• Published on May 30, 2019
  • When I saw this my jaw legit hit the floor cause I really had high hopes for Kylie Skin and now I'm kind of doubting it a little bit ... Let me know if you guys plan on getting any of her products/have any of them from the new skincare line!
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  • Spill Sesh
    Spill Sesh  4 months ago +141

    Update : Kim has responded to the criticism Kylie has received ... See her response

    • The 4 Dancers
      The 4 Dancers 25 days ago

      @Cameron Gusnard ummmmmmm why are you here then if you dont like her

    • Cameron Gusnard
      Cameron Gusnard Month ago

      You need to quit TVclip pls your the worst TVclipr in the world and if u keep going I will dislike your video everytime u post

    • Sunny patch Kid
      Sunny patch Kid 3 months ago

      She claimed Kylie only had 10 seconds to take the video..but that video was more than 10 seconds

    • Po Tato
      Po Tato 3 months ago

      Spill Sesh why use a voice changer?

  • angela murphy
    angela murphy 3 hours ago

    In the beginning when they were saying there’s no way that she used any I got the foaming face wash and I used it for a week and it looked like barely any got used so

  • Killer Snail
    Killer Snail 9 days ago

    She probably applied makeup to the towel so it would come off on her skin when she dabbed her face & make it look amazing compared to pre-cleanser look. Moron

  • Every Babe
    Every Babe 14 days ago

    Subbing to anyone who like this

  • Grace Cerniglia
    Grace Cerniglia 16 days ago

    Th packaging and everything is cute but... If the Product is doing the exact opposite of the what is Supposed to do then there is no point in buying a horrible product. Why not just buy the containers if you like them so bad.

  • Suga Is the sugar in my tea

    Y’all know good as well that soap got in her eyes

  • XIXLotus TV
    XIXLotus TV 21 day ago

    I'm no professional but working in cosmetics for couple years and learning about skincare. She shouldnt have dived into the skincare line without learning the proper steps to using skincare and explaining what each product does.

  • Silvia Menéndez
    Silvia Menéndez 27 days ago

    Whoever buys ANYTHING from Kylie deserves to get scammed. Do not give a price to mediocracy, do NOT make her wealthier, she doesn’t deserve it.

  • Linda Wojtas
    Linda Wojtas Month ago


  • Jennifer Eckel
    Jennifer Eckel Month ago

    It didn't take the Kardashian/Jenner family making cheap ass make-up to know how fake and irrelevant they are...but I love anything that drags them publically.

  • I Luv Hou
    I Luv Hou Month ago

    That makeup residue is probably from her forehead because she didn't wash her forehead. Look! She barely placed any product on her forehead and she did not rubbed her forehead before using a little but of water. This is nit realistic. In all my years on this planet I've never washed my face like this. I WASH my face and I USE water. The only time I didn't is if I used cloths. I'm not siding with Kylie, just being honest.

  • Christina Jones
    Christina Jones 2 months ago

    Y'all are just haters

  • Sonia Karanja
    Sonia Karanja 2 months ago

    She clearly didn't cleanse her neck

  • Trina Jn Baptiste
    Trina Jn Baptiste 2 months ago

    I'm outa here

  • D E
    D E 2 months ago

    Y was she just trying to look sexy washing her gace for 7 seconds with a filter? Is she promoting the skin care line or just herself and name in general? Smdh

  • Kitty Rodriguez
    Kitty Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Fake like her🤣👂📎

  • Kitty Rodriguez
    Kitty Rodriguez 2 months ago


  • Scarlett
    Scarlett 2 months ago

    Wait you're suppose to cleanse your face for a minute at least?!! I clean it for literally 15 sec and then wash it off ? 🤔🤨🤨

  • Sie Waathan
    Sie Waathan 2 months ago +1

    This sucks but people are still buying it therefore Kylie probably doesn't care. lol

  • Miss Kaya
    Miss Kaya 2 months ago

    Kylie does not give a shi*! She could sell doodoo and people will buy it. She is a billionaire that we created.

  • Alma Alvarez
    Alma Alvarez 2 months ago

    Can somebody tell me what’s the app called plszzzz

  • Thea Jones
    Thea Jones 3 months ago

    Everything about her is faked. Her family too. Nothing you see as far as photos, Snapchat, Instagram, and their show is ALL faked. They are master frauds.

  • Dominique Marita
    Dominique Marita 3 months ago

    She’s not even synonymous for having great skin, so I was baffled when she put this skincare line out. There are a bunch of celebs with great skin, If the following celebs had skincare products I would be tempted to buy them;
    -Nicole Scherzinger
    -Gwen Stefani
    -Lupita Nyong’o
    -Teyana Taylor
    It’s weird that the Jenner/Dashian with the best skin didn’t bring out a skincare line...Kourtney could have made a product like this. I wouldn’t buy it personally, I ain’t giving my coins to that family. But props where it’s due, Kourtney has great skin.

  • Shania Johnson
    Shania Johnson 3 months ago

    I think the makeup is from her neck

  • Hannah Covert
    Hannah Covert 3 months ago

    i was never a kyle fan and not taking up for her but just because theres makeup on the towel u act like she smeared foundation on the towel and wiped it on her face theirs somthing called a stain if you wearing a white shirt and get tomato soup on it then wash but the stan is still there doesnt mean its really dirty just because theres a curtain color on a fabric

  • Grace Wohangara
    Grace Wohangara 3 months ago

    Go to school girl before make products!!!

  • Rachel Brianna
    Rachel Brianna 3 months ago

    You’re just paying for the name

  • Bunnicula Vampire Bunny
    Bunnicula Vampire Bunny 3 months ago +1

    Maybe their laundry detergent just sucks?

  • Ally Moore
    Ally Moore 3 months ago

    Why would you use a dirty towel in the first place when ur cleaning ur face she’s lying

  • Pretty fish Tank
    Pretty fish Tank 3 months ago

    What idiot would buy her crap😖

  • Faheemah Limbada
    Faheemah Limbada 3 months ago

    what if its not makeup and it's something from what Stormi her daughter if u didn't know was playing with just because u can't afford it doesn't mean u should hate

  • Faheemah Limbada
    Faheemah Limbada 3 months ago

    what if the makeup stain was already on the towel before she wiped her face some flock of haters

  • B C
    B C 3 months ago

    I myself don’t wear makeup, it’s my choice
    I do skin care like homemade
    I don’t buy such expensive dollars from celebrities skin care

  • Mary Wilson
    Mary Wilson 3 months ago

    Why do you people follow these crooks

  • Gᴀʙʏ Oᴄʜᴏᴀ
    Gᴀʙʏ Oᴄʜᴏᴀ 3 months ago +1

    But cleanser is SUPPOSED to remove makeup so I’m confuse why y’all saying stuff about that makeup in the towel

  • missbraindamage
    missbraindamage 3 months ago

    Who the hell washes their face like that tho

  • Roberto Barrera
    Roberto Barrera 3 months ago

    It looks to me that she really doesnt use her own products

  • Alexandria Mcnally
    Alexandria Mcnally 4 months ago

    Really people they aint in it for you they in it for themselves they only care about staying rich people are stupid

  • pauline natividad
    pauline natividad 4 months ago

    the foundation is came from her neck not on the face

  • patricia brown
    patricia brown 4 months ago

    i said before she is fake all around she don't care about nothing but money and views

  • Natural Zim chick
    Natural Zim chick 4 months ago

    She looks very ugly that’s why using the filter she scared to look makeup less to the world and hence not washing properly scared to remove her fake face off

  • nina thompson
    nina thompson 4 months ago

    This whole family is a scam, just like Trump

  • Vi090
    Vi090 4 months ago

    Scam is her middle name ( and her family).

  • A Kayfabe
    A Kayfabe 4 months ago

    Never. I’ll never be buying her stuff. I’m 43, she’s 20 and I STILL would never want to look like her, act like her or use her crappy items. I can go to Ulta and find everything I need that I know actually works for the same cost

  • emily cook
    emily cook 4 months ago

    How you gonna say "she barelywashed her face!1!" And then be surprised theres still make up on her face???

  • whatintheapplesauce !!
    whatintheapplesauce !! 4 months ago

    Fenty can have my money this..,,This ain’t it

  • White Boy
    White Boy 4 months ago

    Why don't you dumb bitches just start putting horse Shit on your face it will make you look younger feel younger and a whole lot cheaper

  • Kanon Triplets
    Kanon Triplets 4 months ago

    I agree

  • Dominique Z
    Dominique Z 4 months ago

    U dun blew up with this video girl

  • Nicki Harmon
    Nicki Harmon 4 months ago

    So let me get this straight. She used a filter and washed her face in a 10 second video for a promo for her skincare but she posts a 19 minute day in the life to show off her wealth?

  • Oscar Myers
    Oscar Myers 4 months ago

    Dead 😭

  • Aries yang
    Aries yang 4 months ago

    I would rather choose Miranda kerrs skin care products ...Miranda knows more about skin care than kylie ...just sayin...😊

  • Sharon Novak
    Sharon Novak 4 months ago

    Her products are shit she is a FAKE UGLY Troll scamming people she needs to suck her BLACK DICK that is all she is good at just like her mommy.

  • Sherlina Aurel
    Sherlina Aurel 4 months ago

    please, how can beauty influencers take her seriously when every time she releases something this kinda crap happens

  • Moon Byul
    Moon Byul 4 months ago +1

    I'm going to buy some popcorn while reading the bad reviews.

  • black girl
    black girl 4 months ago

    0:50 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Amiya Johnson
    Amiya Johnson 4 months ago

    i bought this and used, had my face burning like crap. Irritation lasted for two days and I don't even have sensitive skin. (i bought the whole kit)

  • Ellen Clarke
    Ellen Clarke 4 months ago

    People wash there face differently she probably has really sensitive skin thats why she only washes for 10-15 seconds

  • Kaylor
    Kaylor 4 months ago

    This y’all fault. Start thinking and stop believing everything you see.

  • BabyZ on the track
    BabyZ on the track 4 months ago

    The towel said
    👁 👁