The Netherlands, Holland and The Low Countries - The Difference


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  • WesGamer
    WesGamer 3 days ago

    The lion from Zeeland is drowning.

  • WesGamer
    WesGamer 3 days ago

    Thank u u start with the best province

  • Augusto Liborio
    Augusto Liborio 9 days ago

    In portuguese there are no Netherlands, we call Holanda.

  • inregionecaecorum
    inregionecaecorum 9 days ago

    You missed out holland in east anglia. I always thoiught it meant hollow land as in below sea level.

  • Sebastian Melmoth
    Sebastian Melmoth 10 days ago


  • S Tragiculous
    S Tragiculous 16 days ago

    The "Golden Lion"-symbology, common in The Lowlands, Britain and Scandinavia, is a symbol of The Tribe of Pharisiim(the Pharisees), which were dispelled from old Israel. Yet, it's way back, so very few, in these countries have any true jewish-heritage to speak of today -it would be a case like Sen. Warren's native-Heritage, spoken of in the US press, this last week, ie."watered-out", to the point of no recognition.

  • ants holland
    ants holland 19 days ago

    Are u dutch want je kan het heel goed!!!

  • John Henderson
    John Henderson 29 days ago

    Holt-land means wood-land? In Nederlands wood is hout, not holt.

    • Jan van den Belt
      Jan van den Belt 27 days ago

      Holt means hout. I suppose long time ago people in Holland used to say holt, as Low-Saxonspeaking people in the north-eastern part of the Netherlands and in Northern Germany still do.

  • John Henderson
    John Henderson 29 days ago

    I think I remember hearing that this region was called the low lands because of it being at such a low altitude and significant portions of it being below sea level: beneden de zeespiegel.

  • nuttcase1uk
    nuttcase1uk Month ago

    @03:41 please explain more

  • Rob Voncken
    Rob Voncken Month ago

    Its good to be Dutch

  • Videokidmaker
    Videokidmaker Month ago

    Belgians are EVIL

  • TheLakitu
    TheLakitu Month ago

    Just a very minor mistake. At 1:12 it seems that Goeree-Overflakkee belongs to Zeeland while it definitely belongs to Zuid-Holland. ;)

  • the first capelonian emperor g

    I am netherish

  • the first capelonian emperor g

    French people are chickens and Dutch people are lions

  • Heinrich Bosch
    Heinrich Bosch Month ago +1

    Van die Afrikaners in die Suid punt van Afrika. Sterkte en vrede

  • Chromium Animations

    0:55 - 1:10
    You could make a song out of that!
    I want a 10 hour loop.

  • jelletje8
    jelletje8 Month ago

    "the other one"

  • Born on Mustafar
    Born on Mustafar Month ago


  • dʒeɪms
    dʒeɪms Month ago

    if the euro ever collapses their currency should change to "benelux bux"

  • Chii Suigintou
    Chii Suigintou Month ago

    5:40 That's not the actual Belgian Flag.
    Belgium is one of the only nations that not uses their flag as written in the constitution.
    They are actually horizontal red, yellow and black on the bottom.,.
    "De Belgische Natie kiest als kleuren rood, geel en zwart,
    en als rijkswapen de Belgische Leeuw met de kenspreuk EENDRACHT MAAKT MACHT."
    It was originally changes to look more French, by the French speaking minority,
    but never actually changed in the constitution.,.
    5:55 Lion.,. hmmm, might be because of Leo Belgicus?
    Leo Belgicus used to be made up out of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and a part from France.,.
    Hmmm, interesting, I never actually say "holanders", mostly I call them keeskoppen, or cheeseheads in English.,. xD
    However, that's mostly as a joke, like you guys tend to call all Belgians dumb.,.

  • Pk New Changes
    Pk New Changes 2 months ago

    It is not right it is not Brabant it is noord-Brabant

  • Aaron Feldman
    Aaron Feldman 2 months ago

    Thanks for the explanaitions; very interesting! You said that Dutch is the English word for the language. What do the Dutch call their own language in the Netherlands? It's interesting how the name actually describes the topograpy. Another country with a discriptive name like this that comes to mind is Ukraine, which I understand means the lands in between (in other words the lands in between Russia and the West).

    • EvilResident
      EvilResident 22 days ago

      Nederlands = Dutch name for Dutch language. If you literally translate it in english it would be 'Netherlandish' I think.

  • XSquibX
    XSquibX 2 months ago

    Have they been lion to us all along??? :O

  • Mark Volker
    Mark Volker 2 months ago +1

    Technically the citizens of these countries are German (Not the Muslim hoards who have invaded)... They just speak a different dialect of German.

  • Connal Naughton
    Connal Naughton 2 months ago

    Only realised you we're Dutch in another video when you mentioned it, you speak English with a perfect English accent.

  • Michael Chapson
    Michael Chapson 2 months ago

    Muslims and migrants are wrecking the Netherlands as well as most of Europe

  • Muhammad Ehsan
    Muhammad Ehsan 2 months ago

    May I know the name of the Great personalities in Holland History to whom Dutch pay a lot of respect?

  • Dr. Karsten
    Dr. Karsten 2 months ago

    I recommend Friesland

  • Dr. Karsten
    Dr. Karsten 2 months ago

    Holland is a province not a country, the fact that tourists come there doesn’t mean I live in Holland, I love in the Netherlands :v

  • lichtbewolkt
    lichtbewolkt 3 months ago

    Amsterdam was only made capital around 1800 ? Before when we were a republic it was The Hague

  • Jean Bethencourt
    Jean Bethencourt 3 months ago

    The Southern Netherlands is what became Belgium. It was created by Spain when they conquered half of the Netherlands, kept it separate from the Dutch Republic for so long that it gained it's own identity and borders.

    • EvilResident
      EvilResident 22 days ago

      You're wrong. Spain never conquered it. It became Spanish through an inheritance. And the Dutch separated themselves off the Habsburg- or Spanish Netherlands as the Dutch Republic.

  • Narok 25
    Narok 25 3 months ago

    In Spain and Latin America we uses sometimes «Holanda» to refer us to the Netherlands, but now a days the name «Los Paises Bajos», who means «The Nederlands» is gaining importance :)

  • AnthroTsuneon
    AnthroTsuneon 3 months ago

    Another thing not to forget about Den Haag/Hague:
    The International Court of Justice

  • SomeDude
    SomeDude 3 months ago

    Brabant is not a province of the Netherlands!
    North Brabant is. The rest of Brabant is in Belgium. Brussels is also in Brabant, your mistake is very ignorant.

  • Joris ridder de van der Schueren

    As descendant of Monsieur Chevalier De van der Schueren, who was Raads-fiscaal of Brabant, I strongly support an independent DUKEDOM of BRABANT. Capitol? of course; Des Hertogen bosch.

  • Joris ridder de van der Schueren

    the CITY of the Hague? who are you kidding; Scheveningen has her "city- rights", just as Kijkduin and Loosduinen, but NOT so for The Hague!!! I think that is already faaaaaar too difficult for Dutch to understand, let alone foreigners.

  • Nuserame
    Nuserame 3 months ago

    North Holland = West Frisia.
    Damn landgrabbing Dutchies :)

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder 3 months ago

    Belgium > Netherlands (when it comes to football, beer and fries)
    and Rudy Vormer is the best :p

  • Kaiser Wilhelm
    Kaiser Wilhelm 3 months ago +1

    Belgium is acutally a synonym for the Netherlands.

  • JoeeeBoy Plays
    JoeeeBoy Plays 3 months ago

    Have they been lion to us all?

  • Anant Bhan
    Anant Bhan 4 months ago

    Can we take a minute to appreciate the side step inside the goalkeeper's box

  • Jul79
    Jul79 4 months ago +2

    „Holland ist die geilste Stadt der Welt“ - 257ers

  • Erni Bert
    Erni Bert 4 months ago

    People can't understand why something is lower country if they don't know that the upper or higher country refers to the southern part of what was once the holy roman empire of german nation or the frankonian empire before that ,which is what is today's southern germany,austria & switzerland.

  • Rayke 06
    Rayke 06 4 months ago

    Ik kom uit limburg kut

  • Aroo oon
    Aroo oon 4 months ago

    Jij bent een fries

  • B Sm
    B Sm 4 months ago

    Before EURO money, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg shared money. Each nation did have coins and notes, but they were accepted equally in any of the three nations.

  • forestsoceansmusic
    forestsoceansmusic 4 months ago

    It's not Low Countries because it is flat, but because it is low -- barely above sea level.

  • David Quincha
    David Quincha 4 months ago

    3:41 hahahaha

  • Suzie sharing
    Suzie sharing 4 months ago

    So clean and beautiful country

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 4 months ago

    Shithole country with shit people

  • Chris van de Wetering
    Chris van de Wetering 4 months ago

    Am I the only one that thinks the flag of Noord-Holland kind of looks like the flag of Columbia?

  • Hey999888777
    Hey999888777 4 months ago

    Impossible to listen to video with this guy's voice. Had to stop after a few seconds, couldn't take it anymore. His videos would be 1000 times better if he didn't talk and either used subtitles or an automated voice. Is it possible to block certain channels or certain uploaders?

  • AniMageNeBy
    AniMageNeBy 4 months ago

    Zeeland? Would be more correct to point out this contains Zeeuws *Vlaanderen*. Obviously, thus, part of flanders. But occupied by The Netherlands since 1830.

  • One-Above-All
    One-Above-All 4 months ago

    3:41 lol

  • Merijn Remmers
    Merijn Remmers 5 months ago

    Are you dutch?🤣

  • GJ1998ARG
    GJ1998ARG 5 months ago

    Here in Argentina we say Holland instead of Netherlands

  • TubeYou
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  • Blode Kont
    Blode Kont 5 months ago

    0:48 NOT because of its flatness it is called The Netherlands, Lower Lands.. BECAUSE 2/3 OF THE COUNTRY IS BELOW SEA LEVEL !!!! That's why !!!!

  • Sublime
    Sublime 5 months ago +4

    >Makes an English video.
    >Keeps pronouncing the names in Dutch.
    Inconsistency is very annoying.

  • But Why ?????
    But Why ????? 5 months ago

    0.50 Its not called the low country because Its flat, but because Its under the sealevel

  • James Best
    James Best 6 months ago

    Hilbert stand for,idiot whit no fucking ideed..

  • Kajir Games Games
    Kajir Games Games 6 months ago

    How can you speak dutch so good?

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 6 months ago

    Are you sure the Netherlands are called Netherlands because they are so flat and not because they are placed at the lowest (meaning stream downwards) part of the Rhein? For a long part of history the Netherlands have been part of the Reich (holy (because holy) roman (because we concoured rome) empire (because it never was an empire)) and within the Reich everything north was called "Nieder-" because all the major streams (except for the Donau) run north. Niedersachsen is, for example not called Niedersachsen, because it is flat, but because it is up the rhine. Even the Romans called the northern parts "germania inferior" and the southern "germania supperior". As a German from southern Germany i would love to hear, that we are supperior, but that is not what is meant.

  • Wasko Maleducado
    Wasko Maleducado 6 months ago

    Netherlands is great!

  • aalmi002
    aalmi002 6 months ago

    Good video. Good to know. Can you explain why the Dutch are called the Dutch because that doesn’t naturally come from either the Netherlands name or the Holland one? Also, you should do a Spanish version of this video since the Netherlands is practically called Holanda by the whole Spanish speaking world even though there’s an official name in Spanish called “Los Paises Bajos”. That would be cool to see.

  • Jean Puren
    Jean Puren 6 months ago

    Great pronunciation :)

  • Divya Sasidharan
    Divya Sasidharan 6 months ago

    good info but compilation n presentation umm.. things always improve keep up the good work

  • Ryan Dewaele
    Ryan Dewaele 6 months ago

    Can anyone tell me what my last name De Waele means? I’ve tried to find it but was never able to

  • Enzo NL
    Enzo NL 6 months ago


  • kaaskak123
    kaaskak123 6 months ago

    Miedema is Drents

  • 1Entity
    1Entity 6 months ago +1

    They: Your accent sound weird. Me: I'm dutch, i know the accent is terrible. They: you Nazi german cunt! My convo with most english ppl online..

  • Ξένοσθενες ο γέτης

    3:41 what Amsterdam is really known for

  • David Wilders
    David Wilders 6 months ago +2

    women's football . . . . LOL

  • Captain Chaos
    Captain Chaos 6 months ago

    Are you Dutch? Your pronunciation of the Dutch names is impeccable.

  • Michael Kenyon
    Michael Kenyon 7 months ago

    there is a great podcast called '99% invisible' that does a 2 part series on modernist city planning that discusses the area outside of amsterdam near diemen.
    highly recommended.

  • Filipe Santiago
    Filipe Santiago 7 months ago +1

    In Portuguese we call Holland cuz’ there’s no translation for The Netherlands

  • Gold Member
    Gold Member 7 months ago

    I am from holland isnt that weird yesh

  • Alexander Ducaneaux
    Alexander Ducaneaux 7 months ago

    Wilhelmus is het oudste volkslied ter wereld. Tussen 1568 en 1572 daar mogen wij Nederlanders toch wel een beetje trots op zijn.

    SUBBOT8 7 months ago

    Im Flevoland Urk

  • Rik Cruijsberg
    Rik Cruijsberg 7 months ago +1


  • Yannick
    Yannick 7 months ago

    As well as other things "MAAAAAMM WAAR IS ME GRINDER"

  • Thriko
    Thriko 7 months ago

    What's up with Flevoland? They seem to have just appeared one day.

  • klausjackklaus
    klausjackklaus 7 months ago

    Yeah, think about Pennsylvania Dutch- which is really German

  • A Small Mustache Man
    A Small Mustache Man 7 months ago

    6:18 the Benelux are the Lannister comfirns

  • Jean-philippe c
    Jean-philippe c 7 months ago

    In French, the Netherlands are called "Les pays bas" or Low countries.

  • Martin van Bellen
    Martin van Bellen 7 months ago

    The reason the Dutch often refer to the lion, is that in medieval times, people thought the map of the (then) Netherlands resembled the shape of a lion. See here:

  • Lore Silver
    Lore Silver 7 months ago +1

    nice, dit wist ik nog niet.

  • Judith Smouter
    Judith Smouter 7 months ago

    Those lions aren't all the lions of the Low Lands; for example Gelderland also has a lion/two lions and when the Nederlands support their national football club, they sing: 'Hup, Holland! Hup! Don't let the lion stand in his camisole (that's a proverb)

  • capusvacans
    capusvacans 7 months ago +1

    I found a blatant error in this video: you called Amstel a brand of beer. In reality it's just alcoholised dog piss. Other than that good video :p.

  • Patrick Faas
    Patrick Faas 7 months ago

    Holland was originally just a long thin strip of woodland dunes, within the Frisian Kingdom (Magna Frisia). Sandy but not flat. The dunes and some of the forests are still there. The counts of Holland were originally Frisian counts. They expanded Holland over the course of medieval times to what is now (North- and South-)Holland, adding many uninhabitable marshes and lakes to the territory. They drained and poldered these, creating the flatlands, for which Holland is now known.

  • Wopper
    Wopper 7 months ago +1

    Im American and i had never heard about the Netherlands, Belgium is way more important

  • Maarten De CAuwer
    Maarten De CAuwer 8 months ago

    Zeeland= Zeeuws VLAANDEREN

  • MERB_JacoGames
    MERB_JacoGames 8 months ago

    The Netherlands have 64% waterland

  • sander 721
    sander 721 8 months ago +1

    Belgium is basically just a failed version of The Netherlands i like to believe

  • broken warrior
    broken warrior 8 months ago

    Why Het Wilhelmus is a beautiful song for me atleast im dutch

  • Twan Molenaar
    Twan Molenaar 8 months ago

    Am I the devil now I'm Dutch do I live in nether am I a devil I don't know it. kill me

  • CerberaOdollam
    CerberaOdollam 8 months ago

    Amsterdam is awesome. The cats are super friendly, BodyWorlds is great, and even the first impression of the place, right after landing, is the gorgeous blondes with rifles.

  • MiloradP
    MiloradP 8 months ago

    In my country we don't have a word for Netherlands we call it Holland.

  • Roger Quarton
    Roger Quarton 8 months ago

    Thank you for making this video - I've always wanted to know the background. Love all of your videos. Keep up the great work you are doing!