Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs - Gordon Ramsay


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  • Tsedendamba Tumurbaatar

    Recipe please, I dont know English weel

  • bbeniyo
    bbeniyo Day ago

    Subscribed... 👍

  • Frankie Lopez Zamudio

    Im vegan so wtf am I doing here with my saliva drooling on my phone ?!?!?!?!


    why did he copy hiros way?
    hiros looked way better

  • Shabir Parwaz
    Shabir Parwaz Day ago

    Top meat off with more meat. Fuck you veggies

  • augh12286
    augh12286 3 days ago


  • Daryl Star
    Daryl Star 3 days ago

    Embarrassed when back in 1950s? Lol Short ribs are expensive 5.99 to 7.99 a pound and that is hardly much. They used to be a cheap cut like tri-tip however short ribs have amazing flavor and people know that now. Just takes a very long time to cook.

  • Max Sand
    Max Sand 3 days ago

    Ramsey gordon best voy

  • JoHanz DP
    JoHanz DP 4 days ago


  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain 5 days ago

    Looks like a dogs dick

  • Roberto Araujo
    Roberto Araujo 6 days ago

    Hermoso.. una forma muy interesante de hacer asado de costillar. Mí madre lo solía hacer estofado a la cacerola para acompañar pastas; algo muy argentino. Te felicito, le ponés pasión y buen gusto. Saludos desde la Argentina: Capital mundial del asado de tira a las brasas.. Saludos.... felices fiestas...

  • Eugenia Serramontmany

    Me parece un plato fantástico podría ser que se hiciera las recetas traducidas

  • Ronnie Civella
    Ronnie Civella 7 days ago

    I’m high as a mother fucker and would pay one million dollars for that!

  • Saida Aweis
    Saida Aweis 7 days ago

    I'm Sorry am I the only one who thinks that don't look good

  • Juhee Park
    Juhee Park 7 days ago

    3:21 so odd to hear him actually chuckling lmao

  • Alexander Donath
    Alexander Donath 9 days ago

    Great as always.THE issue I have: how to clean the kitchen. Each time doing such thing, my better half is going mad (after meal, of course). So how to protect from splashing fat/oil?

  • kariehatton
    kariehatton 9 days ago

    I adore beef short ribs... but cheap cuts? Not at $5.00 a lb. These are dinner party meats.

  • asakujaku89
    asakujaku89 11 days ago

    He said "am telling it tastes amazing" 😁

  • Loren Saintz
    Loren Saintz 11 days ago

    Amazing! Thank you Chef! Inspiring!!!

  • Fabrizio Leguizamon
    Fabrizio Leguizamon 11 days ago

    En Argentina lo comemos todos los domingos 😎😙

  • 800lb Gorilla
    800lb Gorilla 12 days ago

    Nice big thick.... Lard ons.

  • Mc Sommer
    Mc Sommer 12 days ago

    He'd never eat that if somebody else had cooked it...

  • Miles Science
    Miles Science 12 days ago

    Hello I'm garden rumsey

  • rossuk123
    rossuk123 12 days ago

    just did this but shredded the short rib and added it into cottage pie.. now reduce



  • Mj De Vera
    Mj De Vera 14 days ago

    You made me hungry😂

  • Angel T
    Angel T 14 days ago

    I loved he's eyes😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Lim Peh
    Lim Peh 14 days ago

    What else can be used other then wine?

  • Juan Solano
    Juan Solano 16 days ago

    170 to 180 degrees???!?!?!?! My oven starts at 260 degrees. Wth??? This comment section isn't being helpful or questioning the temp. 😤

  • 老爹
    老爹 16 days ago

    This is basically a Chinese dish.

  • Adrian Gutierrez
    Adrian Gutierrez 17 days ago

    This is just like Beof Bourguignon.

  • Timothy Roberson
    Timothy Roberson 18 days ago

    What's the difference between portobello mushrooms and chestnut mushrooms?

  • Louis Villafranca
    Louis Villafranca 19 days ago

    Keep it alive

  • Rolanne Bouchard
    Rolanne Bouchard 19 days ago

    I'm making this for New Years day dinner ❤🍷

  • Steve Davis
    Steve Davis 20 days ago

    I wonder if this works with pork ribs

  • Whisky Wood
    Whisky Wood 20 days ago

    All of you, come here!😅

  • Professor Q
    Professor Q 21 day ago

    Nice Gordon.

  • Giselle mazapan
    Giselle mazapan 21 day ago

    First time i don't see him mad

  • Max Watson
    Max Watson 21 day ago

    Fuck mushrooms

    ANGEL VELEZ 21 day ago

    Put some respek on them ribs!

  • Julien Prévost
    Julien Prévost 21 day ago

    Guess the reason mine were not good is I seasoned them ugly-ly and not beautifully

  • lefty k
    lefty k 22 days ago

    You ruined the meal with that bloody pork urggggg

  • IMWO Manjarrez
    IMWO Manjarrez 23 days ago

    Quick question was that water he put from the jar into the ribs after the wine

  • Rekken and Yu
    Rekken and Yu 23 days ago +1

    I could actually watch Gordon forever. I'd be happy consuming his food with just my eyes for eternity.

  • Bernadette MacDonald
    Bernadette MacDonald 23 days ago

    Wow baked ribs fantastic doing that dish today.
    Thankyou from Australia

    • Mr. Elastomeric1
      Mr. Elastomeric1 10 days ago

      +Bernadette MacDonald Your a loveiy LASS thanx for feedback

    • Bernadette MacDonald
      Bernadette MacDonald 10 days ago

      +Mr. Elastomeric1 not a thing everyone loved the ribs.
      I used a good red wine.

    • Mr. Elastomeric1
      Mr. Elastomeric1 10 days ago

      Was It Good? Would you change anything? Thank you Bernadette.

  • Emir Sacu
    Emir Sacu 24 days ago

    Noicee daaaahrk rich intensitey

  • Micah O'Connor
    Micah O'Connor 28 days ago

    What is the best alternative for red wine, because I having an alcohol intolerance

    • Stephen Wolling
      Stephen Wolling 15 days ago

      The alcohol gets cooked out. There is no more alcohol

  • EroticOnion23
    EroticOnion23 29 days ago

    Sooo...basically boeuf burguignon? xD

  • Leafs2014
    Leafs2014 Month ago

    The joy the passion.

  • Jo Rodriguez
    Jo Rodriguez Month ago

    I had my plate ready, then I woke up.

  • Seven Deadly Sins Escanor

    Add pepper, salt, and olive oil, and you've got a five star Gordon Ramsay meal

  • Lauren Koen
    Lauren Koen Month ago

    "beautifully" is not a unit of measurement Gordon

  • Themastermind 90210

    He still can't beat Mexican Cosine.

  • Rodolfo Rosales
    Rodolfo Rosales Month ago

    Cara de fuchi eres uno de los mejores sin tanttons ingredientes yuo the best

  • james riepe
    james riepe Month ago

    I cooked this today! And I must say just fantastic! My taste buds were exploding! Thanks Chef!

  • Anthony Barefoot
    Anthony Barefoot Month ago

    He c as n make ad junk and raccoon into a 5 star meal. His passion is the key

  • Shaochieh Young
    Shaochieh Young Month ago

    Not cheap cuts for sure!

  • katherine tejano-peralta

    I tried this and my family was amazed they wanted for me to cook it again this year thanks to Gordon!

  • Erika Erika
    Erika Erika Month ago

    I wish i can learn from you

  • bogatakel
    bogatakel Month ago

    Doesn’t make sense why have to use stock when u cooking beef itself

  • Aca Gold0420
    Aca Gold0420 Month ago

    how long in the oven????

  • dspf68
    dspf68 Month ago

    plate together with no starch.

  • Dana MacHolmes
    Dana MacHolmes Month ago

    Im making this now and it smells amazing!!

  • Seth B
    Seth B Month ago

    Theres no way when he opened the foil that the sauce was thick like that. It should've been pure water because the sauce could not have evaporated. He def took it out reduced the sauce and thickened it then edited it like it just came out of the oven

  • Jenny Ladson
    Jenny Ladson Month ago

    How did the drippings get so thick?

  • Bruce Lamberton
    Bruce Lamberton Month ago

    I am so hungry now!

  • Mike Morbuk
    Mike Morbuk Month ago

    I gotta hire this guy

  • sol soll
    sol soll Month ago

    Cooked this on Friday for tea. Delicious the meat is really tender and tasty .Even better when you have left overs for lunch the following day :)

    • Samuel Ho
      Samuel Ho 24 days ago

      sol soll which mode did u use on the oven?

  • Missa's Mess Hall
    Missa's Mess Hall Month ago

    this is amazing! i actually just did my own video on braised short ribs! so fun to watch

  • Haru's forehead isn't big

    I bet when other ppl do exactly the same procedure as he did in this video, Ramsay will say, "What the fuck is this? it's so mushy and wet. The smell is hideous. Yuck!"

  • Unique Rafli
    Unique Rafli Month ago

    look like a chocolate cake

  • Srikanth kumar M K
    Srikanth kumar M K Month ago

    commenting on other chefs is too easy unless if he or she goes to it deeply. dont judge the book by its cover page...i feel bad if gordon embarrass other chefs in there kitchens. u can advice or suggest but haa no one have rights to kick on stomach.lets gordon cook for me ill show 1 lakhs faults.iam sure

  • Srikanth kumar M K
    Srikanth kumar M K Month ago

    but i love Gordon, towards his command in fast pace kitchen.

  • Srikanth kumar M K
    Srikanth kumar M K Month ago

    huge in quantity, too giant for an individual, and too expensive. cooking time is too much ,iam not aware of the taste as i have not tasted,its all abt my opinion. lets see how gordon will impress me

  • Joseph Schmoe
    Joseph Schmoe Month ago

    This is probably a stupid question, and I kind don't expect an answer, but...
    Can I use center cut beef back ribs instead of short ribs?

  • MK7GTI
    MK7GTI Month ago

    So how long does it slow cook in the oven? Edit: 2.5 hours I just couldn’t understand him with the music in the background.

  • David Hassel
    David Hassel Month ago

    I love how he laughs when he impresses even himself he is so awesome in the kitchen

  • David Hassel
    David Hassel Month ago

    Is he talking about 180 degrees c/f?

  • Lehan Nudin
    Lehan Nudin Month ago


  • CornerGD & More!
    CornerGD & More! Month ago


  • Richard Krishendath
    Richard Krishendath Month ago +1

    In to the oven

  • huy le
    huy le Month ago

    Short rib not cheap Gordon

  • Cookee townsend
    Cookee townsend Month ago

    He should make a show called food porn where he gives cooking instructions for recipes but includes asmr. I love listening to him talk. But if he was to do asmr while he's giving his instructions....oh my

  • John Currie
    John Currie Month ago

    Nice variation, bone in and with two bone portion, pull out one bone wrap the flap and tie. Then rest is as your process. Big bone on plate up a eye catcher.

  • Alex K
    Alex K Month ago

    WAIT 170-180???? WOLFGANG PUCK HAS THEM AT 350 FOR 2/12 HOURS....WTF?????

  • Melanie Bernardis
    Melanie Bernardis Month ago

    Fuck this looks good 🤪

  • Yea Boiii
    Yea Boiii Month ago

    2:20 you can see him through the window

  • adrian blade
    adrian blade Month ago

    "dark rich intensity"

  • Mike Gee
    Mike Gee Month ago

    just glaze!!

  • Wynona Fudd
    Wynona Fudd Month ago

    I love you, Chef! Your energy and passion about feeding bodies and souls never fails to inspire me. Every aspect aspect of my cooking has improved because of you!
    ❤️ Love from the USA!

  • Fissle Wine
    Fissle Wine Month ago

    Can you do this with a roast chicken?

  • May
    May Month ago

    So this is food porn..

    BAT-TALK! Month ago

    If this was a live stream and saw him pouring that sauce I would think it’s a chocolate dessert

    BAT-TALK! Month ago

    Idk what’s cheap for him.. I’m sure a cheap cut for him is still more than $50 steaks

  • RubyHeart Courage
    RubyHeart Courage Month ago

    Absolutely amazing! I really am going to try this!

  • Anh Le viet
    Anh Le viet Month ago

    Before they add the sauce looks like chocolate cake anyone agree

  • Pearly Gates
    Pearly Gates 2 months ago

    All i have here this morning is pandesal and coffee while watching. Mouth watering

  • Northern_ Savage
    Northern_ Savage 2 months ago +4

    Gordon you need to seriously make a career out of cooking. With this’ll be a master chef some day.

  • Nethin Cot
    Nethin Cot 2 months ago

    i jus tried out the recipe.. the sauce dried out a bit..!! but the ribs turned out be stunningly delicious..!!! thnx gordon..!!

  • Gimena Sosa
    Gimena Sosa 2 months ago