• Published on Jun 23, 2019
    Cheating in sports can end an athlete's career in a blink of an eye, it can also cost athletes and teams millions to repair the damage done by after an athlete cheats, some athletes have got away with it while some athletes were caught on live tv and punished shortly after, today we count 10 ATHLETES who got caught cheating
    This first cheating athlete playing in goal was caught damaging the football pitch he was playing on after his team conceded a penalty the goalie has the idea to dig up the dirt near the penalty area so that the penalty taker trips over and misses the penalty, but he was caught shortly after the penalty was taken
    This next baseball player michael pineda was caught with a substance on his neck that he tried to blend in with his skin so nobody would see this substance is called pine tar and is banned in baseball, it helps pitchers get a better grip on the ball helping them pitch with an unfair advantage, he was caught when the referee thought his neck looked suspicious
    Cheating in american football is common but usually comes down to teams spying on each other during practice and using deflated balls, but this cheat that was caught on camera is just dirty, the new york jets coach actually trips up the miami dolphins cornerback, this could have potentially injured the cornerback and could have harmed his career all because of this selfish coach
    This next scandal is quite hard to follow but was one of the biggest scandals in sporting history, this figure skater tonya harding was competing in the olympics with her rival nancy kerrigan, someone in tonya’s team conspired to break nancy kerrigan’s legs so she couldn't compete, and she was attacked but not to the point of broken bones this actually got tonya banned even though she had nothing to do with it, here’s the video of nancy after she was attacked
    Joe neikro another baseball pitcher was ejected from this baseball game after he was caught cheating with an illegal item in his possession, he was asked to empty his pockets and when he did a small sheet of sandpaper fell out sandpaper affects the ball when it’s thrown, it affects the wind resistance which can impact the baters ability to hit the ball, he was ejected from the game
    You wouldn’t think badminton would be a game where people could cheat but thats exactly what happened at the 2012 Olympic Games in London where 8 players were disqualified, the players were from south korea and china and were deliberately hitting the ball into the net and throwing away the win to avoid facing stronger teams in the later rounds
    Diving is a huge problem in football and it happens almost every game, the players will pretend the have been fouled by falling to the floor like theve been tripped in hopes they will recieve a free kick or penalty, this dive in particular is very famous and comes from david luiz, he dives but looks up at the camera and starts laughing knowing full well that he’s cheating

    Paul milsap is a basketball player who was next up to shoot a 3 throw, but when hes about to throw the ball he notices something strange, he notices that the ball he is using is sticky, well it turns out the other team actually used an illegal substance to make the ball sticky so that when paul would throw the ball hed mess up the throw because the ball was sticking to his hand
    This next cheating scandal rocked the boxing world for a long time, billy Collins took a brutal beating in this boxing match against his opponent luis resto, but he took the punches like a champ and his career paid for it after doctors said he shouldnt fight anymore, that's how severe his injuries were from this boxing match, but they were only this severe because luis resto took the padding out of his gloves making the punches more powerful people only found out luis was cheating when billys trainer felt luis’ gloves after the game
    Diego maradonna is a very talented footballer there’s no question about it he was one of the best players to play football, but in the world cup he helped argentina win by using his hand to smack the ball into the net, which crushed football fans around the world
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    Tonya had something to do with it she knew and didnt tell anyone that her and her team paid to have Nancy attacked

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    The last one means it's all happening

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    bguerra4 12 days ago

    David Luiz was kicked/fouled. He laughed because it was his friend Rafael(or Fabio?) who just made the stupid mistake.

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    6:13 say cheese :)

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    The girl in the thumbnail looks like Ashanti.

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    Read this earlier than looking at the video: two There is no gymnast.Edit: She is no longer a gymnast, she is a trampolinist, and this snap seems to be have been from the twenty sixth European Trampoline Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2018. two I dont be aware of who she is, or the place shes from.

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    We all know why we clicked....

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    Tom Slak 16 days ago

    Tonya Harding's "Body guard" was the shitstain that beat Nancy K's legs with a STEEL POLICE BATON. Tell me again that she wasn't involved.

    I'm pretty certain that there are better actors in Football/Soccer than in Hollywood. Probably more of them also. Pro football/soccer is becoming the "WWE/All Star Wrestling" of the pro sports world.

    The audio on the boxing segment is more quiet than a whisper.

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    Billy Collins Jr. died in a car accident 1984 - 9 months after he lost this fight.

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    I swear I didn’t come for the thumb nail

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    Baseball officials aren't called referees. They're called umpires.

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    Pine tar is not banned

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    Fitness Fanatic 26 days ago

    The only 8 division world champion in history.
    The only 5 division "Lineal" champion in history.
    The "Oldest" Welterweight world champion in history.
    The only elected "Congressman / Senator" and a World Champion in history.
    3x Fighter of the Year
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    Defeated 22 World champions (As of July 20, 2019).

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    this is click baiting, the worst form of cheating... there is no gymnast.. do not watch this, or any of this person's videos.....

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    Diving in international soccer (football) isn't cheating, it's just part of the game...

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    south korea cheats... period

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    tonya had everything to do with it she's a cow!

  • Bobbi Estrella
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    Tonya Harding plotted to have Nancy Kerrigan harmed so SHE could win gold; that's why she was banned from skating. She may not have swung the bat, but it was her idea, and she had her boyfriend at the time do her dirty work for her.

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