Married at First Sight: Iris Demands Answers from Keith (Season 9) | Lifetime

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
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    Iris freaks out when she discovers a box of empty condoms in Keith's drawer in this clip from Season 9, Episode 6, "Real Life and Real Wife". #MarriedAtFirstSight
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    “Married at First Sight” is an extreme social experiment following eight brave souls yearning for a life-long partnership as they agree to a provocative proposal: getting legally married the moment they first meet.
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Comments • 290

  • Lifetime
    Lifetime  2 months ago +13

    Like Married at First Sight? Catch our new series Marrying Millions, Wednesdays at 10/9c, right after MAFS!

    • Maria Garcia
      Maria Garcia 2 months ago +1

      Lifetime she can't be cheating on you if you cheating on him so I don't know maybe you're cheating on him who's on you

    • Nathaly Acosta
      Nathaly Acosta 2 months ago

      Lifetime how did you comment 2 hours ago if you just posted this?

  • Sique Imaging
    Sique Imaging Day ago

    Visually, it was sloppy of him, but morally he did nothing wrong

  • Terrence Summerour
    Terrence Summerour 4 days ago

    The Hellfire is a virgin she mad about the missing condoms out of a 30-pack and he showed her three condoms

  • Anita Luca
    Anita Luca 5 days ago

    She annoyed me the whole show.
    Yes, run Keith run 🏃 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

  • Carly Thomson
    Carly Thomson 12 days ago

    Rolling my eyes all the way down the street

  • ForeverKissy
    ForeverKissy 19 days ago +1

    umm she's crazy.

  • P.M. Patterson
    P.M. Patterson 20 days ago +2

    This girl needs to just quit talking and analyzing everything and give the man some love. He seems to care about her, but it also seems to be fading. They are both fine people, I hope she figures her feelings out and trusts him.

  • Guadalupe Castruita
    Guadalupe Castruita 21 day ago

    They’re so cute together! 😍

  • Deborah Woodard
    Deborah Woodard 26 days ago +2

    Why don't you pull one out and let him put one on and use it why you pondering in this stuff little girl

  • Marathon Health
    Marathon Health Month ago

    such a cute couple....I honestly think tht they'll make it

  • mark frankinstien
    mark frankinstien Month ago

    Off subject but....i hope this iris thing can understand that the world doesn't revolve around her and her virginity.

  • Marco M.
    Marco M. Month ago

    Do they pay her to mention her virginity on EVERY episode?

  • Yolanda Pride
    Yolanda Pride Month ago

    Iris take your time. He should be honored in this day and age that he has found a woman who has saved herself. You are a rare jem and I pray that he realizes that.

    • Glutamate Sulphate
      Glutamate Sulphate Month ago

      Though I agree with you I would add that she seems very immature and irrational and could make him feel very uncomfortable hence push him away.

  • Ronni Marzolf
    Ronni Marzolf Month ago +1

    I think that Iris is starting to have bigger feelings for Keith and she is just feeling a little insecure about the thought of him being with other women. Keep in mind that she is not experienced and that she IS a virgin. She doesn't understand yet. She just wants to make sure that he is her's now. I can read in between the lines and I think he handled her perfectly. I hope that he continues with his patients with her as that is what she needs right now. I can tell that she is falling for him and that is where all of that came from. Iris wants to give her virginity to the right man, and it truly, truly, means everything to her.

    • Glutamate Sulphate
      Glutamate Sulphate Month ago

      @Ronni Marzolf She has to work on herself first before comitting to any relationship: she is clearly not ready for marriage. Keith deserves better

    • Ronni Marzolf
      Ronni Marzolf Month ago

      @Glutamate Sulphate Honestly, I think that is just how she grew up. But I don't think that it is something that is so bad that they can't work through it.

    • Glutamate Sulphate
      Glutamate Sulphate Month ago

      after the lemonade drama with his friends she is really a turn off

    • Ronni Marzolf
      Ronni Marzolf Month ago

      I personally think that people need to bend for the sake of understanding, instead of judging so hard. I like Iris. I think that she is sweet and Keith is too. I say that we let them handle their stuff with each other and don't be so quick to judge.

  • Evette Jourdain
    Evette Jourdain Month ago

    Girl if you don't! You too possessive. You literally married a stranger. You better be happy you know he aint sliding in these cuttys RAW! I would've told her pump them brakes and told her go for a walk.

  • L MG
    L MG Month ago +1

    Would you rather he not have anything? Dag!!!

  • Disco Queen
    Disco Queen Month ago

    Is that a Crown Royal bag I see? lol

  • Erin Jane
    Erin Jane Month ago

    “Condom! Oh it’s completely empty!”

  • Max Weathersby
    Max Weathersby Month ago

    They worked it out. If he isn't mad, why are so many of you? Just saying!

  • B Robinson
    B Robinson Month ago +2

    She’s immature and he’s mature and a great communicator. I like how he talked it out with her to show her how crazy she sounds and she agreed. I see them making it!!!!!

  • Desiree Sanders
    Desiree Sanders Month ago +1

    She is starting this relationship off terribly...

  • 💖💖
    💖💖 Month ago +1

    Shes annoying and i havent even watched a whole episode

  • Lord Burlap
    Lord Burlap Month ago +2

    The virgin is totally wired.....too much caffeine.

  • Tamika Brewster
    Tamika Brewster Month ago +3

    He looks worried. Like “ is this what I have to deal with for the rest of my life”

  • raieful
    raieful Month ago +3

    I feel bad for him!!!
    They done messed up and gave him a nagger

  • enima
    enima Month ago +1

    At least it was cute at the end lol

  • bunzsaunders
    bunzsaunders Month ago +1

    Girl shut up at least he protects his self

  • Danielle Rideout
    Danielle Rideout Month ago +1

    Least its the black box....

    • Khyra A
      Khyra A 13 days ago

      Danielle Rideout lol


    She reminds me of lil fizz sons mom...moneice 😬😬

  • Vasilisa A
    Vasilisa A Month ago

    My man had magnum box of condoms when i met him
    All I did was smile at it, this girl is making am issue of something where there is none. Just be happy girl!

  • Lynnette Warfield
    Lynnette Warfield Month ago

    Iris and Keith make a good couple. I believe their marriage will last. Keith.. is perfect match for Iris.

  • Richard Richardson
    Richard Richardson Month ago +1

    I've seen 2 videos - the red head and her - man these women are crazy!!

  • Christina Applebottom
    Christina Applebottom Month ago +6

    You can tell she was extremely sheltered growing up and probably until now

  • The L.Z Show
    The L.Z Show Month ago

    He needed to cleanup before she moved in

  • Bobbie Blunt
    Bobbie Blunt Month ago +1

    This girl should be happy he is safe. You should be worried if he DIDNT have condoms in his bed side drawer

  • Se Cret
    Se Cret Month ago +1

    I feel so bad for Keith , they should’ve set him up w someone more chill and fun.

  • Marian Hanson Confidence Coach

    If you go on a TV show and marry a stranger, you can’t behave that reactive! How you going through your husband’s house like a policeman with a warrant? Just accept that you’re strangers and have to get to know each other. You can’t create physical intimacy or love through moaning and complaining about things a person can’t change or stuff that’s not important.

  • SarcastikB
    SarcastikB Month ago +1

    Its so loving to see a a couple self-reflect and come to a common ground based on logic and consideration!

  • Shay Marable
    Shay Marable Month ago +2

    Girl you doing too much.

  • Compass Amour
    Compass Amour Month ago +4

    "Those lips are mine" no....those lips are HIS. They're on HIS face, not yours. What is up with people claiming another person's body parts as their own? You cannot claim another being as your own, unless they came from you

  • Compass Amour
    Compass Amour Month ago +1

    This is why you should be single. Then you won't have to answer to any one but yourself.

  • Ad Jb
    Ad Jb Month ago

    Rolls eyes

  • Anesha Barnes
    Anesha Barnes Month ago +49

    She’s acting like they were together before they got married or something ! Insecure and jealous much !? 😒🙄

  • Lorraine Wilbur
    Lorraine Wilbur Month ago +1

    At least he’s safe girl. He wasn’t a virgin honey

  • Thickity Thick
    Thickity Thick Month ago +3

    This isn’t going to last.

  • titii ti
    titii ti Month ago +1

    Irish has a stick up her a. She reminds me of a child.

  • Ebonisha Earvin
    Ebonisha Earvin Month ago +1

    She trippin! She's upset because she found a box of condoms that belongs to a man that's been single.. girl you just met him. I understand he's your husband now, but you guys are basically strangers. he had a whole life before he met you 4 weeks ago.

  • dragulj24
    dragulj24 Month ago +2

    At least he uses protection girl!

  • Sandra Holt
    Sandra Holt Month ago +76

    Iris is entirely too immature!!! Keith is awesome but I believe her immaturity will drive him away.

    • Freebie Babe
      Freebie Babe 3 days ago +2

      You was right. She lost a good man by being so uptight.

    • Genevieve
      Genevieve 5 days ago +1

      Sandra Holt you were right! It did!

  • Juliette Johnson
    Juliette Johnson Month ago

    Girl he didn't say he was a virgin you search for something you find something

  • Sharita Martin
    Sharita Martin Month ago

    Def gotta play catch up

  • Varaidzo1
    Varaidzo1 Month ago +1

    I think she just needed to trust him now that they are married and start with a clean slate. He didn't do anything wrong while they were together so far so that's what really matters.

  • Anya Nicole
    Anya Nicole Month ago +1

    Oh she crazy

  • Kendylxxo
    Kendylxxo Month ago +2

    In episode seven she says she doesn’t like that she doesn’t like when people go through her stuff, but here she completely invaded his privacy and does the same thing. She’s a nice girl but hypocritical.

  • defaithgirl
    defaithgirl Month ago +1

    Watching the episode on July 24, 2018, Iris it’s OK to be a virgin but you don’t have to be a child please for goodness sake’s grow up!!!!!
    Lemonade really girl? That’s what grocery stores at four LOL

  • jn M.
    jn M. Month ago

    The cameras destroy these ppl ...jason/courtney proof. Years from now, paparazzi still destroying's just too much. Even John figured how to work the camera, right doc?!

    • jn M.
      jn M. Month ago

      @T. Monet you sure you're talking about the same couple.... you can say that about Doug H & Jamie O too.

    • T. Monet
      T. Monet Month ago

      Jason and courtney had issues from the start. It was bound to crash and burn.

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams Month ago +53

    First off he’s freakin 🤷🏽‍♀️... secondly you’re married make that ish waistin time girl you waistin time!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Freebie Babe
      Freebie Babe 3 days ago +2

      And in the end lost him by waisting too much time. Smdh

  • NanaPearl pearl
    NanaPearl pearl Month ago +1

    They look like brothers and sisters.

  • Kalila Mitchell
    Kalila Mitchell Month ago

    They Magnum. That’s yo man. What you mad for?

  • Narice Ferguson
    Narice Ferguson Month ago

    A crown Royal bag and a box of empty condoms girl runaway!!!