Broncos vs. Rams Preseason Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Aug 25, 2019
  • The Denver Broncos take on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL preseason.
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Comments • 530

  • Romain
    Romain 18 days ago

    2:09, 2:32, 5:30.

  • Aaron Weaver
    Aaron Weaver Month ago

    I swear I counted over 20 Pent against rams the refs did not call.. Watch. And see for your self in slow motion

  • Aaron Weaver
    Aaron Weaver Month ago

    237 dude held the Broncos guy. Would of been a sack

  • Aaron Weaver
    Aaron Weaver Month ago

    We would of won this game if our starters played the whole time.

  • Nannette Battista
    Nannette Battista Month ago

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  • Montgomeryoutdoors 24

    Lmao how did that not turn his knee Into dust

  • RedneckCanuck
    RedneckCanuck Month ago

    2:53 Shout out to The Rat King, Get that hitter

  • xxDangerousxx200 xxDangerousxx200

    Who else was there when that girl was caught vaping in the crowd! 😂

    • Montgomeryoutdoors 24
      Montgomeryoutdoors 24 Month ago

      xxDangerousxx200 xxDangerousxx200

      Why do you act like she got in trouble? Vaping isn’t illegal unless it is on a property that prohibits any smoke of any kind.

  • kevin coots
    kevin coots Month ago

    To sawft teems

  • D3AL
    D3AL Month ago

    Subscribe to my TVclip channel so your team can have 10 years Of Good Luck 🍀

  • Adrian A.
    Adrian A. Month ago

    Donkey fans are the most conditional fans. They Love them when they're up hate them when they're down.

  • Ursula Harrell
    Ursula Harrell Month ago

    I hope we don’t see a repeat from
    Last year Denver come on now

  • Joseph Phillips
    Joseph Phillips Month ago +2

    @1:02 , dude hit him with that madden spin😂😂

  • Jord
    Jord Month ago

    We could do better

  • TheNoobkiller3000
    TheNoobkiller3000 Month ago +2

    4:08 “hits a wide open... in traffic”
    Which is it man?

  • spinning lilies
    spinning lilies Month ago

    Mad Man Mundt

  • Piyush Jain
    Piyush Jain Month ago +1

    Thank you NFL for making 10 min Highlights for a preseason 10-6 game. I love to watch all the 2 yard gains and incomplete passes. Thanks again!

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith Month ago

    Yeeeahhh! Jalen Greene! Aggie Pipeline!

  • veritas1007
    veritas1007 Month ago

    Good I hate the Rams

  • Javon Jackson
    Javon Jackson Month ago

    Man that play was untouchable

  • Ernesto Uribe
    Ernesto Uribe Month ago

    Please don't let Andrew Siciliano call any more games

  • Joey Rules 999
    Joey Rules 999 Month ago +1

    The seawaks should of ran the ball

  • A A
    A A Month ago

    6:09 what kind of announcing is this? Are these people interns?

  • Geo Newman
    Geo Newman Month ago

    Why do they switch tge camara angles? It sets the mood off of the momentum

  • Eli
    Eli Month ago

    That was about as boring as the last Super Bowl.

  • Modern Music
    Modern Music Month ago

    Jared Goff scared to play 1 series?

  • Bent Ice
    Bent Ice Month ago

    Colts fans are now worse than any other fanbase for booing luck.

  • Mister Zuniga
    Mister Zuniga Month ago

    I was at the game and ripen looks good ..just needs to adjust ..Broncos defense always the talk though ..We gonna make some noise trust

  • Al El
    Al El Month ago

    i see you

  • Stacie45
    Stacie45 Month ago

    I am hoping to see more of Brett Rypien in the last preseason game. I think he can play, if the Broncos do not have room on their roster for him I think he can stick somewhere in the NFL as a serviceable backup QB.

  • Vinnie Hugo
    Vinnie Hugo Month ago

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  • samara rodrigues
    samara rodrigues Month ago

    Hogan is joker

  • Ryan Alexander Bloom

    With Leary looking questionable I was focused on the backup RG who looked really good on all these snaps. The sacks and pressures seemed to come from other places. Good sign.

  • nathan rainville
    nathan rainville Month ago

    "3rd and 1 he's not gonna do it......well he had that head of speed"... Fking announcers haha

  • nunya
    nunya Month ago

    Gurley is trade bait. No longer needed.

  • Zech Merquise
    Zech Merquise Month ago +1

    That denver defense looking fierce!!!! Vic fangio’s defense. Took 49ers to playoffs. Took bears to playoffs.

    • Shane Brown
      Shane Brown Month ago

      Zech Merquise plus you’re garbage ass offense can’t keep up with mahomes either . So get use to it until you fools actually draft a quarterback that can rival mahomes . Good luck

    • Zech Merquise
      Zech Merquise Month ago

      Shane Brown just like the rams were suppose to crush Vic’s bears last year? KC cant even get past Patriots

    • Shane Brown
      Shane Brown Month ago

      Zech Merquise and will get crushed by mahomes and chiefs lol . I love it when donkey fans feel like they have false hope of having a good season. Kc will sweep you clowns 🤡 with a bad defense.

    • YAMA KAWI rode bike
      YAMA KAWI rode bike Month ago

      Bears fan here, Vic is a great guy! Good luck to him!

  • Luis Gamez
    Luis Gamez Month ago

    I think Broncos are screwed this year.

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago

    Allen > Goff

  • Ooni Oomphs
    Ooni Oomphs Month ago

    Made it to only 0:13 (“Oh boy.”). F! Can’t stand it. Please, you’ll get more appreciation from men if you just STFU!!!!

  • Jerome Schulze
    Jerome Schulze Month ago

    Hogan u are trash.. Had several 1st down throws..but u hang on to tur ball.. U suck

  • David arruda
    David arruda Month ago

    Games with third stringers should only be commented on by third string you tube users

  • ACE Censor
    ACE Censor Month ago

    This reminds me of the super bowl

  • demarcus locke
    demarcus locke Month ago

    O crap I see what mcvay is doing have Bortles the first 2 games and allen the the last two that's nice 👍✊

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson Month ago

    Joe Flacco is going to get back up no worries!!! Joe Flacco is going to take the Denver Broncos to the playoffs and maybe a superbowl championship for the Denver Broncos!!!

  • DocRox
    DocRox Month ago

    Lol No donkey action in the highlights... It's going to be alooooong season

  • bctopper
    bctopper Month ago +2

    Go Rams!! :)

  • Tisha Steen
    Tisha Steen Month ago +2

    Tisha Keisha steen beamon my wifey got married August 22nd we was married

  • Graham Gordon
    Graham Gordon Month ago +1

    Allen literally threw it high on every down, has a bullet though

  • Kevin Bolanos
    Kevin Bolanos Month ago

    Loving khalfani..broncos might have the best backfield tandems in the league

  • John-boy
    John-boy Month ago

    The first team to score a touchdown wins

  • LoadedPotato
    LoadedPotato Month ago +1

    6:46 QB just got DDT'd

  • Luis Robert
    Luis Robert Month ago


  • Joel Samarripas
    Joel Samarripas Month ago

    Very boring game bro

  • rudy rush
    rudy rush Month ago +28

    It would be confusing if Michael Thomas was traded to the New Orleans Saints for Michael Thomas.

    • Blue Skeptic
      Blue Skeptic Month ago

      When the Jaguars play the Bills, Josh Allen will be sacking Josh Allen.

    • Renaldy Calixte
      Renaldy Calixte Month ago

      There was one season TE Kyle Brady was on the Patriots and Tom Brady threw a TD pass to Kyle Brady. Announcer yelled, "Brady to Brady for the TD."

    • Philip M
      Philip M Month ago +1

      You guys want time KC was facing Houston. A defensive lineman for KC is named Justin Houston....he sack-stripped the quarterback and recovered. The announcer goes, "And Houston has the ball!"
      What he meant was Houston did not have the ball, I learned. They had turned it over. I was pretty sure KC had it until the guy said that. I was thinking, "Nu uh, the KC guy got it."

    • Piyush Jain
      Piyush Jain Month ago

      I am thinking abt the fantasy football chaos!

  • Akiki Skywalker 3xM

    #bdp_19($$$$)%*******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? dis...SHOULD b "good"! GO DENVER stop% Congrads! Pat; $4 da Hall of Fame Nomination: "third & 7: here",* Good Morning LA% signed wit da Sears f/da Jr. Horseman gea

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom Month ago

    What a tragic loss

  • Jonathan Frimerman
    Jonathan Frimerman Month ago

    Why lock retiered now its brisset time to have breakout season

  • payday64
    payday64 Month ago +2

    As a Bronco fan Rams are lucky to have Wade Phillips he really transformed this defense so far. If the offense would e stepped up they probably would’ve won the Super Bowl. Vic fangio’s a legend but I still miss wade on my team

    • payday64
      payday64 Month ago

      @Carlotta Dawes Broncos haven't been to the playoffs for 3 seasons and the last time we were in we won it all so I don't know what you're talking about sorry.

    • Carlotta Dawes
      Carlotta Dawes Month ago

      Preseason wait till September 5 2019 or going to choke again playoff.

  • LamBeau Leeper
    LamBeau Leeper Month ago +2

    So, i hope that wasnt the Rams starting o line. They looked terrible.

    • no way
      no way Month ago +1

      Pretty sure the Rams haven't even played a starter this preseason

    • Sinz
      Sinz Month ago +3

      It’s not

  • Vlogswith_Airrian
    Vlogswith_Airrian Month ago

    I was at the game.