TRASH or PASS! Eminem ft Young Ma ( Unaccommodating ) Music To Be Murdered By [REACTION!!!]

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  • LayedBakDFR
    LayedBakDFR  2 months ago +690

    Eminem drops surprise album‼️ What should be the next song we do off this album⁉️ Drop it below 🗳

    • PotHead Music
      PotHead Music 4 days ago

      Eminem won against MGK

    • JD Morris
      JD Morris 25 days ago

      And dissin or no shit like that but.. You missed several in young ma’s verse. One in particular is “disrespect the life and I’m in GANG mode, yo body can LEAVE this earth I’m in RAKE mode” like raking leaves lol

    • Alex Forge
      Alex Forge Month ago

      The warning

    • Alex Forge
      Alex Forge Month ago

      The warning

    • Jay Spencer
      Jay Spencer Month ago +1

      LayedBakDFR Provocation is exactly what rap god feeds on.

  • Kevin Simmons
    Kevin Simmons 13 hours ago

    Eminem killed it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Fixated Wammo
    Fixated Wammo Day ago

    The people who disliked are the type of people to eat cereal with a fork

  • Kimberly Mason
    Kimberly Mason Day ago

    Whoever Thinks MGK😜 Beat Eminem.. Obviously, Don't Know Their Hip-Hop..😅😅😅. Str8 Facts! 💯

  • Austin Shelley
    Austin Shelley 3 days ago

    Ariana Grande bombing was kinda too far. Em is a savage

  • Caden Tatum
    Caden Tatum 5 days ago

    Only reactor that could react with just facial expressions and still be a good reaction

    • EpicWolf
      EpicWolf 3 days ago

      But he can't catch bars, Nolifeshaq is the only reactor who catches all of Em's bars

  • Bobbiesue Batenga
    Bobbiesue Batenga 5 days ago

    Pass 🔥

  • MENIME0428 SS
    MENIME0428 SS 5 days ago

    So you're telling me that mgk won and that's why he changed his genre?

  • Derek Hooper
    Derek Hooper 6 days ago

    Em won not just fro killshot
    But didn't binge lp flop lmao
    But music to get murdered by is platinum yeah mgk is a fucking joke n is a clout chaser n thought it big up his album so it's a 2x win for em the god

  • Charles Rogers
    Charles Rogers 6 days ago

    MGK could not hurt Eminem if he tried... the young rappers just love to hate THE GOAT.. since he is white easy target

  • Ricky F
    Ricky F 6 days ago

    I have no idea why I'm addicted to watching your videos but I am. Keep doing your thing bro

  • Pablo Fernandez
    Pablo Fernandez 7 days ago +1

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the heavily auto tuned adlibs during the chorus and he’s mocking everyone

  • SP Karmaa
    SP Karmaa 7 days ago

    MTBMB < Kamikaze

  • Soldato 4813
    Soldato 4813 9 days ago .. 🤮🤮🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • qweetos qwentetos
    qweetos qwentetos 9 days ago

    You gotta react to Eminem ft. Royce Da 5'9 You Gon' Learn that shit hard x2

  • Donnie Trowell
    Donnie Trowell 10 days ago

    They wanted me to keep this under wraps but everybody that had their heads mounted on Em's wall created burner accounts and they are doing their best to be dumb ass idiots and I must say they perfected that

  • Brent L Sloan
    Brent L Sloan 10 days ago

    Also, having the option to get the FREE hoodie in a shirt would be fire! Love your videos. Thank you for being you, 🙏🏼

  • ChronicalClinic42
    ChronicalClinic42 10 days ago

    Eminem could just get a million times more pussy than any rapper in the game, even at 47.

  • ChronicalClinic42
    ChronicalClinic42 10 days ago

    That bar is so HARD.
    "the more they remind me if eyeballs, I'm watchin' my pupils get cornier"

  • ChronicalClinic42
    ChronicalClinic42 10 days ago

    *Young M.A should have come with some harder shit.*

  • ChronicalClinic42
    ChronicalClinic42 10 days ago +1

    Music To Be Murdered By is a classic, it got slept on.

  • ChronicalClinic42
    ChronicalClinic42 10 days ago

    I only just found out about her, I thought it was a guy.

  • Jason Giloramo
    Jason Giloramo 11 days ago

    Nobody's catching..TVclip up in a church like pew pew pew!!!!

  • Half dragon
    Half dragon 13 days ago

    When you sniff coke

  • Johnny Lythus
    Johnny Lythus 14 days ago

    Young MA verse was mediocre. Eminem had to save that track. Did her a favor putting her on it in the first place

  • Bunny
    Bunny 15 days ago


  • Viktor Chris
    Viktor Chris 15 days ago

    Love your reaction man!

  • Marvin Collado
    Marvin Collado 17 days ago

    Im watching my pupil get cornea?

  • El Leon
    El Leon 18 days ago

    This is when I rev my motorcycle 5:36.

  • Tyler Mahr
    Tyler Mahr 19 days ago

    Did anyone else pick up on Em rattling off his old album titles near the end?

  • Ricky Landavaso
    Ricky Landavaso 19 days ago

    “I’m getting head like a old cartridge Nintendo” BRO!!!!

  • Bee Xiong
    Bee Xiong 21 day ago

    Eminem was a beast. Younger ma wasn’t all that in my opinion. I was surprised to even see Eminem to allow her verse in his song.

  • William Fisher
    William Fisher 21 day ago

    And he was giving homage to Andre 3000

  • William Fisher
    William Fisher 21 day ago

    Certain artist nude positive negative equity you being negative but you're slightly positive about it to give it that push

  • Mahdee
    Mahdee 22 days ago

    Homie we all know eminem took that win. Idk who “a lot of people” are, my guy. You must be in a parallel universe. I mean dawg, its really no contest😂

  • Joshua L
    Joshua L 22 days ago

    MGK fans=delusional....not most but some. The fact that they can even think that he is on Em's level is pure lack of intellect lol it's definitely the millenials that think that.

  • tyler cunillera
    tyler cunillera 22 days ago

    Bro.. when u pause the beat to talk... rewind it before u press play cuz u miss stuff . Js . I fw it tho

  • Njacpu
    Njacpu 23 days ago

    Are you going to sneaze already
    Dude finally 5:57

    • Njacpu
      Njacpu 23 days ago

      Dude finally 5:54

    TIM NOT HOME 23 days ago

    F u untill I can download audio for free (see )(you)( en) (tea) you know what I mean lol

  • بوبجي وكلاش أوف كلانس موبايل

    Em is rocks the best rapper ever

  • Zágoni Alpár
    Zágoni Alpár 25 days ago

    If you know hip hop you know MGK diss is not on killshot level even if killshot was not aggressive.. it was a lethal injection

  • Logan King
    Logan King 26 days ago

    do darkness by Eminem in his new album

  • GunG4mer0802
    GunG4mer0802 26 days ago

    Everyone knows you NEED ‘You Gon Learn’ straight after ‘Unaccommodating’. The transition is just perfected!

  • Bart Boerboom
    Bart Boerboom 26 days ago

    4:44 its like slamming a cockroach with a hammer and then burn it just to be sure it never comes back

  • Draft416
    Draft416 27 days ago

    Been watching you for almost a yr n still hadn't subbed. Srry bro u just pop up in my feed so I never thought about it. Luv you bro (drink more water) lol

  • Draft416
    Draft416 27 days ago

    No disrespect t M.A she did her thing but Em is a whole other beast. I like that she did it her own way instead of trying to be like Slim

  • Anastacio Martinez
    Anastacio Martinez 27 days ago

    I'm glad you enjoyed this track, it's my favorite off the album.

  • Jordan Ellis
    Jordan Ellis 28 days ago +1

    5:35 me starting my car.

  • NerdRage
    NerdRage 29 days ago

    Young Ma is not even on beat? Is that a style? Sounds horrible.

  • B.A.R. Gaming
    B.A.R. Gaming 29 days ago

    WTF, eminem took that win on MGK

  • Localboy Six8ty
    Localboy Six8ty 29 days ago

    Have you reacted to Migos -stripper bowl?

  • Walter Lamb
    Walter Lamb 29 days ago

    Memers all of you

  • Matthew Wiley
    Matthew Wiley 29 days ago

    Listen to second chance. undiniable. He's a country singer rapping to all rock. It's amazballs

  • Yuval Gino
    Yuval Gino 29 days ago

    Dude mega pass

  • Kisan Joshi
    Kisan Joshi Month ago +1

    Just to see him react

    Yeaaaaaa boy

  • Zackery Walker
    Zackery Walker Month ago

    He misssd the B rabbit line when he was talking about 8 mile

  • Martin J
    Martin J Month ago

    That Ariana grande line went straight over your head such a good line an such a risky line

  • Lola XZ
    Lola XZ Month ago

    I love your reaction, subscribed!

  • Elias Trujillo
    Elias Trujillo Month ago

    You gotta react to darkness by eminem

  • Labron Kendrick
    Labron Kendrick Month ago +4

    "I don't smoke but I got paper (money). To be blunt, I'm rolling in dough (indo). Duuuuuuddddeeeeee! Mf got lines like this on his entire album. Omg. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Johnathan Roberson
    Johnathan Roberson Month ago

    Pass!! Killed it!!

  • Fernando Lopez
    Fernando Lopez Month ago

    He missed a lot of bars...

  • Christopher Coyle
    Christopher Coyle Month ago

    Anybody that thinks mgk need help cos there obviously retarded or a junkie

  • Stacey Leonard
    Stacey Leonard Month ago

    4:20 certain type of I belive the word is motivation

  • Rob James
    Rob James Month ago

    The people who say he loss are dumbass mumble jumbo rap fans shady Neva loss

  • keithruane
    keithruane Month ago +2

    It’s been a month and Young M.A’s verse has finally grew on me

  • Mark Hammond
    Mark Hammond Month ago

    Machine Gun Kelly can't win if he doesn't respond back.

  • Alweeezy
    Alweeezy Month ago +1

    Best TVclipr By Far! Rocking With You For 2 Years Now.... Fire Squuuad 🔥🔥🔥

  • Piyush Chandel
    Piyush Chandel Month ago

    The word you're looking for at 4:20 is ammo

  • Devy Project
    Devy Project Month ago

    Tfw you realise young ma is a girl

  • Cody C
    Cody C Month ago +1

    I'll say this, em won but mgk did have the best diss I've heard dirrected at em.

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez
    Emmanuel Rodriguez Month ago

    Young ma is soooo trash I mean God...she need to go somewhere other then music

  • Aura Grirar
    Aura Grirar Month ago

    the flow and the drop after ...Dre knows... is so fire....

  • arjun sajeev
    arjun sajeev Month ago

    Eminem is John wick... IP man... Batman.... Etc of Rap... Going against him is plain suicide 😂😂😂

  • arjun sajeev
    arjun sajeev Month ago

    Eminem is John wick... IP man... Batman.... Etc of Rap... Going against him is plain suicide 😂😂😂

  • Dasmre
    Dasmre Month ago

    when u stub your toe but you gotta keep the noise down 5:35

    CjSIZZLES Month ago

    #creeksquad You need more Upchurch in yo Life 💯

  • Jessy
    Jessy Month ago

    People say MGK won the beef but now hes working on a more rock/metal album instead of rapping cause he got run out of the genre by Em =P

  • Alex Forge
    Alex Forge Month ago

    React to the warning

  • The Realist
    The Realist Month ago

    Wait Young M.A is a girl