Lil Tay | Where Are They Now? | Viral Star Disappears From The Internet

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • Lil Tay | Where Are They Now? | Viral Star Disappears From The Internet
    Before They Were Famous:
    The Rich Life:
    After Lil Tay would gain more than 2.5 million Instagram followers before she was even old to enough to open an account according to Instagram’s policies
    After she would become the youngest flexer of the century and drive with no license at 9 years’ old
    After Lil Tay would throw fire onto the Bhad Bhabie Woah Vicky beef
    After she would become the 8th most Googled person of 2018
    After Lil Tay would hang out with Jake Paul, Lil Pump and Chief Keef
    #liltay #wherearetheynow #beforetheywerefamous
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    Writer / Host: Jeremy Hecht
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Comments • 2 986

  • Joshua Merwine
    Joshua Merwine 4 hours ago


  • FruZeY
    FruZeY 22 hours ago

    lol I watched the rycie kid before lil gay

  • Stranger Gamer
    Stranger Gamer 22 hours ago

    Her:what city is hardvered in
    lil tay:..........I cant remember I haven’t been there in a long time

  • Taco thelady
    Taco thelady 2 days ago

    how can she drive if she only 9years old?! I just turn 11 in December the first ;-;

  • Omar Gomez
    Omar Gomez 2 days ago

    Jeremy looks high as balls loom at those bloodshot eyes.

  • Randomness 101
    Randomness 101 3 days ago

    “I’m a Harvard dropout”
    “And what city is Harvard in?”
    *silence intensifies*

  • Larra Juvida
    Larra Juvida 3 days ago

    dude i completely forgot her until i saw a video about bhad bhabie w/ her in it and it took me 10 mins to find her again lol

  • Matilda Eliasson 8c
    Matilda Eliasson 8c 3 days ago

    10:23 spot the $1s in the stack

  • Gr33N m33n gamer
    Gr33N m33n gamer 3 days ago

    Forgot how annoying her voice was

    MADMUKS 4 days ago

    is it just me or does Lil Tay look like Alice from the Quantic Dream game Detroit: Become Human?

  • Linzel Osorio
    Linzel Osorio 4 days ago

    I forgot about her

  • Queen Vee
    Queen Vee 7 days ago

    Soo horrible

  • Grace Gracy Boo
    Grace Gracy Boo 7 days ago

    Eeew....what a mess.

  • Rookly Xbun
    Rookly Xbun 8 days ago

    but we do not really care about her dam car

  • hailem hailem
    hailem hailem 10 days ago

    Eminems how i found out by her

  • Starlet Studiøs
    Starlet Studiøs 11 days ago

    Lil Tay was forced to do all this :(

  • Disabled Datalist
    Disabled Datalist 11 days ago +1

    Female 6ix9ine

  • Mally Fight Alot
    Mally Fight Alot 12 days ago

    Who else misses lil tay?

  • MLT Hall Of Famer
    MLT Hall Of Famer 14 days ago

    if i got a cent for every time lil tay said im only nine i would be a billionare ez

  • Razzy
    Razzy 14 days ago

    She lives in my town cambell river tf

  • undermex
    undermex 14 days ago

    Do one for spm

  • Sam Kauffman
    Sam Kauffman 16 days ago +1

    Why is a five year old driving cars and cussing

  • West Loop Chicago
    West Loop Chicago 17 days ago

    I hope this bad image of lil Tay can be gone I feel like she can actually be something special

  • Maricela Correa
    Maricela Correa 21 day ago +1

    trash she os bad

  • Tyler The Rapper
    Tyler The Rapper 23 days ago

    Tbh I have to applaud lil tay. She got famous from being hated and even loved by some celebrities. If this was her goal, then mission accomplished

  • ryan Starz
    ryan Starz 24 days ago

    It is mind-blowing how her parents are not in.driving underage all that harmful profanity that the internet allows for her to use.The kids have no restriction because the parents are retarded and should be in jail

  • Lindani Zwane
    Lindani Zwane 25 days ago +2

    Honestly I was entertained by lil tay because that’s exactly what it was entertainment. People just took it to heart. I’m also surprised people believed it.

  • TooshieTayMemes
    TooshieTayMemes 26 days ago

    Y tf does she have an xxxtentacion profile 😆

  • Stephanie Ramos
    Stephanie Ramos 26 days ago

    I wish someone would just put her in jail....

    • Richie Richardson
      Richie Richardson 25 days ago +3

      Lil Tay whose's real name is Claire Hope was forced by her brother Jason Tian and mother Angela Tian to do those flexer videos. Her mother and brother should be in jail for child abuse .

  • 47TUNE
    47TUNE 26 days ago

    Who this knockoff michael mccrudden?

  • big daddy 06
    big daddy 06 26 days ago +1

    Me earlier looking at that picture in the background saying that lil tay kinda cute is the most regretful thing I've ever said. Im 12 tho so no pedo

  • Rocket Anims
    Rocket Anims 26 days ago

    Weird flex but ok

  • Chris Aeronn Rue
    Chris Aeronn Rue 27 days ago +1

    Lil tay: all of my things are more then your rent
    Me: at least my smartness is better than lil tays brain

  • Mephisto
    Mephisto 27 days ago

    parents don't always have to be blamed.
    i got a little-to-no love since i was a kid, they work all the time, my dad would come home once a week, my mom would work until 9pm, all this situation until i left home for college. and because i was a shy boy, i got no friends, just playing with my toys after school everyday. but i daresay i was a good boy and i am a good man now. i'm still as obedient to my parents as i was a kid, i still listen to them, love them, and never tarnish their/family good names. so i think family or people around you doesn't guarantee what you will become. even if you have great parents and great friends, doesn't mean you won't be a criminal the next month.

  • Anonymous Reviewer
    Anonymous Reviewer 29 days ago +1

    yo dont call the kid a fraud it's a joke, have some integrity.

  • Jorge Navarro
    Jorge Navarro 29 days ago

    I never believe here

  • Itslighing 27
    Itslighing 27 Month ago


  • Jovvey
    Jovvey Month ago

    lil tay is truly anoying

  • Star.__. Mellow
    Star.__. Mellow Month ago

    Isn’t lil yay 10? Idk

  • 薆悅酒店總監
    薆悅酒店總監 Month ago +2

    Liltay is back

  • Meme Hub
    Meme Hub Month ago +1

    What is a 'lil tay'?

  • Jana Alnsour
    Jana Alnsour Month ago

    Omg I hate lil tay and I will never like her

    • chylee
      chylee Month ago +1

      ..she was being controlled by her brother and mother, did you watch the video?

  • Chad Comical
    Chad Comical Month ago

    Wow lil gay is older than me
    Edit: Oh TVclip auto corrected lil tay into lil “gay”

  • Leah Garces
    Leah Garces Month ago +2

    *Lil tay on 9 years old being controlled by their parents to be a influencer*
    *Me on 9 years old my mom teaching me math*

  • TTZM 21
    TTZM 21 Month ago +4

    No one:

    Not one soul:

    Not u:

    Not me:

    Lil Tay: “IM ONLY NINE YEARS OLD!!!!!”

  • Jas Jeon
    Jas Jeon Month ago +2

    I feel bad about her, her brother and mom are so selfish

  • Midget Girl
    Midget Girl Month ago

    She’s dumb not trying to be mean but she is soooo dumb

    • DarthKraken69
      DarthKraken69 25 days ago

      Her mother and brother influenced her to do the things she did. Shes a child that didnt know what she was doing.

  • Aqua Girl
    Aqua Girl Month ago +1

    I feel bad for her😭😭😭

  • Chewawe Fun Goo
    Chewawe Fun Goo Month ago +1

    Iv got to say if you guys go to Lil Tay channel you can see one video of her seeing riceman and she said that she is black.

  • ബദറുദ്ദീൻ. മാളിയേക്കൽ.

    പണത്തിൻറെ കുത്തികഴപ്പ്.

  • flint the kaka harris
    flint the kaka harris Month ago +2

    Lil Tay dropin bricks out on these here streets....

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago +2

    She's a smart girl. I hope a better life for her in future.

  • J’s Corner
    J’s Corner Month ago

    He looks high😭🤦🏽‍♀️ . @ Jeremy Hecht what u smoking??

  • Aislinn Hurtado
    Aislinn Hurtado Month ago

    0:58 what the heck is this? who Googles stuff like that

  • Farhiya Siyad
    Farhiya Siyad Month ago

    Why dosent it say lil jay?

  • Mr.Trolls McGee
    Mr.Trolls McGee Month ago

    Wtf 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • pobreng uyamot
    pobreng uyamot Month ago

    Talking to much can u go directly to the topic my God

  • Victor Playz
    Victor Playz Month ago

    Rumors said that she deleted her Instagram cuz she posted her smoking

    • Richie Richardson
      Richie Richardson 25 days ago +1

      After Lil Tay's dad went to court to get custody of Lil Tay he got a court order to gain control of her social media accounts which her brother controlled so could have all the posts deleted from her social media accounts .

  • LovelyGacha
    LovelyGacha Month ago +1

    I actually want her to come back to TVclip and see how she really is without being controlled by mentally abusive family.

  • Jenova
    Jenova Month ago

    Before they were famous hating on takashi lmaol