10 Strict Rules Kanye West Makes EVERYONE Follow

  • Published on Apr 21, 2018
  • 10 Crazy rules Kayne West makes everyone around him follow that prove he really is crazy.
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    We all know that Kanye’s world is a world full of crazy and strict rules. From having fashion rules for Kim Kardashian to making sure his backstage always has specific items, these are some of the most strict rules Kanye makes people he works with follow. We all know about his strange rule for models during his fashion show in 2016. But do you know he also has rules for himself? We’re telling you, this man is bizarre, but that’s exactly why we love him! Some of these rules were even revealed by Kim during the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” episodes, while many others were strange Twitter rants Kanye made over the years. These are the 10 strict rules Kanye West makes everyone follow!
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Comments • 728

  • boi bif you dont
    boi bif you dont 4 hours ago

    wow kanye just has a big imagnation

  • boi bif you dont
    boi bif you dont 4 hours ago

    omg im dying

  • Ghgxc Sycb
    Ghgxc Sycb 19 hours ago

    This MF is koko

  • ArrowHead x
    ArrowHead x 22 hours ago

    How does any of this stuff work?

  • Jean laola te amo
    Jean laola te amo 2 days ago

    These rules are crazy

  • Cora Britton
    Cora Britton 3 days ago

    And his gross bleach blonde hair was considered fashionable?

  • T. Krause
    T. Krause 3 days ago


  • Princess HH
    Princess HH 4 days ago

    Hey Kanye make me;)

  • Gingerella Cookie
    Gingerella Cookie 4 days ago

    hes a very insecure man

  • Gingerella Cookie
    Gingerella Cookie 4 days ago

    control issues

  • Tylah Boddy
    Tylah Boddy 5 days ago

    i think kanye is too strict

  • Christopher Prosser
    Christopher Prosser 6 days ago

    How come everyone follows his orders

  • Dustin Robertson
    Dustin Robertson 6 days ago

    This world would be a much better place without Kanye; that's what it would be like. But I'm sure there'll be some other narcissist in Hollywood that comes along to take his place once Kanye falls out of the limelight.

    MONIQUE MALKOUN 6 days ago

    I almost feel sorry for him... He definitely has deep issues. Whenever he speaks, I immediately start wondering how Kim & her family don't freak out. He rarely makes sense, rambles, speaks in riddles, has grandiose far fetched rants which resemble a sociopath!! Very concerning & so odd that Kim & family were fine with this from the get go! ??? Regarding his rules...well I don't believe he would really have "RULES" rather requests. And if some of it this garbage is true, then he could have a form of autism. Not mocking him, this is serious. Note: as most would know, some autistic people are incredibly talented in specific fields, yet totally dysfunctional in others.

  • Liz Amable
    Liz Amable 6 days ago

    He has one of the most beautiful smile. when he refrain himself of smiling is a banquet when he only show a little.

  • Katie's World!
    Katie's World! 6 days ago

    The cellphone rule doesnt really apply to my dad until he finishes his food. But also I've heard this already!

  • Andrea Lps
    Andrea Lps 7 days ago

    Kanye is SOOO annoying🙄

  • metube
    metube 7 days ago

    kanye is a tryhard. true genius does not look so desperate for attention

  • Lily OBrien
    Lily OBrien 7 days ago

    Kayne is kinda stupid because he is going to vote for Donald trump when he needs to be reelected and he is rude to Taylor swift

  • xan man
    xan man 9 days ago +1

    These rules aren’t that bad or too crazy stop judging i think my school system had even worse rules and dont get me started on state laws smh

  • Life with Doge
    Life with Doge 9 days ago

    Kayne sucks

  • Carly Schuhsler
    Carly Schuhsler 10 days ago

    I swear I don't love the drama- it loves me!

  • Armaan Ansari
    Armaan Ansari 11 days ago

    kanye's an idiot, his fashion sense is bullshit lmo

  • Madabird
    Madabird 12 days ago

    WTF was that Friends reference? 2:15 Don't be throwing shade at Joey for nothin

  • Tarra Ismail my vloging channel

    I hate Kanye west he is MK Altra mind controlled that's my opinion 😡

  • Lauren Bobo
    Lauren Bobo 18 days ago

    I’ve worked many shows as a stagehand. You’d be surprised some of the strange things people bring with them on tour 😂
    A barbers chair is pretty mild.

  • Leeana Diaz
    Leeana Diaz 18 days ago

    Honestly if kanye west thinks that the "homeless " look is fashion?? Geezus help us

  • Xavier Ruffin
    Xavier Ruffin 21 day ago

    Oh okay whats next hes gonna have a rule for what position i sleep in...like

  • Quality Productions
    Quality Productions 22 days ago

    This video is so out of context and the lack of sources is laughable

  • Aterhallsam
    Aterhallsam 25 days ago

    The ”no phones at the table” rule has nothing to do with him caring about their relationship. Its just a narcissistic trait (HEY! NO PHONE! LOOK ONLY AT ME!)

  • A B
    A B 26 days ago

    One of the most delusional ppl in hollywood.

  • Bethan Hooson
    Bethan Hooson 27 days ago


  • Russ
    Russ 27 days ago

    Kim is definitely mk ultra brainwashed and was bought by Kanye as a slave.

  • Curtistine Miller
    Curtistine Miller 29 days ago +1

    Since Kim seems to like it oh.well!.

  • Terhide Gbaden
    Terhide Gbaden 29 days ago

    This is the most useless video mehn like really you should just tell us you want more views bruh

  • Andy payton
    Andy payton Month ago

    Kanye the goat

  • MINT 9
    MINT 9 Month ago

    I got a dig bick

  • Katherine Wilson
    Katherine Wilson Month ago

    Anyone notice that he spelled "neutral" wrong? 😂 He said (on the paper) "netrual"

  • s ofg
    s ofg Month ago

    Since kanye supports trump i will never support Kanye

  • JASMINE Rosa
    JASMINE Rosa Month ago


  • lolly yolo
    lolly yolo Month ago

    These two are literally the couple impersonation of how things are right now! Full of themselves, contradictory, commanding, plastic surgery, all about sex etc.

  • Tyson Rinker
    Tyson Rinker Month ago +1

    You people are really stretching this to make Kanye seem like he is super controlling and world revolves around him. It wasnt that bad at all. Look at Beyonce rules. This ain't shit compared to what she demands.

  • Tyson Rinker
    Tyson Rinker Month ago

    So what they don't take photos of there food.

  • Tyson Rinker
    Tyson Rinker Month ago

    Kanye tour demands were tame compared to a lot of other artists. You know they ask them what they want backstsgge and that's what he wants. Not a big deal

  • Ginna kilong
    Ginna kilong Month ago +1

    I ain't gonna follow this motherfucker's rule.....that niggar make rules for himself not for others

  • mia isabela
    mia isabela Month ago

    No Kanye= Kim with no fashion= Less of Kim clones in the world

  • Lil Sponge
    Lil Sponge Month ago

    Pointless video

  • Jane Ferraz
    Jane Ferraz Month ago

    Well he looks good when he smiles. A very nice smile. Too bad he doesn't think it looks cool. Is he a Leo? 😃

  • Jane Ferraz
    Jane Ferraz Month ago

    He's smart about the jewelry. He's way too bossy. I get how he feels. Sometimes I wish people would bow to my demands to , haha..but I'm not lord n master...so i know I have no rights. 😃

  • Pupi Cups
    Pupi Cups Month ago

    You guys are so judgemental and are quick to say something. These might be his rules but you never know if Kim has some herself. Its even said that she agreed with his rules too. See where he's coming from and see the good in it. Sure some might not be so good but others are.

  • Life Of wonder
    Life Of wonder Month ago

    Tis ain’t love tis controllable love bruh..

    REALS GAMING Month ago

    Somebody count how many times she said Kanye.

  • FlawlessMatch77 FlawlessMatch77

    Wait... I literally forgot about that s dude for 5 years. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • FlawlessMatch77 FlawlessMatch77

    So Kim is dating her own personal second father.

  • Evie McCain
    Evie McCain Month ago

    People used to not smile in photos bc paintings and photos would take hours and hours to take
    So smiling was just painful really.

  • Evie McCain
    Evie McCain Month ago

    Sooo don't be Scott Disick?

  • Luis Banegas
    Luis Banegas Month ago

    She’s wrong it does matter what Kanye thinks and says

  • Khian Blake
    Khian Blake Month ago

    Kayne rules
    1. I'll taste all dick of kim ex boyfriends when I eat Kim pusse

  • Rise73 G
    Rise73 G Month ago

    KKK = Kim Kanya Kardashian

  • Jay Ramirez
    Jay Ramirez Month ago

    Kayne is blacker then a dark hershey's chocolate

  • Adequate Skater
    Adequate Skater Month ago

    I pray in my lifetime that the whole kardashian family and kanye west disappear please. I'll literally roll a 10 gram blunt in celebration of humankinds step forward.

  • k beast022711
    k beast022711 Month ago

    He has horrible taste in glasses

  • Adan Estoesta
    Adan Estoesta Month ago

    He has a reputation a brand to uphold. He is the most influential person in the fashion and sneaker game. Whatever he does people do also. He has these rules for him and those around him to keep the Yeezy branding.

  • Mathias Koonce
    Mathias Koonce Month ago

    I hate this channel....

  • bobby shyrADFZswtG
    bobby shyrADFZswtG Month ago

    ARE YOU GUYS actually believing a media source look at the way they are wording things., "it's just crazy kanye" . they are affecting your perception, he is not a control freak NONE OF US KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS IN THERE PERSONAL LIFE. just like I don't know what you do at home

    • bobby shyrADFZswtG
      bobby shyrADFZswtG Month ago

      Stop, getting tricked so easy, just because one video says it doesn't make it true, quit being soo naive

  • Verne Fits
    Verne Fits Month ago +1

    Kanye is a missunderstood genious

  • ewan daly
    ewan daly Month ago

    Some of these rules ain't that bad but some are just dumb

  • arb Deal
    arb Deal 2 months ago

    Why do I have this funny feeling he has a tin foil hat laying around his house?

  • ScardyX
    ScardyX 2 months ago

    F u

  • china morgan
    china morgan 2 months ago

    Kanye is fucking weird I love Kim but no! Following everything my husband says is a no go!! I'm my own woman I do what I want when and how!! He's changed alot I can listen to some critique from my man but rules hell no!! He's weird everyone wants to act like this shit is normal! Well I'm here to say it's not it's just straight up weird!!! Have you guys seen his clothing line??? Weird he wants boys to dress like girls! If I ever😱😱😱😵 have kids and my son comes in my home with a squirt it's a problem!! Now if my son is gay ok but come on! Then how he dissrespected Kim she's your wife! Even if you find her sisters attractive you don't tell the world then the playing with his self to the pictures!! Really keep that weird shit to yourself! When your kids get old enough this is what they'll hear!! People want to act like that shit normal sorry no it's not!!

  • Debby McCormack
    Debby McCormack 2 months ago

    He went out in public with his hair bleached and he tells other people what to do? LMAO

  • Hugh Hickey
    Hugh Hickey 2 months ago


  • Hugh Hickey
    Hugh Hickey 2 months ago


  • Chris H
    Chris H 2 months ago

    his a loser.

  • White Waters
    White Waters 2 months ago +1

    He's a narcissist. I thought Kim was stronger than this.

  • Lena with a Box
    Lena with a Box 2 months ago

    Kanye constantly looks like he'd rather be home watching netflix

  • Fiji Nex
    Fiji Nex 2 months ago


  • Donald Henson
    Donald Henson 2 months ago

    What a control freak talk about being a slave he’s treating everyone else like slaves it seems what a nut case what a dummy

  • ralph sui juris- free man on the land

    I guess in real life it won’t work with us to be friends as Rules are meant to be broken, bending, or voluntary complying unless a Contract is in Existence. Everyone has there own style of doing things. If it works for Kayne Great! We not suppose to Judge our brothers and sisters. The jewelry issue is def understandably due to the robbery.

  • Isabel Phillips
    Isabel Phillips 2 months ago

    Shower shoes a re insane to you? Or how about not trusting someone to deep clean a shower so he could get a bunch of nasty stuff on him.

  • Sheed The Buddha
    Sheed The Buddha 2 months ago

    Idk whats crazy about having a personal barber with you on tour lol

  • NoŁimitJoseph
    NoŁimitJoseph 2 months ago

    it was at 666 dislikes so i had to undo the curse and dislike this vid

  • Rodney Wilhelm
    Rodney Wilhelm 2 months ago

    Kanye is a bit of diva? Try using the word extreme instead. Ridiculous...

  • OuterThought
    OuterThought 2 months ago

    The Barber one doesn't seem very Diva to me at all its almost the same as women having their makeup and hairstylist with them all the time so how does that make him a Diva? I would want my barber to edge me up too if i was about to perform and make sure i look good

  • Yulema Nunez
    Yulema Nunez 2 months ago

    Id work for him and listen to him all day.....real shit

  • angry monkeysss
    angry monkeysss 2 months ago

    Jesus. 5 ads in a 10 min video

  • Bob B
    Bob B 2 months ago

    People believe everything they see smh

  • Asitiswrytten Productions

    I actually wokldnt expect people not of his culture to understand a lot of this l. Red pistachios keep your fingers red your lips and teeth, phones keep u from being creative and contacting the world of everything your thinking, he has his own line he’s lead the fashion industry in other ppls shit why not focus on wearing his own, less is more and super wealthy ppl , scientists and thrifty people never really care what they wear and that is a style unto itself. Wearing your own clothes before someone else’s designs are marketing smart promoting ur own shit instead of everyone else’s when u have such influence on so many levels. We are operating in judgment so much we are vibrating too low to understand the intelligence

  • Liem H
    Liem H 2 months ago

    as long as there are dumb people
    Kayne will continue to be worshiped

  • Erick Valencia
    Erick Valencia 2 months ago

    The fact that kanya made kim where what he chose, he did make her more revelant

  • Gian Williams
    Gian Williams 2 months ago

    It seems like your just trying to slam kanye, I dont like it.

  • Julie Michael
    Julie Michael 2 months ago

    I had shower shoes before back in 2004

  • Adrian thegamer
    Adrian thegamer 2 months ago

    low key I feel like this videos a bit biased.

  • Shanita911
    Shanita911 2 months ago

    Kanye obviously doesn’t need me to defend him. And this is more of an explanation than a defense, but his rules really aren’t that outrageous. He’s not the same person privately as he is publicly, most notably his ego doesn’t smack you in the face - and he’s actually a nice guy. Spoiler alert; he even smiles and laughs.
    I know all of his rules sounds “crazy”, but I’ve worked in the industry for a long time, I don’t know a single celebrity without weird demands.
    Mariah Carey’s rider demands kittens, bendy straws and an assistant whose sole purpose is to dispose of her gum, Britney Spears’ rider demands a framed picture of Princess Diana, Christina Aguilera demands a police escort to work, because "under no circumstances are the vehicles allowed to encounter any delays due to traffic" - to name a few. I do wonder what happens to the kittens after they leave Mariah’s dressing room?! Maybe I don’t want to know.
    Family is different of course, but Kim has always changed her fashion look over the years. Especially when she is with someone new, she generally adapts to their style. And well, fashion changes, people change, personal styles change. I certainly don’t dress the same way I did 10 years ago!
    As for the rules for his models... again, I don’t know a single designer without strict rules! His list may seem confusing, but it’s beneficial to both the designer and the models to have a thorough list so there is no disappointment on either side.
    Fashion shows are a huge deal to a designer and they usually have a vision of how they want to showcase their clothing. Models have representation too and they enter into a contract fully knowing the rules (or their management does - whether or not they communicate those rules beforehand is on them).
    If they agree to take the contract, then there shouldn’t be any complaints. It wasn’t even the models complaining, someone just got ahold of the list and a model confirmed it.
    Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the “prettiest” or “skinniest” runway models that are in demand for fashion shows, it’s the ones that make the clothes look good. Plus, it looks really good on a model’s resume to be in a high profile fashion show. I don’t know many, if any, models who wouldn’t take a huge gig like working for Kanye. And of course, they’re being paid to work under these rules.
    No offense to The Talko, but they clearly know all of the things I’ve mentioned above. It just wouldn’t make a very good story if the truth wasn’t twisted (or left out), to fit their narrative. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • x_conley_x -
    x_conley_x - 2 months ago

    Did yall just here this this shit stain of a youtube channel claim the success of kim’s fashion on Kanye? Lmao bye sis

  • MMObeast
    MMObeast 2 months ago

    what a weirdo

  • Derek Paisley
    Derek Paisley 2 months ago

    L00ser. 100%...
    His character and demeanor define his actions.

  • Margaret Mosca
    Margaret Mosca 2 months ago

    Kanye should smile more it makes him look more handsome 😀😀😀

  • erinc
    erinc 2 months ago

    this video is a bullshit propaganda, shame on you. none of these rules are crazy, in fact most of them are highly reasonable. even a straight edge band has more booze demands on their backstage rider when it is compared to Kanye's. I can assure you that his rider is extremely modest for a legend like him.

  • Cameron Schoffro
    Cameron Schoffro 2 months ago +1

    Any chance to make Kanye seem like the bad guy. Every rule ws skewed against him. Kim has admitted that she asks Kanye about every outfit, so she wants his input, he's not controlling her