• Published on Jul 17, 2019
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  • fish em all
    fish em all 4 months ago +39

    you should try crossbow fishing, i go spearing and crossbow fishing down at a little creek by my house i get gar and carp, great vid.

    • Rodent Fisherman
      Rodent Fisherman 4 months ago

      Anna Fernandez in Florida that’s small fry my pb is 10.2 lbs

    • Dan Z
      Dan Z 4 months ago

      fish em all your very nice!

    • fish em all
      fish em all 4 months ago

      @Anna Fernandez mine was a 6 n a half largemouth, thats my biggest

    • fish em all
      fish em all 4 months ago

      @Zachary Jasinski i mean with a big crossbow not a mini

    • Zachary Jasinski
      Zachary Jasinski 4 months ago +1

      fish em all he’s done mini crossbow fishing

  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams 7 days ago

    these things are just another tool kids are using to torture and shoot all other wildlife and When they hit undersized fish indiscriminately they are killed, This is bad... But the likes are from thoughtless small minded losers who think it's cool.

  • Mike Hunt gypsyhunter
    Mike Hunt gypsyhunter 11 days ago

    Retards 1 nature 0. :/

  • Andres Castro
    Andres Castro 15 days ago

    Eso pasa cuando tenés plata pero no tenés talento. A la única que le pegaste fue porque le pusiste la onda sobre la cabeza. Jajajaja jajajaja

  • Valter Arruda
    Valter Arruda 22 days ago

    esse cara ruimmm kkkkkkk

  • baxter2036
    baxter2036 23 days ago

    shoots stationary dead fish "what a shot" bahahaha idiot

  • Kakaroto Perez
    Kakaroto Perez 28 days ago

    Eres muy malo pinche gringito

  • kryten4k
    kryten4k 29 days ago

    Got to be hands down the most pathetic 'hunting' video I have ever seen...such desperation, kill a fish in a puddle 3 inches away....sad. LOL

  • zapdeathclaw hunter

    I'm from the Philippines bro try my method of fishing your gonna enjoy it visit my TVclip channel it's about using airgun with fishdart for fishing

  • darrel pallera
    darrel pallera Month ago

    Your shooting your arrows with loose fishing line, for gods sake do you even know how to fish with that thing

  • mauro osuna
    mauro osuna Month ago

    because they killed that fish because they don't let it grow or take it to a nature reserve, that fish is a prehistoric specimen and they are in danger of extinction

  • robby sandman
    robby sandman Month ago


  • yeime jose gutierrez

    You are so bad shooting

  • Juancarlos Lopez
    Juancarlos Lopez Month ago

    Compra un rifle de nitropiston 2 y dales con ese no fallaras.

  • Bill S.
    Bill S. Month ago

    I guess I won't be buying a fishing sling-shot anytime soon.

  • N
    N Month ago

    Your bail closes when you release

  • zeussgames davizinho

    Vai ser ruim de mira asim lá na China

  • Leonardo Lopes
    Leonardo Lopes Month ago


  • Michael Gavilan
    Michael Gavilan Month ago


  • Lourival Leite
    Lourival Leite Month ago

    Ruim de mira pra caramba kkkkkkkk
    Precisou encostar o estilingue no peixe pra acertar kkkkkk e o peixe já tava morto pelo jeito kkkkk

  • Campos Pinheiro
    Campos Pinheiro Month ago

    melhor parte do vídeo e as 09:56 do vídeo mostrando os peixes que está criando 👏

  • carlindo Carlinhos
    carlindo Carlinhos Month ago

    A ideia é boa mas tem que aprimorar pegar o peixe melhor melhorar as flechas

    NELSON DUARTE Month ago

    Tu é ruim mano, pede para o Indio Moderno dar umas aulas pra vc kkkkk


    Like aqui do Brasil 👍

  • Flavio Lopes
    Flavio Lopes Month ago +7

    Vim do Brasil para dizer: que bixo ruim de mira kkkkkkkkk🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Davi Quebrangulo
      Davi Quebrangulo 27 days ago +1

      Verdade si fosse u índio moderno tinha pegado ums 10

    • Flavio Lopes
      Flavio Lopes Month ago +3

      @Marcio Carvalho parabéns pelo resultado, aqui onde moro as pessoas não estão dando crédito, não tem ninguém pescando com estilingue, se Deus quiser vou ser o primeiro

    • Marcio Carvalho
      Marcio Carvalho Month ago +2

      @Flavio Lopes melhor canal dessa categoria! Humildade pura! Fiz meu próprio kit ! Pesquei e deu certo!

    • Flavio Lopes
      Flavio Lopes Month ago +2

      @Marcio Carvalho sou inscrito no canal do Índio, já encomendei meu kit de pesca.

    • Marcio Carvalho
      Marcio Carvalho Month ago +3

      Pedir pro Índio moderno dar umas aulas pra ele! Kkkkk ali sim sabe atirar!

  • Sergio Kamimura
    Sergio Kamimura 2 months ago

    Sorry my friend But you're tio bad to aim..

  • mauro david
    mauro david 2 months ago

    Linha fraca

  • Hildivan Neres
    Hildivan Neres 2 months ago

    Se depender disso pra viver vai morrer de fome porque não pega um

  • Ivanildo Carlos
    Ivanildo Carlos 2 months ago

    amigo só do Brasil vó te da um dica fecha mais esse fisga pq ela aberta dusvia na água porque faz um aviãozinho @!

  • Cory Christian
    Cory Christian 2 months ago

    Try stronger fishing line

  • Eric Schimmer
    Eric Schimmer 2 months ago +1

    Absolutely crap Chinese model. No laser sights etc. Might as well through your money away.

  • Mikel Lee
    Mikel Lee 2 months ago

    You are trash. Period.

  • Bill Meyers
    Bill Meyers 3 months ago


  • Nathan B
    Nathan B 3 months ago

    feeding your fish nutrient deficient frozen food and industrial dry waste slop

  • Kandice Kennebeck
    Kandice Kennebeck 3 months ago

    I love ur channel but whatever u were trying to do u suck lol not saying I'd b better but ur on video not me lol

  • Julie Hendrix
    Julie Hendrix 3 months ago

    Not sure how I feel about the arrows littering the water.

  • gangstagrips slingshots

    How's it going zax I do a little slingshot fishing .attach your arrow to 50 lb Dacron and use a zebco 33 spincast and don't forget to push the button no more broken lines.

  • Jr Costilla
    Jr Costilla 3 months ago

    Have you tried aiming low like with a bow because I shoot a similar set up and have no issue so keep trying and everything will work out

  • Chris Navarre
    Chris Navarre 3 months ago

    Should try using braid line less likely to snap your arrows off

  • Jacob Goodwin Outdoor
    Jacob Goodwin Outdoor 3 months ago

    I can’t see the Turtle

  • Renai Dean
    Renai Dean 3 months ago

    Give it up go back to what you know.

  • Alex Vida
    Alex Vida 3 months ago

    Fucking awesome video I loved the shit out of it .....

  • Kelvy Mendes
    Kelvy Mendes 3 months ago

    Você tem que pegar umas aulas com o INDIO MODERNO

  • jörg kloempken-schaefer


  • Larry Pearce
    Larry Pearce 3 months ago

    Kelly that was the best comment you came out with,all time least if its dead you might stand a chance of hitting it ..

  • Carlos Booth
    Carlos Booth 3 months ago

    you just have to get 2cm above your target and BAM!

  • Sanjuanita Velasquez
    Sanjuanita Velasquez 4 months ago

    HfsfsfadsggeawewDaffdqsdkuyylilj,h,jkkjljkjkoyh,oooouyuokkkkkkkkkkjkjkjoP j
    Pjllhmhgjkuyiuooj eqrqdasqqea

  • SuperSabreFlip
    SuperSabreFlip 4 months ago

    @Catchemallfishing That fruit is called a pond apple. Its in the same family as sour sop.

  • Turner Fitzgerald
    Turner Fitzgerald 4 months ago +4

    This is how many times he said this thing got stoned

  • Todd Hamilton
    Todd Hamilton 4 months ago

    How many times did he say stoned

  • Jack and Conner smickson
    Jack and Conner smickson 4 months ago +1

    Ur awesome I love your vids bro

  • Outdoor addiction Tv
    Outdoor addiction Tv 4 months ago

    Honestly the best video I have seen in a while because of the reality everyone has the same problems it is very humbling to realize that we are all in this shitbox together having the same problems

  • Бобёр Хитёр
    Бобёр Хитёр 4 months ago

  • Chris Dreamin154vlog
    Chris Dreamin154vlog 4 months ago +1

    it is @c.m.mcmahon

  • Chris Dreamin154vlog
    Chris Dreamin154vlog 4 months ago +3

    omg bro i was in his video i’m that kid, lmao my name is chris and if you don’t believe me follow my insta

  • Minh Huỳnh công
    Minh Huỳnh công 4 months ago

    Bạn bắn tệ quá

  • Doni Vingky
    Doni Vingky 4 months ago

    lah disana gotnya juga banyak sampah plastik toh :v

  • Youtube Worker
    Youtube Worker 4 months ago

    2:51 cuz r u trash


  • Alex
    Alex 4 months ago +1

    Stop shooting the beneficial native gar... just shoot the exotics pls

  • Rodent Fisherman
    Rodent Fisherman 4 months ago +1

    The fish was alive gar naturally sit still and wait for prey