• Published on Aug 22, 2017
  • Prior to embarking on the world tour for the final fight of his illustrious career, undefeated future Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather gave FightHype.com an exclusive look into his flashy lifestyle. Check out the scene as Mayweather showed off his collection of watches worth millions.
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  • Tebogo Sealetsa
    Tebogo Sealetsa 14 hours ago

    Mm hmm

  • isaac negasi
    isaac negasi 2 days ago

    He's people who are around him be stealing his stuff that's why he takes it all with him... Why not just keep it in the safe at the bank like jews do

  • Ayy It’sJoaquin
    Ayy It’sJoaquin 2 days ago +1

    He got all the watches but none of the class

  • Edgar Cardenas
    Edgar Cardenas 2 days ago +1

    What woulr you do if floyd gave you 1 watch ?

  • LeDerrius White
    LeDerrius White 2 days ago

    After i finished watching this video, i got a notification saying my account was in the negative -330.00 sad lol!

  • Ronald Townsend
    Ronald Townsend 6 days ago

    Brother Floyd can I get one. I really would like a suit and tie. or a TMT hat or T. I live here in the DMV. Thanks again Floyd Mayweather thanks for the greatest memories of all time. And when you fight it's bigger than evil Knievel and the Kentucky Derby on the same day June 25th 2005 I set ringside for Floyd Mayweather against Gotti I mean Floyd Mayweather from the opening second beat the living crap out of Gotti he it's amazing to sit ringside watch Floyd the professor take his students to a class. Remember boxing fan Floyd Mayweather beat Conor McGregor like he was his daddy that's why Floyd is the best ever there's only one Mayweather God bless you and your family Floyd can't wait to see you back in the ring

  • Keanthony Foster
    Keanthony Foster 7 days ago

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  • Roy Briggs
    Roy Briggs 7 days ago

    That Million dollar time piece is Crazy!

  • Joe Guzman
    Joe Guzman 7 days ago

    Hey he made him money nobody give it to him -i really hope he's got Jesus's salvation too becose material things stay in this world and our soul don't.

  • BoxingHacker
    BoxingHacker 9 days ago

    Big up to floyd! He's done well for himself.

  • Morehom Bual
    Morehom Bual 9 days ago

    floyd mayweather idol give 1 your bullcap me

  • K Roon
    K Roon 11 days ago

    Such expensive watches, and still just trashy looking with all that classless bling

  • TheFallsCapone
    TheFallsCapone 11 days ago

    He's done real well for a man who can neither read or tell the time lol..

  • Got Game
    Got Game 13 days ago

    floyd adding some 0's on the price of these watches

  • Peter Scott
    Peter Scott 14 days ago

    He knows shit about watches just the price and how many diamonds there are and how he pronounced Richard Mille Haha 😂

    WILLIEMILLER22 14 days ago

    what a fool

  • Augusto Garcia
    Augusto Garcia 20 days ago

    lo malo d esto es que gano todas sus putas peleas corriendo.y las q no gano las compro el puto mono este de floyd

  • Ardillez barullo
    Ardillez barullo 21 day ago

    Meanwhile you read this........some children in the world die because of hunger

  • Bilal Afzal
    Bilal Afzal 22 days ago

    What a waste of time video... this guy is just horrible

  • G J
    G J 22 days ago

    The stuff motivates me.

  • Anthony Orozco
    Anthony Orozco 23 days ago

    And here i thought i was flossin wit my 400$ invicta hahahahaha!!! Dam...😔

  • Laki29
    Laki29 24 days ago

    "When blind man see he see very far" this is the case with FM lot of money & complex no taste

  • Mike Diamondz
    Mike Diamondz 26 days ago

    What a bad reporter ... dont know how to ilustrate properly ... May you should fire this guy !

  • Lord Parody
    Lord Parody 26 days ago

    I have to confess, these watches are really beautiful specially the second -the set rose gold one

  • Donald Evans
    Donald Evans 29 days ago +1

    Exquisite watch collection well-done Floyd.

  • Cody Chandler
    Cody Chandler 29 days ago

    Wait a minute...... He can tell time?

  • Ubaldo Dela cruz
    Ubaldo Dela cruz Month ago


  • tonelloalexantonio tony

    Extrem rare colection of watchess great investment in Richard mille and the rest are full covered in diamonds. One watch at least 30 ct of diamonds...insane work...the fact they are made by platininum or white, roze gold is the most cheap part as a value of the watch. :)))

  • John Bradford
    John Bradford Month ago

    Only a watch tells the time like everyother 1 tbh..

  • Davion Mcclendon
    Davion Mcclendon Month ago

    When u got money

  • e smith
    e smith Month ago

    Your RM are gorgeous with the diamonds without the diamonds the RMs look like a toy watch

  • toqe
    toqe Month ago

    he probably cant even tell the time

  • rico max
    rico max Month ago

    Why niggas gotta put diamonds in everything. Nigga, why you couldnt buy just a regular watch o.O niggas gotta have dat high class shit & wen you get the shit and wear it for a few days you give the shit away brand new

  • Trees Ayden
    Trees Ayden Month ago

    He got really bad taste. Mcgregor's watchs are way better than his

  • thesos0
    thesos0 Month ago

    That first watch lmao. An Apple Watch is 1000x better and 1000x cheaper. Great investment.

  • alex jeaboi
    alex jeaboi Month ago

    On the way to IRS...cash me out

  • Freezehell
    Freezehell Month ago

    go to the ghetto where u came from little ape and give away some of those watches , this guy has the power to change other's lifestyle and do shit i dont understand and dont come to me saying he earned it he can do whatever he wants with them

  • Crown Heights
    Crown Heights Month ago

    Mayweather ain't got 1 24k gold peace all brass everything...that's all Chinese brass you a lame Mayweather

  • Crown Heights
    Crown Heights Month ago

    How they 1 million dollars and non of them 24k dork

  • Alex Swander
    Alex Swander Month ago

    Too many diamonds. Doesn’t look nice just looks stupid. Each to their own but come on.

  • Carlos’ luxury Watch and product review channel

    salute' to you floyd👊keep shining my boii! i love watches myself although i cant afford high end ones like you. im a drug and alcohol counselor and ive been through the darkest times but i managed to get back on my feet and come up out of some really bad situations and now im giving back to the community by way of helping others battleing addiction with my experience, strength and hope that theres a better way of living life! love your watches and one day hopefully ill be able to have that also. God bless floyd🙌🙏🙇🏻‍♂️

  • Bob Ayers
    Bob Ayers Month ago

    This guy travel whit 10 huges watch, really ? My question is WHY ??? 1-2 is enough, no ?

  • Credence Clementine

    “This my runnin watch” FLOODED WITH WATER

  • Fortnite Fames
    Fortnite Fames Month ago

    So you spend over 1mil dollars just to know what the time is....ok I see

  • snow 00
    snow 00 Month ago

    The world and it's many mysterys

  • hezdunnah
    hezdunnah Month ago

    This ain't style, just showing off

  • stevey626
    stevey626 Month ago

    That MGM watch is worth more that what a ufc fighter makes in a main event card. Sad that a company worth billions doesn't take care of it's fighters. I'm a huge boxing fan and ufc fan but it sucks to see some get paid terribly. And not get paid to train.

  • Jay Suttle
    Jay Suttle 2 months ago

    one word -- NICE !!

  • John Cardenas
    John Cardenas 2 months ago

    A mexican made him! Wonder what it would of been for him if he would of never fought Oscar. A nobody im sure

  • Teej
    Teej 2 months ago

    He seems to know a bit about watches. But man those are ugly. To each their own I guess. At least he knows what a tourbillon is.

  • Miguel Mota
    Miguel Mota 2 months ago

    Bet he puts diamonds on his Fisher-Price phone too

  • Jesus Baruc Ramos romero

    is stupid the way this guy made 250 million for a fight... just stupid... might as well just give him 1 billion for a fight

  • Jesus Baruc Ramos romero

    is stupid the way this guy made 250 million for a fight

  • TangLung LUNG
    TangLung LUNG 2 months ago

    I know people who know people that rob people

  • E3voluTion
    E3voluTion 2 months ago

    Fine watches as is, but look like shit now

  • Illiterate Gook
    Illiterate Gook 2 months ago

    my nigga should aqquire a lotion collection.....

  • Ry Bread
    Ry Bread 2 months ago

    He has alot of watches. But a few are timeless.

    • Ry Bread
      Ry Bread 2 months ago

      Not everything needs to be iced out.

  • Evans Thiongo
    Evans Thiongo 2 months ago

    Diamond encrusted Casio?? Money cannot buy class.

  • Boss South Central
    Boss South Central 2 months ago

    No lie some of y'all are stupid. People like that deserve to get robbed. I'd come up on all his watches if i could . And I'm not a hater of his. He looks like that's nothing to him lol

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    With all that cash I would have someone make me my own🤔

  • Walter Truesdale
    Walter Truesdale 2 months ago

    Poor man smh

  • Huncho Down
    Huncho Down 2 months ago

    So 1on1 is Not original??

  • armando cardenas
    armando cardenas 2 months ago

    Money can't buy you class .

  • Favour Mayowa Ogunana
    Favour Mayowa Ogunana 2 months ago

    Expensive Floyd ,nice bro

  • Benjamin BLAEVOET
    Benjamin BLAEVOET 2 months ago

    Give some to charity

  • Legit Boss Sasha Banks
    Legit Boss Sasha Banks 2 months ago

    Can u give me pls??

  • KROSNO ludek
    KROSNO ludek 3 months ago

    WTF..... casio with diamonds .For God's sake Buy jacob & co astronomia and ''some taste''.

  • Maxxwell Maxxwell
    Maxxwell Maxxwell 3 months ago


  • Maxxwell Maxxwell
    Maxxwell Maxxwell 3 months ago

    Only a black would put diamonds on a pa

  • PayDro Mac
    PayDro Mac 3 months ago


  • New Ish
    New Ish 3 months ago +1

    Diamonds gold and CTE

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor 3 months ago

    Does that plane have a ceiling fan lol

  • Costin G
    Costin G 3 months ago

    "It's not Richard Mille, it's Rishhard Mille" Ohhh really??? We know that you turd.

    BIG ROB FITNESS 3 months ago

    I love watches subscribe to my TVclip channel

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 3 months ago

    All those watches are expensive because of the diamonds not because of the movement.

  • daniel langkilde
    daniel langkilde 3 months ago

    I hope he up for one more fight I wish I can fight him I no I have no chance but I wish I can

  • Dynamic Beats
    Dynamic Beats 3 months ago

    I just watch the time on my phone. Always accurate.

  • k0rv1n
    k0rv1n 3 months ago

    да уж... касио в бриллиантах, вообще голова отбитая? как ворона на блестяшку.

  • Mystical Gnostic Hedonist

    He knows his watches fairplay ,the fact he isn't a Rolex lover shows he has true orologist taste.

  • Richard Neal
    Richard Neal 3 months ago

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  • Betty Bean
    Betty Bean 3 months ago +1

    Black folk have no class, no matter how much money, a real toilet. The women are really money grubbing whores, no question

  • Jovany Ramirez
    Jovany Ramirez 3 months ago

    It's easy to hate on him if your broke

  • sarge727
    sarge727 3 months ago

    what a fucking faggot.

  • eugen gabrielio
    eugen gabrielio 3 months ago

    Parece típico negro en la playa que te vende cositas😂

  • Lemtem Poktui
    Lemtem Poktui 3 months ago

    Tasteless collection.

  • tamer kd
    tamer kd 3 months ago

    Seriously how do you choose what watch to wear for your new day when you have 30+ watches ? Is there something we don't know about having a set of drawers full of expensive watches ?

  • Murtala Murtala
    Murtala Murtala 3 months ago


  • Chivalry Is dead
    Chivalry Is dead 3 months ago

    thats how rich black people cover their skins

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia 3 months ago

    Hes gona have to sale i bet u he spends more then what his tmt team makes him they all suck

  • dyserunsjerz
    dyserunsjerz 4 months ago

    “I don’t have anything against stainless steel “ 😂😂😂 WHO MANS IS THIS

  • TipuSultanBoys Shah
    TipuSultanBoys Shah 4 months ago

    Number de Tera

    CHA REE CHAN 4 months ago

    It losses it's resale value *Uh no who says he plans on reselling it ?*
    I also know that american money is worthless an not backed by anything so I guess he's got some diamonds worth their weight in gold and diamonds

  • chemxal
    chemxal 4 months ago

    The haters don't understand that he's created a brand, not just a boxer.

  • Cloudy One
    Cloudy One 4 months ago

    End world hunger or something!

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo 4 months ago

    Never in my motherfucking life i would wear any of those watches. Ugly, un-classy piece of shit. Nigga shit.

  • Clarence White
    Clarence White 4 months ago +1


  • Johnathan Whitehead
    Johnathan Whitehead 4 months ago

    Moissanite DIAMOND's Will Beep Under The DIAMOND TESTER!!!!

  • Frogyma
    Frogyma 4 months ago

    See Fiji water know hes is richt...

    LION KING! 4 months ago

    Oh lawd mayweather and these damn watches! 18 million dollar watch, these watches I get Floyd you have a lot of money....ok

  • smokeyvelvet42
    smokeyvelvet42 4 months ago +1

    What an ignorant and delusional arrogant fool, who loves bragging about his wealth, thinking that he is accepted by the likes of Donald Trump who uses him as another clueless black man unable to comprehend he is being exploited by the likes of Trump until he is no longer required as the fool he is. Just another delusional black man suffering from delusions of grandeur !! Absolutely pathetic !!!! Wake up call is just around the corner..........