My Mom Called the Police on Everyone in Our Family

  • Published on May 29, 2019
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  • Abby's World
    Abby's World Day ago

    Your hole family is in jail still?

  • Kyle and sam mc
    Kyle and sam mc 6 days ago

    Lets send the mom to North Korea

  • gacha_wolf gril 33
    gacha_wolf gril 33 11 days ago +1

    You were that yung i am 8 and i cant see my mom. But you are strong.

  • gacha_wolf gril 33
    gacha_wolf gril 33 11 days ago +1

    I kinda have the same problem i cant see my mom.

  • T.G VU
    T.G VU 14 days ago

    well when i was 7 my mom and dad got divorced cuz he is an alchoholic and beat my mom for almost 25 years and when i was 11 he almost had a heart attack and gritted his teeth at my older sister ..etc..etc😦

  • Tina Fusriboon
    Tina Fusriboon 14 days ago

    Now this is an avengers level threat. ;-)

  • Elijah Crawford
    Elijah Crawford 15 days ago

    Typical police caller...

  • *-* Gacha Bella *-*
    *-* Gacha Bella *-* 16 days ago

    666k views xD

  • Celene Tv!
    Celene Tv! 16 days ago +1


  • cecil woodall
    cecil woodall 18 days ago

    Hey cops stop handcuffing people all the time investigate ask questions first then after you have information then maybe handcuff them. For you cop apologist out their if cops were handcuffed in uniform the same way they did to us things would change quick.

  • David Tichborne
    David Tichborne 20 days ago

    ussualy people like this are either high out of there mind on drugs or been through some serious trauma but some people are just complete monsters that are just born that way

  • Thata S
    Thata S 22 days ago

    What happened to her brother tho lol?

  • Luke Ferguson
    Luke Ferguson 24 days ago

    1 Like = mom is slapped 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 times

  • deanna woods
    deanna woods 25 days ago

    The police and CPS are important agencies to help people in trouble. They are not a tool to be used because you are mad at someone or don't like them. If you have to mistreat your children, you shouldn't have anything to do with them.

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry 28 days ago

    The mom should take care of the family

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    Her: lives with 9/10 people
    Me: lives with 19 others (yh they’re all my family members)

  • Talisha Hunter
    Talisha Hunter Month ago +2

    One like means a bad mom suffering back pain

  • 100,000 subscribers without a single vid challenge

    *reads title*
    Germaphobs: EeeEwW ThAt's GrOsS!!!!! TaKe HeR 2 JaIL!!!! 😱😭

  • Muser4Life
    Muser4Life Month ago

    If she called the police so many times, wouldn't the police charge her? At least that's what they do where I live.

  • Andres Sartiaguin
    Andres Sartiaguin Month ago

    If she is calling the cops on your famil my why wouldnt you call the cops on your entitled mom

  • Andres Sartiaguin
    Andres Sartiaguin Month ago

    Does it look like that i really care bro?

  • Andres Sartiaguin
    Andres Sartiaguin Month ago

    Wait since you posted yourife story on youtube why didnt you reported it to the police and telling the news about it?

  • Andres Sartiaguin
    Andres Sartiaguin Month ago

    Thats fake news their is no way that im believeing that

  • Tamar Chloe Texting
    Tamar Chloe Texting Month ago +2

    My mother got mad because I didn't want medicine (I'm sick)

  • Chloe's StoryTimes&Vlogs

    She said "With other animals." Uhhh, sorry but uhm, are you a animal?

  • J plays
    J plays Month ago

    Well my mom steals from me

    FREEMAN! Month ago

    why so dramatic

  • Amy thetransegender

    Seems like a severe case of...


  • Sabrina Diaz
    Sabrina Diaz Month ago

    I know that probably most of you who see this didn’t go through this and can’t relate. My mom was addicted to pain medication just like the mother in this video. She was not a monster like the mother is portrayed in the video. My mom was active and never lashed out or acted as the girls mom. My mom has been sober for a few years now. I’m not sure if the mom was on any other drugs, nor am I sure if it could effect differently to other people, this was not the case for me and my mother.

  • Traveling Junkies
    Traveling Junkies Month ago

    Why does her mom kinda look like tzuyu

  • Vil Vil
    Vil Vil Month ago

    how is it that she is not arrested for false accusation.

  • TOXIC_SALT -69
    TOXIC_SALT -69 Month ago +2

    Dude, she wore down her phone from calling 911 to much

  • Psycho Kitty Chick
    Psycho Kitty Chick Month ago

    My mom was abusive because I was born, not because of drugs.

  • Jeffrey Jimenez
    Jeffrey Jimenez Month ago

    Such a damn karen

  • Hello Comment
    Hello Comment Month ago

    “It happened on my fifth birthday I’m 13 now. It’s been 9 years since then.”- girl in vid 2019
    Wow this bish good at math.

    HARRY TARDIS Month ago

    This Is Why The Police Are Dumb Nowadays.

  • Thanosetalgia/ThanossGaming

    What happened to her brother?

  • Hamster Pancake
    Hamster Pancake Month ago

    How can you remember even a part of something when you were 1 yr old? I can barely remember what I had for breakfast last week.

  • Human
    Human Month ago

    *Assuming the mother's name is Karen*

  • MAKAYLA Vonlanken
    MAKAYLA Vonlanken Month ago

    is it away i can make one but as story and some else make it for me and with no name

  • Jewel Gunderson
    Jewel Gunderson Month ago

    10 seconds in, damn that hurts.

  • H E N T A I
    H E N T A I Month ago

    this is EXACTLY what happened with me, except it was with my father.

  • Bitemybuiscets
    Bitemybuiscets Month ago

    My mom turn monster because I don’t eat her homemade biscuits

  • Kaisha Page
    Kaisha Page Month ago

    I bet her baby isn't alive at all.

  • Joanna Eaton
    Joanna Eaton Month ago

    Neighbours: Pops by to say Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Trick or Treat etc
    Mother: *tHiS iS oUtRaGeOuS i aM cAlLiNg ThE pOlIcE*

  • Galaxy_Nova
    Galaxy_Nova Month ago

    Really really REALLY she calls the cops on nothing how about they call the cops on you for drugs and child endangerment

    *hOw YoU fEeL aBoUt ThAt hUh!?!?!?!?*

    JJ CALI Month ago

    The thumbnail got me thinking of YG’s “ stop snitchin”

  • yavuz uzunlar
    yavuz uzunlar Month ago


  • Monika
    Monika Month ago

    “Why were you even born in the first place?”
    That’s the same question I’ve been asking myself since day one

  • Gacha STS
    Gacha STS Month ago +2

    The Dad Has BTS Hair
    *Please I Want That Hair*

  • Chris Aitken
    Chris Aitken Month ago +1

    A year and a half years old

  • iiRapid StrikesXx
    iiRapid StrikesXx Month ago +3

    my mom turned into a monster when i said i don't wanna go outside..

  • The Inksyvar
    The Inksyvar Month ago +1

    Is your mother’s name Karen, by any chance?

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato Month ago +1

    This same thing happen to my cousin. Her mother I's crazy, she call's the cops on anyone that is babysitting my cousin. She even called the cops on my parents for no reason.

  • Naveed Imran
    Naveed Imran Month ago

    When I was 3 I knew not to steal

  • Penelo Parka
    Penelo Parka Month ago

    who’s here from bijuu mike’s video?

  • Maya Palmova
    Maya Palmova Month ago +1

    Stay strong, don't be afraid

  • Mitskuki Chan
    Mitskuki Chan Month ago +2

    Pregnant mother: IDIOT, GIVE ME THOSE PILLS! GULP!

  • • Typical Duck. •
    • Typical Duck. • Month ago +1

    -A woman that calls police for everything-

  • Stephanie Gerstner
    Stephanie Gerstner Month ago +1

    I feel bad for the mom and for her daughter. She’s did this to herself. Sure. But it doesn’t mean take it out on others engender though it’s not there fault.