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Try Not To CRINGE Challenge!! (Our Old Videos) // Dolan Twins


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  • NOPE !
    NOPE ! 7 minutes ago

    Omg I keep going back to 6:21
    They are SO adorable💖

  • Ciara Byrne
    Ciara Byrne 5 hours ago

    8:52 omg were they allowed curse when they were younger???!!!!

    Which one of you is bob and which one of you rob????!!!!!!

  • Lola Leopard
    Lola Leopard 7 hours ago

    I didn’t cringe

    HEYITSME KALANI 20 hours ago

    Im gonna put every emoji i have ..😄😃😀😊☺😉😍😘😚😗😙😜😝😛😳😁😔😌😒😞😣😢😂😭😪😥😰😅😓😩😫😨😱😠😡😴👿😇😶😈😎😯😧😷😕😦😋😐😟😆😬😲😖😮😵😤😏😑👲👳👮👷💂👵👱👼👸😺😸😻😽👺👹😾😹😿🙀😼🙈🙉🙊💀👽💩🔥💧👄👋✌👅💦✊👃💢👊👀💥👌👂💫👎💨🌟👍💤✨✋🙏👫🙆🙅👪☝👐👆👏👬💁🙋👭💪👇👉🚶💏💑👯💅💇💆🙋💁🙅🙆👒👔💼💄🌂👙👕👑🎩👢👘🎀👓👖👠🙇🙍👡🎽👗👚👜👝👛👓🎀🌂💄💛💙💜💚❤💔💗💋💭👣💌💬💘👥💞👤💖💎💕💍💓🐶🐯🐵🐦🐺🐨🐒🐤🐱🐫🐴🐥🐣🐑🐷🐭🐹🐰🐸🐗🐧🐢🐍🐼🐮🐔🐘🐽🐛🐠🐀🐓🐕🐃🐟🐝🐬🐅🐖🐁🐇🐳🐞🐌🐋🐉🐂🐲🐎🐄🐙🐚🐏🐐🐡🐊💐🍁🌴🌲🍃🌸🐫🐪🌷🍂🌿🌾🍄🌵🌐🌼🌱🌳🌰🌲🌴🌞🌕🌍☀⛅🌎🌖🌝🌚🌗🌏☁⚡🌋🌘🌑🌒🌜🌌☔❄🌠🌛🌓🌔🌙⭐⛄🌀🌈🌊🎐🎋📹📱💻📷🎁🎇🎆🎄🎥💾💽🔮🎅🎓🎒👻🎈☎🔊📣🔏📞🔉⏳🔐📟🔈⌛🔑📠🔇⏰🔎📡🔔⌚💡📺🔕🔓🔦📻📢🔒🔆🔅🚽🔫💷🔌🔧🔪💶🔋🔩💊💳🔍🔨💉💸🛁💰🚪📲🛀🚬💴📧🚿💣💵📥📤📬📑📆✉📭📊📇📩📮📈📁📨📦📉📂📯📝📜✂📫📋📄📌📪📃📅📎✒📙📛🎧✏📓🔬🎼📏📔🔭🎵📐📒📰🎶📕📚🎨🎹📗📖🎬🎻📘🔖🎤🎺🎷🎲🎱🏇🎸🎯🏉🏆👾🏈🎳🎿🎮🏀⛳🏂🃏⚽🚵🏊🎴⚾🚴🏄🀄🎾🏁🎣☕🍹🍖🍙🍵🍷🍝🍘🍶🍴🍛🍚🍼🍕🍤🍜🍺🍔🍱🍲🍻🍟🍣🍢🍸🍗🍥🍡🍳🍞🍩🍮🍦🍨🍧🍯🍉🍠🍭🍇🍍🍬🍒🍐🍫🍋🍌🍪🍊🍈🍑🍏🍰🍓🍎🎂🍆🍅🌽🏠🏪🌇🗻🏩🏩🌆🌄🏫🏨🏯🌅🏢💒🏰🌃🏣⛪⛺🗽🏥🏬🏭🌉🏦🏤🗼🎠🎡⛲🎢🚢⛵🚤🚣🚊🚇🚙🚍🚈🚂🚌🚅🚁🚎🚄💺🚃🚆✈🚋🚞🚀🚝🚉⚓🚘🚗🚕🚖🚛🚚🚨🚡🚦🎰🏮🎫🚲🚐🚏⛽🔰💈🚑🚧🚜🚒⚠🚠🚔🚥🚟🚓♨🗿🎪🎭📍🚩🇰🇷🇮🇹🇪🇸🇫🇷🇺🇸🇨🇳🇩🇪🇬🇧🇷🇺🇯🇵🔢🔡↕↪🔣🔤🔄ℹ⬆↗◀⏪⬇↖▶⏩↘🔼⏫⏬🔽↙➡🔠↔↩⤵⤴🆗🔀🔁🔂🆕🈯🈯🈁🎦📶🆖🆓🆒🈳🈶🈚🈵🚻🈴🚹🈲🚺🉐🚼🈹🚾🈺🚰🚮🅿♿🚭🈷🈸🉑⛔🔞🚫🛃🚸🚷🆔🛅🚳🆘🛄🚱🆑🛂🚯㊗Ⓜ📵㊙🈂✳❇❎✅✴💟🆚💠♌♓♒♋🅾♑♊🆎♐♉🅱♏♈🅰♎♻📴♍➿📳⛎🔯🏧💹💲💱®❕🔜🕝🕑🔛❓💱🕜🔙❗💲🕐🔚⁉💹🕧🔝🏧🕛⭕❌🔯🔃❔™⛎➗🕙🕡🕒♠🕥🕖🕞♣🕚🕢🕓♦🕦🕗🕟💮✖🕣🕔💯➕🕘🕠✔➖🕤🕕⬜🔲◼☑⬛🔳◻🔘🔶⚫◾🔗🔷⚪◽➰🔸🔴▪〰🔹🔵▫〽🔻🔺🔱

    HEYITSME KALANI 20 hours ago


  • Erika Rodríguez
    Erika Rodríguez Day ago +1

    -I am literally trying not o cringe
    ** 1 second later **
    -OH MY GOODDD (pauses the video)

  • Samrah Iqbal
    Samrah Iqbal Day ago

    omg wait i thought they were reacting to jacob-sweatshirt 😂

  • Alison Samuels
    Alison Samuels 2 days ago

    If someone said that those little dudes would become the Dolan twins, I would have died of laughter 🤣

  • Emma Kilbane
    Emma Kilbane 2 days ago

    In the future (which is now 2019) they would cringe at this even tho it’s not that bad 😂

  • Jaiden Taylor
    Jaiden Taylor 2 days ago

    anxiety level= 100

  • Audrey Green
    Audrey Green 2 days ago

    OMG, I'm speechless,

  • Isabelle Quinn
    Isabelle Quinn 2 days ago


  • lucy lucy 3 days ago


  • Television Soaps
    Television Soaps 3 days ago +1

    See you tonight Grayson xxx

  • Simerlyn’s Spot
    Simerlyn’s Spot 3 days ago


  • Gabriella Dial
    Gabriella Dial 3 days ago +1

    Its obvious they have always been cute

  • Erica May
    Erica May 3 days ago

    Ethan: I never looked like that
    Me: you’re identical twins 😂

  • Food ASMR
    Food ASMR 3 days ago

    Me reacting to my TikTok’s 😭😂

  • Kylie Garcia
    Kylie Garcia 3 days ago

    2019 anyone ?

  • •niyah wilson•
    •niyah wilson• 4 days ago

    5:01 i sEe YoU 😂

  • Darealluc
    Darealluc 4 days ago

    Did anyone else realise that the alien mask was actually the head of the green Teletubbies, Dipsy

  • Ashley Ayuso
    Ashley Ayuso 4 days ago

    I workout to that dubstep version of lost woods, zelda fan for life

  • Clark Bondoc
    Clark Bondoc 5 days ago

    Those were all Nolan's ideas.

  • Delaney Shepherd
    Delaney Shepherd 5 days ago

    ahh im cringing like heeeelllllllllll

  • Princess
    Princess 5 days ago

    Omg I'm rewatching their videos and realised that this was upload on my birthday 😘😍

    *best birthday gift ever* 😭✨💗

    UNICORNGIRL JOJO33 5 days ago

    Try not caring but laugh challenge lol 🤣🤣

  • Taylor Burk
    Taylor Burk 5 days ago

    5:53 why does that remind me of grayson now

  • nabila nura
    nabila nura 5 days ago +1

    4:43 already *dead* 😂😂😂 2019 anyone?

  • Demi-leigh Knowles
    Demi-leigh Knowles 6 days ago

    Anyone else notice how this videos on for 9:11 like ima need 911 cus of this 😫😫

  • Adeeti
    Adeeti 6 days ago +2

    how are they just 16 in this video?
    also anyone else on Dolan marathon??

  • Jsriveraa 2093
    Jsriveraa 2093 7 days ago

    When Grayson said “You can wear my sweatshirt” to ethan😭😍❤️

  • Karin Khimovich
    Karin Khimovich 7 days ago

    You can have my sweatshirt
    That's so cuute

  • Belle Rom
    Belle Rom 7 days ago

    Aw fetus Ethan and Grayson

  • Anna Celeste
    Anna Celeste 7 days ago

    Poor Grayson made Ethan film all of his little videos in person😂

  • Trolls IS THE BEST
    Trolls IS THE BEST 8 days ago

    “o yas I win everytime o ya” 5:16

  • Reagan H
    Reagan H 8 days ago

    I’m dying

  • Katherine Spohr
    Katherine Spohr 8 days ago


  • neubera
    neubera 8 days ago

    6.18... Kid grayson looked like 11 from stranger things loll

  • Clarissa Aguilar
    Clarissa Aguilar 8 days ago +2

    2019 ?

  • Marissa D
    Marissa D 8 days ago +1

    I think I have watched every video they have ever made on their channel now

  • Tiara Washington
    Tiara Washington 8 days ago +1

    “Oh yeaa I win every time oh yeaa” Grayson face has me dying 😂😂😭😭

  • e l i s e !
    e l i s e ! 9 days ago +1

    "You can wear my sweatshirt" Jacob sartorious who

  • Sophie Cochrane
    Sophie Cochrane 9 days ago

    Grayson: Nice moves 😂💀
    Litreally you can hear the sarcasm in his voice💀

  • Shahad/ Layan
    Shahad/ Layan 9 days ago

    you guys need to remake these. asap.

  • Kevin Knott
    Kevin Knott 9 days ago

    😂 pause at 6:27 😂

  • Emma Tullis
    Emma Tullis 9 days ago

    i’m literally crying ahahah

  • Emily Garcia
    Emily Garcia 9 days ago

    Im triggered i have braces and glasses ☹️

  • Cassandra Marie
    Cassandra Marie 9 days ago

    you should recreate old child vids

  • Skyler Gockenbach
    Skyler Gockenbach 10 days ago +2

    5:30 that jacob sartorius reference is the cringiest part 😂

  • Minnie824 W
    Minnie824 W 10 days ago

    4:45 “It’s showtiiiiime” 😂😂

  • The Wonderful Lilly and Oz.

    Tamara Bah stay Grayson,I'm also a Grayson girl

  • The D-P Family
    The D-P Family 10 days ago

    Hope you don’t take this in an offensive way Ethan and Grayson but how did you guys transform from you looking like I don’t know what as a child to transforming into 2 handsome boys that are now on the internet!!! Btw I love your channel and you videos guys there the best in the world (I probably watch about 10 of you videos a day)

  • Adriana De Leon
    Adriana De Leon 10 days ago

    My stomach hurted so much😂😂😂 the first one though😂😂 I cringed so bad how do you guys know each other???😂

    • Kipper L
      Kipper L 10 days ago

      What do you mean how do they know each other
      There twins

  • Jinboo
    Jinboo 10 days ago

    puberty hit them hard

  • Nichole Tysoe-Short
    Nichole Tysoe-Short 10 days ago +2

    I thought I was laughing

    *then I realised I was hyperventilating*

  • Bella Boo
    Bella Boo 10 days ago

    2:52 had me dieng

  • CASXbff s
    CASXbff s 11 days ago

    all I did is laugh

  • The Schkippy Sisters
    The Schkippy Sisters 11 days ago

    I’m glad it wasn’t just me who used to pretend to have a channel! XDDDD

  • Taisza richardson
    Taisza richardson 11 days ago

    I’ve never laughed so hard and so much

  • RO 66
    RO 66 11 days ago

    G: “It’s me again”🤣

  • RO 66
    RO 66 11 days ago

    I love robodance🤣

  • Nevaeha Solis
    Nevaeha Solis 11 days ago +1

    Just me looking at myself everyday in the mirror makes me cringe. 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

  • Spicey Apple
    Spicey Apple 11 days ago

    They should try recreating these videos!! 😂😂😂

  • Happy Life with Me
    Happy Life with Me 11 days ago

    I know that they are identical twins but I think Ethan is cuter

    Sorry Grayson😥😶

  • Kate Gosteeva
    Kate Gosteeva 12 days ago

    Grayson wjth braces is the cUTESt thing EVER 😂😂😍

  • Destiny M
    Destiny M 12 days ago


  • Madison Gibson
    Madison Gibson 13 days ago

    these are sooo cuuttteee!!!

  • i stan Nolan Dolan
    i stan Nolan Dolan 13 days ago

    Where they talking/pointing to Nolan?!??

  • natabelle jemima
    natabelle jemima 13 days ago

    2:03 grayson's laugh got me crazy lmao hahahaha😂

  • Equine.addison
    Equine.addison 13 days ago

    Okay so honestly I don’t find either of y’all cute but I don’t get why so many people pick Grayson over Ethan bc he is cuter but neither of them are cute cute

  • Brylee Ireland
    Brylee Ireland 13 days ago

    This video showed me that those kids in your grade that are kinda ugly and weird can turn out to be famous and hot af

  • Jennifer Films
    Jennifer Films 13 days ago +1


  • Dii_M.
    Dii_M. 14 days ago

    I love their old outro

  • Presley Roos
    Presley Roos 14 days ago

    i get those goosebumps every time
    i watch those videos
    from 2009 yeah

  • Marie S
    Marie S 14 days ago +2

    Ethan is H.O.T 🔥

  • Lexi Lukehart
    Lexi Lukehart 14 days ago

    That cough at 8:39 :)

  • Hannah Rodriguez
    Hannah Rodriguez 15 days ago

    I'm cringing more watching them react to the video

  • Usfa Athar
    Usfa Athar 15 days ago

    Omg I literally was laughing all the time watching this video😂😂😂

  • Tiffany Mwihaki
    Tiffany Mwihaki 15 days ago

    One minute and forty six seconds into the video I lost the challenge

  • Dolan 4life
    Dolan 4life 15 days ago +3

    Wtf they had a sixpack when They were like 9

  • mayra garcia
    mayra garcia 15 days ago

    Wait why does Grayson have muscle on the milk man what!?

  • Chelsey CL5TVDTHG
    Chelsey CL5TVDTHG 15 days ago

    Omg sry but what is Grayson’s hair lmao

  • Hay Bail
    Hay Bail 15 days ago

    I nearly died choking on my water 😂😁😊😵

  • Denisse Mota
    Denisse Mota 15 days ago

    Deadass my right eye was twitching the whole time

  • Sounds girl Kennedy
    Sounds girl Kennedy 16 days ago

    Ethan’s so annoying he Pauses the video every second

  • Rim Bene
    Rim Bene 16 days ago

    Who was waiting for subscribe to show up in the second video😅

  • laurie moody
    laurie moody 16 days ago

    How can any one dislike dolan twins videos shame on you

  • sophie alannah
    sophie alannah 16 days ago +1

    *ready for new video reacting to this video reacting to their old videos* 🙌

  • Janie 2319
    Janie 2319 16 days ago

    Dude I’m subscribing to this. The whole fact that the 1st video shown had the Legends of Zelda Ocarina of Time song in it is a 10/10 video I would watch in my spare time❤️❤️

  • Luke boy
    Luke boy 16 days ago

    when Grayson threw the milk 🤣

  • giselle grullon
    giselle grullon 16 days ago

    omg their glow up was so strong anyone who ever bullied them as children got freaking shown up 😭😭😭😭

  • Stelliebellyvlogs
    Stelliebellyvlogs 17 days ago

    Omfg 5:30 You can where my sweatshirt ilysm Grayson

  • Zoe Gondeck
    Zoe Gondeck 17 days ago

    Ethan talking about Grayson- I do not look like that. Never looked like that.
    Ethan and Grayson- *are twins*

  • Poppi Gikas
    Poppi Gikas 17 days ago

    They have changed so much

  • Rian McElhinny
    Rian McElhinny 17 days ago

    i even cringed to them, lol

  • Tasha
    Tasha 17 days ago

    Both of them weren’t having any of it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Molly. p06
    Molly. p06 18 days ago

    0:50 when u searched *boobies* on the internet grey?😂😂😂

  • Melisa Zyko
    Melisa Zyko 18 days ago

    The first one ...
    I am really proud of them but I cringed a LOT

  • Rebecca Coldwell
    Rebecca Coldwell 18 days ago

    “Riding an oversized bike or maybe just an undersized Grayson”-Ethan

  • Potato Edits😘💕
    Potato Edits😘💕 18 days ago

    Wtf this make me and my Friend laugh 6:38