HOL HD: Adrian Martinez Monday Press Conference

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • Nebraska Quarterback Adrian Martinez meets with the media on Monday following practice to talk about Wisconsin.
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  • Mario S
    Mario S Month ago

    Nebraska will lose Saturday also Martinez seems scared 😱 when he is on the field!!! We have 3 games left and we might not win any of them!!!

  • J eff Patchell
    J eff Patchell Month ago

    Glad you cut your hair. Maybe that will give you some good luck #GBR

  • YouTubeSucks
    YouTubeSucks Month ago +1

    Love the haircut. I think that's the difference maker

  • DoWorkChopper
    DoWorkChopper Month ago +2

    Dear HuskerOnline, do the real fans and the program a solid and disable commenting.

  • Randy Hill
    Randy Hill Month ago

    You know being "Thee Guy" at Nebraska has always been tougher than alot of places and I too am guilty of getting on Adrian when he is playing poorly but honestly how much of that is really his fault....you think that before this season even started the media had picked us to win the west handily.....so he has all those expectations to deal with then his Head Coach puts this "You gotta go out there and be the leader and take responsibility for the Offense....then when things start to go bad he trys too hard to live up to everybody's expectations but his own.....And you gotta say one thing the kid (cause really he is still a kid who might seem nothing bothers him but what do we really know.....maybe he has to ease into the leadership role in his Jr, Year....cause he is only a true sophmore yet) when he screws up he is man enough to own it and sat it was on me.....so I still am convinced he is the right guy but maybe a little of Coach Osborne's tough love here would come in handy....at least sit him down for a series or 2 during a game where he is struggling and force him to see that if he would shut off the outside noise and just go have fun playing ball again......I would bet everything else would fall right into place

    • Aaron Day
      Aaron Day Month ago

      Its also Scott Frost fault for picking this guy up and thought he would be the shit! The dude sucks. No more QB's with the last name Martinez!

  • FX LTD
    FX LTD Month ago +2

    Still love Adrian. He doesn't have the weapons or protection on the same caliber as the top teams. I believe if he did, he'd be among the top tier QB's. I'd be bummed too if I had all that talent but not the weapons needed to shine.

  • Ian Fink
    Ian Fink Month ago

    2AM with the fresh cut 😎😎😎😎😎

  • Steve Meloccaro
    Steve Meloccaro Month ago +2

    This kid looks stressed, he is still a kid. He just needs to play ¬ worry what people think.Most importantly let him have fun & the w's will come.

    • Andrew Bird
      Andrew Bird Month ago

      Steve Meloccaro have you ever notice Scott looks the same way? Both these people love Nebraska and want the best for it. We as fans as a whole need to give them a damn break. They will be successful and unfortunately some of the fan base just has to scream and whine at the top of their lungs

  • Brandon Riggle
    Brandon Riggle Month ago +1

    It was a tough loss, but we will beat the Bye Week next year!

  • Aaron E
    Aaron E Month ago +1

    Adrian, brother, win this game.

  • JaneFonda1942 SF Clan
    JaneFonda1942 SF Clan Month ago +3

    If and it's a big If, Nebraska brings it's A game, Nebraska can win this game. If I were a betting Jane, I'd take Nebraska and the points. Nebraska plays hard. This can not be denied. Yet, they are still building and it will take time.

  • Bogo
    Bogo Month ago +3

    Not going to speculate on his low energy play this season but he’s not the best option right now. Frost will continue get bitten if he doesn’t acknowledge this. Also I would love to be proven absolutely wrong this Saturday. Please make me look silly with the above comment. GBR

  • Spod1
    Spod1 Month ago

    Go Adriane. Run like Tommy Frazier and not like a pussy. No sliding a yard before first down.

  • SmoknWoodChucks ChipChuckSmoked

    AM's face said it all... eff it... 🏈🎱

    • DoWorkChopper
      DoWorkChopper Month ago +1

      More like eff the media. He knows they just want the drama and don't have his best interests in mind.

  • Michael j
    Michael j Month ago +1

    Wisconsin 67 Nebraska 17. Take it to the c.b. casino

    • Michael j
      Michael j 29 days ago

      @Matt Gibson oh you stupid HUSKER FANS. You just won't admit that they suck. Ifs , buts, wishes and hopes. Next year. Nope. Next year will be worse. The schedule is a beast. Fire Frost vote for Trump. No Soup FOR YOU, NEXT.

    • Michael j
      Michael j 29 days ago

      @Matt Gibson 5 FG's and a safety.

    • Matt Gibson
      Matt Gibson 29 days ago

      @Michael j 2 TDs and 2 2-point conversions to bring it to OT, along with 250 yards rushing against the 5th best rushing defense in the country. I knew we weren't going to win this, but you can't deny that that was pretty damn good. Also, there's still two games left in the season you know.

    • Michael j
      Michael j 29 days ago

      @Matt Gibson 2 TDS and a FG to win. Blahhhhh 4-6 blahhhhh. No Bowl for you, NEXT

    • Matt Gibson
      Matt Gibson 29 days ago

      @Michael j I said we would lose too, but it wasn't 67-17 as you predicted Mr. "I haven't been wrong yet this season"

  • nesnaj21
    nesnaj21 Month ago +10

    Lot of people have doubted Adrian this season. I am not one. The team as a whole has digressed, and he has taken all the blame unfortunately. He is a special athlete and he WILL shine again. Adrian Martinez is my QB!

    • Peyton Young
      Peyton Young Month ago

      THE SHIELD agreed as well

    • Peyton Young
      Peyton Young Month ago

      nesnaj21 agreed

      THE SHIELD Month ago +1

      You know people will always hate when he doesn’t do good but when he does good they always praise him

  • Michael j
    Michael j Month ago +2

    Finally got that mop chopped.

    • DoWorkChopper
      DoWorkChopper Month ago +1

      Speaking of trolls... I'd love to see your hair or lack thereof. Tuff guy wouldn't say any of this shit to Adrian or Scott's faces. You'd get your old boomer ass stomped.

    • Michael j
      Michael j Month ago +1

      @Diane Newman don't you think that it looks better. Ho

    • Diane Newman
      Diane Newman Month ago +1

      Is thata prerequiset for playing good leave the guy alone he has enuf idiots to handle

    • Michael j
      Michael j Month ago +2

      @Trevor Lyons this one is so much better. He's not looking like he has troll hair anymore

    • Trevor Lyons
      Trevor Lyons Month ago +1

      Michael j Most unnecessary comment on this post πŸ˜‚ he’s so sorry you didn’t like his haircut...

  • Michael j
    Michael j Month ago +1

    He seems sad for being a preseason Heisman candidate.

    • FX LTD
      FX LTD Month ago

      @Michael j You are a pathological nutcase that gets off on bitching on TVclip because you have nothing better to do with your sad, negative, pathetic life. Must be awful lonely to have to beg for attention this way, you sure have way too much time on your hands. I'll never understand people that enjoy making themselves look like a complete dick, some sick form of masochism. Everyone knows you by now, everyone laughs at you and knows you're a moron loser with no life. Everyone has read your miserable bitching for years. I'm done with you, you disease of a human, much like I'm sure anyone who's been unfortunate enough to come into contact with you. Jesus I can't even feel sorry for you because you clearly have some personality disorder or mental health problems. You're not worth my time or my attention anymore. You're muted you pathetic loser. I have no doubt you'll continue to haunt every Husker video like you always do but at least I don't have to see it anymore. What a waste of time and even bigger waste of a life. Karma always catches up to people like you. She's going to make you her little bitch one day so at least your ability to suffer won't go to waste.

    • Michael j
      Michael j Month ago +1

      @FX LTD it's the fans fault for boasting him up. He really isn't that good. Can't even throw to a open receiver. I blame you. If he can't handle the pressure he needs to quit

    • FX LTD
      FX LTD Month ago +1

      Any QB in his position would be. He has the talent but not the caliber of weapons around him he needs to be as successful as he's capable of. I feel bad for the guy, I'm sure he knows what he could achieve but has anchors around his neck that he has no control over. That includes the media and fan base, not just the team. Imagine being his age in his position and environment while balancing his studies. Most of us would lose our minds in a day or two so cut him a break.

    • James H
      James H Month ago

      @Michael j Okay little Mikey

    • Michael j
      Michael j Month ago +1

      @James H it's okay Jamie boy

  • c5grapeape
    c5grapeape Month ago +11

    Big Red 'Til I'm Dead.....with that being said, I love having Adrian as our QB, he's a great athlete. But I think the coaches have over coached him if that's even possible. He had better instincts last year and this year he thinks to much and goes thru to many reads. I think he'll be even better next year though. Been saying "maybe next year" for the last 17 years now, but it WILL get better with Frost at the helm. Just a little more patience.

    • Brandon Riggle
      Brandon Riggle Month ago

      @Justin Stephens that's a lot of salt from pointing out something I thought was funny and trying to make a joke out of it. But yeah, low self esteem something something we live in a society.

    • Justin Stephens
      Justin Stephens Month ago +1

      @st85100 Most people that publicly call out someone for grammar errors have a low self esteem. Proven fact.

    • st85100
      st85100 Month ago +2

      I agree! Husker for life...
      I also love when you have one miss spelling and someone just can't let it go. Lol!

    • c5grapeape
      c5grapeape Month ago

      @Brandon Riggle Yes they do.....autocorrect is fun isn't it!!! Lol

    • Brandon Riggle
      Brandon Riggle Month ago +2

      Doctors have patients.

  • Joshua Tryon
    Joshua Tryon Month ago

    nice hair cut tell that pussy farniok to cut his girlish hair he might block like a man instead of a woman

  • redrider general
    redrider general Month ago +6

    You can do it Adrian! You do you, fight like a warrior, keep your head up. We believe in ya!!

  • 402ACM 06
    402ACM 06 Month ago +1

    Take it to em 2AM we need you this weekend

    • Aaron Day
      Aaron Day Month ago

      We need McCaffrey. Martinez sucks!

  • Melvin Thompson
    Melvin Thompson Month ago +1

    Go big red 🏈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈