• Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Catching fish with a fishing slingshot diy bowfishing kit with mini arrows!
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  • fish em all
    fish em all Month ago +36

    you should try crossbow fishing, i go spearing and crossbow fishing down at a little creek by my house i get gar and carp, great vid.

    • Rodent Fisherman
      Rodent Fisherman Month ago

      Anna Fernandez in Florida that’s small fry my pb is 10.2 lbs

    • Dan Z
      Dan Z Month ago

      fish em all your very nice!

    • fish em all
      fish em all Month ago

      @Anna Fernandez mine was a 6 n a half largemouth, thats my biggest

    • fish em all
      fish em all Month ago

      @Zachary Jasinski i mean with a big crossbow not a mini

    • Zachary Jasinski
      Zachary Jasinski Month ago +1

      fish em all he’s done mini crossbow fishing

  • Jr Costilla
    Jr Costilla 2 days ago

    Have you tried aiming low like with a bow because I shoot a similar set up and have no issue so keep trying and everything will work out

  • Chris Navarre
    Chris Navarre 3 days ago

    Should try using braid line less likely to snap your arrows off

  • Jacob Goodwin Outdoor

    I can’t see the Turtle

  • Renai Dean
    Renai Dean 5 days ago

    Give it up go back to what you know.

  • Alex Vida
    Alex Vida 5 days ago

    Fucking awesome video I loved the shit out of it .....

  • Kelvy Mendes
    Kelvy Mendes 9 days ago

    Você tem que pegar umas aulas com o INDIO MODERNO

  • jörg kloempken-schaefer


  • Larry Pearce
    Larry Pearce 10 days ago

    Kelly that was the best comment you came out with,all time least if its dead you might stand a chance of hitting it ..

  • Carlos Booth
    Carlos Booth 10 days ago

    you just have to get 2cm above your target and BAM!

  • Sanjuanita Velasquez
    Sanjuanita Velasquez 12 days ago

    HfsfsfadsggeawewDaffdqsdkuyylilj,h,jkkjljkjkoyh,oooouyuokkkkkkkkkkjkjkjoP j
    Pjllhmhgjkuyiuooj eqrqdasqqea

  • SuperSabreFlip
    SuperSabreFlip 22 days ago

    @Catchemallfishing That fruit is called a pond apple. Its in the same family as sour sop.

  • Turner Fitzgerald
    Turner Fitzgerald 23 days ago +3

    This is how many times he said this thing got stoned

  • Todd Hamilton
    Todd Hamilton 24 days ago

    How many times did he say stoned

  • Jack and Connor Dickson 21savage

    Ur awesome I love your vids bro

  • Outdoor addiction Tv
    Outdoor addiction Tv 26 days ago

    Honestly the best video I have seen in a while because of the reality everyone has the same problems it is very humbling to realize that we are all in this shitbox together having the same problems

  • Бобёр Хитёр
    Бобёр Хитёр 27 days ago

  • Chris Dreamin154vlog
    Chris Dreamin154vlog 27 days ago +1

    it is @c.m.mcmahon

  • Chris Dreamin154vlog
    Chris Dreamin154vlog 27 days ago +3

    omg bro i was in his video i’m that kid, lmao my name is chris and if you don’t believe me follow my insta

  • Minh Huỳnh công
    Minh Huỳnh công 28 days ago

    Bạn bắn tệ quá

  • Doni Vingky
    Doni Vingky 28 days ago

    lah disana gotnya juga banyak sampah plastik toh :v

  • Youtube Worker
    Youtube Worker 29 days ago

    2:51 cuz r u trash


  • Alex
    Alex 29 days ago +1

    Stop shooting the beneficial native gar... just shoot the exotics pls

  • bdm trey
    bdm trey Month ago +1

    What kinda line are u useing get rid of that reel amd get u a muzzy xd reel

  • Rodent Fisherman
    Rodent Fisherman Month ago +1

    The fish was alive gar naturally sit still and wait for prey

  • Rudi Bio
    Rudi Bio Month ago

    You fish eat what

  • Laxbro
    Laxbro Month ago +1

    Only one gar was harmed in the making of this video

  • shevane miller
    shevane miller Month ago

    Pokemon fishing

  • ImanHaris
    ImanHaris Month ago

    It already dead . Not a pure Video.. you a scammer .

  • Vladimir Monteza
    Vladimir Monteza Month ago

    Ya Cristo viene y el los ama de verdad busquenle

  • Índio Moderno
    Índio Moderno Month ago

    hello my friend I accompany your channel here in Brazil short all your videos I practice this modality here and I already tested several times with this model of windlass and there always breaks then use the model spincast that you used in the wrist in the video of cossbow that is going to be show . I use a spincast in my videos and I do not lose darts. if you can visit here and watch the videos. strong hug to always on your videos.👍😃✌

  • Coopa
    Coopa Month ago

    Go back to regular fishing videos, these suck

  • cain cain
    cain cain Month ago

    It`s easier to hit your GF`s ars than those bloody gars LOL

  • Shamus Yasharahla
    Shamus Yasharahla Month ago

    If you Aim the slingshot you might have more success. There is a sight on the side of the sling shot

  • A1A Adventures
    A1A Adventures Month ago

    Awesome Idea & Great CATCHING !!!
    The Mini Darts Work

  • Rebecca Deleon
    Rebecca Deleon Month ago

    Do you have to bring it across your arm to your face

  • TheHunting123abc
    TheHunting123abc Month ago

    What kinda string you using? I switched to power pro and don’t regret it I won’t use nothing else.

  • Pubg Gaming
    Pubg Gaming Month ago +1

    You make my day better every time your video is so good keep going love from #India

  • JohnPaul
    JohnPaul Month ago

    I got to sneak behind this bush. ( procedes to break the bush 😆)

  • carlozzz olvera
    carlozzz olvera Month ago

    No lo se rick

  • Ris Xiomi
    Ris Xiomi Month ago

    Kebanyakan ngocehnya

  • Wild Man
    Wild Man Month ago

    u should name the oscar underdog cuz he's the smallest fiercest fish in there 👌

  • Janna Cook
    Janna Cook Month ago

    “Jelly when calling him trash” I don’t know if you ordered anything but you just got SERVED

  • Rigoberto Montoya
    Rigoberto Montoya Month ago

    😂😂😂 mejor selo aigas clavando con la mano amigo

  • Cisco B Castro
    Cisco B Castro Month ago

    Are you bow fishing to eat or just to kill!!??

  • Catrina Upshaw
    Catrina Upshaw Month ago

    you should get a gar catchem all

  • michael hacked from china

    Why feed tilapia tilapia😮

  • Luis Quad Cities
    Luis Quad Cities Month ago

    What happened to fat Timmy?

  • Erie Pig Patrol
    Erie Pig Patrol Month ago

    Hi I know this might be random but I come from buffalo ny and I’m on vacation, we will be getting back to Miami in about 2 days because we are on a cruise and I love your videos I watch them every day, I’m used to walleye fishing trout ect.. but what I wanted to ask was if u can take me to some spots that have good peacock bass because the last time I went to Miami and fished the canals I got skunked. So please if there’s no trubble I would like to fish with you for peacock bass or whatever. If not that’s fine but if so please get back to me! But keep making the videos cuz there funny as hell😂

  • Kasun Eshara
    Kasun Eshara Month ago

    Poor gar..😬

  • Anthony Lynch
    Anthony Lynch Month ago

    I want to be like u when I grow up I wish we new each other to u can teach me everything

  • PickleNikBeatYou
    PickleNikBeatYou Month ago

    5:11 catchemall is trash by admission

  • Miguel Jr Saavedra
    Miguel Jr Saavedra Month ago

    Can u add plants or home in the koi pond

  • Christopher Sexton
    Christopher Sexton Month ago +1

    its a pond apple

  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen Month ago

    Crossbow fishing is cool

  • The Red Fox !!!!
    The Red Fox !!!! Month ago +1

    Where is time with terrible Tim😓😣😥😥😥😥😣😪😪😪😭😭😢😢😖😖😖😞😟🙁😕☹😔😫

  • Kye Garvin
    Kye Garvin Month ago +1

    Catch Em All ---- Try Simple Shot sling shots. Look into the Hammer package for bow fishing. Also look for Simple Shot on TVclip. Great video man. Love your work.

  • Dragon_slayor
    Dragon_slayor Month ago

    Not stoned its stunned

  • braden cap
    braden cap Month ago

    I’ve never seen a gar so stoned 😂

  • Chris Preble
    Chris Preble Month ago

    Maybe open the bail 😂😂😂

  • BCUSA65
    BCUSA65 Month ago

    Dude is it stoned??

  • bigheverly
    bigheverly Month ago

    Me and that last gar have a lot in common 😉💨 if you know what I’m slaying

  • Christopher Phelps
    Christopher Phelps Month ago

    Yo Zack have you ever heard of this channel called powery fishing? If not check the kid out I think you would like to go fishing with him. He seems cool and mad genuine like u . He doesn’t have many views but his videos are cool 😎. Keep up the good work bro!

  • MattIsLoling
    MattIsLoling Month ago

    wow you got a dead fish at end nice shot lmao

  • Daniel Zagotti
    Daniel Zagotti Month ago +1

    Like the look of the setup

  • Bare Bottom Aquariums

    I used to watch this channel because I thought he was a good sport fisherman but now... This guy just keeps destroying shit and killing fish for views. He is making money from killing plants and animals with no regard. So lame. Unsubscribed.

  • Pratik Patil
    Pratik Patil Month ago

    Rip thumbnail

  • Lambo
    Lambo Month ago

    Bro that bow was shit I rekkon u caught that fish killed it and put it there 😂

  • Sadaf Yasin
    Sadaf Yasin Month ago

    Fuck you

  • Moon Snail
    Moon Snail Month ago

    Upgrade that thing with stronger line

  • Joe Miller
    Joe Miller Month ago

    Does everyone in Florida wear long shelve shirts???

  • Joe Miller
    Joe Miller Month ago

    You would be better with a cast net

  • Placebo Effect
    Placebo Effect Month ago +3

    Still waiting for the episode where Zack goes fishing with dynamite and when he goes fishing with electricity

  • Hồng Ân Hoàng
    Hồng Ân Hoàng Month ago

    Almost 2 million subscribers keep going

  • Watch Bojo
    Watch Bojo Month ago

    The bow is more effective/efficient in my opinion