Pantera - Forever Tonight (Remastered)

  • Published on Nov 6, 2018
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  • Michael St. Thomas
    Michael St. Thomas Month ago +1

    Awesome fucking song and album. IMO When Pantera was Glam Metal Pantera was also at their absolute best. They killed it in that genre. Extremely, and I mean seriously, seriously underrated and under appreciated era of the band. As a massive Glam Metal fan which let’s be honest it’s really just Hard Rock with Metal influences along with other influences and roots from other genres of rock and metal. Also pop is an influence! Not just rock but other musical genres. Melodic Metal is killer. I’m getting off topic. I’m very fond and knowledgeable of this genre and let me tell you that Pantera was one of the best in it.

  • TheBriancabj
    TheBriancabj Month ago +1

    Aguante PANTERA!!!

    • Matias Ayala
      Matias Ayala Month ago +1

      Un ejemplazo del metal Dimmebag Darrel Abbott

  • Patrick LoPiano
    Patrick LoPiano 3 months ago +2

    Best glam album ever

  • Kyle David
    Kyle David 4 months ago +4


  • Holly Loughner
    Holly Loughner 5 months ago +11

    I’ve been waiting
    All my life
    For the moment
    To be right
    You and me
    Tonight could be the night
    A love fantasy
    My heart keeps cryin'
    Forever tonight
    Forever tonight
    I wanna feel
    You in my arms
    I wanna love you till
    The emptiness is gone
    Take my hand
    Tonight could be the night
    My heart is cryin'
    Forever tonight
    Forever tonight
    Tonight may
    Never come again
    Don't want to
    Let this feelin'
    Ever ever end
    You and me
    Tonight could be the night
    Fall in love
    My heart keeps cryin'
    Oooooooooo forever tonight oooooooooo forever tonight

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia 5 months ago +2

    Fucking Great Job !!!! The Sound QUALITY IS AWSOME SO PERFECT , I have studio version the diference is Outstanding , Cheer's Great ALbum Great Song

  • RebelNick
    RebelNick 5 months ago +1

    Amazing song! Thank you!

  • Zanda
    Zanda 7 months ago

    Muito bom.

  • Axl Ivan Alvarado
    Axl Ivan Alvarado 7 months ago +17

    I love this song. There is so much feeling in every part of The song. The solo is amazing, the riff is awesome... Terry Glaze's voice sounds so good for this metal ballad. I am the Night, was so subestimated...

  • Justin Moody
    Justin Moody 8 months ago +6

    I had no idea Pantera started off as a glam band, I had never heard this song, so I looked it up, and thought, Pantera………...this has to be wrong...…...maybe another band originally had the name, great song, just had no idea.

    • Justin Moody
      Justin Moody 4 months ago +2

      I did the same, the give away for me though was Vinnie.

    • mr Nohax
      mr Nohax 5 months ago +3

      Same dude not even I believe this was pantera till I looked at the guitarist I thought that looks like Darrell without a goatee.... sure enough it was

    • Axl Ivan Alvarado
      Axl Ivan Alvarado 7 months ago +4

      No, man. Those are Pantera. Terry Glaze was the vocalist. They did 3 álbums before Anselmo arrives to the band.

    • Phant0m Master
      Phant0m Master 7 months ago +2

      yes, they did

  • Hernan Alvarez
    Hernan Alvarez 8 months ago +1

    Phil Anselmo?

    • Matias Ayala
      Matias Ayala Month ago +1

      @Axl Ivan Alvarado Terry Glaz es el vocalista original mas carismatico frontman despues de los hemanos Abbott .

    • Axl Ivan Alvarado
      Axl Ivan Alvarado 7 months ago +5

      No. Terry Glaze.

  • HoH SiS
    HoH SiS 8 months ago +29

    I am realy glad someone took the time to remaster such an amazing and underated masterpiece. An epic glam ballad for sure.

  • Lara Nooblath
    Lara Nooblath 8 months ago +4

    Do caralho esse som!

  • jorge rodriguez
    jorge rodriguez 8 months ago +6

    i love this song! thanks for share grettings from argentina!!!

  • Ignacio Mujica
    Ignacio Mujica 9 months ago

    guy in the left was James Hetfield, right? The electronic drum sound just kick ass!

    • Ses Terzisi
      Ses Terzisi  9 months ago

      No ,he is old Singer from pantera vocal

  • Sajan B
    Sajan B 10 months ago +5

    Nice one man

    VIDEO DEAD 11 months ago +19

    Best version I’ve heard yet! Vocals guitar and drums sound way better!

    • LRN_News
      LRN_News 10 months ago +2

      VIDEO DEAD I've listened to their glam stuff years ago but never heard this particular song. I like Power Metal.

      VIDEO DEAD 10 months ago +2

      LRN_News yeah I heard this song 10 years ago when all I knew was Pantera’s 90’s music, but the version I heard always skipped and had audio issues. This song is like a time warp to some kinda neon lit 80’s rock club filled with smoke and scantily dressed women

    • LRN_News
      LRN_News 10 months ago +2

      VIDEO DEAD Just discovered this and it's fuckin kickass