Will IT Run? free snowblower from the junk pile.

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • I picked up this Toro 1132 snow blower during annual fall bulk cleanup along with some other machines, lets see what it takes to bring this machine back into service and why it was thrown out.
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  • Jesus Christ King of kings Lord Of lords

    You’re spending too much time bumping, I would have swept up everything in a blink of an eye 👁

  • David D'Amico
    David D'Amico 8 days ago

    Nice repair

  • BJ Jongejan
    BJ Jongejan 9 days ago

    Wow that cleaned up real nicely, it's such a shame people throw away perfectly good machines when only minor things need to be done to get them working again.

  • Tong L
    Tong L 11 days ago

    Awesome video.

  • Cyberdyne52
    Cyberdyne52 11 days ago

    I literally just noticed at 15:40. That is a Grass Rats Garage mug I don't think he'd be happy knowing that you're using that for gas but at least it's being used for a good cause like fixing an engine

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  11 days ago

      using it for his promotion, as l had been using another mug in all of my other vids,

  • Terry Barrett
    Terry Barrett 13 days ago

    Howdy - Love Your Vids.
    Did you ever bolt on rubber boots to the impeler to increase the efficiency of the system? Keeps shoot clean of snow.

  • Dennis Hinton
    Dennis Hinton 15 days ago +1

    I wish I could find things like that where I live. People here even hang on to their trash that's bagged up. Lol

  • Евгений Фомин

    Молодец!!! Руки растут из плечей а не из жопы 👍👍👍

  • dereksdiatribe
    dereksdiatribe 24 days ago

    I love TVclip School. I play these videos on my 2nd screen while doing my real job and learn so much stuff from you Mustie. Thank you.

  • dereksdiatribe
    dereksdiatribe 24 days ago

    I wonder if Mustie would be talking this much to himself if he wasn't recording? To be a fly on that wall. LOL

  • Equinox End
    Equinox End 25 days ago

    Another great job

  • marcus cicero
    marcus cicero 26 days ago

    another great vid. thanks

  • planejet42
    planejet42 28 days ago

    I purchased a brand new Craftsman snow blower in 2017, and by 2018 the rubber line for the primer was totally rotten.

  • FreedomRock44
    FreedomRock44 29 days ago

    Mustie what is the annual Fall bulk cleanup????

  • scheusselmensch
    scheusselmensch Month ago

    Hey, I'm sure some other aviation type has spoke up but your little 3 stage 1500 psi air compressor was meant to run vertically (with the fan at the top).

  • rockinrowdy13
    rockinrowdy13 Month ago

    Nice job Darren. I LOL'd at the end! I have an older Craftsman 26 inch 6hp basic thing. Started to bog going thru heavy snow even though the governor kicked in and would stall. Compression was 115lbs. did a leak-down heard hissing from the muffler. Exhaust valve wasn't seating properly. Got new intake/exhaust valves,lapped them in,had to grind a bit of stem for proper clearance (0.006 I think) Wet snow would clog and get impacted between the chassi and impeller. The fix was using pieces of heavy-duty mud flap like from a semi and bolt them to the impeller and adjust so they barely touch the chassi. Now it throws any type of snow across the street!

  • raykrv6a
    raykrv6a Month ago

    That's a nice machine. I have a Toro 524. It was running rough and turns out the ignition switch was losing contact due to the vibration. Took me a while to find that.

  • Nunya Bizznizz
    Nunya Bizznizz Month ago

    another score!......our "just buy a new one" society is insane

  • Horse Malone
    Horse Malone Month ago

    Unbelievable ...the amount of machinery discarded for the want of a shitty $10 dollar bearing.
    Funny how one never meets anyone who admits to being the designer of such things in a bar...
    They would be beaten to a pulp.!

  • zabdi zelaya
    zabdi zelaya Month ago

    dam those would be in my trucl asap everything i never have good luck.

  • Nicholas Smerk
    Nicholas Smerk Month ago

    You know how many times I've walked past those in the store and never noticed the articulating wheels. That's interesting.

  • BL Meyer
    BL Meyer Month ago

    My spouse worked in a machine shop and did inspection along with many other things 45 years in the business and we always did like you we fixed things, I was so used to helping I did fuel injection on 86 buick replaced everything he worked on top end of engine with me taking pictures and ID wires and cables and any connectors so rebuilding was documented with picture we took 3 months over the winter to finish and the old buick ran like new. I love this kind of stuff! at 64 and widow I still take care of all my lawn equipment carb oil clean lube etc. I even replaced interior Hepa filter on my 2004 VW watching you tube showing how to do it! took me 35 minutes and the dealer wanted to charge me $300.00 to do it? I look like dumb old lady, but I use to teach computers Hardware & software. I always told my girl students if you can plug in a toaster, YOU can build a computer and then I'd look at the boys and say, If a girl can do it, so can YOU!!!!!

  • PostalBound
    PostalBound Month ago

    Work Shop: $90,000
    Tools: $75,000
    Using fingers to scrape out last molecule of grease in pail: Priceless

  • Timothy O'Keeffe
    Timothy O'Keeffe Month ago

    Thanks, Perfect timing and the perfect instructional video. I own a 732 (I think) that the brass 27 gear tooth was trashed. Found it on eBay and will basically follow your guide to put it back together. Next time I will pay attention to the order you split the unit. Doh! smiley goes here Ltbird57 and/or tim

  • publicEnima
    publicEnima Month ago

    why would people throw this away!!

  • XfireKeenmike
    XfireKeenmike Month ago

    at 27:16 slower play back speeds didn't help. Would love to hear that explanation segment. I get the gist.

  • kai Gingerich
    kai Gingerich Month ago

    Ok mustie between you and johnathan w I watch all your videos but I’m wandering why are your comments turned off on the last video? I wanted to tell ya good job!! Thanks for doing these videos!

  • The End
    The End Month ago

    Come on bud. You just rolled up on three gas powered machines???

  • Raymond Smith
    Raymond Smith Month ago

    Another great video and it was good seeing your old driveway again.

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy Month ago +1

    why you turn off the comments on video after this one

  • Durango95
    Durango95 Month ago +1

    Why are the comments turned off on your newest video about the Econoline??
    What happened??

  • Bill Burkart
    Bill Burkart Month ago +1

    I enjoy your thought process. With miracle of video your finger healed up.

  • Mike Fn Garage
    Mike Fn Garage Month ago

    those yard sale coffee cups make good fuel checking cups.

  • Silent Epsilon
    Silent Epsilon Month ago +5

    Why are comments turned off on your last Ford Econoline Video? Is that on purpose or a settings mistake?

    • Colton Rushton
      Colton Rushton Month ago

      Most likely the latter, but it'd be worth hearing what he has to say about it.

  • Matthew Wolfe
    Matthew Wolfe Month ago

    I think an orange handled screw driver works best for getting the bowl to come off.

  • William I
    William I Month ago

    Question and Answer Video?? Your thoughts???????????????????

  • William I
    William I Month ago


    FRMONSIVAIS Month ago

    Am I crazy because I like to watch this guy take stuff apart and put it back together again?

    • Rick G
      Rick G Month ago

      By all the people commenting, I would say no. You are not crazy.

  • Danny J. Rumbles
    Danny J. Rumbles Month ago +1

    I have to admit that I’ve NEVER seen a snowblower with a drive axle that pivots like that! Nice job Mustie, you know how to fix em!

  • Leigh Jordan
    Leigh Jordan Month ago

    I really enjoy your snowblower vids, but that jet raised my anxiety levels beyond...ha ha! cool dual action axle, I have a giant pro cub cadet and it won't push through the hard pack stuff, just rides it. very frustrating when you shell out 2500cad to the dealer

  • Danny J. Rumbles
    Danny J. Rumbles Month ago +1

    The free piles in your area blow my mind. In my neck of the woods in Pennsylvania, people would want top $$$ for this stuff!

  • David Hazelwood
    David Hazelwood Month ago +2

    Hi mustie 1 have a look on quick bikes on here he.s now buildings a English wheel.

  • daniel jonhson
    daniel jonhson Month ago

    I kept skipping this video because I'm from Arkansas and I wouldn't need to work on one of those but I got bored waiting for another video on the Econoline truck.

  • CLK Products
    CLK Products Month ago

    Mr. Mustie Sir.. are you aware comments are disabled for your newest video ''My Ratty Ford Econoline. Replacing The Busted And Rusted Manifold''
    Sorry for being a dick if you do.

    • CLK Products
      CLK Products Month ago +1

      @Mustie1 I understand, thanks for replying. shame though there are SOME nice folk out there who dont up in the morning and look for things to get angry over lol .
      Peace from the UK.

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  Month ago +2

      l shut them off, too many angry people,

  • Wicked_VFR
    Wicked_VFR Month ago

    Mustie, Im also in NH and was wondering if you could help me with a gokart. Its Similar to the one you posted not to long ago. Its being a stickler and fights me when I want it to move.

  • NorthWest Firefighter
    NorthWest Firefighter Month ago +1

    My husband and got a call from a lady who wanted her RV taken to the scrap yard. My husband showed up. The RV only had just under 4000 Kms on it. Was in perfect condition. What’s wrong with it my husband asked her. She said a squirrel got in and chewed a hole in the couch’s cushion. 😳 Why not fix it he asked her. “NOOOOO! I HATE THEM! TAKE IT AWAY” she screamed. So my husband got her to sign the registration over to him and we had an almost brand new RV! We went every where in that thing. 😊

  • Robert Donohue
    Robert Donohue Month ago

    You don't like to put rubber on the impeller and close the gap to the housing? Makes my throwers throw snow so much better.

    • Robert Donohue
      Robert Donohue Month ago

      @Mustie1 For a few pieces of old tire and a few self taping screws you can get $50 more for it. The kit on eBay is $35. Anyway, great work. Thanks for all the great information and congrats on all of your success.

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  Month ago

      this does not need it

  • justin harris
    justin harris Month ago

    why are the comments turned off on the new video? really hope you didn't take somethin to personal.

    • justin harris
      justin harris Month ago

      PS. came to this video to add my 2 cents. apparently its a good idea to run the engine to add heat to the headstuds when taking off.

  • Dennis Nomer
    Dennis Nomer Month ago

    Very nice job. Only the experienced guys know where the common trouble spots are. The Toro beast lives on!

  • Carlos Eduardo Silva

    1:11:17 "son of a...."
    Sorry,but i laughed my ass off....

  • General Repair
    General Repair Month ago

    Nice find awesome Briggs & Stratton motor 11 hp that thing is a beast ! Darren I was wondering what you put in your carburetor cleaner ultrasonic cleaner I’m trying to buy one but I don’t know how many ounce unit I should buy and what chemical to put in it currently I’m using Barry men’s Carb dip and it works OK not the greatest I don’t know how you get yours to come out so perfectly mint look like brand new. I remember back when you were in your garage you told us what was in there something orange was it windshield washer fluid I can’t remember please advise. Oh and I absolutely love the Econoline .

  • Nighthawke70
    Nighthawke70 Month ago

    The next you run into a 2 stage snowblower like that and the impeller needs work. break out a lawnmower blade balancer and use that to eliminate any vibration.

  • J dennis
    J dennis Month ago

    another great video

  • funkinflugen
    funkinflugen Month ago

    Nice job, she's a BEAST! Looks great, ought to be able to turn a dime on that one?

  • jerk hall
    jerk hall Month ago +1

    I want to give you a shout out on the Econoline manifold video!! Great job on getting them bolts out. Keep up the good work! why did you disable the comments on that video?

    • Split10
      Split10 Month ago

      I wondered that as well.

  • ETM
    ETM Month ago

    But you put the auger together out of sink. Right side is running late by at least a quarter if not a half turn.

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  Month ago

      that is how it is made 90% out from each other

  • phatpac5
    phatpac5 Month ago

    You sound kinda like Steve the mre review guy

  • Jay Mahaffey
    Jay Mahaffey Month ago

    I live about as far as I can from needing a snow blower but I really enjoy your videos. I fix this type of stuff as a hobby for friends and have a bad scrounging habit also. It amazes me that most people think it's some kinda magic.

    I also laugh with you, not at you about the finger. I did exactly the same thing, to the same finger, about 3 weeks ago screwing down a subfloor with a star headed drill bit. Still not totally well either.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Tom Miceli
    Tom Miceli Month ago

    Between you and Project Farm, I’ve saved so much money and saved my equipment from the scrap pile. Thanks for an education no tech school could ever provide.

  • Philip Barrett
    Philip Barrett Month ago

    Thanks for the demo at the end - down here in Texas we don't see many of these!