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American Soldier (USA) vs British Soldier - Military Comparison


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  • Alex Young
    Alex Young Day ago

    In the British army you go from 2nd lieutenant to lieutenant not the other way around. Also what is not stated is that only officers can reach the rank of colonel and NCO's (Non commissioned officers) can reach the maximum rank of WO1

  • Britney Spears
    Britney Spears 2 days ago

    UK and USA must make great allies

  • Fam The Sauce Bender

    Im from Belgium and I want to join the British Army. Im now 15 of ik want to go when im 16 Since people of other nationalities can join

  • Ziad Al Mugni Shihan

    Its 2nd lieutenant to lieutenant, not lieutenant to 2nd lieutenant, its a mistake that you've made.

  • Jhon Harvey
    Jhon Harvey 3 days ago

    Why is the British pensioner got a bearskin hat that's ceremonial only

  • Andrew [mobile]
    Andrew [mobile] 3 days ago

    Both sides play a role in the greatest alliance in modern history. As a brit we love our American friends. Makes most sense as we are both alike in culture and history. God Blass America 🇺🇸 and the queen 🇬🇧

  • captain lewa
    captain lewa 3 days ago

    You got the British assault rifle wrong 😀

  • Ryan Kuniyoshi
    Ryan Kuniyoshi 3 days ago

    I'm from the USA. And to see those numbers of casualties makes me question,dose my country know how to fight asymmetric warfare?

  • o f
    o f 4 days ago

    Long live USA and the UK

  • Mr. Wigster
    Mr. Wigster 5 days ago


  • The Holy Crusader
    The Holy Crusader 5 days ago

    Nah we don't get paid for being in the line of fire because its just normal in Britain anyway lol

  • Zedstro Music
    Zedstro Music 5 days ago

    2nd lieutenant is the first rank in the british army then lieutenant

  • james morgan
    james morgan 6 days ago

    um... you might be "able" to apply for the British army at 16 with almost zero qualifications and a criminal record but you won't get in, really, you won't. A minimum of 3 'A' levels and very good fitness is an essential and for officers, well, if you don't have at least a 2.2 degree forget it.

  • Luke S
    Luke S 6 days ago

    Nice video until he pronounced Lieutenant

  • Davey Jones Locker
    Davey Jones Locker 7 days ago

    It just shows that yes the US army is much bigger because its alot bigger country but the way the British army is trained is so much better, I would rather have a small well trained army defending my country then a big army but with badly trained soldiers defending

  • big craig the nonce
    big craig the nonce 9 days ago

    I am a currently serving British soldier on leave at the moment and I can say that the Americans are the best country to fight along side in the field (aside from us of course). although they don't seem to fully understand British banter, they are the only other army I would consider joining just on how close they are to their brothers. I have only good things to say about their professionalism; the problem is that they don't seem to turn it off, even in camp they can't have a laugh to the level we do. I once met an american that would seem to... semi-march everywhere and only ever use second names (apparently even within his own unit at camp), however when you needed him in a scrape, he would out preform even the best Brits we had.

  • SwingCouver
    SwingCouver 10 days ago

    Murica baby

  • Trashy Person
    Trashy Person 11 days ago +2

    The us may have the better military but god we know how to spend the possible late few minutes of our life.
    British soldiers get out their tea,drink it and run in there full charge even when they know they might die.Anyways hope that the U.K. And the US stay allies and we should stop comparing them and talk about how strong they are together

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 10 days ago +1

      Trashy Person agreed I’m
      American and I love the UK. My fiancé and daughter are British.

  • weenad 2003
    weenad 2003 12 days ago

    You do realise that a lieutenant is higher than a 2nd lieutenant, right? That means a lieutenant would get paid more.

  • Gary Grandy
    Gary Grandy 12 days ago

    A lieutenant outranks 2nd lieutenant. Get them details right, man!

  • J.A.
    J.A. 12 days ago

    I served with the British in Afghanistan and they are fantastic operators.

  • ProNinja Harvey
    ProNinja Harvey 13 days ago

    The numbers have changed btw and also the British army are more smarter

  • JTSharkAttack
    JTSharkAttack 13 days ago

    Why do the women get easier physical standards? That’s not equality

  • Haha Skkahss
    Haha Skkahss 14 days ago +1

    We made America and with help them in ww1 and ww2 and will help them in 1777 so America team with uk in the future

  • Oscar Graham-Hart
    Oscar Graham-Hart 14 days ago

    In England you have to stay in full time education until 18?

  • Boycie -
    Boycie - 14 days ago

    You can't leave education at 15-16 in the uk. Very informed.

  • Harry Richards
    Harry Richards 15 days ago

    Quality over quantity boys

  • Sam Loader
    Sam Loader 16 days ago

    2nd Lieutenant is below Lieutenant in the British Army, therefore a Lieutenant would be paid more.

  • Matt O
    Matt O 16 days ago

    You can not leave school at 15 in the UK

    • Justin Wright
      Justin Wright 14 days ago

      If you were born in July or August it is possible to leave school at 15

  • tudor jurj
    tudor jurj 16 days ago

    The US (Continental Army) shouldnt have won the revolution.

    • big craig the nonce
      big craig the nonce 9 days ago

      the won because the french really hated the English and didn't want them to have another 13 colonies

  • Clan emotion
    Clan emotion 16 days ago

    British army

  • NiNJaYT
    NiNJaYT 16 days ago +1

    One American said "Those Brits are a stange old race". ? ☺ LoL, haha.
    •But the founding fathers of the USA are mostly British.
    •Without the Europeans moving to America there would be no Americans now instead it will be full of Indian Americans living there.
    •Most Americans speak the language of the Brits which is the English language.
    •Most Americans have surname that came from the Brits.
    •They say that most of the Americans have British ancestry.

  • Tomos James-George
    Tomos James-George 16 days ago

    Britain- brain
    America- tech
    Japan- badass
    Canada- sorry

  • Blorp Clorb
    Blorp Clorb 16 days ago +1

    As a Scot, I always seen Americans as ignorant fools who do nothing but stereotype other countries because whenever I would play a video game I would get harassed by them about my accent and all that but I’ve definitely changed my opinion from all the lovely folk in the comments respecting us. I now see that all the jackasses who harrassed me probably were the biggest toxic shits of America. Massive respect to the US, I’m glad we’re allies.

  • Rama Toulon
    Rama Toulon 18 days ago

    I was Army for ten years. Loved it.

  • Rouge Saytr
    Rouge Saytr 18 days ago

    I think both armies are incredible in what they do, but I would join the British army without a doubt (mainly because I’m British) but also because we can naturally take the piss out of each other and I don’t think me Joining the us with my sense of humour would be a good idea 😂😂

    • Rouge Saytr
      Rouge Saytr 11 days ago

      John Alevetsovitis glad to know lol, it can get pretty dark sometimes ;)

    • John Alevetsovitis
      John Alevetsovitis 14 days ago

      You'd be fine in the US Marines ;) . I served in Afghanistan with the British, Marine humor gets along just fine with you guys.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 19 days ago

    MERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • tommyguntom32
    tommyguntom32 19 days ago

    After cadets im going straight into the army

  • tommyguntom32
    tommyguntom32 19 days ago

    I'm joining the British army at 16

  • tommyguntom32
    tommyguntom32 19 days ago

    British army is best

  • Legendary Rebel
    Legendary Rebel 19 days ago

    Let me say how it is (from a soldiers view in the British Army). You get 38 paid days leave (bare in mind guard duties could inflict), your starting wage at Phase 1 is just over £900 per month (goes up after 26 weeks to Privates/Riflemen/Sapper/Trooper and so on pay over £1200 a month), quality of accommodation (in block, SLA is like 2 or 3 star hotel very basic, nothing special). they're are cutting FHTB scheme and they're cutting Commitment Bonus now. Our equipment isn't great, for example the Vertis Body Armour and we're undermanned to an extent.

  • Corby Downing
    Corby Downing 19 days ago

    I'm a 14 year old girl and in 2 years im joining the British army. Even tho I am British I respect america and our allies so much. We are united in friendship and loyalty, not just war :)

  • René Laforgia
    René Laforgia 20 days ago

    first I think canadiens are great soldiers because they are a mix of U.S and british mentality and the fact that they have shit equipment makes them find a way to survive and fight on.I also think it sucks that officers get paid more when they are safe behind the lines most of the time while the real fighters get less

  • RJ Enriquez
    RJ Enriquez 20 days ago

    One day,a grandson whose grandpa served in Hermann Goering during ww2
    He asked his grandpa who he wants to fight first.Americans or the British?he replied"The Americans"when asked why he responded with a smile"Business before pleasure.

  • Camden Osborn
    Camden Osborn 20 days ago

    Ok what is it when it comes down to equipment and training?

  • Matthew jones
    Matthew jones 21 day ago


  • Fuckk You
    Fuckk You 21 day ago +4

    Britain - The brain
    America - The braun
    Germany - The chained beast
    Russia - The pimp
    Japan - Japan
    North Korea - cocky Bastard

  • Sean The fish keeper
    Sean The fish keeper 21 day ago +1

    Who else got the go army ad at the beginning

  • Dj Broadhurst
    Dj Broadhurst 23 days ago


  • Trystan Farah
    Trystan Farah 23 days ago +1

    British Army. Be the best

  • I’m not a furry i swear

    In Philippines you can join the army once you’re 15 or older

  • Metallic Serpant
    Metallic Serpant 25 days ago

    Nah, fam. We nuke like we did to Japan.

  • tom minton
    tom minton 26 days ago

    This videos chats pure crap 😂

  • Jordan Manners
    Jordan Manners 27 days ago

    The pay for a lieutenant is higher than a 2nd lieutenant they got mixed around. 2nd lieutenant isn't as senior

  • Yabsira Mahadere
    Yabsira Mahadere Month ago

    Haha I mean some americans

  • Yabsira Mahadere
    Yabsira Mahadere Month ago

    I want to join the British army paratroopers there the best and I wouldn't want to join any other army but I woldent mind working along six Americans after all I got family in america

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 25 days ago +1

      Yabsira Mahadere cheers mate you take care ok

    • Yabsira Mahadere
      Yabsira Mahadere 25 days ago

      +TheIceman567 OK oh ya and good luck with your baby I wish you. Many Happy wishes

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 25 days ago

      Yabsira Mahadere cool im in Sailsbury in Wiltshire. I’m in the USA right now for work but going back in April. 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🤝🇺🇸😊💕

    • Yabsira Mahadere
      Yabsira Mahadere 25 days ago +1

      +TheIceman567yes I'd do

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 26 days ago

      Yabsira Mahadere if you dont mind my asking

  • Rosie Hurley
    Rosie Hurley Month ago

    2nd lieutenants come before lieutenants so they get paid less...maybe do some research first 😂😂

  • The English Gentleman
    The English Gentleman Month ago +1

    The people who risk their lives for the country get $2000 a month... No where near enough imo

  • Classy
    Classy Month ago

    Rather join the Brits since I am a Brit sorta and i'm loyal to my country

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin Month ago +2

    I love our allies, we probably have the best alliance in the world, btw I'm British.🇬🇧🇺🇸🇦🇺🇨🇦

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Kieran Guest cheers mate

    • Peter Griffin
      Peter Griffin Month ago

      +TheIceman567 yep, hope you have a great time with your daughter

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Kieran Guest cool I’m American and I love the UK. In fact my fiancé is English and we have daughter in the way. I lived in England and I’m moving back in April. Do you live in England if I may ask? 🇺🇸🤝🇬🇧

    • Peter Griffin
      Peter Griffin Month ago

      +TheIceman567 of course I do, we make great allies

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Kieran Guest do you like the USA and Americans?

  • Harry Williamson
    Harry Williamson Month ago

    The fitness has changed it used to be run 1.5 mile in 15 mins as a squad every one starts the run together an finishes to gether then after that you run 1.5 mile again as fast as you can
    In 7 mins or faded my fastest was 6.30. Also the pension 35 years no in 02 when I was discharged 22 years service pension starts straight away but you can take a lump sum ie. Commuting you then get pension when your 55. What S this 35 year thing . The the saying life begins at 40
    Is an army thing join at 18 service starts then at 40 service finished
    22 years is the limit . Hence the saying life begins at 40.

  • joseph moran
    joseph moran Month ago

    What a load of nonsense

  • Taco Bell
    Taco Bell Month ago

    The Sandhurst cup measures the difference accurately. British (or British trained) soldiers kick US ass every time. Waaayyyy tougher. 🇬🇧☠ PS' British personnel don't expect "hazard" pay, "imminent danger" pay or "deployment" pay. They're fucking soldiers. That's why they signed on.

  • Maximilian Brisland

    Generally British soldiers have it better but England’s most extreme branch of the military, the Royal Marines , the boot camp is 32 weeks with sleep deprivation and 24 of just fitness

  • Maximilian Brisland

    In England you actually graduate school at 16 only 15 if your July or August born but generally 16

  • Wilver Cuellar
    Wilver Cuellar Month ago


  • Wilver Cuellar
    Wilver Cuellar Month ago

    I live in California, yeah ill stick to the U.S.😜

  • Alfha Wolf Live
    Alfha Wolf Live Month ago

    My dad was a Britain solger and he lost his leg

  • big boy jew boy
    big boy jew boy Month ago

    In Britain you have to leave school at 18

  • 1st Cav Shifty
    1st Cav Shifty Month ago

    the Australian mate

  • Gavino De La Rosa
    Gavino De La Rosa Month ago

    Brits are pretty cool they have way better uniforms tbh

  • Adventure Beyond live life

    I'm 12 and going to join the Marines corps

  • daffy m h
    daffy m h Month ago

    Most of this is made up

    GHOST Month ago

    I’m so glad that the US Army is extending the training for 11B to 22 weeks total

  • spikester123
    spikester123 Month ago +2

    16 years old join the military and gets paid trash

  • Savage Snayle
    Savage Snayle Month ago

    crap A levels are for 16 to 18 years of age

  • Danny Finley
    Danny Finley Month ago


  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget Month ago +3

    To our dear Americans from the brits
    We will always have your back like it has been for hundreds of years, we love your culture and you love ours, we aren’t just good friends we are the dominators of our regions. We will die to help you in the toughest of times, you are our best friends and we will soldier on with you

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Glenn Purdy nah bro I’m a the man she needs. But how would you know you still haven’t gotten laid yet. But don’t worry your day will come if you find you pay a woman enough money.

    • Glenn Purdy
      Glenn Purdy Month ago

      +TheIceman567 is that right Rick? Does your ugly fiancee know or is she fucking someone else

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Glenn Purdy yeah what I thought when I was I gazing into the back your mothers head last night

    • Glenn Purdy
      Glenn Purdy Month ago

      +TheIceman567 mum jokes huh, creepy and boring

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Glenn Purdy not what your mum said last night

  • TheC0mmunt y
    TheC0mmunt y Month ago +1

    My dad was a soilder lol British 🇬🇧

    • TheC0mmunt y
      TheC0mmunt y Month ago

      +TheIceman567 cool lol my dad's friend was raf

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Gie Z yeah I hear bro I’m American and I love the UK. My fiancé is British and was British military (RAF) we have a daughter in the way.

    • TheC0mmunt y
      TheC0mmunt y Month ago +1

      +TheIceman567 ye but ima follow my dad XD lol

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago +1

      Gie Z do you like the USA and Americans?

  • TheC0mmunt y
    TheC0mmunt y Month ago +1

    The British is better

  • PlebMcPlebington PlebinsonPlebionPlebie

    Thx for showing how to become one cuz I wanna be

  • Chitti Robot
    Chitti Robot Month ago +1

    I support all country,
    I like us or UK.
    from India

  • Scott Calder
    Scott Calder Month ago

    Not sure about those stats for the UK pension. I knew a guy that was only in his 30s that quit his job and was getting £800 a month from the government and that was on top of the new job wages. He says it was going to go up to £1600 eventually, I can't remember how long but not for a good while. He had been in the Air Force though.

  • Owen 1335
    Owen 1335 Month ago

    Pretty sure you got Lieutenant and 2nd Lieutenant the wrong way round. 2nd Lieutenant comes first

  • Ag 200704
    Ag 200704 Month ago +1

    Dosent matter were your from , respect to any marine

  • Michael Cornfield
    Michael Cornfield Month ago

    I'm half French and in ww2 my great grandad was an admiral in the French navy

  • Michael Cornfield
    Michael Cornfield Month ago


  • Michael Cornfield
    Michael Cornfield Month ago


  • Michael Cornfield
    Michael Cornfield Month ago

    To be in the raf you have to be half fluent in Arabic

  • Michael Cornfield
    Michael Cornfield Month ago

    I prefer the navy

  • Peter Kervin
    Peter Kervin Month ago

    Casualties are not just deaths. They are also injuries

  • ruizhu chen
    ruizhu chen Month ago


  • pewdiepie fan
    pewdiepie fan Month ago

    If world war 3 broke out this would be different

  • Joel Taylor
    Joel Taylor Month ago +1

    You got that wrong:) In the UK you have to be in education until 18 however you can join the military with parental consent (not actually fight until 18) at the age of 16 which counts. Also you meant GCSEs not a levels. Also you cant join at 16 until you have left secondary school

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Joel Taylor cool I’m American and I love the UK. In fact I lived in England my fiancé is English and we have a baby girl on the way. Do you live in England if I may ask?

    • Joel Taylor
      Joel Taylor Month ago +1

      +TheIceman567 Yep I am British and yes I like the US , I would love to visit the US some day:)

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Joel Taylor are you british? Do you like the USA and Americans?

    FIRSTNACTION Month ago

    Your not biased at all. BS

  • fatdepressedveg knight

    The rate that the military in the UK is cutting back
    We're probably end up as red coats with black powder rifles
    Are military vehicles would be donkeys
    Navy rubber dinghies

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      fatdepressedveg knight are you British? Do you like the USA and Americans?

  • Din Nuts
    Din Nuts Month ago

    Lemme guess, since you thought the U.S. army would defeat the entire world, you think that soldiers in America are much better than anyone else. I’ll have you know that the S.A.S are better than the seals or anything like that, they have to do a marathon in less than an hour and a half, they have to do 100 pull ups in 10 minutes also push ups and sit-ups.

    • TheIceman567
      TheIceman567 Month ago

      Din Nuts are you British? Do you like the USA and Americans?

  • TheRugbyClub HQ
    TheRugbyClub HQ Month ago

    You can't leave school at 15 in Britain

  • Wolf Editions
    Wolf Editions Month ago

    My grampaw was a green brea in veantnom

  • SA80 is god
    SA80 is god Month ago

    U don't know what u are talking about with the british