Gordon Ramsay Tries An 'Award Winning' Crab Cake | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
  • "Award winning"
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  • AppleThing
    AppleThing 28 minutes ago

    why is gordon being such a MEANIE, REEEEEE

  • Zegop Mcer
    Zegop Mcer Hour ago

    “He’s intimidating to serve”
    “I’m not intimidated”

  • pleb 1
    pleb 1 2 hours ago

    If you're offended by gordon's weight comments. Grow up fat fucks

  • Ario Yahyapour
    Ario Yahyapour 5 hours ago

    Angre fat Americans coming at gordan

  • Alexander Pinilla
    Alexander Pinilla 16 hours ago

    Everybody complaining about the weight joke, he is serving SALADS, and HEALTHY things, him being the manager he should be presentable, and healthy.

  • H ralte
    H ralte Day ago +1

    Let me guss bland

  • JCB
    JCB 2 days ago

    Jesus Gordon. I know he needs a wakeup call, but you shouldn’t have been thát harsh. I’ve seen tons of owners looking at you eat, so why get so mad at him all the sudden? And why point out he’s got a little weight? Sorry man, not cool.

  • Nikol Ert
    Nikol Ert 2 days ago

    Gordon asked him unirelevant questions he was rude

  • Abnwil
    Abnwil 2 days ago

    Damn that poor manager

  • Darth Raider
    Darth Raider 2 days ago +1

    Fatman vs Commissioner Gordon

  • Hussain Ali
    Hussain Ali 3 days ago

    Was Gordon fat shaming the manager. Wtf. That's freaking rude. How would he feel if someone asked her daughter the same thing.
    PS: I love Matilda, she's the only one who has ever made Gordon an idiot sandwich.

  • 애자양성
    애자양성 3 days ago

    Gordon can fix every recipes out there but he can't fix his trashy attitude.

  • Pilkie101
    Pilkie101 3 days ago

    Hey, sorry cunt. Are you a chef or a personal trainer, because I didn't ask you to come here for fitness tips bitch tits, how are you fixed?

  • Dr. Einaugenbraue
    Dr. Einaugenbraue 4 days ago

    Absolutely rude. Comment on the food not the weigh.

  • XxMy5hxX
    XxMy5hxX 4 days ago +1

    I think that Gordon knows that it’s good cuz it actually looks good and doesn’t wanna say it cuz he needs views and stuff. Totally uncalled for when he called the manager fat. He needs to learn some manners.

  • Renaldo Roshan
    Renaldo Roshan 4 days ago

    The owner says he isn’t intimated but he called Chef “intimidating “ to serve , wow

  • Yogg
    Yogg 5 days ago

    What happened after that? Because he's crossing his arms, and the water bottle is next to the glass
    3:27 but now it's gone... and his arms are on his chin. Did he laugh and they cut the blooper or something? Porbably just removed the water bottle so it would be easy to film it without blurring the label all the time. Just feels weird, he had to hold on his word for so long, then take pose, and start filming again

  • Elvick
    Elvick 5 days ago

    *Gordon screams at people, calls them pigs, donkeys, bitches, fuckers.*
    *Gordon says a fact about this dude being fat*
    😡 😭 🎻 😤 “unCalLeD FoR MeAniE!”

  • Henry Tudor
    Henry Tudor 5 days ago

    A good punch in his big mouth is what Ramsey deserves

  • Hareesh Kota
    Hareesh Kota 6 days ago

    People are fat for different reasons and they try their best to not be fat. You're just an asshole that's famous for cooking shithead Ramsay

  • Cutz McOnions
    Cutz McOnions 6 days ago

    People in the comments are overly sensitive. getting offended by fat questions... its not even flat out rude. Gordon was calling out the manager's bs description about what type of place he's managing.

  • Qasas
    Qasas 6 days ago

    Why was he such a cunt this episode ?

  • Matt D
    Matt D 6 days ago

    Man Gordon must've been having a bad here he wasn't even playful with hid shit talk haha

  • Extreme 7
    Extreme 7 7 days ago

    *Gordon Ramsey tries Ghost Pepper*
    Gordon Ramsey-

  • scott webster
    scott webster 7 days ago +1

    gordon was out of order i recon

  • Emma STOB-IT
    Emma STOB-IT 7 days ago

    I see his point about a manger should be healthy if they have a healthy styled restaurant, but he shouldn’t be that rude or harsh with him, that was out of line.

  • Al Idol
    Al Idol 7 days ago

    Gordan should go to a plastic surgeon to fix that wrinked thing hanging of his bones.

  • grey headed420
    grey headed420 8 days ago

    the waitress voice remind me of Janice in friends

  • Seiko Uchiha
    Seiko Uchiha 8 days ago

    I couldn't finish the episode. The guy should've called out Gordon for his fatshaming comments.

  • Everdean A
    Everdean A 8 days ago

    "I'm not intimidated by anybody"
    Anybody but the GYM

  • Andrew Doris
    Andrew Doris 8 days ago

    Love Gordon, but agree with most manager didn’t deserve those comments.

  • Ron
    Ron 9 days ago

    I see people here complain about Gordon being "Mean" to the owner But that's his thing he won't sugarcoat shit when talking to adults who should care about how they look and the business (The owner should look like one)
    Also I am pretty sure they are prepared beforehand and told that Gordon can say some harsh words and people who don't know that didn't watch enough of his shows lol

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 9 days ago

    After watching creepy vids I need a Gordon video of him ranting so it can scare my nightmares away

  • Yana F
    Yana F 9 days ago

    Damn Ramsey if you didn't make all that money who knows what you'd look like 🙂

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 9 days ago

    "It's intimidating to serve him".
    "'I'm not intimidated by anybody, bring it on!!".
    That guy is an absolute bollocks.

  • superdruid999
    superdruid999 9 days ago

    He seems to have held back. Apparently they werent as bad as gordon has tasted before

  • Ted Cleveland
    Ted Cleveland 9 days ago

    People commenting about Ramsay brought up his weight but as you can see the manager was very annoying at first

  • HTETgamer
    HTETgamer 10 days ago

    Why the fuck are they inviting a Master Chef if they don't want his opinions which helps the fucking restaurant?


  • procerusgigas procerusgiga

    3:28, no one wants to go to restaurant and smell like garlic. Que? WTF? I order a fish, I expect there to be some garlic olive oil dip.

  • Disborn C Marbaniang
    Disborn C Marbaniang 10 days ago

    He don't know that sometime he says things that really hurt others he should learn how to understand that😊

  • Stefan Frisk
    Stefan Frisk 10 days ago

    Some kind of combination I guess...Aspergers light.(?).

  • Kirstie Dickinson
    Kirstie Dickinson 10 days ago

    “He’s intimidating to serve”
    “I’m not intimidated by anybody” LOL

  • Certified Angus Beef
    Certified Angus Beef 10 days ago

    Gordon was kinda rude.

  • musix
    musix 11 days ago

    Looks like everyone is copying the same comment but rephrasing it a little so its not too obvious

  • Alexis Tosta
    Alexis Tosta 11 days ago

    Yes he is rude sometimes but is a very good chef and nobody can argue about that. But we do not know what made him say that as we only saw the edited video and not the raw video. All coins have 2 sides

  • MrMasabi100
    MrMasabi100 11 days ago

    What a sad, bad-mannered man he is, commenting about someone's weight and acting like a fucking five year old.

  • Tomasz Kantoch
    Tomasz Kantoch 11 days ago

    Gordon ...You are not fucking alpha&omega , some people might like it.

  • Puspa Gurung
    Puspa Gurung 11 days ago

    Gordon hair like Einstein hair

  • JJ JJ
    JJ JJ 11 days ago

    Gordon was super rude - the law of karma will slap him hard

  • Ranger 300
    Ranger 300 11 days ago

    at 2:13 the crab cake is gone but after that it is back

  • Alex Essert
    Alex Essert 11 days ago

    Found the manager annoying and creepy

  • Nathaniel Joyce
    Nathaniel Joyce 11 days ago

    Trust Gordon to order the worst thing on the menu

  • Renee Moore
    Renee Moore 12 days ago

    Lmao. Proudly saying he's the mgr but didn't know what award was. Ok! And that wife is an idiot

    KRISPY BEATS 12 days ago

    I was in the spa yesterday after the gym 😂♨️

  • Sanbika
    Sanbika 12 days ago

    I’ve noticed Gordon is actually rude to fat men quite frequently. Especially if he gets a fat chef on Hell’s Kitchen or Master Chef.

  • josh chigurh
    josh chigurh 12 days ago

    she wants to get reamed

    LUNI IS DA BEST PEEP 12 days ago

    Crab cake? More like

    💩 🎂

  • nate canter
    nate canter 12 days ago

    That guy was fat.

  • Pixel Pudding
    Pixel Pudding 12 days ago +1

    What award did those crab cakes get? A participation trophy?

  • joon kim
    joon kim 12 days ago

    if its kitchens nightmares it has to be bad

  • Bob Elliott
    Bob Elliott 12 days ago +1

    Manager: everyone here loves them
    Gordon: walks into empty place

  • method789
    method789 12 days ago +2

    Well I feel sorry about that manager, he was really excited about serving Gordon but Ramsay make fun of his weight and just bully him all the time

  • Nakage
    Nakage 12 days ago +4

    Man, it's almost as if this happened 10 years ago and our opinions on what is okay to say has changed.

  • Rick Chopra
    Rick Chopra 12 days ago

    Gordon's being a %$#@

  • Lafe Denton
    Lafe Denton 12 days ago +1

    Hahaaa he called fatty a BEANBAG! HAHAHAA

  • WatchMeKillThis
    WatchMeKillThis 13 days ago +1

    Why the personal attack on his fan like that

  • Tammra
    Tammra 13 days ago +1

    Wow Gordon was a asshole to that server smh

  • where is my wall
    where is my wall 13 days ago +1

    gordon you are right just like that guy needs to hit the spa you need some botox before those wrinkles start dripping on your food ..

  • Bledsoe Gaming
    Bledsoe Gaming 13 days ago

    WOW... I am absolutely shocked by the rude behavior given by Gordon in this episode to the manager! He should be ashamed of himself! You should never judge anyone by weight or looks. Gordon, if you’re reading this, take this as a lesson.

  • Josh Pietro
    Josh Pietro 13 days ago

    Coming from maryland, that is the skinniest crab cake I've ever seen. I would honestly be disappointed.