Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs - Gordon Ramsay


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  • Edgar
    Edgar Day ago


  • StylexSai
    StylexSai Day ago

    4:18 "Do them individually. They deserve that respect." Yes chef...

  • Mr_Penna son
    Mr_Penna son Day ago

    Not exactly the easiest cut of beef to find!!

  • Lorendrawn
    Lorendrawn 2 days ago

    This video kick-started my cooking learning. A couple of years later, I'm checking back on this, having made that dish maybe 6 times and I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I've learned and have yet to learn.

  • Kiet Le
    Kiet Le 3 days ago

    I'm making this dish right now but I mistaken stock for broth. Did I just ruin everything?

  • Jake M
    Jake M 4 days ago

    Beef stock, perfect! Chicken stock.. finnne!

  • L Duranceau
    L Duranceau 4 days ago

    I hate to ask this: do the short ribs come out of the oven as soft as butter?

  • McCulleyJr
    McCulleyJr 4 days ago +1

    I'm making this tomorrow with Buffalo ribs, thanks for another great recipe. You're the best!

  • Zachary Folse
    Zachary Folse 4 days ago

    I feel blessed in Texas here where I am we get amazing choice usda short ribs almost indistinguishable from wagyu just at HEB the Grocer I go to. I used to work a country club where we smoked whole wagyu briskets so was able to tell at butcher counter xD a lot of other places are like Huhh when you ask them for plate ribs or beef short ribs that aren’t backed individually or with all the meat shaved off the bone for ‘finger ribs’ lol heb is the only one near me that understands what a whole rack untrimmed is xD

    I AM BOSS 4 days ago

    Chef Ramsay i loved your recipe except bacon in it i am muslim... otherwise sauce beef mushrooms and coriander awesome will try on this weekend...

  • Mr. Luigi
    Mr. Luigi 5 days ago

    No seasoning though.

  • Laurent
    Laurent 5 days ago

    dommage pas traduit en français ! 🤔

  • hashimi habibhalim
    hashimi habibhalim 6 days ago

    Fuck you gordon beef mixed with pork you must be a fucking idiot

    CORY SEXTON 6 days ago

    That is amazing

  • JOSE Andino martinez


  • Moonbeam Laraibangtani

    Quite easy 😋

  • DemonPrince9
    DemonPrince9 8 days ago

    I have an allergy to most mushrooms. Is there an easy non-fungus replacement?

  • Paul Oliver
    Paul Oliver 8 days ago

    Yep- a slight update to one of the best dishes in the world- Boeuf Bourguignon. Lovely dish. But why not tell it as it is? This is Boeuf Bourguignon, except Beef Ribs have been used instead of, say, Beef Shin.

  • Cana box
    Cana box 9 days ago

    Most overrated chef ever

  • Confessions Of A Crazy Housewife

    Ramsay narrates his video much like Bear Grylls does his 😄

  • Real talk
    Real talk 9 days ago

    Apart from the nasty bacon it looks delicious

  • reviewunboxing es
    reviewunboxing es 10 days ago

    This is my dinner today I uploaded a vieo of my final product. Thank you so much Chef Ramsey 👌

  • Russian Serbian Targeted Individual

    I wanna learn how to cook like him

    KARIM MAHMOUD 11 days ago

    you f up , when you add the pork bacon on the top.

  • Doug Taylor
    Doug Taylor 11 days ago

    Gordon's passion for cooking has to be admired and we benefit from it

  • Bev Cooper
    Bev Cooper 13 days ago +13

    Made these last night . . . and they were incredible! FYI I used a temp of 250 degrees Farenheit and cooked for 3-1/2 hours on bottom rack in oven. Turned and basted every hour. Hope this helps my fellow foodies!

    • Andrey Petrash
      Andrey Petrash 8 days ago

      AngelaHope he means C

    • AngelaHope
      AngelaHope 12 days ago

      I was just going to ask: When Chef says "bake at 180°" does he mean C or F?

  • Greaser5550
    Greaser5550 14 days ago

    You could do the same recipe with beef cheeks

  • Roger Mccracken
    Roger Mccracken 14 days ago

    I am a chef at a Michelin Star restaurant. So tired, but here watching Gordon cook and believe-it-or-not, eating cheetohs and drinking a spunky litttle chardonnay hahahahaha!

    • MrJohndory111
      MrJohndory111 12 days ago +1

      i understand for all the great food michelin chefs cook, there is no time/desire/money to cook properly for yourselves

  • Fransiskus Manurung
    Fransiskus Manurung 14 days ago +3

    I SEE IT

  • Kaylie Stratz
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  • Jacqueline
    Jacqueline 16 days ago

    I just paid 6.99 a pound not cheap for pockets👀

  • Gene Pochyla
    Gene Pochyla 17 days ago

    Ramsey a joke. Been a Chef for 50 + years. He learned from people like me who wrote the book for him. Seen a lot of his cooking years ago. Nothing new.....

  • Jesse Taylor
    Jesse Taylor 18 days ago

    Yeah but how's this guys Kraft Mac n cheese game?

  • Oudombora Sunhe
    Oudombora Sunhe 18 days ago


  • zahra alawad
    zahra alawad 18 days ago

    Where's the seasoning

  • Red Hiding Hood
    Red Hiding Hood 18 days ago

    Gordon could make a dish out of literal shit and it would taste good

  • JkGytH
    JkGytH 18 days ago


  • Claudio Palumbo and The Music Chronicles

    Ma che cazzo mettete pollice in su... Ha prima scaldato la teglia e poi ha messo l'olio, mandando subito lo stesso oltre il punto di fumo, facendolo diventare tossico insieme a tutto quello che ci ha cotto... Come si vede che non capite un cazzo di cibo, lo "chef" è diventato famoso grazie a voi ignoranti

  • Emma Ella
    Emma Ella 19 days ago

    Idc any ribs only wit dripping fiery bbq sauce YASSS

  • Hazy Bear
    Hazy Bear 19 days ago

    Dear Gordon I love cooking did it for 15years till my kidneys shut down .....I would love to go up against you in dish to dish I might loose but My love would be in my food.... Every video you do is pure perfection an a absolute enjoyment to watch God bless.

  • indah indah
    indah indah 19 days ago

    He is hot😍

  • Jesus Luis
    Jesus Luis 19 days ago

    Increíble! me encanta que este canal tenga recetas en español.

  • Hammeraxe
    Hammeraxe 20 days ago

    This man is a national treasure

  • Abraao Barros
    Abraao Barros 21 day ago

    Um gênio

  • KeppyKep
    KeppyKep 21 day ago

    Wow. You can hear the genuine excitement and enthusiasm in his voice.

  • harry viking
    harry viking 21 day ago

    OMG....this is now on the menu.....!!

  • Otávio Resende Mundim

    Td vdeo parece q ele ta cm pressa de preparar o prato kkkkkk

    LUCILLE IS THIRSTY 22 days ago

    And don’t forget to add olive oil

  • Hugh Dunbar
    Hugh Dunbar 22 days ago

    I’m sorry, did he say he had a lard on?

  • Angelthepoet916
    Angelthepoet916 22 days ago

    I don't eat meat anymore but I still watch. A cook who trying to lose weight. Teach me to cook more healthy for my 3 boys and I. Thank you chef

  • Yoan Ulin
    Yoan Ulin 22 days ago

    Bacon = very very good & halal

  • Basit Ali
    Basit Ali 22 days ago

    Even the RAW beef looked Tasty in CHEF Ramsay hand 👌

  • Johnny Favourites
    Johnny Favourites 25 days ago

    Hay no mames, quiero que este señor me haga unos chilaquiles ca

  • Ricardo Franco
    Ricardo Franco 25 days ago +1

    Forgot Salt and Pepper :(

  • Breno Cabral
    Breno Cabral 25 days ago

    2:11 Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit?

    • Breno Cabral
      Breno Cabral 24 days ago

      +Matthew Snart Sorry man, I started to cook just this week, I know almost nothing about cooking. But I understand what you say, my wife said 75° C is too low. How would I learn if I don't ask. Right?
      Thank you anyway.

    • Matthew Snart
      Matthew Snart 24 days ago

      Breno Cabral Honestly, what do you actually think? 170°f is 75°c

  • Gloria Velazquez
    Gloria Velazquez 26 days ago

    Do i really have to use whine I have never touch alcohol .is not me

  • Kyeba Tabe
    Kyeba Tabe 27 days ago

    Love this man!

  • ich bin einfach nur weiss

    i just ate some fried pasta and it tasted okay. but i'm so fcking proud of myself.

  • Jobuxzi CS
    Jobuxzi CS 27 days ago

    Isn't this luca's dish?

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B 28 days ago

    He should open his own restaurant

  • Commentator3
    Commentator3 28 days ago

    Gordon may be great at cooking but his vocabulary contains like three words: incredible, beautiful, amazing.

  • Frank P.
    Frank P. 29 days ago

    DAMN Gordon Ramsay, it's like watching porn !!!!

  • Kman
    Kman 29 days ago

    With his accent, even rewinding and listening *3 times* I couldn't u/stand what kind of puree he added....and these cooked/served bone side down? TIA *EDIT* Found the recipe on his site: **

  • Andreas Shizas
    Andreas Shizas 29 days ago

    I don't know where he lives, but try to get short ribs around here, and there were around $6.99 a pound....

  • Shiara V
    Shiara V 29 days ago

    How long you leave the ribs in the oven?

  • Herbert Moon
    Herbert Moon 29 days ago

    Gordy... you gotta stop teasing me at 3am when there's nothing in the fridge

  • G CS
    G CS Month ago

    Sometimes during the major holidays the stores sell standing rib roasts with the bone mostly cut off and wrapped in twine
    Those beef ribs could be used for this ?

  • Chris Beddows
    Chris Beddows Month ago

    Made this earlier tonight for my mrs and my best mate...clean plates and even cleaner rib bones. Really lovely...only thing was that the gravy or as Gordon calls it 'braising liquor' wasn't as thick as it looks when the master does it...but was really lovely and the meat fell off the bones as I was plating up.

  • The Real ToxicBeast

    Cheap cuts of meat are usually the best if treated correctly.

  • June Young
    June Young Month ago


  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown Month ago

    Did this step by step and the beef ended up dry as hell. What did I do wrong? Tips anyone?

    • Matthew Snart
      Matthew Snart 24 days ago

      Tyler Brown When you opened the foil was there any braising liquid left? Because if the foil isn’t extra tight you can dry them right out.

  • Jason Qualls
    Jason Qualls Month ago

    180 degrees Celsius=356 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Travis Schmidt
    Travis Schmidt Month ago

    Fucking incredible

  • Gridlok
    Gridlok Month ago

    In what universe are short ribs cheap?

    • Matthew Snart
      Matthew Snart 24 days ago

      Gridlok My universe. And yours actually.

  • Fly Agaric
    Fly Agaric Month ago

    Dog - Outside. Ribs - Oven.

  • Two Buffalos Making Noise

    *practicing your positive reinforcement*
    Complete shit. Fucking hell, mate. Looks like a big cow ate a little cow and shat it out on a plate.

  • Matt Pladsen
    Matt Pladsen Month ago

    G Ramsey is an absolute gansta

  • AR
    AR Month ago

    Looks delish. I will so gonna try this soon at home.

  • Christopher Dyer
    Christopher Dyer Month ago

    Used to get these at his place in Caesar’s in vegas. They were delicious. Had them recently twice and both times they where not good. Oh well. Can’t expect quality to stay especially these days. You’d think Ramsey would be a little better than that though.

  • Daniel Fawley
    Daniel Fawley Month ago

    Cheap cuts? Beef short ribs? Maybe "cheap" to you Mr. Ramsey??

    • Matthew Snart
      Matthew Snart 24 days ago

      Daniel Fawley Dude, they’re like $7 a kilo here in Oz.

  • trompoly studio
    trompoly studio Month ago

    Work of art!

  • Sam Clark
    Sam Clark Month ago

    Yes. Yes.

  • squad shit
    squad shit Month ago

    I try eating a bowl of cereal and think im eating what hes making but it doesn't work 😔

  • ln God We Trust
    ln God We Trust Month ago

    Looks F#@$@ amazing & delicious!

  • Alexis Zamora
    Alexis Zamora Month ago

    I fuckn love him 😂

  • MoistBreadcrumb
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  • ElitZy
    ElitZy Month ago +1

    Estoy super feliz de ver un video tuyo con subtitulos en español y que la información este en español 🇪🇸 muchísimas gracias ❤️ mas videos asi porfavor. Te aprecio un montón. Saludos

  • simon mo
    simon mo Month ago

    How long should it go in the oven for and at what temperature?

    • p99shooter
      p99shooter 10 days ago

      simon mo - Hi, Gordon said approx 2.5hrs @ 170°-180°, but that’s Celsius. Split that temp-range to 175°C, and that equates to 347°F. I’m going to attempt this dish on Valentine’s Day for the wife.. it looks awesome!

  • Alex Karl
    Alex Karl Month ago +1

    nice big thick stick

  • aldin 3103
    aldin 3103 Month ago

    I live in Northamptom. Could you plz give me the number of a good takeaway.
    Pick up phone
    Dial number
    Place order
    Wait a bit more
    Answer door
    Pay man/woman at door
    Plate up

  • TheLoveMaker232
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  • bluerabbit foofoo
    bluerabbit foofoo Month ago

    We tried this, delicious. Thank you Gordon

  • The Valiant Vanguard

    I made this and it was fantastic. Got me some short ribs for more this weekend. Legendary dish.

  • Alec K
    Alec K Month ago

    I made this and this tastes so bad, I prefer eating Korean style ribs

  • IamTheDopeboi
    IamTheDopeboi Month ago +1

    Gordon needs to try my beef short ribs spicy style

    • reviewunboxing es
      reviewunboxing es 10 days ago

      +jonoaus111 It's called CALDERETA so many videos here in you tube, and I can assure you, it's the most delicious food I've ever tasted as of this writting.

    • jonoaus111
      jonoaus111 Month ago +2

      ooh sounds good... recipe?

  • Cristóbal Sepulveda

    No creo que Ud necesite felicitaciones simplemente MAGISTRAL MÁSTER

  • yasmin chishti
    yasmin chishti Month ago

    If u run the slide of ingredient on the corner of screen than those who don't understand ur English they follow the instruction .by reading them.

  • Michael Macdonald
    Michael Macdonald Month ago

    Bet I could eat um all....



  • Jason Flanagan
    Jason Flanagan Month ago

    Be generous with your mushrooms, I'm telling 'ya.....they taste amazing