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BASE jumping into a plane mid-air. (Extended Version) | A Door In The Sky

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  • Finn Johnson
    Finn Johnson 18 hours ago

    I couldn't stop thinking about overshooting and hitting the prop😳

  • Dovid Brody
    Dovid Brody 23 hours ago

    can i get free red bull

  • Mohammad AL-OMARY

    قمة الاثارة والتشويق والتحدي

  • Michael Kennelly
    Michael Kennelly 2 days ago

    I literally yelled out loud for these guys! Great stunt!! Wow!!

  • ActionSportsChannel
    ActionSportsChannel 3 days ago

    Insane !!!!!!!

  • Jasper Goethals
    Jasper Goethals 3 days ago

    Ai like Turtles

  • mikerafone music
    mikerafone music 3 days ago

    thats so rad! please lower energy drink prices...✌

  • Patrick Begley
    Patrick Begley 3 days ago

    Do you guys need to put 6 different cuts when they're about to fly into the plane? One view that shows them doing it would be much more impressive...

  • Christian 03
    Christian 03 3 days ago

    Che spettacolo 😍

  • Matt Holbrook
    Matt Holbrook 4 days ago

    Man that was totally awsome 👍👍

  • Георгий Беглорян

    Guys fellows! These are very complex tricks, not only technically, but morally! Amazingly beautiful!

  • Teddy Fourot
    Teddy Fourot 4 days ago

    bravo au pilote sans lui pas de video

  • Noval Allesandra
    Noval Allesandra 4 days ago

  • Erasmo Velasquez Contreras


  • Shubham Mittal
    Shubham Mittal 4 days ago


  • capowacko
    capowacko 4 days ago

    That's one way to hijack a plane.

  • Mutalib Takalaev
    Mutalib Takalaev 4 days ago

    ахренеть, какие красавчики

  • Sam Downs
    Sam Downs 4 days ago

    Stuntmen for the next bond movie??

  • jaspreet singh
    jaspreet singh 4 days ago

    Amazing and unique stunt 👍👍👍👍.. RESPECT++++

    NEAST 5 days ago

    When I go to 1:00, I only say WOW

  • Steff03
    Steff03 5 days ago

    Hi who is from Switzerland?

  • Kenny _88
    Kenny _88 5 days ago

    That was sick!!!

  • Gian PR
    Gian PR 5 days ago

    Why do I feel like I have to try this one day!! Dis is just amazing!!

  • Sunny Galla
    Sunny Galla 5 days ago

    Man that was awesome you guys are real daredevil s

  • TheMikeyB917
    TheMikeyB917 5 days ago

    Balls of steel. That was insane.

  • Сергей Фурнье


  • Oleg Crivencko
    Oleg Crivencko 6 days ago


  • Nat Jobo
    Nat Jobo 6 days ago


  • Ahmad Reizky
    Ahmad Reizky 6 days ago


  • Goutam Majumder
    Goutam Majumder 6 days ago

    Very risky

  • William Changizi
    William Changizi 6 days ago +6

    IN. SANE.

    • Red Bull
      Red Bull  6 days ago

      We were hoping to get such a reaction. ;)

  • SJB
    SJB 6 days ago

    NOW. Start in the plane finish in the plane.

  • timeh237
    timeh237 6 days ago +7

    coolest thing I've ever seen

    • Red Bull
      Red Bull  6 days ago

      We'll try to outdo ourselves for awesome people like you.

  • Jerome Owen
    Jerome Owen 6 days ago


  • OoOZooMOoO
    OoOZooMOoO 6 days ago

    @Red Bull What is the song on the new commercial for Snow ?

  • stephen f
    stephen f 6 days ago +3

    Perfectly good mountain to stand on. Perfectly good plane to fly in. And yet. ;-)

    • Red Bull
      Red Bull  6 days ago +2

      And yet we just had to do what we just had to do. ;)

  • yagna k
    yagna k 7 days ago +1

    An act where you land on the ground/lake just with a wingsuit and no parachute. That would be a dream come true.

  • Tube gaming
    Tube gaming 7 days ago

    Wie kann man so einem video ein disslike geben I don't know

  • Dawid Szczepański
    Dawid Szczepański 7 days ago

    Yup, keeps getting dummer

  • GirlGone Wild
    GirlGone Wild 7 days ago

    ✨✨just MAGIC✨✨😻😻😻😻

  • Fuk u Darkness
    Fuk u Darkness 7 days ago

    Fucking awesome

  • Мурад Юсифов

    Клёвый видос)

  • Alberto Castillo
    Alberto Castillo 7 days ago

    Holly shit! wasnt that freaking epic?????

  • Burkhalter Media
    Burkhalter Media 7 days ago +2

    Swiss 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🤙


    Super,no more words.

  • CoolztuffWithMatt
    CoolztuffWithMatt 7 days ago

    This is like nothing I have ever seen.....

  • KORO 日記
    KORO 日記 7 days ago


  • Iron Emeryt
    Iron Emeryt 7 days ago

    F... Awesome!

  • Keeper K
    Keeper K 7 days ago

    WOW WOW WOOOOOW )))))))))))NIiiiiiiiiiice

  • Connor Boyd
    Connor Boyd 7 days ago

    this is like a Michael bay movie

  • Mountains Gone Wild
    Mountains Gone Wild 7 days ago

    These dudes are insane!

  • Swisher Sweet
    Swisher Sweet 7 days ago


  • Jasper Lowell
    Jasper Lowell 7 days ago

    god idea

  • joe Michael
    joe Michael 7 days ago

    sensational these two to crazy

  • Lukeastunt
    Lukeastunt 7 days ago


  • Nick Panciuk
    Nick Panciuk 7 days ago

    This was pretty cool

  • Martin Zupan
    Martin Zupan 7 days ago

    Just like Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye.

  • hx3r1
    hx3r1 7 days ago


  • Shan Nahs
    Shan Nahs 7 days ago

    Holy schmoly! Very impressive Thought they would drop like stones with their giant balls.

  • AerialTraveler
    AerialTraveler 7 days ago

    Jumping in and back out of a plane in midair! This was very exciting. Bravo!

  • no es la gran cosa
    no es la gran cosa 7 days ago

    i love jumpin

  • Thomas Schmitt
    Thomas Schmitt 7 days ago +3

    🇫🇷 Vive la France démarquons nous 🇫🇷

  • Luca Roveda
    Luca Roveda 7 days ago

    Fuori di testa... Bravissimi

  • racer7141
    racer7141 7 days ago

    The guy in the back of the plane who catches them once they get in might be the craziest, I thought he was gonna fall out at 1:58. I know he has a parachute but DAMN!

  • Ferdgi
    Ferdgi 7 days ago


    HOLD FAST 7 days ago +28

    hey guys ... you know how we jump out of planes sometimes? dood what if we jump BACK IN??? **MNTDEW goes splashing everywhere**

  • Antonio Lopez
    Antonio Lopez 8 days ago

    wow nice
    i like it

  • Max Trem
    Max Trem 8 days ago

    Magnifique ! !!

  • Ol' Whitey McWhiterson
    Ol' Whitey McWhiterson 8 days ago +1


  • Midget Man
    Midget Man 8 days ago

    Awesome,jump and awesome parkour

    LEONARDO NAVE 8 days ago

    Like eu já trabalhei na Red Bull.

  • Tavin Matiszik
    Tavin Matiszik 8 days ago

    Can anyone even imagine a reason why 6 people clicked dislike on this video?

    • Melchior Kerala
      Melchior Kerala 7 days ago

      Maybe too dangerous... Red Bull doesn’t worth 2 guys to risk their life... But, it’s up to them...

  • Артем Пономарев

    people can fly

  • unknfed Le vrai
    unknfed Le vrai 8 days ago +4

    Des FRANÇAIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • melwem
    melwem 8 days ago +6


  • Bike World
    Bike World 8 days ago


    48NBTS NBTS 8 days ago

    Bien chingon!

  • General Hobbies
    General Hobbies 8 days ago


  • JR_official
    JR_official 8 days ago


  • karthi kayan
    karthi kayan 8 days ago

    That was insane ooohhh take a breath...

  • Bruno Laporte
    Bruno Laporte 8 days ago +9

    Has anyone noticed the flipped views with the door on left hand side of the plane ?!
    (1:46, 1:59, 2:03 and 2:21)
    Once you’ve seen it, you can’t see something else. Sorry!!!!

    • Fred McFegget
      Fred McFegget 6 days ago

      +Bruno Laporte its a different camera from the other side of the plane jackass

    • Bruno Laporte
      Bruno Laporte 7 days ago +2

      I still don’t understand why the editor did this!
      The performance is absolutely awesome. The video is great.
      Except these f***ing few mirrored views which spoil the action. The space-time continuum of the video is unraveled, Great Scott !!!

    • Mike Jensen
      Mike Jensen 7 days ago

      +Bruno Laporte - -
      I noticed that right away. I wonder why they did that? Editing glitch during assembly of this version?

    • LegjobbNap
      LegjobbNap 7 days ago +2

      Bruno Laporte - haha makes no sense :)

  • Timofey Zadirako
    Timofey Zadirako 8 days ago +1

    Наглухо отбитые. Даже русские не на столько ебанутые!

  • Uriah Siner
    Uriah Siner 8 days ago +61

    Ok, now put handle bars on top of the wings. BASE jump down and grab those and have the plane bring you back up.

    • Devin Madren
      Devin Madren 5 days ago +3

      And literally wingsuit until your exhausted! Sick idea man.

  • XDirter
    XDirter 8 days ago

    This is sooooooooo awesome!!!!!!

  • Leonardo Cesar Santiago Santiago

    Adrenalina pura quem vai...quem tem coragem!??

  • trapas trpier
    trapas trpier 8 days ago +1

    La France !

  • Varag Varag
    Varag Varag 8 days ago +7


  • BrOwNiE09090
    BrOwNiE09090 8 days ago

    wow.. that video was just amazing

  • Kevin Kailer Show
    Kevin Kailer Show 8 days ago +2

    Wer würde das auch Gerne mal machen?!

  • jake pot
    jake pot 8 days ago +12

    That wood look cooler in 007 movie

    • DynamiteDirk
      DynamiteDirk 3 days ago

      I'm sure they could use CGI to alter the scene and use the footage as a base for the CGI. Definite doable.

    • Sean Gillis
      Sean Gillis 7 days ago

      jake pot 007 wishes.

    • DrewD
      DrewD 7 days ago

      Give it a year.

    • Harold Veenstra
      Harold Veenstra 8 days ago

      Or in an fast and the furious

  • Andrew ///
    Andrew /// 8 days ago


  • peruface
    peruface 8 days ago +7

    007 was doing this in the early 90s tho

  • Arthur Herbert
    Arthur Herbert 8 days ago +6

    Les français en force !

  • chris miller
    chris miller 8 days ago +19

    I stand up and... Bow!

  • PrzYm Enduro
    PrzYm Enduro 8 days ago +4

    Old video :P

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar 8 days ago +1

    wow it was just amaizing

  • Irineu Moreno Junior


  • Nayadeth Carvajal
    Nayadeth Carvajal 8 days ago +3

    Al principio Las 7 trompetas XD
    Posdata: esta genial.

    SUMAN RAWAT 8 days ago

    Salute u guys

  • Victor Motion
    Victor Motion 8 days ago

    Sooooo amaaaaazing😎😨

    • Red Bull
      Red Bull  8 days ago

      Want to see more?