Arrival - Dr. Louis calls Chang

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018

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  • Roger Akhigbe
    Roger Akhigbe 14 days ago

    "Now you know..."

  • Vitória Carvalho
    Vitória Carvalho Month ago


  • iiVirgilPlayz
    iiVirgilPlayz Month ago +1

    This scene thrilled and strole my whole mind. So I was like, What. The. Heck.

    LLADORIDO Month ago

    As a chinese speaker, no offence, but there is no way he can understand why Amy Adam's lines here....

    • Jonathan Michael
      Jonathan Michael Month ago +1

      LLADORIDO But in fairness to Amy Adams, she never studied Mandarin. 🤔

  • justakuma
    justakuma Month ago

    I dont get it why Chang shows his phone number to her and why he repeats her the last words of his wife?

  • bineozy
    bineozy Month ago

    Thank u masters ✍🙏🙏💜💜🕎🕎🎶🎵🕎🕎🌠👁🤳💓💓💅💅🎻🥁🥁🕯🕯🍪🧜‍♀️🥂💟🛴

  • Tyler Drainville
    Tyler Drainville Month ago

    Burst out laughing in the theatre with this scene. You phone me on my private numba.....

  • Ander Fu
    Ander Fu Month ago

    Did she really say that?

  • G L
    G L 2 months ago +4


  • miles ♕
    miles ♕ 2 months ago +2

    quintessential villeneuve. could not have made for a more satisfying ending with all that tension.

  • spursingham
    spursingham 2 months ago +8

    Great scene. Question though. She's "remembering" a future event, right? Why is she surprised about it in the future? Surely she's expecting to have this convo with him.

    • Miriam Chasnov
      Miriam Chasnov 24 days ago +5

      you're still thinking about time as a linear concept. I think the point is that for the heptapods, time doesn't move forwards or backwards, it just is. Whatever part of her life she's experiencing she's living it for the first time. But she doesn't experience them in chronological order.

    • Jonathan Bourque Vaccaro
      Jonathan Bourque Vaccaro 24 days ago

      There's something really quantic about that scene. A bit like Schrodinger's cat.

    • GaaraSama1983
      GaaraSama1983 Month ago

      I also thought about this. Maybe it's one of the possible futures (and thinking in 4th dimension opens up this skill). Maybe the future options even depend on ones mindset and what's physically possible in the present (like using this information from a possible future and having access to a satellite phone in the present). Or it's just the typical plot hole/time travel error :)

  • Josh Jackzone
    Josh Jackzone 2 months ago +5

    This scene gave me crazy goosebumps while watching it in the theater.

  • Marisa Tamayo
    Marisa Tamayo 2 months ago +5

    i cried so much during this part

  • sebastian pedone
    sebastian pedone 3 months ago

    Una oda a la condicion humana, a los limites de la especie, monumental obra maestra.

  • Marcel Hricko
    Marcel Hricko 3 months ago +1

    I love this movie and Thank you for posting this video.

  • MrMalicious
    MrMalicious 3 months ago +1

    The lady in white in the background is his wife.

  • Garrett
    Garrett 3 months ago +8

    This is the best scene in the movie, very powerful.

  • Chris Hidalgo
    Chris Hidalgo 3 months ago

    Can anyone please translate general chens wifes dying words? Thanks :3

  • Athletic - Dashole
    Athletic - Dashole 4 months ago

    Still don't get it

  • John Deere
    John Deere 4 months ago

    I’m glad I didn’t waist $20 at the theaters on this stupid dumb ass movie. I saw this crap for free on tv and was pissed at how fucking stupid it was. I give it a siskle and Ebert two middle finger up 🖕🏼🖕🏼 and a fuck you rating!

  • Sunny Wakefield
    Sunny Wakefield 4 months ago +2


  • Koalas
    Koalas 4 months ago

    Those fuckers from China, Russia and others would surely cause humanity's extinction if we were ever visited by aliens.

  • Fact: Beagles Are Best
    Fact: Beagles Are Best 5 months ago

    I think I’m overdosing on my medication; but I’m his scene is a great thing to watch before the end

  • grayRain
    grayRain 5 months ago +7

    Time is a flat circle ⭕️

    • Roger Akhigbe
      Roger Akhigbe 14 days ago

      Take off your mask

    • kidd0
      kidd0 Month ago

      You do this again..

    • yang mills
      yang mills 4 months ago +1

      time is a vortex of stacked flat circles each one smaller than the previous one

  • David White
    David White 5 months ago +1

    Hey does anyone know what the last words off his wife was as in English as I can't get the English version

      LOGAN LKR 3 months ago +1

      David White “in war, there is no winner- only widows and orphans”

  • richard lacey
    richard lacey 6 months ago +2

    China saves the day. This is MAGA country. Trump 2020 HOLLA

    • Brizey
      Brizey 5 months ago

      Awesome, Richard!!!

  • Enigmalake
    Enigmalake 6 months ago +153

    "In war there are no winners, only widows and orphans”

    • Justin Gabriel
      Justin Gabriel 19 days ago +1

      "In war kings do the fighting and the peasants do the dying" -Nilfgaardian peasants

  • Max Broderick
    Max Broderick 6 months ago +18

    One of the most powerful scenes ever to grace a film

    • Simon B
      Simon B 25 days ago

      No laser beams or special effects either

  • Hawaiian Prestige Cars
    Hawaiian Prestige Cars 6 months ago +3

    I didn‘t understand the movie, any explanation?

    • GaaraSama1983
      GaaraSama1983 Month ago

      ​@Hawaiian Prestige Cars The Heptapods didn't want to save the planet at this particular moment (there was no threat, just China and Co. wanting to attack the aliens) but maybe they foresaw another event (although the story differs, the movie somehow reminded me of Arthur C. Clarke - Childhood's End). They just wanted to give mankind their gift of thinking in non-linearily time. So in 3000 years, mankind somehow helps the Heptapods. Maybe the Heptapods knew that someday mankind will eradicate themselves and this language will unite us instead, so our civilization can reach the next step and maybe even gain further skills that are needed to help the Heptapods.

      This still doesn't answer whether or not one can alternate the future or if the path is set. The Heptapods or Louise could just have done nothing, but then the future outcome would change. For better or worse.

    • Hawaiian Prestige Cars
      Hawaiian Prestige Cars 6 months ago +2

      Bogdan Ciomaga watch it this weekend.
      Incredible movie. One of the most underrated ever.
      Crazy emotional

    • Bogdan Ciomaga
      Bogdan Ciomaga 6 months ago

      @Hawaiian Prestige Cars Nope, don't think I've watched it

    • Hawaiian Prestige Cars
      Hawaiian Prestige Cars 6 months ago +2

      Bogdan Ciomaga on a sidenote, do you know the movie Vanilla sky?

    • Hawaiian Prestige Cars
      Hawaiian Prestige Cars 6 months ago +2

      Bogdan Ciomaga I will watch the movie again and come back to you.

  • Lawrence Of Canadia
    Lawrence Of Canadia 7 months ago +48

    My goosebumps have goosebumps

  • fgdj2000
    fgdj2000 7 months ago +19

    Great scene. The fate of the entire world is decided by a simple phone call. This shouldn't have worked, but thanks to Denis Villeneuve it feels properly epic, tense and somehow beautiful. People help each other through communication across time and space.

  • Michael Brewer
    Michael Brewer 7 months ago +4

    in physics, time is shown to be a man-made perception problem. Time, the past, present, and what we think of as the future are happening all at the same "Time". She has been taught how to communicate to all points in her life. Hence the un-ending circle and the meaning of the hematoads presence then, their lives and language.

  • The Ohtorian
    The Ohtorian 7 months ago +3

    "In war there are now winners, only windows " is what she said

  • Snake_XIX
    Snake_XIX 7 months ago +1

    Pretty inappropriate time to show her your dick pic

  • Chris Nong
    Chris Nong 7 months ago +27

    It’s interesting how Denis achieved a much more emotional, climactic cross cutting between scenes, compared to Nolan’s Interstellar.

  • ev_primadonna Evanna
    ev_primadonna Evanna 7 months ago +2

    I juuuust need to know where I can find those earrings 😬

  • The Legend of Link
    The Legend of Link 8 months ago +6

    What are these comments lol they make no sense

    OFFICIAL BROTHERS 8 months ago +56

    Rarely have I ever been so overwhelmed emotionally in a film and this scene just completely blew me away. I was shaken until the next day.

  • Sunny Wakefield
    Sunny Wakefield 8 months ago +2


  • Joey Ouyang
    Joey Ouyang 8 months ago

    If only her Chinese wasn't so terrible lmao

  • Gau Thier
    Gau Thier 8 months ago +4

    I want that soldier, coordinates gorgeous sexy dude!

  • Gau Thier
    Gau Thier 8 months ago +5

    The most perfect movie ever made

    • Puro
      Puro 7 months ago

      There is no such thing as a perfect movie.

  • Darvy Eduardo Rivero
    Darvy Eduardo Rivero 8 months ago

    Is like Dr, Louis from the future didn´t know the General´s phone number, but, she shoud know it, because there is peace and the General did not attacked the shells. So, what I understand is that Dr. Louis get the phone number in the future after she used it in the pass, but in the in the pass, Dr. Louis extracts the phone number from herself when General Chang is telling it to her...

    • 801Milcah
      801Milcah 4 months ago +1

      Its more of her consciousness was transfered to the future while simultaneously living in the present thats why she does not know some information.

  • Louise
    Louise 8 months ago +3

    Louise must haVE feLT such shock [ wHen she realized] that to be the center of a circLE you had to sTand outside of it az weLL

  • lala GAb
    lala GAb 8 months ago +3

    Isn’t this character supposed to be a linguist? I bet the aliens speak better Chinese than she does. Hollywood has made Mandarin gibberish......again!! And the worst is that a blog by the movie’s foreign language coaching team claims Amy Adams’s character “speaks to the general in Mandarin flawlessly......” HOW DARE YOU??!!

    • GaaraSama1983
      GaaraSama1983 Month ago

      @Phraker exactly. Most people who can speak several languages still do best in the one(s) then often use. It's just about training like with everything else. I read a lot of these "her Mandarin is bad" comments and I wonder how good these people speak other languages.

    • Phraker
      Phraker 7 months ago +6

      a linguist means you are a scholar of the technicalities of language not of languages themselves

    • Kim Jong Dos
      Kim Jong Dos 8 months ago +5

      lala, i want you to take a chill pill

    • BAD BICH
      BAD BICH 8 months ago +1

      Woah dude chill

  • detective zinc
    detective zinc 9 months ago

    lmao her mandarin is bad

  • Jordan Bakos
    Jordan Bakos 9 months ago +26

    This movie is one of my all time favorite movies behind interstellar and avatar. The arrival just has that interstellar vibe with the time travel stuff.

    • Jordan Bakos
      Jordan Bakos 8 months ago +1

      Yes I agree, the arrival definitely took some time to understand it which made it so good! Both movies had very deep ending. Im personally more interested in space which is why Interstellar is at the top of my list but both movies played into the theme of time. And your idea of aliens mixing with the interstellar journey sounds like it would make for a great movie.

    • SharkDad
      SharkDad 8 months ago +3

      As much as i love interstellar, I feel like the way that Arrival presented non-linear time and the consequences was FAR superior than interstellar. After watching interstellar a few times, i was still confused at a lot of things (mostly just everything after he enters the black hole). Whereas with Arrival I got exactly what the movie was trying to say the first time. And that's not a knock on how much each movie asks from the viewer. I'd honestly argue that Arrival require more focus and intellect to understand the true message. I just also happen to think that they executed it much better.
      Unrelated, how cool would it have been to have a movie first 2/3 of interstellar then the last 1/3 of Arrival. Like an interstellar journey the with the quality of Interstellar, then an interaction with aliens and handling of non-linear time with the quality of Arrival??

    • Jordan Bakos
      Jordan Bakos 9 months ago +1

      obram17 no I haven’t but I’ll look into it

    • obram17
      obram17 9 months ago +1

      Jordan Bakos... have you watched UFO? With Gillian Anderson from the X-files,it’s so good! 👌

  • kineticdeath
    kineticdeath 9 months ago +3

    only just saw this movie tonight and found it very very entertaining and so well done. An alien contact movie done brilliantly

  • Stephen Norris
    Stephen Norris 9 months ago +24

    Love the soundtrack

  • Faizan Farooq
    Faizan Farooq 10 months ago

    but how did she found genrals private number just by knowing 'her past'?

      CHROMIUM HERO 3 months ago

      @Lucas Henryck just a guess but I think when he passes his phone to her it has his number on the screen

    • 801Milcah
      801Milcah 4 months ago +1

      @Lucas Henryck Please read about the different dimensions, especifically the fifth dimension. A fifth dimensional being can live in both past, present and future simoultaneously. While the main character is not a fifth dimensional being, she was able to acquire their language and thus gaining an ability.

    • Lucas Henryck
      Lucas Henryck 5 months ago

      But what i don't understand is how she can know his number in the present. Because if he said, in the future, she called him and knew his number, how can she know, in the present, his number without ever seeing?

    • Not Alfie
      Not Alfie 9 months ago +14

      It was the future, not the past. She saw into her future and the future provided the information she needed to make it come true.

  • John Shipero
    John Shipero 10 months ago

    Death to America!!!!!!

  • Sunny Wakefield
    Sunny Wakefield 10 months ago +1


  • Tails A1919
    Tails A1919 10 months ago +4

    Gives me chills...everytime!

  • biene
    biene 10 months ago +2

    impressive scene

  • M M
    M M 10 months ago +198

    This scene is absolutely beautiful.

  • Sunny Wakefield
    Sunny Wakefield 11 months ago +1


  • Pierce Allen
    Pierce Allen 11 months ago +68

    one of the most powerful scenes of any story. so remarkable and moving

  • Thyag Sundaramoorthy
    Thyag Sundaramoorthy 11 months ago +54

    One of the most intense scenes of any movie I’ve seen. Well done Dennis Villeneuve and team.

  • M
    M 11 months ago +116

    I love how General Shang knew

    • CombraStudios
      CombraStudios 27 days ago

      I know your picture is supposed to resemble a hair on screen but it looks like heptapod B

    • GaaraSama1983
      GaaraSama1983 Month ago +9

      @Phat Knob He is a Chinese General, so getting to know who called him on that particular day shouldn't represent a big obstacle. After that he most likely got curious about Louise Banks and informed himself about the concept of Heptapod language, that she is writing/teaching about. So he got to learn about her way of thinking and knew it's important to show her the number and telling the story about his wife. One can sort of interprete this as a compliment for the General too, showing his intelectual potential.

      I think these underlying/hidden statements is what made me like Arrival so much. It doesn't explain everything in detail cause there is no reason for if you watch it properly. Even if it lets room for interpretation, in my opinion that makes it even better.

    • TheJimmy
      TheJimmy 3 months ago +30

      @Phat Knob Through the love of his wife. He realised after the call that the only way she could have got the number was if he gave it to her and the only way she could have known the dying words of his wife was if he told her. And in that desperate moment his phone rang. SO, somehow he must meet her and give her the information for it all to happen. As he admits "I do not claim to know how your mind works, but I believe it was important for you to see that..."

    • Phat Knob
      Phat Knob 3 months ago +1

      How did he know though?

    • Joseph Magsino
      Joseph Magsino 4 months ago +2


  • Sunny Wakefield
    Sunny Wakefield 11 months ago +1

    CHINA AND JAPAN !!!!!!