The School Was Haunted By a Clown and the Teacher Didn't Believe Them!


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    Can u show the teacher plz

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  • Michael Nuguid
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    Omg stop praking me okay

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    I like if you scere peaple

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    Mayra Diaz 4 days ago

    Alex was rude disapirin so the teacher coudl not see

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    Iam a girl

  • chris hepburn
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    Why is pennywise scared he’s a clown as well

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    InquisterMaster Ur The Best! 💖💖💖

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    Well the clown isn't that scary;-;

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  • im a Minecrafter
    im a Minecrafter 7 days ago

    "dont be late or DETENTION!!!!"

  • im a Minecrafter
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    So funny!!!!

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    Your playing als it clown/pennywise the DANCEing clown

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    What title is this game I want it!

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    I LUV YOUR VIDS!!!!!!

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    Love u😍😍😍

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    Inqusitormaster is all of that voice is yours?you look beautiful today tho

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    I’m scared of clowns

  • Doll Face
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    Your awesome

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    Kaylee Barker 10 days ago

    What's this game called I really wanna play it

  • Viviana Hernandez
    Viviana Hernandez 10 days ago

    Her lips were not moving when she talked

  • Viviana Hernandez
    Viviana Hernandez 10 days ago

    Alex were you the teacher?

  • Viviana Hernandez
    Viviana Hernandez 10 days ago

    She said hello lol

  • Viviana Hernandez
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    The teacher could of looked at the chat -_-

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    inqusitor master would u be my friend love u

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    I laughed when Alex fell at the end 🤣

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    BE IT

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    My name is Addison.

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    Soooooo cool.

  • lunar Wolf
    lunar Wolf 12 days ago

    It was funny when the boy Alex said you blind women

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    inquiseater master.muaha muaha

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    Paul Casey 12 days ago

    I love killer clowns like the it movie

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  • Ahmed Mohamed
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  • Khloe Playz
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    That girl said to you “DAD WHAT DID I TELL YOU” wait that’s your daughter?? 😟

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    This vido made me laugh LOLOLOLOL

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    So funny

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    Were you in the last guest movie as rose?

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    Hahaha well done Alex

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    Shahad Sami 13 days ago

    i mean he is died

  • Shahad Sami
    Shahad Sami 13 days ago

    but i did say to him go to hell poop get rekt

  • Shahad Sami
    Shahad Sami 13 days ago

    please a clown trying to kill me

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    Selena Vasquez 14 days ago

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  • Selena Vasquez
    Selena Vasquez 14 days ago

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    Agustin Vazquez 14 days ago

    How did the teacher did not saw you Alex 😂😂

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    Uour hair is *b0OtIfUl/bootiful/beautiful/BeAuTiFuL*

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    Do you have tik tok

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    I love it

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    Alex this is da best

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    Hahahaha your so funny and i love you Alex💖💖💖i wish you went on tour

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    Were gonna learn about How To die 😂😂😂

  • zarah and glaiza vlogs

    2:05 his name was penny wise the clowns name from the movie is and you are like penny wise in the game😂😂😁😁😅😅🤣🤣😆😄

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    Dude are you scaring people?

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    How can u be invisible??

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      briana&britney delores admin

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    OML LOL YOUR So FUNNY I Love your vids XOXO

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    anna marie javellana 17 days ago

    teacher dont know alex is the clown but alex you are so so pretty you like a real killer clown

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  • Jennifer Chen
    Jennifer Chen 17 days ago

    Alex:ur blind women!!
    teacher:Dont talk to me like that or detention
    Me:LOL LOL LOL do it again

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    I like your video 👩🏼😗😆

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    L love your vid

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    How do you make the voice

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    Wait that's ur voice I thougt it was something that makes a voce for it when u post it.

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    That's me in real li- I MEAN BYE ALEX!

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    Guys there is no clown there is pennywise

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    Hahahaha Alex Your A Funny A TVclipr i like u!!!

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    Your cool even know it is a girl but I don't care your the best I sub to you and hit the bell

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    3:31 did anyone see lil pump in the back Lol

  • Chocolate Dream
    Chocolate Dream 23 days ago

    Boi that teacher don't believe everyone but Alex u almost get caught

  • Amanda Mackey
    Amanda Mackey 23 days ago

    So funny

  • Kathryn Gordon
    Kathryn Gordon 24 days ago

    next time you should go behide the teacher and kill her

  • Valeria Santos
    Valeria Santos 24 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 That was so fun be careful so teacher don't get you
    Remember the last time that you work Chucky and you try to get the little girl and the mom got you and you killed the mom so that was a good one

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    I follow you in Instagram

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    This is creepy asf!

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