Gordon Ramsay Tries An 'Award Winning' Crab Cake | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
  • "Award winning"
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  • Jonathan GHR
    Jonathan GHR 4 hours ago

    I respect Gordon and most of all his skill as a chef but... he was being a complete ass during this clip. Not cool. He could have done better.

  • Yasmin Begum_
    Yasmin Begum_ 5 hours ago

    Okay, I get it. A world renowned chef is coming to your restaurant to see how it's like. But that DOESN'T give him the right the criticize Mike's weight. You could tell Mike was uncomfortable and laughing it off.. stay in your limits Gordon.

  • Teags Rushbrook
    Teags Rushbrook 2 days ago

    He was so damn rude

  • Takitimu Maniapoto
    Takitimu Maniapoto 3 days ago

    So it's a take aways Yea? I'll have a 10 dollar special

  • ItsYaBoy
    ItsYaBoy 4 days ago

    Wow he turned into an asshole

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 6 days ago

    Comment section is like,"Don't call a fat guy fat. Let him eat too much and have an MI or stroke, let him die young but please don't hurt his feelings." smh

  • Aidan Loves Movies
    Aidan Loves Movies 6 days ago

    4:20 Oooor he just has his own opinion . . .

  • GM
    GM 7 days ago

    I thought that was so uncalled for when he was commenting on the manager going to the gym or eating salads.. like that’s just social cues not to comment on something you know some people are sensitive of

  • Dendrin Nomad
    Dendrin Nomad 7 days ago

    lol that manager was so nervous shame man he wanted to bury his head in the sand im sure

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 7 days ago +1

    An award winning Meatloaf (Fail)
    An award winning crab cake (Win)

    HMmmmM lol

  • José Torres Villachica

    The manager could comment back on Gordon’s Shar Pei face xD

  • Feeling Peachii
    Feeling Peachii 7 days ago +1

    The commenting on his weight was unacceptable. Like, come on, Gordon. You’re better than that.

  • Samurai Jacky
    Samurai Jacky 8 days ago +1

    Mr. Chow: He's funny be cuz he's fat.

  • P.M.
    P.M. 8 days ago

    I am the best. You`re welcome.

  • Liam Chapman
    Liam Chapman 8 days ago

    What a dick Gordon is. The guy was nothing but nice and looking for help.

  • Tom tonka
    Tom tonka 9 days ago +6

    This Scottish pig can't even accept that someone else is able to cook award winning food. He is such a narcissist.

    • Mon the Bhoys
      Mon the Bhoys 5 days ago

      Why add Scottish into that you racist fuck Get it round you, bet your a fat bastard n thats why you're triggered

  • Oli Pennels
    Oli Pennels 9 days ago

    For everyone commenting how it was wrong about the way Gordon spoke about the manager, I agree. But if you watch the whole episode you'll see just how rude the manager is to the staff etc .. steals tips ..

  • Christopher Yao
    Christopher Yao 9 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with Gordon today?

  • Arno Cronje
    Arno Cronje 9 days ago +1

    "It's a pleasure to have you, Gordon"
    "Not at all"

  • Dana Barnes
    Dana Barnes 9 days ago

    Getting off on the right foot with a stranger does not begin with you bugging them about their weight. That was really rude and unnecessary

  • John Mark Ballener
    John Mark Ballener 10 days ago

    At least the award winning crab cake is better than the award winning meatloaf.

  • get memed
    get memed 10 days ago

    Look at all these Americans triggered by Gordon calling him fat. You dont think hes rude when he calls women dumb bitches or dogs? Or when he insults pretty much everyone ever that been on the show? You're all acting like you've never heard him criticize anyone before 😂😂.

  • Joseph Su'a
    Joseph Su'a 10 days ago

    Hey man pretty cool that they were serving fresh stuff lol I haven’t seen the episode but I mean, the usual complaint is frozen and microwaved.

  • BronzeJourney
    BronzeJourney 10 days ago

    Lisa fine af.

  • EkkoHolic
    EkkoHolic 10 days ago

    The manager was offended as hell lmaooooo

  • DapperRaccoon
    DapperRaccoon 11 days ago +1

    Gordon's comments are pretty justified if you have the entire context.

  • Rand McNally
    Rand McNally 11 days ago

    it was awarded an award alright.
    the shit award.

  • Ragnar Már Jónsson
    Ragnar Már Jónsson 11 days ago +4

    I find that Gordon doesn't like male waiters "looking" at him but doesn't mind the ladies doing the same thing

  • Haley Jasper
    Haley Jasper 12 days ago

    Love how he just straight up called him fat 😂

  • Leo Yuan
    Leo Yuan 12 days ago

    Manager - "my position is the manager so I am not intimidated by anyone"
    Also manager - "he is intimidating to serve"

    SIMPLE VIEW CLAN kansai 12 days ago +2

    "this cake is raw"
    -Gordon ramsay 2019

  • Sophie McKenzie
    Sophie McKenzie 13 days ago +1

    Listen to 4:46..........................

    Now listen to 1:58

  • 666FUNBOY666
    666FUNBOY666 13 days ago +2

    love how gordon critizes his weight when his face looks like a 60 yr old nut sack

  • Larry Pary
    Larry Pary 14 days ago

    That's a bad appearance by Gordon Ramsey, making hurtfull remarks/questions about the weight and activities of the waiter.

  • Dr Phil uwu
    Dr Phil uwu 14 days ago

    Didn't need to call him fat tho

  • Elmer Divinagracia Sr.

    Award winning crap cake

  • nano5696
    nano5696 15 days ago

    something fresh for a change

  • Lister Breezie
    Lister Breezie 16 days ago

    He is wrong about the restaurant

  • Reet Jaiswal
    Reet Jaiswal 16 days ago +1

    BEING OVERWEIGHT IS A CHOICE. And if you're supposed to be the person with the most energy in the restaurant, being fat doesn't help.

  • Angeloff666
    Angeloff666 16 days ago

    she is cute...

  • Valhalla’s Calling
    Valhalla’s Calling 17 days ago

    That was a nice looking crab cake to be honest

  • V123456789
    V123456789 17 days ago

    2:13 no crab cakes and sauce

  • JPT
    JPT 18 days ago

    well at least this restaurant has something that most others do not, fresh crab cakes.
    also, it must’ve suck to meet your god only to be bad mouth. :(
    I love you Gordon but you gotta be better than that come on.

  • whathappensnext studios

    Don’t insult his weight man

  • derf613
    derf613 18 days ago +1

    Dont stare at me its uncomfortable
    Camera man 3 ft away**

  • Aarushi Singh
    Aarushi Singh 19 days ago +1

    Well the manager is not fat .....

  • Sharn gunslinger
    Sharn gunslinger 19 days ago +9

    "To me he is a god in the restaurant industry"
    After a while god's wrath is upon you

  • zZArsenicZz
    zZArsenicZz 19 days ago

    That manager is a huge

  • Alexander Liddell
    Alexander Liddell 20 days ago

    I like Gordon but he doesn’t need to be a c**t about the guys weight... that’s something that’s cruel to either gender

  • Gentle Stick Man
    Gentle Stick Man 21 day ago +11

    1:57 "He is intimidating to serve."
    4:47 "I'm not intimidated by anybody."

    • Gundor Stoneskin
      Gundor Stoneskin 15 days ago

      "he's like a god in the cooking industry."
      "he doesn't know what he's talking about."

  • Monju Meah
    Monju Meah 21 day ago

    Oh man usually Gordon is on the mark and fair, but criticising his weight what has that got to do with the restaurant... that was really rude and unnecessary.

  • RynoRex 11
    RynoRex 11 24 days ago

    I mean they need Gordon's help only for removing the general mistakes of the restaurant such as food or employees but to tell them how to live their life. He was so rude.

  • Hussein Mazhar
    Hussein Mazhar 25 days ago

    Gordon is rude. Criticize the food and cooking style, not the appearance of the staff

  • Cleo Glover
    Cleo Glover 27 days ago

    Ok I’m usually with Gordon but not on this one..picking on the managers weight has nothing to do with the reason he was there that was just foul...

  • kookie cravings
    kookie cravings 28 days ago

    Gordon is an actual douche like tf was up with him like why cuss his *weight* 😏

  • Ifoto
    Ifoto 28 days ago +2

    The guy was just trying to be interactive with him, Gordon has a sense of humour but it went a little far on saying, “when was the last time you ate a salad or went to the gym.”

  • Yusree
    Yusree 28 days ago

    All fat f*cks in the comment section were triggered. My, my.. what a bunch of losers. FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT

  • I want to die
    I want to die 28 days ago

    Man Gordon's on the edge for some reason

  • Nate
    Nate 29 days ago

    why is he so harsh in this episode compared to others... he is harsh to that manager at the start

  • Abby Ardiente
    Abby Ardiente Month ago

    Gordon was being a bitch the him😢🤣