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American Soldier (USA) vs British Soldier - Military Comparison

  • Published on Sep 25, 2017
  • Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a soldier? Would you even want to become a soldier? Today we are going to look at the life of soldiers, in this episode of the Infographics Show, American Soldier vs British Soldier. ⭐ SUBSCRIBE: ⭐
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  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 19 hours ago

    Where are you getting your info from lad?.. we do get extra pay when deployed. Also get a tour bonus when you get home. However our pension is pants.. but they’re looking to change it. Will they? Probably not aha

  • Theodore Downer
    Theodore Downer Day ago

    its called witty banter my guy

  • Julie Mitchell
    Julie Mitchell 2 days ago +1

    I have no idea where you got this information from about the British armed forces but it is completely wrong. Nearly every fact was incorrect

  • ItzzCpt 》
    ItzzCpt 》 5 days ago +1

    Of course im ready your talking to prestige 8 here

  • relyt left
    relyt left 6 days ago

    u fellow Americans love the UK after they taxed us and took us over wow

  • relyt left
    relyt left 6 days ago

    Bootcamp is only used by the Marines

  • caleb smitherman
    caleb smitherman 7 days ago

    Could you imagine being a extremist then suddenly you see and American m1a2 abrams and a British challenger 2 hauling tail right at you lol lawd I’d be like :O

  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson 8 days ago

    British soldiers do get payed more for being deployed it can be up to an extra £1000 a month

  • Kieran
    Kieran 9 days ago

    You do need qualifications for majority of roles in the British army, GCSE'S. And u can apply with parental consent at 16, do 6 months training but u will not be posted overseas or at an active army base until 18. U are classed as a reserve soldier until you turn 18 as you are not of legal age to be sent out to fight as 18 is the age of adulthood.

  • Nogamez
    Nogamez 10 days ago

    Alot of misinformation here atleast on the british side.

  • Earl
    Earl 10 days ago

    This is so off 😂😂 🇬🇧

  • #Super Nova
    #Super Nova 11 days ago


  • Oliver Blair
    Oliver Blair 11 days ago

    Not sure if this is a mistake but second lieutenant in the UK is lower than Lieutenant so why do they get paid more?

  • specialunit 042
    specialunit 042 12 days ago +1

    FUN FACT: The coolant water in a tank in the 1st world war used to heat up rapidly, so the tank crew decided to put it into use by using the tank as one giant kettle and making tea. The MOD (Ministry Of Defence) saw this, and they decided to add a tea making station in every British tank.

  • Jctop Sasss
    Jctop Sasss 12 days ago

    For brits lieutenant is said lefttenant

  • Ha ha that is a funny Fan page

    5:45 he’s just having a point at the pub😂

  • Evan Tighe
    Evan Tighe 14 days ago

    I believe you've got 2Lt and Lt mixed up

  • matthew cooper
    matthew cooper 15 days ago

    That moment when you are an enlisted rank but then suddenly get promoted to an officer.

  • Mobilny Dzban
    Mobilny Dzban 15 days ago

    Soldiers from other countries :
    Am I joke to you?

  • Ab Aha
    Ab Aha 16 days ago

    Blimey you must be using all your troops America, this is what you need to beat Britain

  • NumericCubic
    NumericCubic 16 days ago

    They failed to mention the veteran suicide rate , US veteran suicides is upward of 100000 since 2000 .

  • PrPringles
    PrPringles 16 days ago

    UK, may not be as physically strong as the American Army, but the British Army just have an overall great aspect, and as seen in the video, we have less deaths, even when fighting in the same war, we're smart, and play the game.

    Despite that, still the American Army, and British Army are VERY strong, and I thank them all for their service to two great countries and powers!

  • Clifftonic Studios
    Clifftonic Studios 17 days ago +3

    All yanks are technically British.

    • Richard Head
      Richard Head 13 days ago +1

      Yes all the millions of Americans of German French Spanish Polish Russian Italian Irish African and Asian are just a mirage.

  • The Wolverine
    The Wolverine 17 days ago

    our british army is smaller cause we can whoop those taliban terrorists 1 to 100

  • Edward Sanchez
    Edward Sanchez 17 days ago

    I'm a American soldier and been in 19 years now and I did a few British ladies when I was stationed in Germany for 6 years ;)
    Oh wait what where we talking about?!

  • Official AK2K
    Official AK2K 18 days ago

    Minimum age for British Army is 18

  • marc johnson
    marc johnson 19 days ago

    Me and me mum and me dad and me gran went off to Waterloo

  • Nathan Forbes
    Nathan Forbes 19 days ago

    British army

  • sierra 6
    sierra 6 19 days ago

    British army cos im British and am joining the armed forces when it turn17/18

  • Brendan Feng
    Brendan Feng 19 days ago

    Hi im brendan im 8 years old my friends dad use to be a soldier medic

  • Kyle Tumelty
    Kyle Tumelty 19 days ago

    Wrong British soldiers do get paid extra for being deployed, you get money for being deployed even money for being out of camp on a exercise it's called lsa and loa and depending on how long your tour is you can also get a tour bonus. Each job also has different qualifaction levels so yes maybe you don't need much of a education for the infantry you do for almost every other role in the army

  • Saul Taylor
    Saul Taylor 22 days ago +21

    To America
    We don’t hurt each other that’s
    Sense of humour
    But we love you 🤘🏼💂‍♂️

    From Britain

  • Nation Is beast
    Nation Is beast 22 days ago +1

    I served in the British

  • Oliverz 79
    Oliverz 79 22 days ago

    my dads severed in the British Raf as a medic for 18 years and almost lost his life

  • Oliverz 79
    Oliverz 79 22 days ago

    my dads severed in the British Raf as a medic for 18 years and almost lost his life

  • hiseyeonthesparrow
    hiseyeonthesparrow 22 days ago

    Did you want to address the suicide rate in both countries' militaries?

  • Oliverz 79
    Oliverz 79 22 days ago

    who else is from Britain

  • Adam Lat
    Adam Lat 24 days ago +1


  • Josh B
    Josh B 24 days ago

    Am I wrong? Only established in 1660 but the american armys one of the oldest at 1700’s?

    • Josh B
      Josh B 19 days ago

      sebastian penny ohhh i get you

    • sebastian penny
      sebastian penny 22 days ago +1

      Josh B they meaning the oldest American branch

  • Rebecca Bristow
    Rebecca Bristow 26 days ago


  • Makenzie C.
    Makenzie C. 29 days ago

    It’s quality not quantity, Us brits may not have a huge army but every single one is a powerful person capable of destroying as much as around 10 American troops. But less competing more Complimenting, Allies.

  • Sheeple Barn
    Sheeple Barn 29 days ago +2

    ask argentina who has the best infantry in the world

  • monstersince
    monstersince 29 days ago

    more u.s. soldiers commit suicide than killed in battle. More British soldiers were killed by americans than by Iraqis. the u.s. used non disclosed depleted uranium which Britsh medics werent warned of. its leaving my sister with cancer and without the will to live. u.s. denial is a joke and denies her medical care. i will assist her wished suicide but america made her that way and medical assessement pushed her over the edge.

  • Oscar Land
    Oscar Land Month ago

    The props are way off, the facts are right, this is the same information from the british army site, but an ak with a British troop?

  • Feo Lender
    Feo Lender Month ago

    The UK and USA go hand in hand.

  • High Dee
    High Dee Month ago

    The 20 years of its pensions ended in 2019 in the US Army

  • High Dee
    High Dee Month ago

    Coast guard isn’t military

    TOMBEY Month ago +1

    I’m from the UK and was in the Royal Navy for 6 years , best memory working with the US was getting the lads out drinking with us in Okinawa and being told we was all ruthless alcoholics .. made some great friends and yanks are definitely more polite and well mannered than the brits haha

  • Pirate Dog
    Pirate Dog Month ago

    We leave school at 16.

  • Ryjem Roj Obsum
    Ryjem Roj Obsum Month ago

    Hail the BRITS

  • Zathron !
    Zathron ! Month ago

    Men have to do more fitness then women, wow equality is out the window!!

  • timothy shoemaker
    timothy shoemaker Month ago

    I'll stick with the USMC. Had a wonderful 22yr and made out alive.

  • Sloth Blower
    Sloth Blower Month ago

    We do t have dollars we have pounds (quid)

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Sloth Blower are you british do you like the USA and Americans?

  • Alan Baker
    Alan Baker Month ago +1

    British army the best

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago +1

      Alan Baker cool love England 🇺🇸🤝🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • Alan Baker
      Alan Baker Month ago +1

      @TheIceman567 yes I live in England's

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Alan Baker s cool I’m American and I love the UK. My fiancé is British and so is our daughter she was born a month ago, do you live in England if I may ask? 🇺🇸🤝🇬🇧

    • Alan Baker
      Alan Baker Month ago +1

      @TheIceman567 Yes of course

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago +1

      Alan Baker are you british do you like the USA and Americans?

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith Month ago +1

    The British Army pay structure for officers is wrong. A 2nd Lieutenant is ranked lower than a lieutenant, indeed it is the first rank an Army officer receives. The pay is understandably slightly less. I believe the figures are mixed up.

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Joshua Smith are you British do you like the USA and Americans?

  • Xpec Clips
    Xpec Clips Month ago

    My dad got his pention at 25 years in service and is 41

  • Xpec Clips
    Xpec Clips Month ago

    A lot of that is just not true

  • jon adams
    jon adams Month ago

    My father was in the us army in the air cavalry he carried a m60 lmg a was in the 1st Persian gulf war 3 years in to his tour with the army he broke his back and thay sent him home.he refused surgery on his back so he got an honorable Medical discharge

  • Jordan Fire Star
    Jordan Fire Star Month ago

    No talk about weaponry? Wow

  • Jordan Fire Star
    Jordan Fire Star Month ago

    Why do women get less work loads in training?

    • Gavan Schultz
      Gavan Schultz 19 days ago

      Well it used to be because women are biologically weaker but the British Army has since scrapped that and set a universal fitness test

  • Vilumer
    Vilumer Month ago

    Royal marines vs USMC

  • Galaxy Potato
    Galaxy Potato Month ago

    America and UK forever

    • Galaxy Potato
      Galaxy Potato Month ago

      I’m American

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Galaxy Potato are you british do you like the USA and Americans)

  • Don Cheetle Ya Yeetle

    America shows effection by hiting each other and so do Britain we tough guys get it 🇺🇸➕🇬🇧❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • It's Austin
    It's Austin Month ago +3

    I’m a Canadian, I don’t really know what to say. I like maple syrup. Ummmmm. Yeah.

  • Lafly84
    Lafly84 Month ago

    Saw the Union Jack in Mosul, Baghdad and Kandahar. If any of you are British or Commonwealth vets of Iraq or Afghanistan, thanks from an old retired US NCO. It was an honor.

  • Liam Stelfox
    Liam Stelfox Month ago

    I would join the British Army because I can’t leave my country for another. Apart from the fact I’m immigrating to the US or Japan when I’m older but shush.

  • slevtube yey
    slevtube yey Month ago

    If you call us brits agian ill thump ya its british

  • flashstudiosguy
    flashstudiosguy Month ago

    I'd join the UK Army,except for the fact I'm an Operational Staff Member in the RAF Cadets.

  • Jordan Moler
    Jordan Moler Month ago +1

    PV2 74D with the 208th Chemical Company based in Springville, AL
    Hopefully I can transfer to the 20th Special Forces Support group while still being classed as 74D and keeping my $20k bonus

  • dwayne smith
    dwayne smith Month ago

    FOB Nolay. Few know that place.

  • HZYT Mum
    HZYT Mum Month ago

    No need for comparison because we all know

    That they are allies and have there own ways of handling things. They work as allies😊

  • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    I wouldn't really call it 'soldiering on' as much as being able to think on your feet and make do with the situation.
    The chips may be down but there's always at least two ways out, although one does involve being defeated. But until you get killed or thrown in a POW camp, there's still a way to win, either way, it's what you signed up to so just follow your training and add a little instinct and improvisation.

  • Karl Hatton Stanley
    Karl Hatton Stanley Month ago +4

    Not payed for being shot at.
    "Aye lad. Its just apart of the job. Anyway we going over the top yankee?" /puffs a ciggie/

  • Skyler James
    Skyler James Month ago

    I would rather be a us marine than a British SAS operator

  • Gabriel Perez
    Gabriel Perez Month ago

    I know a soldier it was mom

  • Bobby Jr
    Bobby Jr Month ago


  • Harvey Thomas
    Harvey Thomas Month ago

    I’m joking the uk one 💈

  • mark Reese
    mark Reese Month ago +1

    My great grampa was in the marine corps in ww2 and was in the pacific.

  • James M
    James M Month ago

    national gaurds been around before the army 1636

  • Eli Charlton
    Eli Charlton Month ago

    You can’t leave school at 15 in the uk. You Have to stay in full time education (or apprenticeship, uni/college) no excuses

  • Flukezyy FN
    Flukezyy FN Month ago

    Abusing each other is just nature for brits and a bit of banter, we would never leave a soldier behind. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧

  • billy the kid
    billy the kid 2 months ago

    That's what I'm doing when I get older. Being in the army

    ANGELCYNN MODIGNES 2 months ago

    American 🇺🇸🐔🇺🇸 soldiers training in shorts ' trainers and singing .
    BRITISH 🇬🇧 soldiers training in full kit ' rucksacks full with 50ld of gear and boots
    American's 🇺🇸🐔🇺🇸 are nothing but bigheaded arrogant cowards who couldn't even invade Syria without hiding behind the BRITISH 🇬🇧

  • ww2 gaming
    ww2 gaming 2 months ago

    For England

  • Jadin Canadian
    Jadin Canadian 2 months ago +1

    ive worked with both forces. Some great troops and very well trained individuals.

    Cpl Gaudett- CAF

  • Tech Core
    Tech Core 2 months ago

    does he not realize there are 3 different grades in the military, so the pay and entitlements aren't exactly accurate. Not sure about the UK, but, you have Enlisted, Commissioned, and Warrants, which all get paid differently and get different entitlements

  • Zach Reid
    Zach Reid 2 months ago

    I’m a cadet and I was in the field testing my aim when a fellow cadet tripped and a spike of wood. Went right though his leg, so I ran to help him but by then he had got up and linked away(then later got a massive infection in his leg)

  • Hanad Osman
    Hanad Osman 2 months ago

    Im actually planing on joining the british army

  • JoeMartin
    JoeMartin 2 months ago +1

    British do get payed extra for being away from home and being in the line of fire. It’s called LSA and LOA, you get paid it daily. Someone needs to get there facts right

  • 00fster X
    00fster X 2 months ago

    my guy, america defeated one of the most largest and most powerful nations with outdated fishing equipment 😂😂
    Edit: aye, thanks to my british brothers out there though, that was 1775, stay true my dudes 🇺🇸🇬🇧

    • 00fster X
      00fster X 26 days ago

      @18tangles 1775 😂😂

  • Patent Halo
    Patent Halo 2 months ago

    Do u understand english smh

  • PewDie Pie
    PewDie Pie 2 months ago

    Americans we might have the sas but still you are the best

  • Benjamin Stratfull-Cross

    i want to join the british army at 16

  • Bogdan Ungureanu
    Bogdan Ungureanu 2 months ago


  • Wafflelegoproductions
    Wafflelegoproductions 2 months ago

    In the UK army if you have to move to England from one of England's territories e.g. channel islands, they will pay for your housing

  • Jacob Mellits
    Jacob Mellits 2 months ago

    You have to be in some form of education or training until 18 though

  • American Infidel
    American Infidel 2 months ago


  • specialunit 042
    specialunit 042 2 months ago +1

    I am NOT a sexist, but I personally don't agree with women being allowed as infantry roles. And here is why:
    Their body is not designed to fight, nor build alot of muscle on, as such cannot perform as well as a male soldier
    Their health and fertility deteriorates RAPIDLY, and example includes the American Sergeant in the Marines, who states clearly "women should not be allowed. Women are physically inferior to men." and she goes on to describe on how her health is slowly killing her.

    In conclusion, I believe women CAN join the army/navy(Royal, US) air force, just not infantry roles.

  • G fue
    G fue 2 months ago

    Sorry I don’t think the brits get dollars they get pounds

  • Adem Circir
    Adem Circir 2 months ago +1

    Why is everyone in the pictures a Russian ?