How to Use Snapchat Scan - Get Help With Your Math Homework!

  • Snapchat has added a new feature called “Scan” that can help you solve math problems. Watch this quick tutorial video to learn how Snapchat Scan can help you with your math homework!
    #SnapchatScan #SnapchatMathHelp
    To use the scan feature, open Snapchat and tap in the middle of your screen. Tap Scan. scroll all the way to the left to select the math scan feature. Now, center the equation window over the math problem you’re trying to solve. Tap the shutter button to scan. Once the scan is complete, you’ll see the solution to the equation pop up. To see the steps taken to solve the problem, tap Show Solving Steps. This will prompt you to download an app called Photomath, that can show you exactly how to solve the equation you’ve scanned.
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  • Carrie-Anne Lalor
    Carrie-Anne Lalor 23 hours ago

    It doesn't work did they get rid of it I updated it and nothing is working waste of time 🙄