Top 10 Reasons LAVA Is The Best Pixar Short

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  • kenzie lynn
    kenzie lynn 14 hours ago


  • Whopper Leecher
    Whopper Leecher Day ago

    5:21 . Plozible? Is that even a word?
    (Well according to the red squiggly lines under the word, No.)

  • Tylah Roe
    Tylah Roe Day ago

    LOL you said BUT

  • Tylah Roe
    Tylah Roe Day ago

    The male volcano looks way too old for the girl volcano

  • Frying Pan
    Frying Pan Day ago

    My dad and stepmom sang this at their wedding while my stepmom played the ukulele

  • George Chicken
    George Chicken Day ago

    I love lava

  • Evie Arnaut
    Evie Arnaut 2 days ago

    Woody is in the upper left hand side stalking him.

  • Funtime Foxy
    Funtime Foxy 2 days ago


    • Funtime Foxy
      Funtime Foxy 2 days ago

      Also it's how hawwai was made :OOOOO

  • dominick lucido
    dominick lucido 2 days ago

    Lol lifted and boundin were my faves ! Perf

  • demi burell
    demi burell 2 days ago

    maybe his sister was just a hot head

  • Gaming with Noah
    Gaming with Noah 2 days ago

    Do Geri's game

  • Yall mind if i hit that Y8

    6:11 forgot to pulll ow. T

  • Elie Ch
    Elie Ch 4 days ago

    My son's first smiles were when i was singing that song to him. One year later, it still makes him laugh. :-)

  • Peter Dzomlija
    Peter Dzomlija 5 days ago

    I like ALL the Pixar shorts. Who can not like Pixar???

  • Boots Dawson
    Boots Dawson 5 days ago


  • Boots Dawson
    Boots Dawson 5 days ago

    I think piper has to be one of my favorite Pixar short

  • Václav Mraček
    Václav Mraček 6 days ago

    you know that this short film were made as tribute to Israel Kamakawiwoʻole and his wife Marlene, right?

  • Maria C.
    Maria C. 6 days ago

    Not sure where to see this short:/

  • BooksInTMajor
    BooksInTMajor 6 days ago

    #livelifebuttfirst #bridecano

  • Guy That
    Guy That 7 days ago

    I saw this once, and thought it was going to be a movie...

  • Space Pom Animations

    Le Le....... TAPU LELE!!!!!! DISNEY X POKEMON company confirmed

  • Rey Harry Florano
    Rey Harry Florano 8 days ago

    WHAAAAATTTT??????!!!!!!???!?!?!?!? Your wife is pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? Congratulations you are a father #LAVASONSONG

  • -Kim Taehyung-
    -Kim Taehyung- 8 days ago

    Omg my older cousin is having a baby the same month your son or daughter is born

  • Ryan Sheppard
    Ryan Sheppard 8 days ago

    Lava forever

  • LeeLee 34
    LeeLee 34 8 days ago

    Lava is so so good BUT have you noticed that it isn't really animated? It's like they took pictures of what they were originally going to animate and added windows movie maker special effects strung it all together with the captions of the song and called it an animated short. I know I'm nitpicking but there you go. I still love it though, I even play it on my ukulele.
    Does anyone remember the short with the old guy playing chess with himself that one makes me laugh

  • omygoshwhy
    omygoshwhy 9 days ago

    My favorite short: Let's See. Whenever I watch Presto I say that is my favorite. Same goes for Day & Night and Lava. I would say. La Presto at Night.

  • Mei Yoshida
    Mei Yoshida 9 days ago

    oi if you like napkins go watch RWBY it came from a napkin

  • Revenj-Deloxo
    Revenj-Deloxo 10 days ago

    when you sit on the toilet while forgetting to put down the seat #livelifebuttfirst

  • Peterkaboomi Train
    Peterkaboomi Train 10 days ago

    Its becsuse its based on volvic. Doesnt need a list

  • DiisneyGunner
    DiisneyGunner 11 days ago

    Does Mrs. Fritter's Racing Skoool count as a pixar short?

  • Dale Shepherd
    Dale Shepherd 11 days ago

    The lady one

  • Dale Shepherd
    Dale Shepherd 11 days ago

    Lava is a part of moana

  • I don't know Yu Rum
    I don't know Yu Rum 12 days ago

    I agree

  • LPSElk
    LPSElk 12 days ago

    That's so sweet with your wife and unborn son. I'm totally not crying.............

  • blue_is_not_sad
    blue_is_not_sad 12 days ago

    Wow way to take an original idea like the sock club and just muff it up and make it like every other "interactive" YouTuber, I love you guys but what a mistake

  • Flame_The_Wolf
    Flame_The_Wolf 12 days ago

    Actually Hawaii wasn't formed at a tectonic plate boundary rather a hot spot

  • Hannah Pugh
    Hannah Pugh 13 days ago

    I read that Lele is based on the Hawaiian goddess Pele!!

  • Khaled Alrumayan
    Khaled Alrumayan 13 days ago

    Do knick knack next please

  • Chewy Wolf64
    Chewy Wolf64 13 days ago

    My favourite is that old one where there's the old man playing chess by himself and it came out around 7-8 years ago and my second favourite is piper

  • Tori Lewis
    Tori Lewis 13 days ago +1

    I fell asleep to lava for about 2 weeks and now I know the lyrics to the first half, but I would fall asleep halfway through so I don't remember the last half.

  • Rosemary Bearden
    Rosemary Bearden 13 days ago +1

    Ukulele is actually pronounced like their names put together, uku and lele. I live in Hawaii(on the Big Island😉), play ukulele, and take ukulele classes during school. Uku means flea/lice and lele means kind of like jumping. Ukulele is called ukulele because the Hawaiians thought the instrument sounded like the sound a flea would make when it jumped if it made a noise. Random facts no one will ever see because no one will read this comment.

  • Poppy TheStorywriter
    Poppy TheStorywriter 13 days ago +1

    My theorie is that the male (I am talking about human Vulcanos) wanted a girlfriend as a young man or teen, he doesn't get one.
    He wanted one as grown men, didn't get one.
    And then he saw a beautiful woman as a prolly 50 or 40 year old and wanted to talk to her, but missed his shot at doing so because he has some kind of accident which made him kind of deaf.
    After years he sees the female standing in his view, looking for HIM and singing(humming) his tune, and he just ran up to her and singing along. They are both at a very late age at the end. Still fully in love.
    What do you think? Thats my Version. I think it's cute.

  • Tanti Perel
    Tanti Perel 15 days ago

    We watched the lava song in geography, to give us an understanding of volcanoes and it has now become my class theme song. The boys know all the words and everything. Before our exam, when they were giving out papers, we actually sang this song

  • Daniel Malanka  ( Student )

    Olaf's frozen adventurer is infinity times better.

  • Rosie Turner
    Rosie Turner 15 days ago

    I LAVA this channel

  • Alapisboy
    Alapisboy 16 days ago

    Piper is my favorite...


  • dontmesswiththeunicorn d:

    A few years ago, at my school they did lava and the chorus sang while the ahort film played , THAT SHORT FILM WAS AMAZING!

  • Ollie Baker
    Ollie Baker 16 days ago


  • SeZu Kingdom Hearts
    SeZu Kingdom Hearts 16 days ago


  • Cindy Espíndola
    Cindy Espíndola 16 days ago

    To be honest I like Lava but I love so much many others Pixar shorts

  • Laetitia Pangerang
    Laetitia Pangerang 17 days ago

    I love lava as well but i cant choose if my favourite is blue umbrella or lava? They're both awesome!

  • Henry Peters
    Henry Peters 17 days ago

    your son is sssssooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • Stone ocean006
    Stone ocean006 17 days ago

    Yeah that's not how volcanoes work they basically recycle themselves and this applies specifically to Hawaii. basically the islands go through a cycle that takes millions of years which involves destruction and creation of a volcano. A more basic terminology old ones go under the water and new ones come out

  • Min3craft Angel
    Min3craft Angel 17 days ago +1

    I did a puppet show on this once, had to sing the whole song😖

  • netherpiderp
    netherpiderp 17 days ago

    Lava was so depressing, no pun intended.

  • Joshua Fuhrman
    Joshua Fuhrman 18 days ago

    I thought this short was based on Hawaii lore

  • Cracker Jack
    Cracker Jack 18 days ago

    That is the correct way to pronounce ukulele.

  • Chelle Long
    Chelle Long 18 days ago

    This is definitely my favorite short

  • GrovelingMold 33
    GrovelingMold 33 19 days ago +1

    Messi's first contract was on a napkin

  • Katy Duffill
    Katy Duffill 20 days ago

    Personally I wasn’t that fond of Lava. I enjoyed watching it but I wouldn’t even put it in my top 5.

  • Rachel Bazilian
    Rachel Bazilian 20 days ago

    One of my "friends"? Younger friend? A kid I know, she's 9, is obsessed wow LAVA. We did Polynesian dance together and our teacher plaued this a few times, made some dances to it.

  • Cody Stack
    Cody Stack 20 days ago +1

    I love lava

  • Alexandra Meyer
    Alexandra Meyer 21 day ago

    I've actually been to the Pixar Animation Studios and I was told by one of the artists that Lava is actually their least favorite of their animated shorts. I'm not sure why, but he said that most of the animators aren't sure why this particular short got so much attention. Just an interesting fact to think about!

  • 00wolfQUEEN
    00wolfQUEEN 21 day ago

    This upsets me beyond humanly fathomable ability.

  • Lunar
    Lunar 21 day ago

    Do how the pixar shorts fit in the pixar theory

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace 22 days ago

    Do one that asks who everyone's fave Harry Potter character is!!! 🖤

  • Phoenix Eterna
    Phoenix Eterna 24 days ago

    "A 2014 Pixar short film, Lava, features as main characters two volcanoes who are based on Israel Kamakawiwoʻole and his wife, and the style of music used in the short is reminiscent of his cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."[18]"
    Yeah, as a few others or more have said, really disappointed that you didn't mention this like, at all...

    TIG3RCLAW GAMING 24 days ago

    Hey Carlin Bros., I have something that I've been wondering about and it has to do with the Pixar shorts. I want to know how the Pixar shorts fit into the Pixar Theory. It is question that i have had ever since I heard about the Pixar Theory.

  • Zyx _
    Zyx _ 24 days ago

    "Everyone has one of two things to say: Aw, is that the turtle from Moana or OH MY GOSH IS THAT CRUSH?" Me: Awww... NOW SHOW ME MORE OF THE BLOODY VOLACNOES!

  • MuzicStarz
    MuzicStarz 24 days ago

    Um, this short film was played at my grandparents' WEDDING!

  • Willow Ornellas
    Willow Ornellas 24 days ago

    No mention of Mikes New Car?!?!?!

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 25 days ago

    Wanna a free piece of advice? Mature man!

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 25 days ago

    I definitely love "LOU" it's genius, hilarious and emotional at the same time.

  • nicola bleasdale
    nicola bleasdale 25 days ago

    are you going to name your baby harry potter

  • TheCougar7 Sprinkle
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  • Katie Chambers
    Katie Chambers 28 days ago

    what about paper man, or the little match girl? some of my favourites!

  • Spicy Sloth
    Spicy Sloth 29 days ago

    on my bday

  • Brittani Woods
    Brittani Woods Month ago

    I liked the one about the cloud and the stork

  • G Vious
    G Vious Month ago

    #Bridcanos 😂😂😂

  • some BOdy oNcE tOld mE tHe wORld wAs gOnNa rOle mE

    Omg i love lava! The first time i seen it was at my friends house as she put it on for her little brother and i remembered her saying it was boring and i was the only one who liked it 😅

  • Tim Hornik
    Tim Hornik Month ago

    Their research came up short. If you look at where the word Ukulele came from, the flea part makes sense. Ukuleles were modified guitars by islanders, who thought the strumming motion was like scratching a flea bite, thus the Uku part. The second part refers to how easy it is to pass around the Ukulele and playing it brings people together. This makes the names of the volcanos make more sense in that islands, like music, brings people together.
    Oh yeah, we have Lava on our playlist for our kids, along with IZ.

  • The Girl Who Dreams

    Am I the only one who didn't realise J is a father to be??! The moment he said that my heart just melted😊 I'm so happy for you J & Beth congratulations!!!! Also this was actually such a fantastic video! It had so much truth in it! Keep it up carlinbros you are utter legends💕💕

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  • Dustin Thompson
    Dustin Thompson Month ago +2

    The Hawaiian islands are actually formed from hot spots in the center ish area of a tectonic plate where the crust is weaker and lava is pushed through, but the plates move and shift so that causes island chains.

  • maria chouvarda
    maria chouvarda Month ago

    Cool socks.

  • Benjamin Kromann
    Benjamin Kromann Month ago

    Wow, I had no idea people actually liked this short. I cringed through the whole thing - by far my least favorite.....

  • Allison Gould
    Allison Gould Month ago

    Lava!! I love the song so much. I got a ukulele for my birthday and I learned to play the song before anything else. It’s pretty easy actually, just a simple repetitive pattern, but it’s so pretty.

  • Chayse Lowery
    Chayse Lowery Month ago

    #ookuandla la

  • Renaissance Nerd
    Renaissance Nerd Month ago

    DC may claim that Westallen is the gold standard but I prefer these two volcanoes literally any day

  • Jared Telford
    Jared Telford Month ago

    Some of those mentioned shorts I have never seen. Links anyone?

  • Penguin lover 239
    Penguin lover 239 Month ago

    Do Hamilton

  • DutchMattyBRapsFan
    DutchMattyBRapsFan Month ago

    ExcUSE mE, Piper is the best, oBVIOUSLLYY

  • nathan paddock
    nathan paddock Month ago

    I hate this short

  • CroakPad
    CroakPad Month ago

    Live life butt first. Best hashtag ever! XD

  • Jennifer Haynes
    Jennifer Haynes Month ago +2

    I'm so happy for y'all! My mom is having twins!

  • realar
    realar Month ago

    Wrong, LOU is the best short because it has a super important message.

  • FiveNightsatSamys
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  • FiveNightsatSamys
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  • SissyandShmenz
    SissyandShmenz Month ago

    I went to river rock climbing and I saw you sticker on one of the lockers

  • Sini Mäkinen
    Sini Mäkinen Month ago

    One thing Sony pictures win pixar and disney... They had THE CHUBB CHUBBS!