The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • From Amy's Baking Company to a pigeon in a kitchen.
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  • Kathrina Schneckloth
    Kathrina Schneckloth 4 hours ago

    Don’t care what people say: Gordon looks out for the ladies and vegetarians. And now he’s adding vegan food to his menus.

  • Kaden Sm
    Kaden Sm 4 hours ago

    13:56 oh shit 🤯

  • ConfideNMusic
    ConfideNMusic 5 hours ago

    Bruh it was a fucking mouse, you saw it, why be ignorant.

  • Ava Breen
    Ava Breen 7 hours ago

    I wanna see Gordon walk up into a mcdonalds

  • SwissMom
    SwissMom 7 hours ago

    I do not believe the was a mouse! It was planned by someone...

  • Bart cabarrera
    Bart cabarrera 8 hours ago

    This makes me so mad.. just what the fuck man, they waste so much money food, there are alot of people that need to survive in this world that don't have the money or the food to even be close what they are wasting .. jezus shame you guys

  • Courtney
    Courtney 8 hours ago

    9:20 Me during the entire summer season

  • Irene Joh
    Irene Joh 9 hours ago

    someone who hates the owners planted the mouse.
    could be one of the employees
    I think....

  • arun allepu
    arun allepu 9 hours ago

    Show off

  • MaxRinu
    MaxRinu 10 hours ago +1

    Waiter: “Anything else you’d like?”
    GR: “A wheel on that bike over there, that way, I can get the fuck out of here”

  • Daniel Butcher
    Daniel Butcher 10 hours ago

    I had forgotten how bad that last one was.

  • Kalvin Jackson
    Kalvin Jackson 10 hours ago

    Animal abuse !!!!!

  • Denise Simon
    Denise Simon 14 hours ago

    This is absolutely DISGUSTING🤢🤢🤢

  • Zack Duck
    Zack Duck 16 hours ago

    The cowboy burger............. honestly looks like a real life retard built that in a haze of dumb.

  • Hamster Art
    Hamster Art 17 hours ago

    as an aussie.
    if it aint a mrs macs. take it back!

  • n0turaveragej0e
    n0turaveragej0e 18 hours ago

    🤣”majority of the customers think that we’re gonna yell at them and throw them out and that’s not who we are.”
    2 seconds later...
    “Fuck you! Get out! You little weenie!”

  • Ghost
    Ghost 22 hours ago

    "My worst fear is for anyone to get sick in my restaurant." Apparently not if you let lobster smelling if ammonia go out the door and feed vegetarians meat.

  • Kieara Mayes
    Kieara Mayes Day ago +1

    I love how gordon isnt afraid to touch the nastiest things ever

  • Arie Eddy
    Arie Eddy Day ago

    That is not what a real Aussie meat pie looks like Jesus christ

  • Samm ie
    Samm ie Day ago +1

    Gordon “is he a vegetarian” Ramsey

  • Brandon Greenleaf

    You know the mice one they denied it like most blacks do. Blame others and say you’re racist.

  • Tiffany eisentrout

    Ummmmm, they do realize that Gordon is fully aware that if he had actually planted a Mouse in the restaurant they could sue him for defamation and win easily. Nobody is risking a lawsuit just simply for TV shock value. SMH

  • How Much Is Too Much

    Hey, so I see you had a chance to try our pork chop... huh huh.. so what did you think?
    Yeah dry, like a mouth full of sand! 😂

  • Natalie Paige
    Natalie Paige Day ago

    What’s crazy about the pork sauce is that unless the vegetarian made it clear she was (which I’m sure she did), she had no right to complain if they didn’t know. But also in her defense they should have a notice that saying that their foods may contain biproducts of meat

  • Nazrul Stylo
    Nazrul Stylo Day ago

    Amy: you guys i make excellent food.
    Everyone: *sneared*

  • Sami_The_Gymnast

    At the end when she said “I cook amazing food” one of the customers was like prsxnejejm no you don’t

  • Xrhstos A.
    Xrhstos A. Day ago +1

    5:26 dude I’ve seen extreme styles on hair . But this . THIS is NUMBER 1!

  • matt waller
    matt waller Day ago

    What episode was the second group from where he finds the mouse in the front door?

  • Ethan
    Ethan Day ago


  • Ethan
    Ethan Day ago

    PeRhAPs yOu PLaNteD iT - says all the delusional people in there. Are they actually stupid

  • Solqueen86
    Solqueen86 Day ago

    You don't have bone shards in any sauce!

  • Virginia Mooney
    Virginia Mooney 2 days ago

    At 14:06 I thought she was about to go for that knife on the wall 😂🔪

  • People's Republic of Taiwan

    Fuckin Pigeon

  • I'm Gandalf
    I'm Gandalf 2 days ago +2

    People think Gordon is bad but he's goes through this everyday.
    Imagine how stressed he must be.

  • Jay Anthony
    Jay Anthony 2 days ago

    Hold up chief, that’s not a fucking australian pie and australian pie is a tough sexy mince meat pie that you can fit in your hand and devour that’s something I’ve never seen in australia no pie has vegetables in it that’s dumb us aussies no better

  • Ali Saeed
    Ali Saeed 2 days ago

    The 2 and the the last one were the fuckin worst

  • Gavin Beck
    Gavin Beck 2 days ago

    13:23 this scene always pisses me the fuck off. Swallow your pride for a second and tell the emergency team immediately what really happened. The guy didn’t haven’t a reaction to it he got food poisoning from the decomposed lobster you served him you asshat. If the guy were to become unconscious they would administer an epipen to him instead of treat for food poisoning and you could just make the situation worse for the guy that YOU gave food poisoning to!! Pride can get so incredibly annoying sometimes and this part especially pisses me right off

  • Gim Bob Jenkins
    Gim Bob Jenkins 2 days ago

    Isn't carrying around a concealed dead mouse part of becoming a Michelin star chef?

  • тøвî
    тøвî 2 days ago

    They just dont know what is the word *CLEAN* and *FRESH*

  • Slavic Brother
    Slavic Brother 2 days ago

    I am vegetarian fuck off stop be a pussy cunt !!!

  • TrueCrimeRIP
    TrueCrimeRIP 2 days ago

    When he packed out the chickens it really hurts my heart, because you could actually count the lifes waisted :-(

  • meunlight
    meunlight 2 days ago

    Yeah! fAk yU!

  • Nico Salvador
    Nico Salvador 2 days ago +7

    Sammy: *wHo ThE FuCk dO YoU THinK yOu ArE?* TO GORDON RAMSAY

  • Stick Lord
    Stick Lord 2 days ago

    The Australian pie... lol gae

  • constantlyinlove
    constantlyinlove 2 days ago +1

    Its always amazing how he reaches in there to touch the slimy meat juice 😂

  • jemerson12345
    jemerson12345 2 days ago +2

    I like how he checks the ingredient that caused the sickness, because that is still the proper protocol, check what caused the sickness and don't panic.

  • Harrison Chan
    Harrison Chan 2 days ago +1

    14:40 haha f*ck you

  • Dylan Monstrum
    Dylan Monstrum 2 days ago

    That looks NOTHING like a meat pie.
    What a fucking embarrassment.

  • Atoro
    Atoro 2 days ago

    Australians have nothing next to New Zealand when it comes to pies we make the best fuckn pies in the world

  • Charlie Santos
    Charlie Santos 2 days ago

    Damn the last place was fucked up. No tips and the way they flip out ?!? Shit ill knock that owner out and bone the chef!

  • R0RAT44
    R0RAT44 2 days ago


  • J Allen
    J Allen 2 days ago

    Which episode is the last episode featured in this video?

  • Maximum Wryyy
    Maximum Wryyy 2 days ago +1

    At least that one cook in the second part said "It's a chance" for that mouse

  • KillaCamJames
    KillaCamJames 2 days ago +48

    Everyone here was half awake at midnight not wanting to go to sleep

  • Davidcuthbert21
    Davidcuthbert21 3 days ago

    Not even ramsay puts his shirt on the right way every time.

  • Catracha
    Catracha 3 days ago

    Ok I'm going to need someone tell me what episode is the one with the last two owners(the tip stealing and the in denial chef lady)?

  • Joseph Robinson
    Joseph Robinson 3 days ago

    I want to beat the last owner's fucking face into a pulp with a fire extinguisher. Old scummy cunt deserves to die. Taking fucking tips like the piece of shit thief he is. What a piece of subhuman shit.

  • Sherri H
    Sherri H 3 days ago +14

    “You gave pork to a vegetarian”
    *blank stare*
    “That’s the way we’ve always done it.”

  • Wood Duck
    Wood Duck 3 days ago

    “Are you f***ing dreaming?” -Gordon Ramsay

    • Wood Duck
      Wood Duck 2 days ago

      Steven Valencia you fucking donut! -Gordon ramsay

    • Steven Valencia
      Steven Valencia 2 days ago

      It's RAW!!! -Gordon Ramsay

  • Winston Fu
    Winston Fu 3 days ago

    Fking vegans, they could just eat boiled vegetables at home. Eating meat is how the human beings evolve.

  • xXAnchormonXx
    xXAnchormonXx 3 days ago

    How, fuking, depressing.

  • Uncreative Name
    Uncreative Name 3 days ago +18

    gordon ramsay comparing a pork chop to the map of america is my life

  • Uncreative Name
    Uncreative Name 3 days ago +1

    FAK YU
    FAK YU

  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez 3 days ago

    What restaurant is that in Arizona ?

  • dan hemmerling
    dan hemmerling 3 days ago

    There is no way that meat pie was Australian. Never had a meat pie with veggies before. That was a pasty.

  • Mike Stewart
    Mike Stewart 3 days ago

    Amy is definitely mentally deranged

  • Nickle pickle
    Nickle pickle 3 days ago +1

    "Perhaps you planted that mouse"

  • Hannah Ellery
    Hannah Ellery 3 days ago

    That “Aussie” meat pie doesn’t look blood Australian at all 😂😂 I think all Aussies would agree

  • Kevin Ekstrand
    Kevin Ekstrand 3 days ago

    No wonder why the USA is the country that uses most of the world's recorsers😂😂😂

  • William kuyateh
    William kuyateh 3 days ago

    Gordon ramseby the uk rudest person

    • Jeff DeWitt
      Jeff DeWitt 2 days ago

      He's really not. If you watch enough of him it's apparent he's only rude to people who are doing a bad job. He takes food very seriously and gets angry when other food "professionals" do not.

  • Akshat sharma
    Akshat sharma 3 days ago

    Dead mouse was a paid actor!

  • Kevin Rocha
    Kevin Rocha 3 days ago

    How my friends describe me

  • Sirlie08
    Sirlie08 3 days ago

    The last one... WTF 😂

  • Lynn Yueh
    Lynn Yueh 3 days ago +57

    "Gordon will love our food"

    Every kitchen nightmare episode ever

  • Lynn Yueh
    Lynn Yueh 3 days ago +4

    Will Gordon ever get sick from all the shit he touches...

    If he does, I feel so sad for his doctor...Something big must have made Gordon feel sick lol

  • Renee Lubke
    Renee Lubke 3 days ago +3

    Me * crying : Please...... Mr. Ramsey put some gloves on.......

    Gordon Ramsey :Not until I get some good food

  • Plazmer 800
    Plazmer 800 3 days ago

    Poor chicken, all killed only to be put inside a room to rot. This is horrible.

  • dj
    dj 3 days ago

    13:40 lmfao!!!!!
    14:45 i'm dead

    • dj
      dj 2 days ago

      Steven Valencia the point that Gordon said: that’s nice for you. I mean that

    • Steven Valencia
      Steven Valencia 2 days ago

      "I make hourly"...lmfao?

  • Jack Powell
    Jack Powell 3 days ago

    I often wonder if some of these shocking scenarios are deliberately set up.

  • the eye
    the eye 3 days ago

    this is why i never eat out at ANY restaurant

    • Jeff DeWitt
      Jeff DeWitt 2 days ago

      I spent 20 years in that business and could tell all sorts of stories... and I still eat out pretty regularly.

  • SBR cupcakes
    SBR cupcakes 3 days ago

    The lady screaming while people were tryin to eat while her hair was falling down 😂💀”you mfs think you can come in here...”

  • random internets person

    I feel sorry for the waiter

  • Google User
    Google User 3 days ago +1

    Imagine ordering a Tomato pasta and being Muslim or Jewish and finding a PORK bone and sausage in your food🤢🤢🤢

  • AmericanPewDiePie
    AmericanPewDiePie 3 days ago


  • We are The alliance
    We are The alliance 3 days ago

    you come to my restaurant and buy my food?OH FUCK YOU AND YOU AND FUCK YOU TOO.

  • Tanner Kucharek
    Tanner Kucharek 4 days ago

    "God bless America"
    *fuck off fly*

  • Breanna Rojo
    Breanna Rojo 4 days ago

    What episode and season is the first clip from? The one with the dead lobsters

  • Shebat Mohamed
    Shebat Mohamed 4 days ago +1

    8:27 "that Australia pie can fock off back to Australia" wow. They giving Australia bad image

  • Shebat Mohamed
    Shebat Mohamed 4 days ago

    He called to ask who is buying the products by the actual person who's is responsible..

  • JaysArtEscape
    JaysArtEscape 4 days ago

    “Don’t FUCK with me” holy shit that was the most intense fuckin thing I’ve ever seen

  • Gracie Taylor
    Gracie Taylor 4 days ago

    *fookin pigeon*

  • jcogs04
    jcogs04 4 days ago

    John: "I've had enough"
    *proceeds to masturbate furiously*

  • Symone Marco
    Symone Marco 4 days ago +1

    If u want a laugh read this!

    My father is a druggy and a drunk so he was incapable of raising his 8 kids which one is now dead and his wife or my mom is to. So Hilton or my biological father thought it would be a good idea to open a restaurant which almost killed all my brothers and I new it was going to be bad so I didn’t eat it or anything he ever tried to feed us for that matter. Maybe the first week of being open it turned into a meth lab and a year later it blows up with pregnant me in it!
    I was 15 at the time but I survived and so did my babies and my dad got 20 years but he got out because his business partner paid of a lawyer and some other dude I’m pretty sure.
    Parent of the year award goes to!...ME! I was actually there for my kids I’m only 17 but I can take care of my 6 remaining brothers plus my 2 kids!
    And the worst parent of the year award goes to!... MY DAD! He almost killed me and my babies in a explosion and he abused us oh and he is a drunk and a druggy and he killed my Mom! and u can’t forget the time he pt me in a coma!
    I HATE U DAD!!!!!!!!!

  • KidDynamite101 _
    KidDynamite101 _ 4 days ago

    Fuck off fly best line in the world

  • Can Tin
    Can Tin 4 days ago

    2:30 How did he notice the mouse?

  • jennifer Isabel
    jennifer Isabel 4 days ago

    the most freshed thing up in here is this pigeon

  • Destiel Trash
    Destiel Trash 4 days ago

    im convinced the dead mouse at the entrance was planted. he was trying so hard to convince them it was there when he got there and his voice got so high

  • Ron Thunders
    Ron Thunders 4 days ago +1

    reality tv is soo fucking gay and not real.

  • Queen Anxiety
    Queen Anxiety 4 days ago

    I feel sick just from the first video...

  • John Brown
    John Brown 4 days ago

    That pork chop!!🤣😂🤣😂