• Published on Feb 21, 2018
  • P.E. Class - whether it's running the mile, getting picked last for dodge ball, or more, this is Every P.E. Class Ever!
    Ian Hecox
    Noah Grossman
    Keith Leak Jr.
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Shayne Topp
    Wes Johnson
    Directed by Ryan Todd
    Written by Monica Vasandani, Cole Hersch, & Ryan Finnerty
    Produced by Ryan Todd
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    Production Designer: Tayler Nicholson
    Art Director: Jake Sperling
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    Costume Designer: Samantha Sneed
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    Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
    Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
  • ComedyComedy

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  • ColinGaming
    ColinGaming Hour ago

    P.E would suck if Coaches acted like that

  • wait what?
    wait what? Hour ago

    we have to run the mile every week

  • Animelover445 Serrato
    Animelover445 Serrato 18 hours ago

    You did Noah dirty

  • Nazzeem
    Nazzeem 19 hours ago

    My PE teacher’s leg is broken and the class asks for a demonstration 🤔

  • Fiona Martin
    Fiona Martin Day ago

    Did that hurt Noah

  • Gacha PaytonXD
    Gacha PaytonXD Day ago


  • Kaidyn West
    Kaidyn West Day ago

    Who else would want Iran as there coach👍👉

  • Jung jamlessmonsterinfires

    *What the Fn heck kiddos*

  • Lazy Penguin
    Lazy Penguin 2 days ago

    You know what annoys me is that it is 4minuites and 59seconds

  • MonsterBoy 1500
    MonsterBoy 1500 3 days ago

    I know a good one every life ever

  • Hurrikane_22
    Hurrikane_22 3 days ago

    This Video was epic

  • Dantegamerblue2
    Dantegamerblue2 3 days ago

    1:35 sai refrence?

  • VirtualDewd Official

    You missed the basic white girls that just sit on bleachers, while their team gets slaughtered

  • Void_Rage__ Cruz
    Void_Rage__ Cruz 4 days ago

    He ran out of the room chucked a ball at Noah’s ball- 😂 balls 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Ponies Among Us
    The Ponies Among Us 4 days ago

    I hated elementary school PE all the girls didn't participate

  • Marwa Mansour
    Marwa Mansour 4 days ago

    Ever toddler ever

  • Máté Ferenczi
    Máté Ferenczi 4 days ago

    "picked last"
    "mile run"
    "rope climbing"
    "mean teachers"
    *Intense school memories* (I was always the king of losers in my school)

  • Stellar Panda
    Stellar Panda 4 days ago

    You weaklings better be thankful that you only have to run basically like ONE kilometer, meanwhile in MY school, every spring we have to run 7 KILOMETERS! Well at least we do it outdoors outside of school and we can mostly also just walk through it, BUT STILL!


    Every robber ever

  • LemonSix03 Gaming
    LemonSix03 Gaming 5 days ago +2

    But I love the mile.

    Like if you have an A plus in PE

  • Dominic Saenz
    Dominic Saenz 5 days ago

    I thought it was funny when mr. Rob Bush threw the ball at the kid

  • Spring Teller Fitness

    Every Tik Tok ever

  • infinitygames *
    infinitygames * 5 days ago

    2:07 im selling it for likes

  • gamin live197
    gamin live197 6 days ago

    i just watched an ad thinking it was apart of the video XD

  • mrmasonhall -roblox
    mrmasonhall -roblox 6 days ago

    hotdog DO YOU MEAN DICK

  • Paige Peidton
    Paige Peidton 6 days ago +1

    Sixth graders at home right now after school

  • Paige Peidton
    Paige Peidton 6 days ago +1

    They are so lued

  • Paige Peidton
    Paige Peidton 6 days ago +1

    My teacher put me in 6h grade p.e

  • V Struction
    V Struction 6 days ago

    Walking a mile is easy.

  • Oleg Gushtan
    Oleg Gushtan 6 days ago

    Running 3 kilos on cross-country isn’t even that hard... like I was fine with it...

  • Joseph Lessord
    Joseph Lessord 6 days ago +1

    Who also saw the hickey on shanes arms

  • kobi davjr
    kobi davjr 6 days ago +1

    Hey they said my name!

  • lps girl
    lps girl 7 days ago

    Hey guys it do you know what PE stands for

  • Paige Peidton
    Paige Peidton 7 days ago +1

    P.e tomorrow I missed my p.e teacher her name is miss king

  • Phantom_F34RR _
    Phantom_F34RR _ 7 days ago

    *YOUR OUT!*

  • Spartan_Locke_9 Gaming

    Every pointless education ever

  • Narelle McKeown
    Narelle McKeown 8 days ago

    5:11 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matthew Alexander
    Matthew Alexander 8 days ago

    Every grandparent ever

  • Karthik Hegde
    Karthik Hegde 9 days ago

    What!!!....You all don't like PE periods....We used to rush out of the classroom to Play...
    We used to decide the teams one day prior to our PE period....
    Nevermind..We were in some different parallel universe I guess.😅

  • wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •

    I’m gym class it’s not a mile. It’s 4-7 miles...

  • Zaine Velupillai
    Zaine Velupillai 9 days ago

    You die in the game you die in real life is a refrence to wii u sports is the best

  • Chris Playz
    Chris Playz 9 days ago +1

    If you take band you don't need to take PE which is what I did
    I also just love band

  • avery yeah
    avery yeah 9 days ago

    When we had to run the mile I would wrap a bandage around my foot and say I pulled a muscle in it and can barely walk. It worked a lot

  • Crying_KevinYT
    Crying_KevinYT 9 days ago

    *Does Anybody Else Like Gym besides me?*

  • Brock Barta
    Brock Barta 9 days ago

    4:25 I laughed to hard

  • NeverWithoutNalani
    NeverWithoutNalani 10 days ago

    My mom is a gym teacher and I can confirm she talks shit about her students. Oh, hi Cody and Brody (if you’re reading this) the highlight of my week is hearing about your ridiculous adventures.

  • Timothy Booras
    Timothy Booras 10 days ago

    At 4:25 the ball bounced back and hit ratbush in the balls

  • Timothy Booras
    Timothy Booras 10 days ago

    At 5:25 the ball bounced back and hit ratbush in the balls

  • Tripp The Gamer
    Tripp The Gamer 10 days ago

    I actually have asma

  • MonkeyMan 2077
    MonkeyMan 2077 11 days ago

    I pretended to be sick for 3 weeks just so I can skip have not having to rollerbladeing

  • ItsBlueDiamond
    ItsBlueDiamond 11 days ago

    Why would Ian trow a ball at Noah BallSack

  • Hey There!
    Hey There! 11 days ago

    Captain Man is my favorite superhero

  • Evan & Zermit Productions


  • FreestyleEmilio
    FreestyleEmilio 12 days ago +1

    0:06 I’m ninja 360 noscope

  • janelle thebuilder
    janelle thebuilder 12 days ago

    my p.e teacher only graded us by if we dresses correctly, or if we didn't for the whole year .

  • janelle thebuilder
    janelle thebuilder 12 days ago

    0:06 *"kObE"*

  • The Cringe Artist
    The Cringe Artist 12 days ago +5

    P.E stands for punishment exercises

  • Slytherin Band Geek
    Slytherin Band Geek 13 days ago +1

    0:59 I wish I could've walked the mile, we would get yelled at if we walked

  • johnny Cash
    johnny Cash 13 days ago

    they forgot the kid that tried hard at everything and made everyone feel bad

  • ImBizarr
    ImBizarr 13 days ago

    We do two miles like every week

  • Jory Porteous
    Jory Porteous 13 days ago

    Maybe I'd shower in the locker room if the shower wasn't an enclosed box with with four showers and nothing else. At least put barriers

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf 13 days ago

    Me with life 1:10

  • Katri Lax
    Katri Lax 13 days ago

    every Titanic ever

  • Delilah Ortiz
    Delilah Ortiz 14 days ago +1

    Omg i love p.e

  • Kendall’s Gacha and slime

    Every superhero ever
    Every TickTock ever
    Every movie ever
    Every house ever

  • Sei Verseicle
    Sei Verseicle 15 days ago +1

    Was that an SAO reference? 😂😂

  • Matthew Male
    Matthew Male 15 days ago

    This video is one second to short.

  • SomeLoner XD
    SomeLoner XD 17 days ago

    I don’t even get picked

  • Azriel urlich
    Azriel urlich 17 days ago

    P.E not PE

  • Sarah Barton
    Sarah Barton 17 days ago

    Smosh isn’t the same without Anthony

  • Dragon Beast
    Dragon Beast 18 days ago

    Damm Americans

  • Sky or Truemu
    Sky or Truemu 18 days ago +2

    It hit Ian’s nuts but worked through too.

    He’s super dedicated.

  • Irritated Itachi
    Irritated Itachi 18 days ago

    The gym teacher said he split the teams into equal teams. But the nerds had 3 people. And the jocks had 4 people.

  • Jacob Tobias
    Jacob Tobias 19 days ago

    1:11 me in the morning

  • Bryan baird
    Bryan baird 19 days ago


  • Mykayla Ezkiel
    Mykayla Ezkiel 19 days ago

    From 1:33 to 1:40 it’s when ur on crackcane in gym class

  • Hermanos Foronda
    Hermanos Foronda 19 days ago

    The teacher is a acchole

    0 GALAXY MIDNIGHT 0 19 days ago

    You should do one that’s every playground ever or every every business job ever

  • Usman Aayan
    Usman Aayan 20 days ago

    2:50 didn't expect THAT

  • Krytwalker
    Krytwalker 20 days ago

    Bruh I just play volleyball

  • Ttv Tryhard
    Ttv Tryhard 20 days ago

    I love pe

  • shnezana Shereef
    shnezana Shereef 21 day ago

    lol our pe class we call it p.t and we can do whatever we want

  • Xgamer10
    Xgamer10 21 day ago

    4:25 That gym teacher should be fired

  • charbroil5
    charbroil5 22 days ago

    That first one is like basketball in my class right now lol.

  • Scott Playz
    Scott Playz 22 days ago

    I’m kinda lucky I get to walk up in down the halls during p.e. you know what I just realized I think I’m going insane nah I’m joking kinda

  • Twig_the_turtle
    Twig_the_turtle 22 days ago +1

    In my school we weren’t allowed to use the showers
    We had then and they just sat there

  • Eric Borjesson
    Eric Borjesson 23 days ago

    2:19 you know how he is blind look his eye is open.

  • shadowfreak Arts and Gaming

    What kind of teacher will do that to a student how rude by the way hate your videos except for the 1991 vs 2017

  • Dark Cat
    Dark Cat 24 days ago

    4:23 lol the ball came straight back into him

  • Tiger
    Tiger 25 days ago

    Mt PE teacher was way fatter

  • Captain FALKEN
    Captain FALKEN 25 days ago

    P.E. and lunch were the best parts of school ever. Preferably elementary. Best times ever. Dodgeball every wednesday. Get in an argument in the 5th grade? "We'll settle this on Wednesday 😑..." Tons of B-ball, frisbee, kickball. And I was basically a nerd. Just have fun

  • LeahTheUnicorn Can’t fly

    a x
    n p
    d r
    a e

  • FiRedOut
    FiRedOut 25 days ago

    Want to know whatsucks, we are being timed on the mile for a grade

  • bala michel
    bala michel 25 days ago


  • Patrick Costales
    Patrick Costales 26 days ago

    Was that a reference 1:35

  • XJ Ethan
    XJ Ethan 26 days ago

    I hate square dancing

  • Speed _
    Speed _ 26 days ago

    Why does Ian look so much older than everyone else anyway?

  • Speed _
    Speed _ 26 days ago +1

    depressed voice - *kobe*

  • The real Coup
    The real Coup 26 days ago

    Every home alone kid ever