Top 10 Biggest Design Errors Engineers & Architects Made

  • Published on Apr 17, 2017
  • Designing things is hard. You must go to school for years doing un-fun things like math and physics to become qualified to build most things professionally. And because humans are humans and not calculators, mistakes are bound to occur. In this video I’ll show you 10 bizarre and noteworthy examples of these human errors.
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  • Nukedk
    Nukedk 19 hours ago

    I'm Bloody Amazed that a channel with a video this wrong, can have this many subs...

  • tingstrap
    tingstrap 19 hours ago

    The bridge/spaghetti analogy doesn't make sense?!?! When you cook a "spaghetti Noodle" it doesn't put holes in it.
    Are you saying that if they had boiled the bridge in water for 10 minuets it wouldn't have collapsed?
    (Not to mention the fact that the bridge collapsed due to it having the same resonant frequency as the wind)
    (or the fact that the bridge swayed and twisted around like a piece of spaghetti before it collapsed(because it was SOOOO solid)

    21 Seeconds

  • JohnJaggerJack
    JohnJaggerJack 19 hours ago

    that intro is so cringy...

  • David Alesanco
    David Alesanco 19 hours ago

    For the spanish submarine there was build a harbour. With the redesign it won't fit anymore... They need a new harbour too! Lol!

  • tingstrap
    tingstrap 19 hours ago

    What the F is a "Spaghetti Noodle"

  • Mr Conservative
    Mr Conservative 20 hours ago

    Well done for the fat joke. I'm sick of the excuses too

  • Shaddosa
    Shaddosa 20 hours ago

    I feel like you gave the Kansai Airport a bad rap, it is an engineering marvel

  • Justin
    Justin 21 hour ago

    you said the Lotus complex was going to be made of 11 buildings but then show a model with at least 19...

  • SuperSainSanic 18
    SuperSainSanic 18 23 hours ago

    Mate, just squeeze a cooked spaghetti noodle, it’ll be squashed.

  • Pfandflasche
    Pfandflasche 23 hours ago

    I stopped after number 10. Did you ever looked deeper into how aircraft carrier worked and still work?

  • Ruthvik Sankar
    Ruthvik Sankar Day ago

    Can't believe he said physics is boring.

  • HermanLoud
    HermanLoud Day ago

    Add windows 10

  • 30twodor
    30twodor Day ago

    The number one flaw? Me being dumb enough to watch even the first minute and a half. Where do you people get your information? Or do you just make crap up? Typical of so much on TVclip and the Internet in general today. BS and more BS.

  • moose55105
    moose55105 Day ago

    Those fucking Spanish sub designers what a joke

  • thomasm1964
    thomasm1964 Day ago

    "how bad of an idea"?
    Did you perhaps mean "how bad an idea"?

  • TMS
    TMS Day ago

    The “design flaw” about the aircraft carrier is dumb, study some history jeez

  • Jacob Dam
    Jacob Dam Day ago

    #2 is the stupidest eror ever

  • Rob Duijnisveld
    Rob Duijnisveld Day ago

    The explanations in this video are as bad as the engineering

  • goguhu
    goguhu Day ago

    #7 - I think you are wrong here ... the reason it gave away was resonance, certain wind speed made the bridge resonate (aeroelastic flutter) and hence it's 'tone' got higher and higher till it collapsed ... nothing to do with spaghetti / noodles.

  • Enola Gay
    Enola Gay Day ago

    In #6, you compare using a bolt as the same as using duct tape... however, it's not even close. It's strange how an Englishman has very limited use of the English language.

  • Kieran H
    Kieran H Day ago

    This is the first video I've ever disliked in my many years of using youtube. Congratulations on being an insult to engineering. The only thing that amazes me about this channel, is your inability to create a factual video with actual facts

  • Cliffjumper24
    Cliffjumper24 Day ago

    So many bits wrong in this video.
    #10: Aircraft carrier runways:
    The speed of early aircraft was slow enough that they needed less space to land, but as jets came along, they needed more space to land because of their higher speeds.
    Aircraft would either be lauched, or recovered, not both at the same time... however an angled deck could allow both the happen at the same time making them more efficient.
    #9 Tecoma Narrows bridge:
    The collapse wasn't because it was solid (if it was solid, it wouldn't have been able to flex in the way it did before collapse.
    It collapsed due to resonance caused by the bridge moving but the resonance frequency growing to the point the bridge structure couldn't withstand.
    This phenomena wasn't known when it was built.
    #7: DeHaviland Comet's square windows.
    Although it's true that a squared corner adds a greater level of stress, the're more than the simplistic description in this video.
    First, the Comet was the first jet airliner and few aircraft up to this time were either pressurised, or flew at high altitudes. This is why the unpressurised DC3 is still in service today, but generations of pressurised airliners have been scrapped because they've outlived their pressure cycle limit.
    Secondly, the Comet used punch riveted holes (which aren't as precise as drilled holes) and this added small fractures around the hole resulting in a crack that could grow from the stress.
    Every airliner crash brings lessons which may reveal phenomena that weren't known about and were unexpected, but there's a difference between a design blunder, and not anticipating something that wasn't known.
    #4 isn't an engineering blunder, nor an architectual one... it's a perfectly good functioning building... it's just not appropriate for baseball.
    I bet it would be fine for cricket or basketball, volleyball and hundreds of other sports!
    #2 also doesn't count as an engineering or architectual blunder... it was a site management blunder, which is significantly different.
    #1 A revolutionary new design takes a while to evolve.
    The Peral couldn't use petrol or diesel engines at this time because they weren't reliable, so electric motors were used powered by batteries.
    The displacement and air tanks were adequate and it was generally considered successful... which is pretty impressive since it was experimental technology.
    Ultimately, submarines didn't become properly viable until the turn of the 20th century, and in particular WW1.

  • j g
    j g Day ago

    Getting upset with Bozo. Brazil has engineers, so this error was corruption and cost cutting. Happens all over.

  • j g
    j g Day ago

    The skyscraper on stilts (many, many) or the ground is calculated. Welding or bolts is an engineering problem not a mistake, idiot.

  • j g
    j g Day ago

    The Comet "square" windows fractured due to stress caused by internal pressurization. You hunting lodge is safe, no port holes needed.

  • j g
    j g Day ago

    Hyatt Regency walkway rods didn't fail, supporting steel supports buckled. The whole thing was cheap, under engineered.

  • j g
    j g Day ago

    Tacoma Narrows, box girder construction wasn't "solid" but had aerodynamic flow, which created turbulence ans warping, then disintegration.

  • Edwin Hodges
    Edwin Hodges Day ago

    worst, most inaccurate video on TVclip. Don’t watch and give the guy any more money.

  • Bryan Rogers
    Bryan Rogers 2 days ago

    This guy brings up a sub design that was only a prototype while ignoring the fact that Chevy sold millions of cars with both metric and SAE nuts and bolts? SMH

  • The Damn Train
    The Damn Train 2 days ago

    The last one reminds me of pz8 maus

  • 415BurberryKid
    415BurberryKid 2 days ago

    Wow congrats u have as many dislikes as you have likes lol. Leave the engineering to the real engineers

  • Red Wyvern Emperor
    Red Wyvern Emperor 2 days ago +2

    There is slight catch with carrier runways though. Sure, I do not think it's the best design, but you must realize that most of them were built before war, when the catapult to launch planes was not a thing. Those planes needed much longer piece of runway to take off. So even though the 9 degree runway would exist, it wouldn't be of much use back then. In fact, in the end it would only add target area, thus making them easier to hit. As a matter of fact, that is still problem of those giant carriers. They are so huge you couldn't miss them even by accident.

  • Mr Savage
    Mr Savage 2 days ago

    My dad fought in desert storm on air craft carrier

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    People please keep the balance of likes and dislikes in mind.. choose wisely!

  • Zachary Maneja
    Zachary Maneja 2 days ago

    When ur last minute doing a class presentation and try to wing the research.

  • Xtreme MX
    Xtreme MX 2 days ago

    X X

  • Andrew Scharwath
    Andrew Scharwath 2 days ago

    Yes...the bridge fell down due to lack of...holes.

  • Thot Patrol
    Thot Patrol 2 days ago

    The thumbnail...... That Aircraft carrier runway model was used in ww2

  • Jdh87
    Jdh87 2 days ago

    Most any problem on earth can be traced back to engineers at some point, the filthy bastards, but wow this video is really...something.

  • Lessli Silverman
    Lessli Silverman 2 days ago

    Greed factor 10/10, quit watching at the third commercial.

  • MattuBro
    MattuBro 2 days ago

    This fucking channel is cancer. You can see it from the quality of the videos, thumbnail, avatar, you name it.
    this is a fucking disgrace to people with common sense.
    This next statement is for those 4.4M fucking unsub please we cannot support this kind of content and people in charge of this channel will surely change their way of researching video topics if only we make an impact on their channel

  • Joel Bodenmann
    Joel Bodenmann 2 days ago

    I would really appreciate it if you would vastly improve your research before putting out a video like this. While the things you mention actually did happen, there's a lot more to this than just this simple (and sometimes even wrong) information that you provide in this video.

  • Lunar Man
    Lunar Man 2 days ago

    0:56 "Imagine driving to the edge of the Grand Canyon." (shows picture of "Arches," Utah.)

  • Gladis animations
    Gladis animations 3 days ago

    I think my brother could have bin avoided with a condom also heeees such a ducebag

  • Theemeraldwither
    Theemeraldwither 3 days ago

    number one flaw. you said the tacoma narrows couldnt stand the wind. IT WAS LIKE A WET NOODLE! IT FLOPPED AROUND AND COLLAPSED!

  • Brodu Sullivan
    Brodu Sullivan 3 days ago

    the number of mistakes in this video makes me question if you actually went to school. and the aircraft fukn wat mate?

  • Ajay Singh Chauhan
    Ajay Singh Chauhan 3 days ago

    Don't call them mistakes you fool.
    These accidents or experiments showed the future roadmaps for new development and experiments.

  • B0cket
    B0cket 3 days ago

    except same likes and dislikes

  • Tom Mom
    Tom Mom 3 days ago

    Your comment about obese people was completely inappropriate.

  • Ed
    Ed 4 days ago


  • anonymous user
    anonymous user 4 days ago

    With 25k thumbs down it would seem that you made your own errors.

  • Tuhoeterra
    Tuhoeterra 4 days ago

    RIP this guys never heard of The QE Class carrier or your standard STOVL capable LHD

  • Ebon Hawk
    Ebon Hawk 4 days ago

    24k obese people disliked this video

  • field north
    field north 4 days ago

    Engineers never make mistakes they have revisions... the worst thing to say at a construction site is “I’m an engineer! “

  • Madhavan Gajula
    Madhavan Gajula 4 days ago

    Replays for sale

  • Heinrich Pieterse
    Heinrich Pieterse 4 days ago

    Horrible technical descriptions.

  • dinox pertz
    dinox pertz 4 days ago

    24k likes and 24k dislikes
    Seems legit

  • Mad Cat
    Mad Cat 4 days ago

    "Design Errors"?
    Be Amazed, would you call the Wright Flyer of 1903 a "Design Error" because it couldn't carry 300 people?
    The aircraft carrier was first built just after WW1, the first angled deck was tested after WW2 and became standard in the mid 50's with the HMS Ark Royal being the first Aircraft Carrier being purpose built with an angled deck, so there was about thirty years of the "Though Deck" AC with prop driven aircraft which worked relatively well until jet aircraft appeared and a Royal Navy officer came up with the "Angled Deck" to deal with their particular foibles.
    This would be better termed a "Developmental Phase".

  • xsv_compulsive
    xsv_compulsive 4 days ago

    Guy who has no clue about engineering tries to criticize engineers

  • bfg2600
    bfg2600 5 days ago

    This was so bad it made me unsubscribe

  • RojoFern
    RojoFern 5 days ago

    Older aircraft carriers have one runway isn't a design error, it's just an example of progression.
    That's like saying that the Tiger 1 was a design flaw, and that the Germans should've just built modern Leopard 2s, or that the Mustang was flawed to to it's propellor and America should've built modern day Raptors.

  • Bob Santosu
    Bob Santosu 6 days ago

    So much is wrong with this video where do I start?

  • David Lowe
    David Lowe 6 days ago

    Everything in this video is wrong.

  • 素妍
    素妍 6 days ago

    do they even care that this has a 50% like ratio?

  • TJ32
    TJ32 6 days ago

    The death toll from 1 collapsing building would have been 200,000? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

  • Toxic Gamer777
    Toxic Gamer777 6 days ago +1

    the likes and dislikes are the same lol.......

  • Jerry G
    Jerry G 6 days ago

    Fact 1: except planes fly, and cars don't, so no, I can't imagine myself driving a car off the grand canyon with my friends holding a piece of rope as synonym to planes catching a wire. Stopped watching the video from there and downvoted.

  • mrprofile101
    mrprofile101 6 days ago +5

    This is the first time I have seen a comment section in full agreement about a video being wrong.

  • edward kucera
    edward kucera 6 days ago +6


    • Ed
      Ed 4 days ago

      This is the TRUTH.

  • Roland Bogush
    Roland Bogush 6 days ago

    The explanations given in your video for the problems experienced are some of the most inaccurate information I have ever seen on TVclip - it seriously impairs the confidence one can have on anything stated by this channel. Did you guys do no research at all? Pathetic.

  • Hacyran
    Hacyran 6 days ago

    "... but that certain site was already in use by some pizza's lutherian church" ?!?!?

  • Ellis Birt
    Ellis Birt 6 days ago

    The Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse was not due to it being inflexible. It was down to resonance and turbulence. The air passing around the deck caused lift on the deck, just like an aircraft wing. That, in itself was not a problem but, as the deck moved the lift reduced. That combined with gusts close to the resonant frequency if the deck led to the deck oscillating like a string when it is plucked. The bridge was known as "Galloping Gertie" because this was a common occurrence. One day the gusts were at exactly the right frequency to resonate the bridge enough for it to collapse.
    Modern suspension bridges do indeed often have open trusses on the deck, but that is only one way the design the decks to avoid lift from being generated.
    The millennium Bridge in London had a similar problem, It stared to move and that made pedestrians walk in step with the movement. That in turn amplified the movement. The bridge was closed while engineers added dampers below the deck

  • James McHale
    James McHale 7 days ago

    why look up facts and science when you can just make shit up? nonsense video

  • AJ Gabriel
    AJ Gabriel 7 days ago

    Amazed at how blunt this is

  • CrazyBear65
    CrazyBear65 7 days ago

    The biggest blunder was in allowing the fascist 1% to remain in control of things after the American Revolution.

  • Grens Polder
    Grens Polder 7 days ago

    too much bullshit

    About the rod story.
    It wasn't about the weight on the rod. It was about the weigth on the nut. By spliiting the rod in two, the nut/hole wich was only intended to carry the weight of the upper bridge now had to carry the weigth of both bridges. Both bridges were stacked with people when it collapsed.

    So dont give me bullshit about double checking

  • frodev
    frodev 7 days ago

    8:10 “while the building itself was fine...”
    What, what?!? And you wonder why you get so many dislikes 😲

  • Lewis Guy
    Lewis Guy 7 days ago

    "While the building itself was fine", didn't look all that fine

  • Jared Bonter
    Jared Bonter 7 days ago

    The Tacoma bridge didn't collapse because wind couldn't blow through it. It collapsed because the structural members of the main deck all had the same harmonic response. Due to this, the main deck started to undulate which continued to build on itself, snowballing out of control. Modern bridge design intentionally designs dissimilar structural members specifically to counteract this phenomenon

  • Owen Taylor
    Owen Taylor 7 days ago

    Sorry, but the biggest load of bs in this one is the DeHavilland Comet crashes. Those planes crashed (with the causes found by the investigators) because of stress cracks due to the pressurisation of the cabin upon takeoff and the decompression of it on landing. So many of those aircraft were just ticking time bombs, and the fact that the windows (in your analysis) were the reason behind them is absolutely laughable. Dear God, get someone to proof read your scripts, save yourself the embarrassment.

  • Rob Shrier
    Rob Shrier 7 days ago

    Most of these are wrong. Do like 15 minutes of research?

  • r m
    r m 7 days ago

    Extremely low effort post, the city group building was actually completed for 2 years before the error was found and was fixed afterward without informing the public.

    • TJ32
      TJ32 6 days ago

      yes but 200,000 people would have died...(?)

  • Algerino Vero
    Algerino Vero 8 days ago

    This guy is so smart

  • Peter Somers
    Peter Somers 8 days ago

    The DeHavilland Comet's square windows failed because of continual pressurisation and de-pressurisation, not because of high speed flight. However the result was the same and a great lesson learnt the hard way at the cost of many more lives than 56.
    The Lotus Riverside Building which fell over may have been initially due to unwise excavation but the real reason it fell was the miserably inadequate foundations which were simply not strong enough to anchor it to the ground. No proper steel reinforcing was placed in the concrete footings, which were apparently just cement-filled cardboard tubes.!

  • Grant pants
    Grant pants 8 days ago

    Sorry stopped watching the consulting commercial where the Australian guy sounds like a cunt.

  • Ainushil Sharma
    Ainushil Sharma 8 days ago

    Some of the information in the video is purely pulled out of thin air or an article on the internet, just because it's on the internet it doesn't mean it's true. The Tacoma bridge didn't fail because it 'didn't have any holes'. As an engineer, I can easily say the Tacoma bridge failed due to a phenomenon known as natural resonance. The bridge itself had no damping characteristics and the winds created a force that caused the bridge to resonate at its natural frequency. The best way to fix something like that is to change it's damping characteristics or increase the degrees of freedom of the bridge. The bridge did not fail because it didn't have any 'holes'. Please fact check your videos as it reaches out to so many people.

  • Daniel Ray
    Daniel Ray 8 days ago

    Half of the things said in the video are laughably wrong.

  • VJ Rei
    VJ Rei 8 days ago

    I was left Amazed by all the mistakes in this video.

  • XxPsychoRhinoxX Luke

    It showed Arches but he said Grand Canyon

  • Spartan 1347
    Spartan 1347 8 days ago

    7:19 like solar furnace

  • Spartan 1347
    Spartan 1347 8 days ago

    I think best design is carrier submarine but captured during war by allies and turned into nuclear submarine

  • prince charming
    prince charming 8 days ago

    My human error is my wife

  • Nick Suglobov
    Nick Suglobov 8 days ago

    You are from England. Why do you say feet instead of meters?

  • ScottRidesHonda
    ScottRidesHonda 8 days ago

    The comet airplane was involved in 26 hull loss accidents. 13 of these were crashes that resulted in 426 deaths not 56. The crashes were not blamed on square windows but on riveting, which put microfractures on the corners of the windows. From there, it was a matter of metal fatigue. While to suggest square windows should belong on a plane is not by any means unreasonable, the way this was presented was poor, unresearched, and misleading.

  • Chris Stephens
    Chris Stephens 8 days ago

    Your logic is flawed.

  • kanishk rauthan
    kanishk rauthan 8 days ago

    Just a quick fact as most of the corrections have already been made, The De Havilland Comet was the first jetliner. At the time, powerful softwares that engineers use today for stress simulations (eg. Ansys) were not available and hence the windows were sharp edged since probably nobody expected such large stresses. Today metal fatigue is well understood and simulated before production begins and the comet is one of the reasons for this advancement.

  • JellyBeans2001
    JellyBeans2001 8 days ago

    The reason the aircraft boats were that was was because the planes had propellers and were not jets, they needed that extra length of take off space to get in the air, and couldn't have done that on a shorter angled runway. And yes some were able to pull up and try again.

  • Oerwout10
    Oerwout10 8 days ago

    im guessing someone has already commented that only a fraction of the resurfacing and diving on a submarine is handled by the engine

  • Dummy Account
    Dummy Account 8 days ago


  • Kanazawaカエルちゃん

    I remember reading that Kansai Aiport Island has this mechanism built in to keep lifting the entire airport as it sinks