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BASE jumping into a plane mid-air. (Extended Version) | A Door In The Sky


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  • TheToso13
    TheToso13 Day ago

    Wow, seriously, I have no words....

  • David Marotta
    David Marotta Day ago


  • Casper 1512
    Casper 1512 3 days ago

    I can just picture the navy seals coming through the living room window 😂

  • Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly 4 days ago +1

    "Well, that's done... bye" 😂

  • kay2382
    kay2382 10 days ago


  • Keith Lamar
    Keith Lamar 10 days ago

    Great escape bank rober

  • Ed Bear
    Ed Bear 10 days ago


  • Tom
    Tom 11 days ago +1

    Balls of steel

  • prahas777
    prahas777 11 days ago


  • []
    [] 11 days ago

    That's unreal !!!!!

  • Lit Poi
    Lit Poi 11 days ago


  • jimmy tiler
    jimmy tiler 12 days ago

    noyt suppose to temp the Lord

  • bear morningsun
    bear morningsun 12 days ago

    Watch the adrenochrome fueled ultra elite play.

  • john smith
    john smith 12 days ago +1

    So this is what happens when you drink a redbull

  • sirus312
    sirus312 12 days ago

    lol at the pilots celebrating...if that plane started to tank out. Guaranteed those base jumpers would forkin bail ASAP!

  • Hector Morales
    Hector Morales 13 days ago


  • john milner
    john milner 14 days ago

    And here I sit pushing a pencil at work..SMDH. Can I get a Do-Over please!!

  • BlueScope819
    BlueScope819 14 days ago

    These people are just a lot crazy

  • scouser 92
    scouser 92 14 days ago


  • Jayanth Kumar
    Jayanth Kumar 14 days ago


  • MN
    MN 15 days ago

    Living in Freedom

  • William Colwell
    William Colwell 15 days ago

    Oh yeah...I was going to do that. They stole my thunder.

  • Nate
    Nate 15 days ago

    Big deal, 007 did that in '95 with no wing suit and no pilots.

  • Luke Durden
    Luke Durden 16 days ago

    Who wants to bet this maneuver will be in an action movie next year?

  • Kenneth Wilson
    Kenneth Wilson 16 days ago


  • ashis dey
    ashis dey 16 days ago


  • Febarp
    Febarp 17 days ago

    So thats how you get wings.Mmm.

  • Jacob Daniels
    Jacob Daniels 17 days ago

    Simple amazing you have to love the ambition these men have.

  • Gabriel Marcoux
    Gabriel Marcoux 17 days ago +1

    Maybe, we should jump into a plane from the top of a mountain. Next, jump out of one plane into another.

  • Basil gmz
    Basil gmz 17 days ago


  • Footlockmaster Leopard


  • Blue Goblin
    Blue Goblin 17 days ago

    This video has restored my faith in mankind.

  • Tyler Andersen
    Tyler Andersen 17 days ago

    Until this happens with a helicopter, I'm not interested. :P

  • CosmosKam
    CosmosKam 18 days ago

    props to the pilot, he was in more control than them

  • 3rd Street Pictures
    3rd Street Pictures 20 days ago +1

    "Nailed it" doesn't even begin to describe...

  • beck
    beck 20 days ago

    Red Bull gives you wings and balls

  • Lone Wanderer
    Lone Wanderer 20 days ago

    Who jumps into perfectly good airplanes?


  • Benjamin Rawson
    Benjamin Rawson 21 day ago

    Just WOW

  • Alexandre Linera
    Alexandre Linera 24 days ago

    Muito bom!!!!!!!!💪✌👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • AdventureSportFlashlights

    How does this have less than 10,000,000 views???

  • AdventureSportFlashlights

    Wow that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DKnight
    DKnight 26 days ago

    Salute to cameraman

  • Alberto Santos
    Alberto Santos 26 days ago +1

    Excelente 🇩🇴🌎

  • bongani champane
    bongani champane 26 days ago

    This reminds me of the ozagie 8 or Smthng of that sort, damb that's some epic stuff🔥🔥🔥🙌

  • Darren Lim
    Darren Lim 28 days ago

    Where do they land ??

  • Cerita Terus Berlanjut


  • SyncPH
    SyncPH Month ago

    This looks like a freaking mission or somethin hahahah

  • Sofa King
    Sofa King Month ago

    This is fake. They will not fit their astronomically size balls through the door. Upper body yes but balls will not fit.

  • Sam Aluka
    Sam Aluka Month ago

    That’s Insane ❤️

  • A. Ardy Nugraha
    A. Ardy Nugraha Month ago

    That's look sick!

  • nick beam
    nick beam Month ago

    And the aliens thought they were the only ones the could do this. (Fantastic Guys)

  • Owen Landis
    Owen Landis Month ago

    Why is Base in all caps on every title? Is it like an abbreviation or what?

    • samcdigweed
      samcdigweed 20 days ago

      Antenna (radio towers)
      Span (bridges)
      Earth (cliffs)
      It refers to the objects you can jump off. There are also other objects that dont specifically fall under the four objects (trees, yachts, wind turbines, chimney stacks - all of these have also been jumped from!)

  • Topnotch
    Topnotch Month ago

    These people are nuts!!!

  • iWonderOfficial
    iWonderOfficial Month ago

    Far Cry 4 anyone?

  • Imran Mir
    Imran Mir Month ago


  • CraverCuts
    CraverCuts Month ago

    Now do it without a parachute ;)

  • Cory
    Cory Month ago

    Same plane/stunt as GoldenEye movie. Incredible

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith Month ago

    new battlefield game looks pretty good

  • Layron Doyal
    Layron Doyal Month ago

    Gotta be the sickest video I've ever seen. Wow. You guys are amazing. Saying "well done" is not enough.

  • Susanna Saunders
    Susanna Saunders Month ago

    An awesome bit of video I'm sure they will want to show to their kids and say that this is what Daddy will make you do if you misbehave...

  • Relive Time LLC
    Relive Time LLC Month ago

    Ok that's the coolest thing I've ever seen... I'm thinking the propellers are going to get them and then "nope, nailed it"

  • SajeelBongale
    SajeelBongale Month ago

    I wonder how they come up with these plans. Bunch of drunk dudes sitting in a bar. First guy "hey you know what, we should try entering a plane mid air" . Second guy "Bro that sounds cool let's do it"

  • Alan's Skate School

    Fake! They didn't base jump into the plane. They exit from the plane and then get back in.

  • hybby
    hybby Month ago

    I love how they jump back out of the plane for another flight.

  • Chapman Storytelling Universe

    No stunt doubles. No stand-ins. This is better than a movie scene of the same thing.

  • lucas g
    lucas g Month ago

    That was someone has to do it Pastrana Style no parachute!!!!

  • serenity
    serenity Month ago

    inspired by GTA San Andreas?

  • TheAdamGore
    TheAdamGore Month ago +5

    We've gotta be the craziest monkeys that ever lived.

  • James Basinger
    James Basinger Month ago


  • Samir Bellarabi
    Samir Bellarabi Month ago


  • Dale Bolen
    Dale Bolen Month ago

    Looks like they have some fakey fakey going on there. If you notice it 2 minutes and 20 seconds one guy leaves from the right side of the airplane and then the next guy leaves from the left side of the airplane oops

  • Oro Can
    Oro Can Month ago

    And they got married and lived happily ever after.

  • Dragonnetx Paul
    Dragonnetx Paul Month ago +3

    Wow!!!!! This is simply mind blowing!!! I first thought it was another stupid misleading video title “jumping into a plane” as I’ve only seen tons of vids jumping out of the plane. This one is definitely EPIC!!!! Thumbs up 👍🏻

  • Zachary Atwood
    Zachary Atwood Month ago


  • Crazy Funny Cats
    Crazy Funny Cats Month ago

    Good thing this isn’t dangerous ✨👽✨

  • Deebin Gurung
    Deebin Gurung Month ago

    Bloody humanbeings

  • You are soul
    You are soul Month ago

    Am I the only one who imagined them going a little bit too fast and getting turned to mince in the propeller?

  • Djwheezy TheKingOfTheUnderground

    "Woah!"-(Neo) 💯

  • Adriano Meis
    Adriano Meis Month ago

    were are the "how their massive balls....etc"comments are?

  • Yoni Udkoff
    Yoni Udkoff Month ago

    What are the names of the soundtracks?

  • Viraj
    Viraj Month ago

    Y'all motherfuckers need Jesus.

  • ForAmerican
    ForAmerican Month ago


  • LSF PV
    LSF PV Month ago

    Totally the next level

  • Kevin Malia
    Kevin Malia Month ago

    That propeller though...

  • Yu Long Wang
    Yu Long Wang Month ago


  • 333paolo333
    333paolo333 2 months ago

    Already been done 20 years ago by the great Patrick De Gayardon...the father of the flying suit. See for yourselves:

  • Goldpenny1
    Goldpenny1 2 months ago

    The hardest part is staying away from that propeller when going back inside the plane; crazy stuff

  • ุุ ุ
    ุุ ุ 2 months ago

    Next up, jump into a helicopter

  • ุุ ุ
    ุุ ุ 2 months ago


  • murph murph
    murph murph 2 months ago

    It's a shame that people believe this

    • Sir William
      Sir William Month ago

      murph murph you one of those that believe the earth is flat right? A hole

  • Pro Venture
    Pro Venture 2 months ago

    Thanks to Red Bull for this awesome footage.

  • Green's a Cruiz'n
    Green's a Cruiz'n 2 months ago

    THAT was BADASS👍👍👍

  • David Dyer
    David Dyer 2 months ago


  • dorian diddles
    dorian diddles 2 months ago


  • Joey Nice
    Joey Nice 2 months ago


  • DrPringles
    DrPringles 2 months ago

    that is insane...

  • wotever99ninynine Hamilton

    damn, that was sick. looks like so much fun. trying to land in the plane is some pretty advanced stuff though.. and you really wouldnt want to get too close to that propeller...

  • EpicSpaceTroll 139
    EpicSpaceTroll 139 2 months ago

    It seems like it would be easy for this to go horribly, horribly wrong... As in miss the door and go forward into the propeller...
    But they did it and succeeded! Fantastic!

  • Shashank Tripathi
    Shashank Tripathi 2 months ago

    Mad, Mad.. FU*KKING MAAAAAAD........... why do i still want to do it?

  • Hayden Schultz Gaming
    Hayden Schultz Gaming 2 months ago