E.
    Movimiento de F.E. 4 days ago

    Somebody tell SAS to get better ties! Those are too boring and pretty big for his neck.

  • Movimiento de F.E.
    Movimiento de F.E. 4 days ago

    I think the athletes should get $$ for their performance. Its a BUSINESS and athletes are kind of slaves of said BUSINESS, owned by the NCAA. Tim Tebow has a lot of $$. Many of those athletes will never gat to that. I disagree with the hate against Tim.

  • Movimiento de F.E.
    Movimiento de F.E. 4 days ago

    Interesting! In the past SAS was the District Attorney against Tebow the QB and today SAS is his Lawyer defending him against the Media.

  • Huggybear 2Gunz
    Huggybear 2Gunz 5 days ago +1

    And you know my boy Tim Tebow’s in the back like OK let it happen University of Florida we got Gatorade money baby

  • Geoff Simpkins
    Geoff Simpkins 5 days ago +1

    They get paid by virtue of the scholarship money, extra training table food, better medical care, tutoring, team travel. Maybe this should be valued and taxed if they get to license their names or likeness.

    CHIGGS 58TH 6 days ago

    The "amateur" went out of college sports decades ago.

  • James B. Hall, MD
    James B. Hall, MD 7 days ago

    You don't have to curse Stephen A. You too intelligent to have to use 4 letter words to get your point across. ESPN doesn't pay you for that. 2 years old kids can use 4 letter words. We want to hear obfuscate, mitigate, contemplate, dissemination, digress, culpability, sedulous. We hear enough 4 letter words from the dumb people, so entertain us, man!!

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 7 days ago +1

    Like to get rid of molly

  • Jonathan Thomas
    Jonathan Thomas 8 days ago

    Good on you, Stephen A.!!! I agree with everything you said. I don't agree with Tebow a 100%, but I think he has a legitimate concern.

  • Lettuce Man
    Lettuce Man 8 days ago

    If you start paying them than you won’t get the best of the best athletes.

  • JD Tackett
    JD Tackett 8 days ago +2

    1st off, Love Tim Tebow and respect him a ton, and everyone should know they don’t have to 100% agree with someone else’s perspective all of the time, Tim has his view point just like each of us has our own, we ought to be grateful for multiple perspectives and remain respectful in the midst of differences, I do think it’s messed up in a sense that players are some of the only ones not making a profit when they put so much at risk as well as invest so much into the sport, that being said, I think whatever is decided must be done with many different perspectives being brought together to arrive at the best possible decision for all involved, it won’t be perfect of course but at least we should try to set a strong foundation for adjustments moving forward. 😉

  • juan arcila
    juan arcila 8 days ago

    A lot of those players won’t make enough for tuition, food, supplies, and accommodations. That’s the reality. Don’t forget about those lovely taxes in California. Are they still going to give them a scholarship? That would be ridiculous to pay them and give them a free ride. This law is going to be nothing but trouble.

  • Jon Cross
    Jon Cross 8 days ago +1

    I'm sure him loving the Lord Jesus had nothing to do with this.. yea right, Twitter loves a white Christian male beat down.

  • Tommy Roberts
    Tommy Roberts 9 days ago

    I totally agree with Tim

  • Jacqueline Taylor
    Jacqueline Taylor 9 days ago

    Actually your very disgusting be quiet sometime

  • Perry Cary
    Perry Cary 9 days ago

    There is a HBCU rise about to happen. That's why they're going to throw crumbs.

  • Eddie Marin
    Eddie Marin 9 days ago

    Why is molly still there?

  • Jason C.
    Jason C. 9 days ago

    Tim Tebow 😆

  • Mike Tackett
    Mike Tackett 10 days ago +1

    Purity at it's finest brash when it's needed and the truth in every breath and love and honor of the games in all of his words there is none better than S.A.S he's the man and he's the final word in sports

  • Jay Reed
    Jay Reed 10 days ago +1

    If only Lavar Ball received this amount "fairness of opinion" Tebow is getting. . .

    • Jay Reed
      Jay Reed 6 days ago

      @Roma Wade That's from YOUR perspective, correct?

    • Roma Wade
      Roma Wade 7 days ago

      Jay Reed all bout how one comes off. Lavar ball made him n his whole family look like jackasses. Tim Tebow has never made him self let alone his whole family look stupid.

  • Shaun Sweeney
    Shaun Sweeney 10 days ago

    The NCAA is getting paid Billions of Dollars! Any organization that uses another person's image and likeness and makes money off those person's images and likeness is robbing the athletes of due share. End of story! The NCAA is criminal organization!

  • Kenneth Cossette
    Kenneth Cossette 11 days ago

    Screw collage

  • A-D Daigrepont
    A-D Daigrepont 11 days ago

    first take sucks and steven a romo u r an idiot, u don;t want other views y,all just want the demorats view cus its similar to yours

  • MP4-27d
    MP4-27d 11 days ago +1

    If college athletes get paid, what’s the incentive to on to the next level?

    • Pievancl
      Pievancl 8 days ago

      Umm making more money? Most will not be set for life or anywhere close with a college pay day.

    • stevemtc1
      stevemtc1 9 days ago

      Football and basketball even baseball players have value to the schools but the problem is are the soccer and the volleyball and the swimmers want money

  • b harty
    b harty 11 days ago

    We all know the NCAA is a scam. Not having to pay the labor by simply calling them 'student-athletes' is hilarious.. These colleges make billions and give the athletes pennies with a 'free education'. This is long overdue.

  • Ned Robinson
    Ned Robinson 11 days ago +5

    As Lebatard says: “If college classes are such valuable compensation, then compensate Saban and Dabo in 8mil/year worth of college classes and dorm room living.” Instead of a salary, just give them a coupon for a lifetime supply of college classes. Oh wait, that’s a shitty deal? Thought so...

  • Losttouchjs
    Losttouchjs 12 days ago

    Players are getting a free education! They don’t need to be paid!

  • Kris Craine
    Kris Craine 12 days ago

    Everybodies in the comments still arguing their view points and totally missing the whole point of this clip. Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn’t mean it’s time to yell “off with his head” if you constantly surround yourself with people who only think like you, you will never evolve. Argue, debate, and most importantly have a discussion. Just remain civil doing so.

  • evan browne
    evan browne 12 days ago

    I'm disgusted by Tim's hairdoo

  • AmericanDreamAlbum
    AmericanDreamAlbum 12 days ago

    I like Stephen A - he genuinely cares about people. I also like Tim Tebow.- great guys!

  • Altitude Magic
    Altitude Magic 12 days ago

    Only thing worse than homosexuals are brainwashed religious people.

  • Hymedude Silva
    Hymedude Silva 12 days ago

    what's up with all the other sports.....

  • john mayer
    john mayer 12 days ago

    Those in favor of the law, I ask are you viewing this from a slave/master mentality? If you are, you are wrong, the NCAA is a non profit organization. Stop drinking the cool aid.

  • Chad McNeely
    Chad McNeely 12 days ago

    If they are good enough they will be paid millions after college... they go pro after two seasons cmon folks. Also they have free clothes from sponsors free food free housing free tuition free tutors free everything. While the average student leaves school with 40 or 50 thousands in debt. And if they don’t get drafted they owe nothing. Half of these players would not be accepted into college based on their academic abilities. I’m a GA bulldog fan and I seen an interview with one of our wide receivers saying he came to college reading on a 8th grade level really? Think God he can run fast and catch a ball.

  • marcus813
    marcus813 12 days ago

    Truth at 1:54. Different perspectives can be a great thing.

    • Jay Reed
      Jay Reed 10 days ago

      Unless you're Lavar Ball. . .

  • James Burke
    James Burke 12 days ago

    I love this show

  • Jahan Watson
    Jahan Watson 13 days ago

    Are people forgetting the fact that college players are on scholarship and getting a free education how is that not payment

  • Michael Byrnes
    Michael Byrnes 13 days ago

    Love Stephan A man so much respect

  • Art Deco
    Art Deco 13 days ago +1

    *Time for Stephen to get up on the table yet ONCE AGAIN to dance a jig and protect massa...*
    *Don't y'all gets mad ats da white folks now, ya hears me!? Don'ts you DARE! Y'all leave Massa Tim alone at git! Git on now!*

    • john mayer
      john mayer 11 days ago

      Your calling the NCAA a non profit a racist organization, that their rules are formed to keep blacks down, how ignorant are you. Rules that apply to all races and colors. Don't y'all gets mad ats da white folks, your statements tells all ones need to know about your views.

    • Art Deco
      Art Deco 12 days ago

      @john mayer *Hush. Its OK that you're clearly VERY slow, not bright in the least, and regurgitate standard, silly, ahistorical talking point idiot-babble by rote that you've plagiarized from your betters, Reddit-thread escapee. (Not sure why they haven't tossed a net over your head and dragged you back there yet...usually their handlers are good at culling their strays...hmm...anyway). What's NOT OK, is to put that unique brand of stupidity on display for all to see, and in particular, annoy ME with it.*

  • NiceGuyEddie
    NiceGuyEddie 14 days ago

    There's a reason why these rules exist. Gavin Newsom and a lot of people out there have no clue why they were put in place. Once you financially control someone, you can dictate the way they play. Think about that.

    • john mayer
      john mayer 12 days ago

      The NCAA is a non profit, the control is for the good of all. We have to get rid of the slave/master mentality, it does not exist here.

  • Swolace Ferrari
    Swolace Ferrari 14 days ago

    NCAA is one of the biggest rackets in the world!

  • Swolace Ferrari
    Swolace Ferrari 14 days ago +1

    Tebow needs to sit down he’s given everthing in this world and he comes from a rich family his daddy and mommy have all the money so he needs to Shut up!

    • john mayer
      john mayer 12 days ago

      So you would think the non white's would understand the importance of a free education and take advantage of it. Perhaps is it you and your ilk that need to shut your mouth. Too dumb, poor, and ignorant to take advantage of a free education.

  • Nevon Katerson
    Nevon Katerson 14 days ago

    The way the NCAA acts is shady. Why don't we start there?

  • David Darbonne
    David Darbonne 14 days ago

    College sports is great because it's for the university they play for. If guys need money they should go pro I support college athletes. They get free education housing and food with help with classes. That should be enough.

  • Sage Park
    Sage Park 15 days ago

    Tebow is a man of ideals. Amateurism is an ideal that doesn't exist in NCAA anymore. However, I would be very surprised and disappointed if Tebow said something else. Tebow talks the talk and walks the walk.

  • Jesus Navarrete
    Jesus Navarrete 15 days ago

    That's what NCAA takes advantage of Tim Tebow

  • Stan Webb
    Stan Webb 16 days ago

    S.A.S.... I have your back and Tim's too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • H Tenny
    H Tenny 16 days ago

    I kinda wish that all this "I or they play because I love the University." If that was the case, why is there recruiters? Why are there players with a few "3-5" ball caps at press conferences? He can't love them all. The best athletes do what's best for them. Not saying all but the overwhelming majority.

  • Angel Quiroz
    Angel Quiroz 16 days ago

    I fux with Steven A.

  • arogthegriot
    arogthegriot 16 days ago

    How come you don't want to hear the opinions of those that disagree with tebow

  • Bill Lozier
    Bill Lozier 16 days ago +2

    Steven A. is the best. I like Max too. These guys bring their A game every day. Steven A. said it. They didn't do Tebow any favors. That's a man with conviction & accountability & fairness to the truth. Love it.

    • evan browne
      evan browne 12 days ago

      Wonder if he preached to Hernandez

  • tennaj
    tennaj 16 days ago +1

    Tim Tebow is a prime example of white privilege !!

  • Eskomo
    Eskomo 17 days ago

    No... We saw both sides of the arguments.. Ask your fellow ex professional athletes if they agree with Tebows arguments.