Disney Theory: What is Moana's Spirit Animal?

  • Published on Jun 15, 2017
  • If Moana's Grandmother's Spirit Animal is a ray, then what is Moana's? Ben has an idea!
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Comments • 10 762

  • Kawaii-cow Kawaai
    Kawaii-cow Kawaai 2 days ago +1

    My spirit animal is an owl one of the smartest animals and my patronus is a sphinx cat the feline that Egyptians revered

  • Ocelot Gamer2345
    Ocelot Gamer2345 3 days ago

    Mine is a cat,lazy and vicious 😀

  • Pand0ra Skye
    Pand0ra Skye 5 days ago

    My patronus is a Grass Snake. No kidding but kinda dissapointed

    Im Griffindor by the way

  • the stella stare ea lo

    My spirit animal is a wolf

  • tyra 411
    tyra 411 5 days ago

    My patronus is an dragon🐲

  • chris thompson
    chris thompson 5 days ago

    there is also a turtle carven into the front of the boat. you see it while its in the cave

  • kitchu
    kitchu 7 days ago

    my spirit animal is Lin Manuel Miranda.

  • Erica Reid
    Erica Reid 10 days ago +1

    My spirit animal is a cat because I am independent, sometimes just wanted to be left alone (no reason) and sometimes when I get the chance to be lazy I am but if not I would probably be a echidna because when I need to protect my self I use what I got.

  • Rebecca Maracle
    Rebecca Maracle 13 days ago

    My spirit animal is a loon. It represents song and the magic of the spoken word, tranquility, generosity, imagination and, of course, a healthy dose of insanity. My patronus was a tonkinese cat. Although the description did fit me, I really dislike cats IRL.

    • Rebecca Maracle
      Rebecca Maracle 13 days ago

      I'm also a great parent and can hold my breath for a long time, other loon-like qualities. lol

  • Lily Fouche
    Lily Fouche 14 days ago

    My spirit animal is literally a cat. I have always been a cat in human form. Even since I was little I would subconsciously take on definitive feline characteristics. My Patronus is also the Russian Blue cat. Also, some of you may know that the reason cats hiss is to mimic a snake. Not only am I a Slytherin, but i have also always had the tendency to hiss at things which annoy me. I could continue to list ways in which I am a cat (particularly a tiger), but it would take so long it would turn into a book

  • Pokken Master
    Pokken Master 15 days ago


  • Bubble Winchester
    Bubble Winchester 16 days ago

    How tf do you find your spirit animal XD

  • Noctali Liberty
    Noctali Liberty 16 days ago

    Hi! I noticed that a turtel was on Moana's boat. In the front! So the movie was telling us that her spirit animal was a turtel after all...

  • Peanut Long
    Peanut Long 19 days ago

    My spirit animal is a chococlate bar

  • Paul Sorcigli
    Paul Sorcigli 19 days ago

    Mine is a egell

  • GraysonPlays !
    GraysonPlays ! 20 days ago

    Here's my resume My house is Gryffindor, my Patronus is an adder, my wand is Spruce and Pheonix feather and my spirit animal is a wolf, now can I join you Guys?!

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis 21 day ago

    Spirit Animal: Bear, Patronus: @#&! Spider-monkey. I REALLY wanted a Dragon but I WAS born in the year of the monkey in the Chinese horoscope (this is a pattern for me as I wanted a Wolf for my spirit animal... basically it was the plot of “Brother Bear” without all the deaths (OR the literal/physical transformation obviously)

  • Janet Jongebloed
    Janet Jongebloed 21 day ago

    My spirit animal is Figment.

  • Chris Schoenthaler
    Chris Schoenthaler 21 day ago

    My patronus is a greyhound.
    I am an exceptionally hairy person.
    My sister whistles to get my attention.
    I am constantly hugging my family.
    I find it difficult to resist petting every dog I see.
    I can’t imagine what my spirit animal could be.

  • xxChox
    xxChox 22 days ago

    And you know what else? There's a little turtle carved on Moanas boat.

  • Lorelei Van Tuyl
    Lorelei Van Tuyl 22 days ago

    I think my sprit animal is a because I’m loving, loyal, and selfless

  • Confezzled
    Confezzled 22 days ago

    mY sPiRit aniMAL iS A hUmaN

  • Animal_Gal _Adventures

    My spirit animal is a husky-wolf dipped in a rainbow. The husky part is because I'm playful, curious, clumsy, loud and annoying. The wolf part is because I can be aggressive, stubborn and a Hot Head. The rainbow part is because I am colorful and unique.

  • And Peggy
    And Peggy 22 days ago

    My spirit animal is a cat, I am introverted, curious, and I love sleep

    And I’m tiny

  • Blablabla0988
    Blablabla0988 22 days ago

    My spirit animal is an wolf, Im so happy about it.

  • Ground Shock
    Ground Shock 24 days ago


  • TheRealIronPreston brian


  • kvvng khi
    kvvng khi 29 days ago

    My spirit animal is a eagle

  • Navvya Sinha
    Navvya Sinha Month ago

    my spirit animal is a cat or bear.
    PS-My patronus is a cat

  • Sasagamer2020
    Sasagamer2020 Month ago

    I think is a Snake

  • Nat G
    Nat G Month ago

    My spirit animal is apparently a barn owl according to Irish tradition.

  • Lena's
    Lena's Month ago

    My spirit animal is easier a frog or cat probably more frog because the only reason I like cats is Warrior Cats

  • Y.N.D.N diy's
    Y.N.D.N diy's Month ago

    Have you ever seen a fat cat
    That's my spirit animal

  • Abel Roduarte
    Abel Roduarte Month ago


  • Aly cat
    Aly cat Month ago

    My zodiac sign is Aries which stands for ram but my Spirit animal I some sort of cat,I think its a ocelet or bobcat I can't remember

  • TaeTae'sBlog
    TaeTae'sBlog Month ago

    It's always fun to watch Ben's videos because he bounces the whole time. Adorable.

  • JediKnightK
    JediKnightK Month ago

    My spirit animal is the tiger

  • Ashley Mills
    Ashley Mills Month ago

    The sting Ray was the gramas spirit animal. But the grama was Moana's spirit guide.

  • Katertot A.
    Katertot A. Month ago

    I am a phoenix

  • The One
    The One Month ago

    I like the songs

  • Mr. WuNDOWs
    Mr. WuNDOWs Month ago +1

    My spirit animal is a Koala Lazy eating teddy bears

  • Linkachu the Pikachu

    My spirit animal is a butterfly, I also like to think that it is a mouse.

  • Roody y.a
    Roody y.a Month ago

    My spirit animal is a deer

  • Sharanya Upadhyay
    Sharanya Upadhyay Month ago

    My patronus is a dolphin

  • benelementalchickenkid

    i think my spirit animal is cat

  • kamari_13inthecut t

    A wolf

  • Britt moore
    Britt moore Month ago +1

    Mines a wolf 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

  • uncheckedwinner
    uncheckedwinner Month ago

    My spirit animal is Shakira. Hands down no question.

  • LionLord
    LionLord Month ago

    im from Africa so my culture is a little different but my spirit animal is a lion it represents royalty, strength, conquest, valor, pride, wisdom, authority, courage and protection so ya #blessed i will also balance myself as a zebra and leopard because a zebra represents freedom and individuality and the leopard represents fierceness and courage. Fun fact my birth constellation is actually Leo which is a lion.

  • Lunar Eclipse
    Lunar Eclipse Month ago

    My spirit animal is a wolf

  • talonthedarkhunter
    talonthedarkhunter Month ago

    My spirt animals are the wolf, horse, Fox , bald eagle, red tail hawk, raven

  • Kitten Gaming
    Kitten Gaming Month ago

    ive seen that dumb movie over 70 times. i hate it :|

  • BumbleBee424
    BumbleBee424 Month ago

    Im fairly late but my spirit animal is a panda and it is a very long and pretty cool but personal reason

  • Mark Klingberg
    Mark Klingberg Month ago


  • Mark Klingberg
    Mark Klingberg Month ago


  • Mark Klingberg
    Mark Klingberg Month ago


  • Kaitlynn Comerford
    Kaitlynn Comerford Month ago

    My spirit animal is a dragon because I am brave I am compassionate truthful and honest kind and creative

  • Epiphany Paris
    Epiphany Paris Month ago

    my spirit animal is a doe

  • André Jesus
    André Jesus Month ago

    I am a wolf

  • pixiefun pup
    pixiefun pup Month ago

    My spirit animal is a unicorn and my sisters is the rat

  • Aine Rose
    Aine Rose Month ago

    My spirit animal is a Fox

  • Pugs 10118
    Pugs 10118 2 months ago

    My spirit animal is a wolf

  • Rrforever Aj
    Rrforever Aj 2 months ago

    my spirit animal is a fox because im hyper, sneaky and easily forgotten.

  • Jordan Balke
    Jordan Balke 2 months ago

    Can confirm that I have a pretty cool patronus

  • Brendan Gordon
    Brendan Gordon 2 months ago


  • Profesh Dancer
    Profesh Dancer 2 months ago

    My spirit animal is a Wolf 🐺

  • Lauren Read
    Lauren Read 2 months ago

    My spirit animal is a wolf and my patronus is a hippogriff

  • Cadence Pastor
    Cadence Pastor 2 months ago

    Why do you have a beard?

  • Jade Kuder
    Jade Kuder 2 months ago

    My spirit animal is a fox. I can actually see people's spirit animals. We all have several, but one that is our core animal.

  • Premeditated Ideation
    Premeditated Ideation 2 months ago

    My spirit animal is spongebob (s1-s4)

  • Red Fox Videos
    Red Fox Videos 2 months ago

    my patronus is a linx

  • Angie Dominique
    Angie Dominique 2 months ago

    My spirit animal is a bear 💕🐻

  • DreamStephanieR
    DreamStephanieR 2 months ago

    Mind blown!

  • Charmander Vlogs
    Charmander Vlogs 2 months ago

    We've lost that power to override our instincts to pull ourselves up the social change I can't go anywhere without seeing a bully

  • sugarfree kandi
    sugarfree kandi 2 months ago


  • dimitri dionissiou
    dimitri dionissiou 2 months ago

    Mine is a wolf


    My spirit animal is a cat cuz I have great balance and I'm lazy

  • Lakyn Schumaker
    Lakyn Schumaker 2 months ago

    🐺 wolf

  • tacocaT327
    tacocaT327 2 months ago

    There is is a turtle 🐢 on Moana’s boat

  • Moostache18
    Moostache18 2 months ago

    my spirit animal is a dragon.
    a lapiz dragon

  • Michelle Slennett
    Michelle Slennett 2 months ago

    My spirit animal is the turtle

  • Cellin Elise Henriksen
    Cellin Elise Henriksen 2 months ago

    My spirit animal, I dunno what it is. But my patronus is a osprey 😂😁 which I find kinda funny since I'm terrified of the water but still drawn to it 😂

  • Alan Liang
    Alan Liang 2 months ago +1

    Is it possible that Moana's spirit animal is the hawk, cuz Maui (idk if I spelled it wrong) guides her to return the heart…

  • eevee LEX
    eevee LEX 2 months ago


  • Vana V. Jackson
    Vana V. Jackson 2 months ago


  • xxxaspe n
    xxxaspe n 2 months ago

    Tyler Joseph is my spirit animal

  • Lilly Lamothe
    Lilly Lamothe 2 months ago


  • Luna Ootagi
    Luna Ootagi 2 months ago

    A Dragon is My spirit animal.

  • Katie Wallace
    Katie Wallace 2 months ago

    my spirit animal is a mare

  • Angie Becerra-Flores
    Angie Becerra-Flores 2 months ago

    I'm a wolf I've always known it lol

  • Ellen Dossous
    Ellen Dossous 2 months ago

    Lol I love how I said turtles at the same time

  • UTU NTU uni the unicorn nelly the unicorn

    I don't need to know what is my spirit animal I know it's a unicorn cuz I'm always and mostly happy I love candy and I love nature and I'm kind and curious. 😀😀😀😉😁😁🤣🤣🤣

  • David Orellana
    David Orellana 2 months ago

    A bunny!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Unicorn Goddess
    Unicorn Goddess 2 months ago

    *My spirit animal is a unicorn😁*

  • Amy B-W
    Amy B-W 2 months ago

    I literally guessed it before I clicked on the video 😂 😂

  • Mia Wang
    Mia Wang 2 months ago

    My patronus is a pug, it's pretty bad

  • Bryanna Smart
    Bryanna Smart 2 months ago

    I have no id

  • Jackson Blackwell
    Jackson Blackwell 2 months ago


  • Erica Young
    Erica Young 2 months ago

    My dog chico hes loyal kind loving sometimes round up generous honest and he is my spirt guaridon and i am a protecyer like chico.

  • cyndaquilofpower
    cyndaquilofpower 2 months ago

    My spirit animal is chuggaaconroy. If it can’t be people it would probably be cyndaquil.