Lil Tay | Where Are They Now? | Viral Star Disappears From The Internet

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • Lil Tay | Where Are They Now? | Viral Star Disappears From The Internet
    Before They Were Famous:
    The Rich Life:
    After Lil Tay would gain more than 2.5 million Instagram followers before she was even old to enough to open an account according to Instagram’s policies
    After she would become the youngest flexer of the century and drive with no license at 9 years’ old
    After Lil Tay would throw fire onto the Bhad Bhabie Woah Vicky beef
    After she would become the 8th most Googled person of 2018
    After Lil Tay would hang out with Jake Paul, Lil Pump and Chief Keef
    #liltay #wherearetheynow #beforetheywerefamous
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    Writer / Host: Jeremy Hecht
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  • Mahla D
    Mahla D 48 minutes ago

    that explains a lot about Instagram famous idiots

  • XxemberxX MC5 N1 android

    *I aM juST NinE yEaR oLd*

  • 10000 subs with no video

    Doesn’t lil tays father look like rosss from f.r.i.e.n.d.s

  • Darwin42 Official Channel

    🖕🏼lil tay

  • Darwin42 Official Channel
    Darwin42 Official Channel 14 hours ago +1

    5000 likes and I assassinate lil Tay

  • Nazgul skyrim
    Nazgul skyrim 16 hours ago

    Were are they now techachi 69 has to be 1 second long

  • Audrina Valdez
    Audrina Valdez 16 hours ago

    Lil Tay you are a b*h

  • Aidan Guglielmini
    Aidan Guglielmini Day ago +1

    I'd rather listen to danielle bregolli than watch her.

    TRAXOM Day ago

    I feel bad for her but she deserved what she got

  • cristal blogs and gaming

    Maybe if Americans raid area 51 they'll find her 🤷‍♀️

  • Cirilo Calderon borja

    Wow cool 😬

  • Lg Steelo
    Lg Steelo Day ago

    Smart🧠👌...I like her daddy. He's smart and has her best interest more than mom. School, trust fund (just in case), actually have a art career, etc.🖤

  • tavia trammer
    tavia trammer Day ago

    Lil tay u actually poor


    My G Slim shady even knows her😂

  • Forglie
    Forglie Day ago


  • Phie Mqadi
    Phie Mqadi 2 days ago

    I only searched on her because of theTalko video that put her under out if control kids

  • Kelly Castillo
    Kelly Castillo 2 days ago +1

    man I don't live in Geneva once transmission guess people card and $100 where you came from is you make 10 * copies now let's see if it's going to believe you =.= oh yeah and nobody in this world believes you bro someone was watching you if no one was watching you then you'll be driving yourself along 😐😐😑

  • Matty Ellison
    Matty Ellison 2 days ago +1

    She of karate kid?

  • Sylvia Miquirray
    Sylvia Miquirray 2 days ago

    Why are your eyes so red.

  • pepe the meme
    pepe the meme 2 days ago

    I forgot her existence lmao

  • we srmn bnvm vbn m
    we srmn bnvm vbn m 2 days ago

    Now she's irrelevant as RiceGum

  • Hope Gacha
    Hope Gacha 2 days ago +1

    Shes actually a very nice person.

  • mandarin rexdale
    mandarin rexdale 2 days ago

    I think she deserves a second chance, his brother forced everything into her just for fame. She seems very talented and actually nice, the impact his brother has on her and how her parents didn’t do anything.

  • Rithy Alex
    Rithy Alex 2 days ago

    You talk to much

  • AviationFanClub 470
    AviationFanClub 470 2 days ago

    Honestly woahvicky vs lil tay would be a great anime fight

  • DiamondStick
    DiamondStick 2 days ago +1

    Who else forgot all about her

  • Chronicle Xooxies
    Chronicle Xooxies 3 days ago

    Squeaker nations entered the chat

  • Youre A liar
    Youre A liar 3 days ago +1

    Besides all this. I have respect. That family is toxic not her.

  • Arcsecant
    Arcsecant 3 days ago

    This is what happens when no father is in the picture.

  • HeyItsB
    HeyItsB 3 days ago

    “but those are just my thoughts..” as he reads my mind

  • Ireland Lewis
    Ireland Lewis 3 days ago

    I’m so scared I really hope she doesn’t go to my school if this is real

  • Ireland Lewis
    Ireland Lewis 3 days ago

    I live in Campbell river

  • Rubilovedog 351
    Rubilovedog 351 3 days ago +1


  • Dirtdeval 125
    Dirtdeval 125 3 days ago +1

    If she says IM THE YOUNGEST FLEXER IN THE SENTRY again Ima loose it 😡😖🤬😬

  • Taye the Diva
    Taye the Diva 4 days ago +1

    “She had to move after getting recognized.”

    *Tells us where she moved to*
    This show is classic 😭

  • Eimear Fahy
    Eimear Fahy 4 days ago +2

    People are rude to lil tay
    She was only faking it as a JOKE don’t be rude please
    She isn’t even 12 jeez

    • Thalia Williams
      Thalia Williams 8 minutes ago

      @Wolf J Gamer Her parents and brother basically coached her into this.

    • Eimear Fahy
      Eimear Fahy 3 days ago

      Ya maybe

    • Wolf J Gamer
      Wolf J Gamer 3 days ago +1

      Eimear Fahy you higher than a kite, she was not making no joke she is a toxic little bratt

  • Gojira
    Gojira 4 days ago +22

    Liltay: I'm the richest person.
    Bill Gate: *Hold my software.*

  • Queen Gizel Yeet
    Queen Gizel Yeet 4 days ago +1

    I saw her one day she hi to me i mean it looked like her😂

    LILNio MEMER_XXX 4 days ago

    8:21 she’s lIKE UHHHHN WAT DIS MEAN

  • Lillian TV
    Lillian TV 5 days ago +1

    If she was born in 2007
    Then she couldn’t have been 9 bc I’m 12 now and also she was 9 last year

  • Gacha Ëmi
    Gacha Ëmi 5 days ago

    I like how the dog is just chillin-

  • Laila Plays Roblox
    Laila Plays Roblox 5 days ago +1

    I don't know who be letting her be cussin' like that and acting like she better than everybody. If I was cussin' like that my mom wouldn't be happy

  • TheRiceGod
    TheRiceGod 5 days ago +1

    The worst brother ever

  • Dra Playlists
    Dra Playlists 5 days ago

    50 cent

  • LevinApex
    LevinApex 5 days ago

    Lil tay flex.. More like rekted

  • VidsWithRiah
    VidsWithRiah 5 days ago

    *seems like it was 10 years ago.*

  • Ramiroplayz
    Ramiroplayz 5 days ago

    Like tay it not a rapper that fact she doesn't know what the ABC's are

  • Rose Lucien
    Rose Lucien 5 days ago

    Thank god Lil Tay got caught

  • ghostface main
    ghostface main 5 days ago

    Still talking about lil tay u gay

  • grants120
    grants120 5 days ago

    I’d punch her in the face

  • Fluffy Pandazzz
    Fluffy Pandazzz 5 days ago

    Hold on she be saying she’s a Harvard dropout I bet she didn’t even make it pre-school

  • busy stormer
    busy stormer 5 days ago

    Poor lil tay

  • Wah Tong
    Wah Tong 6 days ago +2

    Too bad her life is screwy. She could have been something positive.

  • Kawaii Greninja
    Kawaii Greninja 6 days ago +6

    Lil tay plays Minecraft

    I’m lil tay the worst Minecraft player of the century

  • Denny The Penny
    Denny The Penny 6 days ago +1

    i dont even know if this stuff is real or if the information is incorrect. i am just here because im bored

  • Juan i Padilla
    Juan i Padilla 6 days ago

    Pretty sure her brother is hitting on underage

  • chill power Su Tart
    chill power Su Tart 7 days ago

    Wait isn't she that girl who smoked something so she deleted an account

  • Kasiah Stephens
    Kasiah Stephens 7 days ago

    She suck

  • R i h a h_E d i t z
    R i h a h_E d i t z 7 days ago

    Yo,she can't drive...I mean like,I can also drive I a straight road....and I'm only 11 years old...

  • Jaceynn Meaders
    Jaceynn Meaders 7 days ago

    There was a little girl who I thought she was the mini version of woah Vicky she always got suspended and she almost fought a teacher she also said bad words in front of a teacher I was always looking at her weird her name is Kennedy harris

  • Omar 7235
    Omar 7235 7 days ago

    First, at the beginning of the video, the father of her bought a car, you liar, your pretending that your rich

  • BlueAriel
    BlueAriel 7 days ago +1

    Tbh I feel bad for her

  • Stephanie Joobern
    Stephanie Joobern 7 days ago +1

    So she moved to another city. The end. K.

  • Kevsepticaye OG
    Kevsepticaye OG 7 days ago

    Remember when 6ix9ine drooled over her at a YT party.

  • Jnaziah Mccall
    Jnaziah Mccall 7 days ago

    No more saying 9 years old now it’s 10

  • Amazing Edits22
    Amazing Edits22 7 days ago

    I kinda miss her

  • Nathan Hollinsworth
    Nathan Hollinsworth 7 days ago

    Okay then let's do the lie detector

  • MiNTH Maytas
    MiNTH Maytas 8 days ago

    poor girl

  • Adebayos Vblogs
    Adebayos Vblogs 8 days ago

    I miss her...

  • Shareka Howard
    Shareka Howard 8 days ago

    You are stupid. All of these water cost $2 and 32 cents

  • PKMasterBall 309
    PKMasterBall 309 8 days ago +1

    Oh where is she. She is at area 51 getting roasted by aliens

  • Luca Dibbern
    Luca Dibbern 8 days ago

    I have the bmw i8

  • Jann Andrei Playz
    Jann Andrei Playz 8 days ago

    How the hell she drives!

  • Icycle
    Icycle 8 days ago +5

    I actually miss lil tay now.... :(