DP/30: Whiplash, J.K. Simmons

  • Published on Oct 6, 2014
  • You know him, you love him, you can't remember his name. But that is all changing for J.K. Simmons this year, as he is a leading contender for Best Supporting Actor for Whiplash, the new film from first-timer Damien Chazelle (tvclip.biz/video/othD7_A_M6o/video.html). Meet the man you know so well... but probably don't know at all. From the theater to singing telegrams to Whiplash.
    Shot in Los Angeles, October 2014
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  • John Andrew O'Rourke
    John Andrew O'Rourke 9 months ago

    This interview wasn't quite my tempo.

  • Arthur Vin
    Arthur Vin Year ago

    He played sooo good so that I'm afraid of him even in real life. Scares shit out of me just watching this interview. There's no Simmons, there's Fletcher.

  • Quirica Quirica
    Quirica Quirica 2 years ago

    Per favore qualcuno può tradurre in italiano?

  • Main's Main
    Main's Main 2 years ago

    He basicaly was modern J Jonah Jameson

  • Pg Curtwright
    Pg Curtwright 2 years ago

    I love that he can do this -- and still be the voice of an M&M....

  • xAd
    xAd 3 years ago

    Best voice ever. Second place being Patrick Stewart. ;)

  • Jacob011
    Jacob011 3 years ago +5

    He has a great and strange personality - somehow, in Whiplash, he managed to be a badass and sort of likeable at the same time.

    • tomas ninan
      tomas ninan 3 years ago

      Strange? He was only acting dude

  • k0walsk
    k0walsk 3 years ago

    I love these interviews. Time is taken to go in-depth. But why those dated graphics at the start of the videos? Is it a deliberate thing or..?

    SLIMNICS 4 years ago


  • Von Dargo
    Von Dargo 4 years ago


  • Probus Excogitatoris
    Probus Excogitatoris 4 years ago +6

    I think the movie Whiplash is a brilliant metaphor for USA as whole (and to some extent the whole western world). You have this elite that is looking for a select very few to welcome into their entitles society while the large majority is left to struggle in order to make ends meet. I mean, people say this movie is about the struggle for excellence. I see that as a back drop to the real issue. You only have one shot, and unless you are ready to give a flawless performance you are out. Do you think they ones who gives you the thumbs up or down have gone through the same shit? Of course not. Just like the old emperors of Rome, who decided who would live or die, never had to deal with all that shit. That final show in the movie where Fletcher says that the music industry can either make you or break you. Do you think the people in charge are all the best musicians out there? Of course not. They are entitled music executives. Good, if they have any music background at all.
    So, what does all this have to do with this movie? Well, it shows how the majority are left to fight each other instead of the entitled elite who are actually preventing them from flourishing. This is exactly what happens in USA today. The rich get richer without any real effort, while the middle class and the poor are forced to compete and fight with each others for leftovers. USA is not a meritocracy. Merits are only important for commoners. The rich don't need to merits in order to succeed. Just as when you have succeeded your merits really don't matter anymore. There is no objective way to measure merits or performances. It's the elite who decides what is to be considered good or bad merits.... and the middle class, as the good slaves they are, play along and try so hard to please the elite. That's the whole point. You can never truly succeed if you play by the rules. The rules are made in order to prevent you from succeeding. What a sad sad way of living your life. Look at the few people who have actually managed to succeed despite not being born rich. They break all the rules. They invent new things. They don't compete with their peers for leftovers. No, they make their own rules. In a sense the drummer (I forget his name) is a symbol, not of excellence, but slavery. A drummer who's trying so hard, not to follow his own path or become successful in his own terms but, to please others. That's why the ending is so important. In the end he took charge and just did not care about the rules anymore. That's when he succeeded. That's the lesson we all should learn from this movie. You can never succeed if you follow the rules.

    • D0nna Kithh
      D0nna Kithh 4 years ago

      @Probus Excogitatoris I think what could solve this problem is for people to get educated and motivated and I think this movie does an excellent job at this after I saw this movie I was inspired to do something greater, and not let anybody tell me I can't

  • BilboMcSwaggins
    BilboMcSwaggins 4 years ago

    At the start I though it was Seth Rogen.

  • Harrison Gourlay
    Harrison Gourlay 4 years ago

    i love his voice so much

  • Dan Lo Fat
    Dan Lo Fat 4 years ago

    The interviewer was rushing a bit (I CAN tell the difference!)

  • Janet Beilinson
    Janet Beilinson 4 years ago

    Totalmente enamorada de este hombre!!! Lo amooo...

  • Big R
    Big R 4 years ago

    I would never watch this kind of movie, except I saw Weird Al do a Whiplash spoof with this guy. The guy was so intense, now I totally have to see this movie.

  • Jaws
    Jaws 4 years ago +1

    Did anyone else come here just to make sure he was still human?

  • DaveNoodles
    DaveNoodles 4 years ago +4

    That's a lot of "you know".
    You know?

    • DaveNoodles
      DaveNoodles 4 years ago

      @Viktor Grabovski
      Ha ha... Cool. I have a hard time not noticing and sometimes it can be annoying.

    • DaveNoodles
      DaveNoodles 4 years ago

      @Viktor Grabovski
      You know...

  • Matthew Hobson
    Matthew Hobson 4 years ago

    Loved Whiplash. "Not my kind of tempo..."

  • Laurent Ponce
    Laurent Ponce 4 years ago

    Now if you guys want to know where Whiplash comes from, check this out - already a myth amongst jazz fans, still worst listening again : the infamous Buddy Rich "talk" with its band between two sets tvclip.biz/video/omID1prJHFo/video.html

  • caron kruger
    caron kruger 4 years ago

    I like him good actor

  • Teacher Alberto
    Teacher Alberto 4 years ago

    He deserves that Oscar ....... am I crazy but whiplash (which is great)reminded me a little bit about Dead poet society

  • Captain Deadpool
    Captain Deadpool 4 years ago

    i dont care that he's out of character now. i am still terrified of the farmer insurance guy like crazy!!! he did an incredible job. i didnt think i was even going to care to see this movie but im sure glad i did. OUTSTANDING FLICK!!!

  • Psychedelic Tragedy
    Psychedelic Tragedy 4 years ago

    Tenzin better win the Oscar. Whiplash was by far my favorite movie of the year. =D

  • obi was here
    obi was here 4 years ago

    he deserves every bit of that oscar he's going to get

  • Sinead Smith
    Sinead Smith 4 years ago +3

    He seems like a great guy. It's weird watching this hours after watching the movie haha

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 4 years ago +1

    A superb performance. JK really had me hating his character's guts.
    BTW, JK Simmons turned 60 on January 9th.

  • Totem Daim
    Totem Daim 4 years ago

    How many times did he say "you know"? Haha, gotta love J. K. Simmons. He's a great actor and in Whiplash he simply killed it.

  • luvseeed
    luvseeed 4 years ago +10

    After watching "Whiplash" I am really surprised to find out that he's really nice! He was just so convincing that I couldn't imagine him to be such a nice guy even in the real life haha :D He should get ten Oscars for this role because one isn't enough!

  • Jacob Chimilar
    Jacob Chimilar 4 years ago +5

    He is such a nice guy! and between Oz, burn after reading, I love you man, spiderman, korra, and whiplash i didnt realize he wasn't considered a "big name" actor, he's just consistently great. Nice to see he gets more of a spotlight, ya know? (that seems to be his filler word)

  • Angelo K
    Angelo K 4 years ago +16

    Did anyone not like this movie? Seems to be universally liked, which is good because it was fuckin awesome

    • Haroon Joseph
      Haroon Joseph 3 years ago +1

      Angelo K even haters like it I bet

    • Stoned Collective
      Stoned Collective 3 years ago +3

      I've heard about some jazz musicians not being a fan of it criticizing it for being exaggerated and an unrealistic portrayal of a jazz musicians life, but that's because they can't separate their boring ego from the great fantasy aspects every great film world should have..

  • ChronGaming
    ChronGaming 4 years ago

    I'll remember his name now.

  • TheCell8
    TheCell8 4 years ago +22

    Who else almost died laughing when he called that guy "Mr. Gaypride from the upper west side" ?

    • AdamG1983
      AdamG1983 3 years ago +1

      We're not serving Cosmopolitans and Baked Alaska!

  • Corey Crossman
    Corey Crossman 4 years ago +1

    wow listen to this guy then listen to neil peart sounds a lot the same

  • ytubeanon
    ytubeanon 4 years ago +18

    His intensity in Whiplash reminded me of Hugh Laurie as House.

    • AdamG1983
      AdamG1983 3 years ago

      House is more snarky, Terrance Fletcher would fuck him like a pig.

    • Sean Murphy
      Sean Murphy 4 years ago +2

      +Sam Tan I immediately connected the dots to R. Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket. The same intense power, fabulous witty dialogue, and jaw droppingly intimidating, but you can't turn away. I lost myself in the film. Amazing!

  • Mr. Tulip
    Mr. Tulip 4 years ago +86

    He was so extraordinary in Whiplash that he really doesn't have any competition for the best supporting actor oscar race. This performance was one of the best displays of acting I've ever seen.

    • Maryjo Encarnado
      Maryjo Encarnado 4 years ago

      :-) knowing what jkkkj/@@@@@@>

    • Joe Hughey
      Joe Hughey 4 years ago +1

      he was great in Oz as well. This performance is an excellent follow-up to that one

    • Mai Nem
      Mai Nem 4 years ago +6

      "supporting actor" is a bullshit category.
      You have Judi Dench winning with a 5 minute cameo - and then this guy hopefully winning for arguably the strongest role in the whole film.

    • KAMLU
      KAMLU 4 years ago +12

      that Teller bro surprised me aswell, simple script but super intense I've been recommending this movie to everyone

    • Ryan Purcell
      Ryan Purcell 4 years ago +1


  • Eric Viola
    Eric Viola 4 years ago +2

    Had a great part in Up In the Air too!

  • tommytomted44
    tommytomted44 4 years ago +7

    *I was on the SAG nominating committee this year and got a Whiplash screener. A terrific film! I sure checked JK's box for best supporting actor. **_The story has the most satisfying ending I've seen in years. I have watched the last 15 minutes 9 times._*

  • mathieu leborgne
    mathieu leborgne 5 years ago

    good to have Vern around

  • gloria rios
    gloria rios 5 years ago

    JP handled one of the most unique characters I've seen in ages...not the same ole same bad guy...good guy? with such class. Every physical movement overt or nuanced...bc there where nuanced moments kept my eyes glued oh him...Wow what acting chops! .We need more...JP Simmons....

  • Bobby Pendragon
    Bobby Pendragon 5 years ago +24

    He fucking terrified me. Brilliant job.

  • Snarethedrummer
    Snarethedrummer 5 years ago +78

    One very important question that wasn't asked: rushing or dragging?

    • Kris L
      Kris L Year ago

      Are you Russian or dragon

    • Jack of Blades
      Jack of Blades 4 years ago +5


    • Snarethedrummer
      Snarethedrummer 4 years ago +4

      @Shawn Hilliard Possibly worse! *throws chair*

    • Shawn Hilliard
      Shawn Hilliard 4 years ago +12

      @MrRobertBobbert J.K. Simmons knew that, but Miles Teller didn't and that's just as bad lol.

  • pap4456
    pap4456 5 years ago

    One of our truly great actors! I've been a long-time J.K. fan!

  • Samuel Kim
    Samuel Kim 5 years ago +41

    J.K. Simmons's performance in "Whiplash" was jaw-dropping. I would be enraged if he doesn't end up winning best supporting actor in the Oscars.

    • Matt B Drawings
      Matt B Drawings 5 years ago +3

      Yeah, you could say J.K was meant for this role. I really connected with him, and idk if another actor could've done it as well

  • Steve Schroth
    Steve Schroth 5 years ago +1

    justin reitman?

  • Obi Maduegbuna
    Obi Maduegbuna 5 years ago +5

    I love DP/30. interviews are so great and so inspiring

  • Ipernova
    Ipernova 5 years ago

    A great guy to talk to. And he's HOT.

  • Savage Truth
    Savage Truth 5 years ago +4

    cannot wait to see the film, and Simmon's looks fantastic in it.

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem 5 years ago +5

    He was remarkable in Oz.

  • Eli Friedmann
    Eli Friedmann 5 years ago

    looks like a very intense movie...hope the film lives up to the trailer!
    JK kicked ass in Oz!

  • Multiplex
    Multiplex 5 years ago +10

    I've been such a fan of Simmons for so long, it's GREAT to see him get such a dynamic role in Whiplash, especially because the film is great too! Thanks for this interview, David.

  • RagdollRalph
    RagdollRalph 5 years ago

    He seems like a really honest, down to earth person, great interview :)

  • Connor
    Connor 5 years ago +15


    • sjmorreale26
      sjmorreale26 5 years ago

      I already like J. K. and was a fan but when he became an intimate part of the avatar universe he became my hero.

  • StarCrusher
    StarCrusher 5 years ago

    I love this guy, thanks for uploading.