Lip Swatches of the New Hard Candy - Glitteratzi Press + Play Glitter Transforming Lip Color

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
  • Hi everyone. This is a first - me doing lip swatches. I really wanted you to see how the glitter appears after pressing your lip's together. These are $6.00 each and available at Walmart or on the Hard Candy Website (Link Below). The shade's I showed you are -
    1450 Dazzle
    1452 Splendor
    1453 Glitz
    1454 Allure
    1455 Glamour or find them at your local Walmart
    Thank you so much for watching. XOXO
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    Note - All of my video's are unedited - Just me having fun

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  • Shay Christina
    Shay Christina Month ago +1

    I bought some today from the Walmart I work at they were on clearance for .50 cent

  • Sophie Acapella
    Sophie Acapella 7 months ago

    Hi Brenda! I like to use baby oil to remove stubborn liquid lipsticks. It works amazingly well and it's super cheap 😊.

  • Glamour Guru Nae
    Glamour Guru Nae 7 months ago

    This was such a great review! Yep, you had me giggling when you were spinning around. You never need to edit a single video. You have an awesome personality. Thanks for sharing!

  • tomie 22
    tomie 22 8 months ago

    I feel like i seen you before maybe in california

  • Stigmata Martyr
    Stigmata Martyr 8 months ago

    Your nails look amazing.....but I tried one of these and didn't care for it. I got glamour and the color was streaky. Not a fan of the formula.

  • MayaPaya
    MayaPaya 10 months ago +1

    The last 3 were my favorite. Especially the pink and teal one. 💋

  • Kala Wilhelm
    Kala Wilhelm 11 months ago +1

    I just got one of these and was looking around for a swatch video. I should have known you'd have done them!! 😉 I find these more comfortable than the ciate ones!

  • Emily Paulsen
    Emily Paulsen 11 months ago

    Hi Brenda! WHAT did you use to get this stuff OFF of your lips?? I swatched it just about an hour ago and while I like it, it's drying as hell and I'm not trying to wear this for hours because it's 1 in the morning 😂 my makeup remover wipes aren't working, nor is my foaming gel cleanser that usually does the trick.
    I have PATCHES of this stuff all over my lips!!

  • Gaileen Kern
    Gaileen Kern 11 months ago

    Love the blue one with your hair!

  • carmen rasmussen
    carmen rasmussen 11 months ago

    In love the colors . I got the nude and the purple. I found the pure to pull away from the lips. Not happy
    The nude comes out better

    CAROL ROE 11 months ago

    I don't do nudes either.

  • Luz Arvelo
    Luz Arvelo 11 months ago

    Fun lip swatch video!

  • Cynthia McKay
    Cynthia McKay Year ago

    Thank you for the review, brenda , you look beautiful in all of them. I love me some pink too 💄💗👡 time to run to Wal -Mart lol I love glamour & glitz

  • skittles132012
    skittles132012 Year ago

    What sorcery is this? Lol I like the Nude for me, thanks for sharing 😊

  • Donna S.
    Donna S. Year ago

    They are cool!

  • Marthe  Medina
    Marthe Medina Year ago

    Forgot you have luscious lips with allthe colors

  • Marthe  Medina
    Marthe Medina Year ago +1

    You look SO PRETTY with or without makeup. These colors look great on you

  • Walmart
    Walmart Year ago +5

    Great colors, Brenda! They look stunning.💄

  • Trendykimmy
    Trendykimmy Year ago

    TFS I think the red shade is going to look awesome

  • Hope2NoU95
    Hope2NoU95 Year ago

    I'm interested in Glitz for Christmas Day look.

  • Danielle Caparulo

    Would love to see skin care video. Do u have any juvius place palettes u should do a look with one if u do

  • Danielle Caparulo
    Danielle Caparulo Year ago +6

    Anyone else find them selfs pressing there lips together when Brenda activated the glitter?? I was lol and I love that u dont edit and how upfront and tell it how it is if u dont like it u dont lie about the product...I love ur videos ty brenda for keeping it real

    • MayaPaya
      MayaPaya 10 months ago

      Yeah not gonna lie I did too lol

    HARLEY JENN MC Year ago

    Yes girl...alternatives😂😂😂

    TANIKKA PADGATTE Year ago +4

    Wow that nude look pretty on you.


    Thanks for the video Beautiful 🌷 💛

  • gelaa merizz
    gelaa merizz Year ago

    It does work ! Thanks for the review 😁 I like glitz 😃 the purple looks good on you btw 😊

  • J Marie
    J Marie Year ago

    You rock Brenda! Glamour and Glitz are my favorites. Glamour matches your glasses & the teal shad matches your hair. Actually liked Glitz best on you - but if I had the extra money I would by the light purple shade for fun. Thanks for sacrificing your lips for us today! Wash your brushes & get some sleep. Take care!