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American Soldier (USA) vs British Soldier - Military Comparison


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  • Marks Javas
    Marks Javas 10 hours ago

    So when are you guys gonna become a new British kingdom then ;-)

  • Brendon Milligan

    I am a soldier and well, army life has it's ups and downs but I feel that it's alright compared to some.

  • Edward Biglin
    Edward Biglin Day ago

    American by far, is the best, we beat the Brits back in 1776, and I reckon we could do it again... if we had too, I’d rather fight with them just cause it’s easier to understand them since they speak English like us and they won’t cry on the battlefield

  • Nabstblook games
    Nabstblook games 2 days ago

    As a British person I never realise the world sees us as crazy

  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union 2 days ago

    we appreciate you brits across the pond!

  • Harpington
    Harpington 2 days ago

    i love both but i like british better because i am british

  • Romulus
    Romulus 3 days ago

    American soldiers are trained better in tactics,shooting and hand to hand combat and can take tons of other specials schools also December 17th-25th Bastogne,Belgium US Army Airborne division outnumbered outgunned no cold weather gear almost no ammo and almost no medical supplies they held the line and that is why American soldiers are the best especially with their resolve

  • Mr MR
    Mr MR 3 days ago

    My bro joined the British army when he was nineteen so every time I visit him (Brompton barracks) legit every single time need to realease the hounds the last place I would go is..... THE TOILETS !OHNEST TO GOD I RATHER DIE

  • SGT 101STABN
    SGT 101STABN 3 days ago

    We have always been hard chargers, and always will, from the begining and to the end. Pay is not great but the experience is priceless.

  • halo lover15
    halo lover15 4 days ago

    Marie corps

  • halo lover15
    halo lover15 4 days ago


  • bob BOB
    bob BOB 4 days ago +1

    US military for me but that's just cuz I live here and want to help my country as much as I can the British and the Americans have been on the same side for a while in the end we are still all brothers and sisters of one great alliance from D DAY to Afganistan forever brothers and sisters in arms

  • Crystal_Waves
    Crystal_Waves 5 days ago

    We Brits pronounce lieutenant as "leftenant" just so you know

  • Annonymous Pie
    Annonymous Pie 5 days ago

    I’m gonna be honest, yes us brits do actually abuse each other on a daily basis. Hell yeah britain 🇬🇧 lol

  • Lee Hadfield
    Lee Hadfield 6 days ago

    As far as weapons go as a Brit I think US wins hand down. Love you US it about time people from the UK realise the US are our cousins and not let politics get in the way of out great history together! We have had fights and we have stood up for each other as family should do! Americans are actually more patriotic about the UK then some people actually living here at the moment which is a shambles but at least I know generally the people in the US are our friends.

  • SnoopReddogg
    SnoopReddogg 6 days ago

    American soldiers have all the gear, and a lot of it. British soldiers have a better sense if humour and are more rounded soldiers, skill wise. Stupid comparison really.

    • Romulus
      Romulus 3 days ago

      SnoopReddogg false as an infantry unit the Army(US)can have a lot of extra training such as sere(survival evasion rescue escape)which you have to take a test to take which is how you join US special forces(its pretty hard)and you can go to Airborne school as infantry not to mention y’all just accuse America of having the best gear and not very good soldiers and what i have to say to you is 1944 December 17th Bastogne,Belgium American Army 101st Airborne division outnumber outgunned and didn’t have cold weather gear or enough medical supplies or enough ammo yet we won and held the line

  • XSBXHunter
    XSBXHunter 6 days ago

    Wow you are wrong about so much in the British army

  • TheApeApeman TheApeApemanslastname

    America and Britain could take on the whole world and win

  • Welsh steveee boyo
    Welsh steveee boyo 7 days ago

    The difference between an American soldier and a British soldier is that an American soldier will be nice to someone they know and be horrible to someone they don't know, where has the UK Soldier the Actual opposite is true were polite to people we don't know an extremely rude to people we do know that is why the ruder the people are to one another the closer they really are.?

    • Romulus
      Romulus 3 days ago

      Welsh steveee boyo that is false

  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin 7 days ago

    Britain and the U.S.A are like an old married couple we might have our rows and spates now and then but god help any outsider trying to interfere as that's when we're united and formidible lot of respect to our transatlantic cousin's and long may we be more then allies.

  • Alladin Batman
    Alladin Batman 7 days ago

    US and UK are the best countries in the world.

  • Semper Fidelis
    Semper Fidelis 8 days ago

    Since most brits here are over confident with their military's training...Well they should be because the british army has one of the rigorous training in the world.But that does not necessarily means they are more effective when everything goes on large scale situations.
    In my opinion...British soldier outperformed US soldiers and vice versa on this task:
    Physical training:British Soldiers
    Mentality:British Soldiers
    Basic infantry tactics:British Soldiers
    Weapons training:US Soldiers
    Marksmanship(Rifleman):US Soldiers
    Hand to hand combat:US Soldiers(Since US Soldiers spend more time in this task than the brits do,they have the upper hand.Werent you brits believe that longer training produce better quality??)
    Combine Arms tactics:US Soldiers
    So this is it pancit.

    • Romulus
      Romulus 3 days ago

      Semper Fidelis December 17th 1944 Bastogne,Belgium US Army 101st Airborne division for over a week we held the line even though we were outnumbered outgunned didn’t have cold weather gear not enough ammo or medical supplies and that is why American soldiers are the best

  • Adam Amaya
    Adam Amaya 9 days ago

    Y do they have such weired legs

  • Clark Gibson
    Clark Gibson 9 days ago

    Yea I was in the war call of duty WWII I met some Britain’s they mostly called me noobs and bloody wankers

  • Ikswotab Relyt
    Ikswotab Relyt 9 days ago

    The reason why the UK is more "agitated by people" is because we use or stress and self-loathing to be more productive. Its really destructive lifestyle but it can help.

  • Liam S
    Liam S 9 days ago

    You've made a few errors with the British Army! First off, the army has scrapped press ups and sit ups for your fitness test! Also, the runtime are as follows,
    Parachute Regiment - Run Time 09.40
    Parachute Regiment (Junior) - Run Time 10.00
    Parachute Regiment (reserves) - Run Time 10.30
    Infantry - Run Time 12.45
    Royal Artillery, Armoured Corps, Royal Engineers, Household Cavalry - Run Time 13.15
    Royal Signals, Army Air Corps, Royal Logistic Corps, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Adjutant Generals Corps, Army Medical Services, Royal Army Veterinary Corps, Intelligence Corps, and Corps of Army Music - Run Time 14.00

    Also, you're starting pay per year as a private is around £18,000

  • jjhearn
    jjhearn 10 days ago

    British soldiers DO get extra while deployed...

  • drakeston the edgey teen

    He didnt include how many wars they have been in us has been in alot more wars and deploy more people which means higher casualty just saying

  • Finna Be White
    Finna Be White 11 days ago

    Imma a Brit and my dads earning about £50,000 a year.
    Women should have to pass the same physical tests as men, a man would usually be larger and use more energy doing a push up but a women who would usually be lighter wouldn’t use up as much energy doing the same push up and hell, I bet the ladies could do more push ups then half the guys

  • George Robertson
    George Robertson 11 days ago

    Officers start at 2nd Lieutenant and then go on to be a Lieutenant and it's pronounced Left-ten-ant

  • espinacas
    espinacas 11 days ago

    Well, they don't do anything useful.

  • Callum maher
    Callum maher 12 days ago

    I’m joining the British army when I’m 16

  • Damien Nguyen
    Damien Nguyen 12 days ago

    mean comment

  • Ralph Venter
    Ralph Venter 13 days ago


  • Gold_Caden
    Gold_Caden 13 days ago

    Coastguard isn’t actually a branch. It is not apart of the secretary of defense

    • Romulus
      Romulus 3 days ago

      Gold_Caden homeland security and it is its just different xd

  • Connor Edmonds
    Connor Edmonds 13 days ago

    USA and the UK are family

  • Bill Elliot
    Bill Elliot 13 days ago

    Get your facts right, school leaving in the U.K. is sixteen

  • Bob the dude
    Bob the dude 13 days ago +1

    Jesus Christ, the British army is obviously better, NAVY SEALS are not as good as our SPECIAL BOAT SERVICE,
    they don't f*cking fail 90% of the f*cking time, you still think their better? And for what you said about the British, we don't abuse each other of us, We only have to do it on our oppo is because its apart of showing you're aggression in the Try outs.
    The british pick up their rifle, shoot throats, cut necks, get paid, thing is, we don't get enough for our bravery.

  • George Horton
    George Horton 14 days ago

    In British army, this guy really doesn't know what he's talking about

  • Andrew Cutler
    Andrew Cutler 14 days ago

    I served 8 yeas in the US Marines (2 Years in Viet-Nam ) after College I served 14 Years in the Us Army and Retired as a SFC. I loved my time in the in the service. Semper Fi.

  • andrew Lawrence
    andrew Lawrence 14 days ago

    in england you have to stay in full or part time eduction till your 18 not 15

  • peldor? c'est moi !
    peldor? c'est moi ! 14 days ago +1

    Fuckin' American

  • mirsad berisha
    mirsad berisha 14 days ago

    44pushups females only do 21 wtf

  • Conner Aldean
    Conner Aldean 15 days ago

    I want to join the U.S army when im older.

  • Rhyan Palmer
    Rhyan Palmer 15 days ago

    This really needs to be updated

  • xGrande
    xGrande 15 days ago +3

    My dad works in the army, 15 years. I’m very proud and happy to be his daughter.

    • Arthur
      Arthur 15 days ago +1

      Thank you for your father's commitment. You should be proud.

  • Loki WALES
    Loki WALES 15 days ago

    AK s aren't the standard issue rifle

  • Grant Williams
    Grant Williams 16 days ago

    All so if you or therten like me i would go in cadets

  • Grant Williams
    Grant Williams 16 days ago

    It,s lefttenent in britan im a cadet

  • Ron Tyler
    Ron Tyler 16 days ago +2

    I'm still a young kid thinking about if I want to join the fight one like is one reason for me to join!

    • Ashley James Baller
      Ashley James Baller 7 days ago

      I regret not joining. I’m 29 now and so wish I did. If I had another chance I would of done. You should do it!

    • Charlie Brewer
      Charlie Brewer 9 days ago +2

      Not a doubt mate. Do it.

  • Aidan Forbes
    Aidan Forbes 16 days ago

    Don't watch this nob: he's been debunked by people in the professions here claims to know about.

  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller 16 days ago

    Britain are better

  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller 16 days ago

    You said lieutenant wrong for Britain it's pronounced left tenent

  • Jason Martin
    Jason Martin 16 days ago

    US military

  • FOSS 444
    FOSS 444 17 days ago

    I done 9 year for the British army. I'm no longer in because I was injured but let's not go in to that. When I was in Iraq I spent a few months with the Americans and i have to say i had a great time on there base. They even had a McDonald's. I loved it I just got back from a 2 week patrol and I got my self a nice big fat big mac 😁😁😁

  • Myra Genson
    Myra Genson 17 days ago

    3 times

  • Myra Genson
    Myra Genson 17 days ago

    My dad served in The Vietnam War

  • mighty mouse
    mighty mouse 17 days ago

    British bois for the win because Americans are silly sausages

  • E Maccabee
    E Maccabee 17 days ago

    brits dont have any ptsd because they dont do any fighting, just look at the death toll numbers, almost 100 to 1 in the last 80 years.

  • halo mastercheff
    halo mastercheff 17 days ago

    I know someone in the 3rd Canadian amerd division. He is a corporal

  • mctuco- son
    mctuco- son 18 days ago

    Shut up I am Scottish and I hate tea The English like tea

  • Nathaniel Snowden
    Nathaniel Snowden 19 days ago

    You should compare the American and British special forces.

  • PhlyDaily Army Field Marshal

    Russians:Sneaky and Surprising
    Canada:Kind and Welcoming
    Germany:Suspicious Whistling
    China:Try us
    Geese:Unbeatable and too Intimidating

  • firesooty
    firesooty 20 days ago

    the uk does get complain pay. around £5,000 for a 6-8 month tour.

  • Jamie Parker
    Jamie Parker 20 days ago

    British Army 🇬🇧

  • Mailed engineer
    Mailed engineer 20 days ago

    Brits seem to be a more experienced at keeping their soldiers alive, healty and effective then americans.

  • TomF1970
    TomF1970 20 days ago

    this is almost as bad as the "how to be a fighter pilot" video.... almost.

  • Misteristir09
    Misteristir09 21 day ago

    I want to join North Korea’s Military, it seems really fun and they are really well treated with lots of freedom.

  • Misteristir09
    Misteristir09 21 day ago +4

    The PTSD is down to how the Americans deal with mental health. In the US mental health, therapy and awareness is much more popular whereas in the UK soldiers don’t usually admit that they are suffering and prefer to just get on with it.

    • Pink Harlequin
      Pink Harlequin 15 days ago

      Misteristir09 actually I’ve recently written an assignment on British army mental health. The main issue is that PTSD does not usually show symptoms till some time after the event, so it’s difficult to pin down to military service. The other thing is that British troops suffer horrendously when they leave the military, although the army has put in steps to make this better. This is usually because the British military recruit people from deprived backgrounds, the military pause the effect this has on their lives. When they leave, all the problems they had before come rushing back

  • that guy from MI6
    that guy from MI6 21 day ago +9

    USA and UK are both great. 🇬🇧🇺🇸

  • dimjuggler325
    dimjuggler325 21 day ago

    we achually have the balls in england to go out there and risk our lifes without getting the extra pay

  • bryce eliot
    bryce eliot 21 day ago +4

    Hands down I would rather join the British

  • Allen Goldsmith
    Allen Goldsmith 22 days ago

    the only thing that separates us brits from the yanks is water... ♥

  • Matt
    Matt 23 days ago

    Come on the brits !!!!!!

  • Wade L.
    Wade L. 23 days ago

    If I 12 year old can do 17 pushes in like 30 seconds, and one of my friends can do like 24 or 25 in 30 seconds than a female that is 16 or older should be doing at least 60 push ups in 1 minute and 30 seconds and a male should be doing 85 or 90 for every 1 and a half minutes. Nvm 2 minutes for women they should be doing at the very minimum, 90 and the men should be doing like 110-120 in 2 minutes.

  • Sykes
    Sykes 23 days ago

    You’ve cocked up on the British Ranks and how you pronounce it. 2nd Lieutenant is the first officer rank while Lieutenant is the Second.

  • IzJusMe
    IzJusMe 23 days ago

    Quality over quantity, yank. Quality over quantity.

    • Romulus
      Romulus 2 days ago

      IzJusMe they out numbered us 10-1 or more but you underestimate an American soldier they are physically fit enough to be extremely effective without all the gear and are usually a lot more physically fit then the minimums plus a better comparison would have been US Marines vs British Army although Marines are more physically fit and are trained in everything sea,land and air and they will destroy anyone

      Y’all overestimate because y’all have harder physical standards the the US Army(not Marines)but the easiest branch of the military is the US Air Force and they have sere(survival evasion rescue escape)which you have to be fit enough as beginning special forces.
      Not to mention US Army is better trained in tactics,weapons and hand to hand combat and US Marines are better at all those things plus all the things that the British army are better at and they training for amphibious

    • IzJusMe
      IzJusMe 2 days ago

      +Romulus also, the german soldiers were hastily recruited and undertrained.

    • IzJusMe
      IzJusMe 2 days ago

      +Romulus -_- my point was that Americans outnumber us 10-1, but a British soldier could take 20 of you out before dying.

    • Romulus
      Romulus 3 days ago

      IzJusMe I know exactly December 17th-25th Bastogne,Belgium US Army 101st Airborne outnumber outgunned no cold weather gear not enough medical supplies or ammo America held that line and that is why American troops are the best

  • tristan wildman
    tristan wildman 23 days ago

    Better to join the British navy, better benifits less likely to die

  • IND O
    IND O 23 days ago

    I’m in the military as an seargant 11e

  • JED D
    JED D 24 days ago

    USA #1

  • Jobie68
    Jobie68 24 days ago

    You should do one of these for the canadian and russain armies

  • drgiorhodes
    drgiorhodes 25 days ago +1

    UK! UK! UK!

  • Ilegalmemesforsaledotorgdotnz

    Us Kiwis will probably get destroyed in war. Our only fighter plane is a propellor plane with no guns. But who really needs to invade us.

  • Patriot
    Patriot 26 days ago

    weak soldiers

  • Memeem And Bread
    Memeem And Bread 26 days ago

    Oh my.. the Americans are actually Russians! They are using the AK47! They are all Russian!!

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 27 days ago

    The one with Wix is the best

  • Peter Brindley
    Peter Brindley 27 days ago

    Ok, l am only 2 minutes through and this information is wrong already. In England you have to be in eduction until the age of 18 whether after GCSE's it is an apprenticeship, college or A-Levels, only University or other higher eduction is voluntary.

  • Ha No u
    Ha No u 28 days ago


  • N3XUS J1NX
    N3XUS J1NX 28 days ago

    He doesn’t explains that there is regiments in the British army such as ; infantry, royal electrical and mechanical engineers, and royal intelligence core which get different salary and have different basic training

  • SgtPredatorLP
    SgtPredatorLP 28 days ago

    I‘m a sergeant in the swiss military police, cheers

  • King Aubameyang
    King Aubameyang Month ago +4

    So females have more time to do there objectives?!?!? So we are weakening our army just so we can make people happy.

  • James Buchanan
    James Buchanan Month ago

    British, gotta love em, eh chaps

  • Jacob Mclemore
    Jacob Mclemore Month ago

    We gotta sink the Bismarck we got up but her down we hit the deck up on in boys we turn those cameras around we gotta sink the Bismarck we got to put her down

  • Imaturtle
    Imaturtle Month ago

    I have a friend in the Canadian army I don’t really know what he does in it

  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander Month ago

    If I had to pick I would join the British army

  • Omega TV
    Omega TV Month ago

    I’m in America but know I know this flip trump God save the queen!

  • Charlie___64
    Charlie___64 Month ago

    In the UK the American lutenant is the brittish is a left tennant

  • Zain Shafiq
    Zain Shafiq Month ago

    USA = Quantity
    UK = Quality

  • 4615
    4615 Month ago

    Even when this was made he got the number wrong the British army it had 78,000

  • Jacob Gerovak
    Jacob Gerovak Month ago

    Um I was shot in the leg in my serveice