Full Movie: Moto 3: The Movie - Ken Roczen, Justin Barcia, Adam Cianciarulo [HD]

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  • Morgan Dupuy
    Morgan Dupuy 23 days ago

    c'est trop bien

  • Micco The Service Dog
    Micco The Service Dog 25 days ago

    Chantix SUCKS, you'll stop smoking when Chantix kills you dead in your tracks.

  • Shawn Doucette
    Shawn Doucette 26 days ago

    That’s wood riding was insane. No thanks. Lol. Love me some motocross. God bless fellow off road riders.

  • AstromonLx
    AstromonLx Month ago

    6:21 what is the song?

  • Wesley Willett
    Wesley Willett 2 months ago

    "as soon as you put your head under the helmet, there is complete silence"... that is till you fire up that motorcicle

  • Curtis Burnham
    Curtis Burnham 3 months ago

    watching Kevin at his home track at the end was excellent.

  • SHRIMPY 85
    SHRIMPY 85 4 months ago

    What's the song
    called with Justin Barica

  • sideskraft
    sideskraft 4 months ago

    Justin's track needs a lot more whoops and a lot more turns.

  • Death Star 3105
    Death Star 3105 4 months ago

    41:52 the song name is called *Utica* by pacific dub Your welcome

  • Monika Mittelsteiner
    Monika Mittelsteiner 4 months ago

    8:30 Song? Band?

  • Kaitlyn Pyles
    Kaitlyn Pyles 5 months ago


  • Echoboom Sports
    Echoboom Sports  5 months ago

    MOTO 4 - Now on Echoboom Sports: tvclip.biz/video/6jW1uHbCMZ8/video.html

  • Anthony Doyle
    Anthony Doyle 5 months ago

    When do go from crusty demons to this it's kind of funny how serious they are compared to them

  • shatunable
    shatunable 5 months ago

    what track at 57:21 ? great film

  • mustang collector
    mustang collector 6 months ago

    sup wit the gayboy wit the make up on?

  • Weston Benefield
    Weston Benefield 6 months ago

    i live in idaho

  • Lowa_
    Lowa_ 6 months ago +1

    I wish my life would be like this :/

  • Parker Nail
    Parker Nail 6 months ago

    Can u add moto 4 plz

  • GoFlo
    GoFlo 6 months ago

    Song at 5.55 "I'm so ridiculous" someone please tell me what it is :)

  • Robert Snyder
    Robert Snyder 7 months ago

    I think RD may want to write KR a thank you card for missing the 2016-17 super cross season.

  • Football Skiller
    Football Skiller 8 months ago +1

    ketik ktik

  • El loro Master Race
    El loro Master Race 8 months ago +1

    song of the 6:00 please!?


    this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A1 BatmanCRJ
    A1 BatmanCRJ 8 months ago

    Goodness!!!!! "Here's to Number 1 plates"!!!!!!! I miss Villopoto dominating the premier class!!! That was such a great segment on the Monster Energy Kawasaki champ.

  • Leonard Mikerichie
    Leonard Mikerichie 8 months ago

    damn shane can't you buy your dad a pair of boots? lol kidding

  • StopMoColorado
    StopMoColorado 8 months ago

    Solid Cinematography, great skills on display, but awful, awful writing/narration, embarrassingly banal and grammatically confused, loaded with cliched overstatement and silly impotent and misformulated metaphors. Can't Red Bull and GoPro afford a copy editor? I know lots of the kids watching this flick are too stupid/uneducated to even notice, but plenty of viewers still understand the English language, it makes a difference how you use it, and cheesy pseudo-philosophical copy like this makes Dogtown and Warren Miller movies sound brilliant in comparison, it's just not on par with the rest of the production, seems very amateurish, like it was written by 20 year olds whose English teacher gave everyone A's for trying, but someone who has some expensive gear but has no knowledge of Art or History typically "Millennial" in that sense, unfortunately.

  • Finley Dwyer
    Finley Dwyer 8 months ago +1

    can you come to flinders

  • vincent champeval
    vincent champeval 8 months ago

    39:32 close call for the cameraman with that rock flying

  • Paradox 1
    Paradox 1 8 months ago

    your thumbnail looks like a old Playstation 1 game case.

  • Zelzah Delgadillo
    Zelzah Delgadillo 8 months ago

    why so many KTMs

  • Laz
    Laz 8 months ago

    Love the photography of Destry and Taylor riding WildCat. Love the song. Some great riding and filming!

  • Glenis Matiu Matiu
    Glenis Matiu Matiu 9 months ago

    ride that

  • Chicken Lips
    Chicken Lips 9 months ago

    Barcia Scrubs like a crime scene cleaner

  • Dwayne T
    Dwayne T 9 months ago

    Songs Name at 26:33 ?

  • Angel
    Angel 10 months ago

    13:47 why the f*** you speed up the video?

  • Darrell Foxall
    Darrell Foxall 10 months ago

    WTF Four strokes really...sad...

  • papa al
    papa al 10 months ago

    can't be legal

  • Lachy Fleming
    Lachy Fleming 10 months ago +1

    Whats the song on justin barcia segment

  • JayDeerTay
    JayDeerTay 10 months ago

    Old guy at 37 makes this film

  • appetizer
    appetizer 11 months ago +3

    How NOT to ride. . . at ~21 minutes the vid shows you how NOT to act/ride, especially when you're a bunch of Tourons passing thru an area.
    Burning in new trails and tearing up slopes. . . you all put a hurtin' on the local Mt Hood riders/trails. As if the greenies don't have a enough ammo and support in the NW.
    Frickin a-holes.

  • Mohammed Syahid
    Mohammed Syahid 11 months ago

    I like

  • Boris Micel
    Boris Micel 11 months ago

    Boris Micel (R), "Ich bin Handelspartner mit Desperados Red und Suzuki." Cheops5.3.

  • Boris Micel
    Boris Micel 11 months ago

    Boris Micel (R), Eigentumswertabtretung, Clearingnummer FOLI9, 100.000,00 Euro, (BMM- Euro), §22 StGB, Cheops5.3.

  • Mida Multitool
    Mida Multitool 11 months ago

    What size are thos 4 stroke bikes @ 21:25? 350? or 450?

  • Bryan Muthemba
    Bryan Muthemba 11 months ago


  • Analee DeAmicis
    Analee DeAmicis 11 months ago

    if I may ask were is this place? the reason for me asking is because I have a track but it is not big enough

  • MotoRiese #5
    MotoRiese #5 Year ago +1

    best motocross movie yet in my opinion

  • Simon Meis
    Simon Meis Year ago

    Love this movie

  • Blaine Croucher
    Blaine Croucher Year ago

    never heard words more true than those at the beginning

  • Mz PerForManCe
    Mz PerForManCe Year ago

    what s the track at 26:20? loved it

  • A.J.Baird
    A.J.Baird Year ago +2

    Opening commentary quote - "It's funny - sometimes when you're surrounded by the sturm und drang of an angry engine; when the roost and wind are roaring past your ears like a typhoon; when your head's beneath the helmet, that's when you find the world to be at its most silent." - BRILLIANT!!!!

  • Tony Harris
    Tony Harris Year ago

    Love the "gate" to go riding at about 8.15

  • Tony Harris
    Tony Harris Year ago

    some of the sickest looking whip shots. I loved his comment at 5.31 before he said it I was thinkin how does he do this... mind blown...

  • Muh Aldo
    Muh Aldo Year ago

    from indonesian, good editing video

  • dylan duelsport Nagy

    man, music goes ALONG way to making a good scene, along with some insain rideing. anyone know of any endure Scrambles in Michigan?

  • David Harris
    David Harris Year ago +1

    Barcia (and many others - like Cianciarulo) has all the "tools" and speed and skill to be a multi-time AMA Pro champion-contender - but just can't seem to do it. :/ (yes, I know they are all faster than all of the rest of us - has nothing to do with this observation...)

  • SSF Enduro
    SSF Enduro Year ago

    anyone know what song plays in Ken roczens part?

  • Kirk McCoy
    Kirk McCoy Year ago

    Although, like them I usually bust stuff like this Tuesday to Thursday, when the squids are working. LOL

  • Kirk McCoy
    Kirk McCoy Year ago +1

    Crazy Arizona riding though. They are jumping most of this blind with no idea if anyone is coming from the other side... crazy... you'd think they would know better. Some of it seems open so you can look ahead and also look for dust but a lot of it looks blind. This is how you die. And in my 45 years of racing and riding... I've seen it happen to many times. I've seen feet shredded by two people just barley missing each other.. and in the middle of know where..... talk about pain. We all ride... just be as smart as possible and you'll ride for a long time. On the track I was always fine, once I hit the desert.... that's when shit happens... and it's almost always some other dude that doesn't know how to ride that gets you. Broke my back this way... and I'm paying the high price today.

    • icebox829
      icebox829 8 months ago

      Laz Where were they at in AZ? Those trails look awesome, Im Local and I would like to check them out

    • Laz
      Laz 8 months ago

      I live 5 mins from WildCat and ride everyday there. During the weekday on those trails you typically never see anyone. Those guys do not jump like that daily as they are aware of other riders. They had a crew filming this with drones and cameras so I am sure they cleared each section prior to blindly jumping. Also a lot of sections you can look ahead to clear them prior.
      I have no problem taking the chance on a weekday on certain blind hills knowing there is .001% chance of seeing anyone especially on the hill you are on.
      Now washes are a different beast. Weekends I try to avoid them and weekdays look way ahead for dust or indications. All the quads and rails and dingleberry weekend warriors fly down them and there are a lot of accidents on busy days. The single track at wildcat on busy weekends is still deserted.

    • Double A Outdoors
      Double A Outdoors 11 months ago

      Kirk McCoy they do this everyday, I know what you're saying, just realize that they do this every day

  • Kirk McCoy
    Kirk McCoy Year ago

    Dusty Rabbit hauls the mail. How cool does that Arizona riding look? :-) Barcia.. what can you say.... he was so much faster on the 250F. He just doesn't seem to get riding the 450.

  • CycleCruza
    CycleCruza Year ago +7


    • Nate Culp
      Nate Culp 10 months ago +1

      CycleCruza what's going on cylclecruza didn't know you were into motocross?!?!

  • papa al
    papa al Year ago +11

    I'm 67. I ride one or more of my 10 motos nearly every day.

    • Shawn Doucette
      Shawn Doucette 26 days ago

      Hope to be riding when I’m that old. I’m 47 now getting my grandson riding now. Just went all in. Bought a rig and plenty of bikes.

    • Steve Ringer
      Steve Ringer Year ago +4


  • Dane Nakasone
    Dane Nakasone Year ago


  • mulisharobbo
    mulisharobbo Year ago

    Whats the difference between this and youtube clips? Absolutley fucking nothing except some wisdom-ic quotes thrown in between.
    So shit.

  • Magnus Bingham
    Magnus Bingham Year ago

    Rv2 you will be Missed

  • Broc felix
    Broc felix Year ago


  • Co H
    Co H Year ago

    Slow MO is okay, but sped up racing video sucks. Pathetic.

  • DDB1024
    DDB1024 Year ago +1

    Where was the riding in AZ starting around 8:39? Trail name?

  • Travis Hodges
    Travis Hodges Year ago +2

    "Here's to Peace and Quiet" - Chills

  • rizki awaludin
    rizki awaludin Year ago

    good pisan

  • amryamaha
    amryamaha Year ago +3

    the skinny homo with eye makeup.... wtf? Cody Webb, best part of the movie.

  • Kid Perfect Vlogs

    hope he is ok

  • gu buttowski
    gu buttowski Year ago

    instagram. gustavo_nato

  • Eatassgrowgrassskatefast Break glass

    Moto whips are like yeah let me do a 180 but lay down in the air and get back yeah seems fun amazing

  • levi
    levi Year ago +2

    whats the song at 37:30

  • Jake Ess
    Jake Ess Year ago +1

    What is the song at 37:30

  • Just Jon
    Just Jon Year ago +11

    48:30 why the fuck is homie wearing eyeliner?

    • thundercrow777
      thundercrow777 2 months ago

      fucking Europeans...

    • Oscar Belden
      Oscar Belden 3 months ago

      Roczen in my mind will now be a peeter smoker. After saying that please understand I'm just old school and think no man much less a pro rider should wear makeup. Ever.

    • 101Poorhouse
      101Poorhouse 6 months ago

      my thoughts exactly!!

    • Ahad Tyagi
      Ahad Tyagi 6 months ago

      +Chris Graves

    • Chris Graves
      Chris Graves 10 months ago +9

      After watching this I feel like Roczen may suck dicks

  • Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright Year ago +7

    i wish these guys would give me the tires they only use once then throw in a pile haha

  • Aidan carey
    Aidan carey Year ago

    when was this made?

  • Kool MaDa
    Kool MaDa Year ago +5

    Kevin Windham.... the best 2nd place rider in the world.

    • oi saja
      oi saja Year ago

      Travis Tatman

    • oi saja
      oi saja Year ago +1

      Travis Tatman

    • oi saja
      oi saja Year ago

      Kool MaDa

    • oi saja
      oi saja Year ago

      Travis Tatman

    • Travis Tatman
      Travis Tatman Year ago +2

      Windham is and was the smoothest, smartest, most stylish rider in decades. He is deceivingly fast. I'm sure he's quite happy with his career performance.

  • Jason Whitman
    Jason Whitman Year ago

    yo yo yo yo yo

  • Asher Atkinson
    Asher Atkinson Year ago +1

    hopefully destry can get back to doing his thing again soon

  • MX 720
    MX 720 Year ago +7

    DA8 strong

  • MX PRO
    MX PRO Year ago +1

    Awesome movie ;)

  • Julian Pyle
    Julian Pyle Year ago


  • Mateo Davis
    Mateo Davis Year ago

    anyone know the song that Justin barcia is riding to

    • MrProauz14
      MrProauz14 Year ago +1

      Mateo Davis darude-sandstorm

  • Danielmxrider Montanaro

    Anyone knows the song on jeffrey herlings part??

  • MLGP
    MLGP Year ago +1

    41:55 really cool video part

    • Death Star 3105
      Death Star 3105 4 months ago

      Pacific dub - Utica

    • Fabio Mor
      Fabio Mor Year ago

      Thank you, beautiful song and beautiful video

    • MLGP
      MLGP Year ago +1

      Pacific Dub - Utica

    • Fabio Mor
      Fabio Mor Year ago

      Beautiful part

  • Joanna Linéa
    Joanna Linéa Year ago +1

    can I get all the tracks from this video please? :)

    • Death Star 3105
      Death Star 3105 3 months ago

      Aspired329 I think she means the song names

    • Aspired329
      Aspired329 Year ago +5

      Well it starts with Barcia's private track, think maybe highpoint in the middle then some GP's and end at Windham's. Your welcome!

  • Dimetime69
    Dimetime69 Year ago +4

    36:20 get up ya lazy hooah hahaha love it

  • kepong23
    kepong23 Year ago +3

    wow. this has been taken for years now.

  • Max Mazourov
    Max Mazourov Year ago +22

    What's the track at 37:30? Cheers for the movie - loved it!!!

    • Etown Edits
      Etown Edits 11 months ago +1

      you would enjoy my videos!

    • dcryan77
      dcryan77 Year ago +10

      Darude - Sandstorm

    • Martin Öberg
      Martin Öberg Year ago

      Max Mazourov

    • twotwentyswift
      twotwentyswift Year ago +1

      +Max Mazourov No problem. It makes it a lot easier to find if you get the name of the group right ;-)

    • Max Mazourov
      Max Mazourov Year ago

      twotwentyswift ha! cheers for correction fella-bloody spell checker..!

  • Nyasha M.C
    Nyasha M.C Year ago +7

    took you long enough