How To Sneak Pets Into Class / 8 Funny Pet Pranks And Hacks

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
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    Are you sad every time you go to school and your favorite pet stays at home? It's time to change that! How exactly? Watch our new ideas on how to sneak pets into class!
    Supplies and tools:
    • Backpack
    • Plastic semi-sphere
    • Marker
    • Scissors
    • Hot glue gun
    • Pompoms
    • Router
    • Cardboard box
    • Plastic box lid
    • Screws
    • Hamster house
    • Compass
    • Wire
    • Corrugated pipe
    • Velcro
    • Glittery foam paper
    • Glass with a lid
    • Sticker
    • Fish
    • Hard pencil case
    • Foam paper
    • Double sided tape
    • Felt
    • Gel pens
    • Ruler
    • Shavings
    • Thick cardboard
    • Printed picture of book spines
    • Parrot cage
    • Cord
    • Lunchbox
    • Tarantula substrate
    • Plastic ball
    • Printed world map
    • Globe stand
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Comments • 3 811

  • RustyTraps
    RustyTraps 15 minutes ago

    Thank you, troom troom for yet another useless video

  • Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile

    Most love! 🐾💖

  • Daragon 12
    Daragon 12 Hour ago

    But if you’re sneaking stuff in why is there a window through which you can see it...

  • sduzhypmb
    sduzhypmb Hour ago

    Why would you sneak pets in to class anyway

  • Ariana Herrera
    Ariana Herrera 2 hours ago

    Why would any human being put a little cute fluff ball into a backpack. They would probably suffocate

  • Pearliesgrill
    Pearliesgrill 2 hours ago


  • Pearliesgrill
    Pearliesgrill 2 hours ago

    I wish I could do it

  • Y M
    Y M 2 hours ago


  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants 3 hours ago

    *Why just Why?*

  • Wolf clan 487
    Wolf clan 487 4 hours ago

    2:40 what if you forget the fish were in there andyou drink all the water

  • Punit Kapadia
    Punit Kapadia 4 hours ago

    Can u make another video like this? PLEASE!?
    Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

  • Galaxy _gachaOwO
    Galaxy _gachaOwO 5 hours ago +1

    Spiders need to breathe too 😔
    Also it would be easy to tell if there is a parrot in class since parrots are very noisy pets...

  • Roselin Dutta
    Roselin Dutta 5 hours ago

    Me asking for questions AGAIN!?
    WhY DId yOu HAve tO MAke tHIs VIDeo ABoUt pEtS?
    wHeRE dID yoU GEt THOSe PEtS fROm? Or ThEy cOUld bE yOuRs WEll sOME oF ThEm!?
    WHy dID YOu mAKe tHIs ViDEo?

  • Billie Quantrell
    Billie Quantrell 5 hours ago

    Fluffy is so cute and fun it looks like and you guys are awesome

  • Kairlis
    Kairlis 5 hours ago


  • Sheepy Squad
    Sheepy Squad 5 hours ago

    Poor fish..

  • A cup if tae with suga plz

    Yes cause I’m going to bring my parrot to school

  • Tianna’s world Of fun

    Girl:has a pet tarantula

  • Imtiaz Chaudhry
    Imtiaz Chaudhry 9 hours ago

    The fish looks dead...

  • Íllari ninfinita
    Íllari ninfinita 9 hours ago

    May un rabbit

  • jeanmaris
    jeanmaris 11 hours ago


  • Steven Carenduff
    Steven Carenduff 11 hours ago

    I 💓 hamsters and I have 1 called pip and he is albino and a rescue (:

  • Shadakat Khan
    Shadakat Khan 11 hours ago

    I have three parrot

  • Keisha chan fox
    Keisha chan fox 12 hours ago

    8:52 poor cocuroach

  • Keisha chan fox
    Keisha chan fox 12 hours ago

    4:36 who has all this

  • The Stoddards
    The Stoddards 12 hours ago


  • cify ale Marshroom
    cify ale Marshroom 12 hours ago

    Charles the Third looks like my hampster named Floof

  • syl_asmr
    syl_asmr 12 hours ago

    Sorry for all the comments, but how would you set up all of that in class. And even if you made the bird cage at home, bringing it into school would be so obviously fake.

  • syl_asmr
    syl_asmr 12 hours ago

    That faint though.

  • syl_asmr
    syl_asmr 12 hours ago +1

    Okay and why on earth would you want to do that?

  • khadouj ait boussalm
    khadouj ait boussalm 13 hours ago

    Your bad

  • Luna GamerGirl
    Luna GamerGirl 13 hours ago


  • Caitlinn callaghan
    Caitlinn callaghan 13 hours ago

    How do I sneak my dog in

  • Teo Ribin vlog
    Teo Ribin vlog 14 hours ago

    Tips if you want travel but you don’t have enough money
    Use google earth or google maps

  • Willow is garnet
    Willow is garnet 14 hours ago

    Theres no oxygen. Rip fishies

  • Squirtletirtle 13
    Squirtletirtle 13 15 hours ago

    Me: sneaks a cat into class
    Miss smith: awwwwww she needs a better home than in ur jumper. Here, put it in this bag and let it die of heatstroke.

    Me: sneaks cat into class
    My actual teacher: wtf are u doing with a cat in class! I'm allergic to cats
    Ur suspended?

  • desireejill Leenders
    desireejill Leenders 16 hours ago

    i love ur pet ideas

  • Mally Meela
    Mally Meela 20 hours ago

    Da food sg tank needs a filter ;-;

  • The amazing mason Goida

    Charles William the third the other two passed away oh gosh how sad I cried who wishes pets live as long as humans

  • ItsMeEmily Carreon
    ItsMeEmily Carreon 22 hours ago

    Troom troom has like big and small pets . So random

  • Laura Bach
    Laura Bach 23 hours ago

    oh yeah my teacher will never know where the chirping is

  • Scrunchie Vsco
    Scrunchie Vsco Day ago

    We know how to sneak a cocroach into school now but what about more common animals like poor fluffy

  • Mary mariel Abalde
    Mary mariel Abalde Day ago +1

    my 2 dogs died please pray for him there was died and my 4 parrots died for my pets🐕🐦

  • nelson alicarte
    nelson alicarte Day ago

    How to sneak a dog into class

  • The Creative cat
    The Creative cat Day ago +1


  • Ghulam Murtaza
    Ghulam Murtaza Day ago

    These hacks and pranks are nonsense . Hamsters cannot live or play in such a small area. You can clearly see the fish in the video dying .

  • Yeng Duka
    Yeng Duka Day ago

    I like snake

  • Nat Russo
    Nat Russo Day ago

    My dogs won’t fit their 100-50 pounds 😅😂

  • olive bedolla
    olive bedolla Day ago

    I hav a rabbit like lf you Do to 😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Keniel Bermudez
    Keniel Bermudez Day ago

    Make how to sneak a AK-47 to school pls.

  • Shadowken Supreme

    People have Pet cockroaches???? Or is it just troom troom

  • Heywise The Cutest Cat And Gaming

    No one: not one soul: :pets OMG UR SO MEAN IM SUFFOCATEING

  • Agnes Juncker
    Agnes Juncker Day ago

    I have snils

  • Valp0 Gamer
    Valp0 Gamer Day ago

    Its a love bird not a parrot

  • Kabkeo Daoduangdee
    Kabkeo Daoduangdee Day ago +1

    Where do you get giant snails? I want one now;-;

  • Jessica Lewis-Loving

    You stupid you can't touch snails with your Bear hands you have salt on your hands

  • Kaky HD
    Kaky HD Day ago

    Who would actually do that

    Troom Troom

  • Gâćhá Ròśê

    Aren’t the fish from petco or petsmart in the tini containers that seem dead but sometimes not

  • Phantom Dude
    Phantom Dude 2 days ago

    Yeah this is animal abuse

  • Unicornluvie 208
    Unicornluvie 208 2 days ago